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Villain Days (悪役Days) Summary & Ch 1

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This will be the first project of this blog: Villain Days, by Mitsuru Nakata!

Raws: http://novel18.syosetu.com/n0741di/

Again, this is a pure machine translation. It will not be entirely accurate since I took some liberties here and there to make sentence fragments flow better in english. Also, I don’t speak Japanese. If anyone is interested in picking this up, just let me know and I will stop this crummy translation XD I’m just doing this until a real translator takes it from my hand ‘cause it seems really interesting, or I somehow finish it…

There are 58 parts in total. This story also has some R-18 and R-15 elements. I’ll make sure to indicate so at the top of the chapters that include these elements.


It’s a common villain substitution.

When I woke up in a hospital I became the villain of a BL novel.

Doted on by the main character, and the side characters as well …? I just want to spend my days in peace …!


Chapter 1:

I wake up in a hospital bed. How did this happen? Even if I try, I can’t easily remember.


As the door to the hospital room swings open quickly, someone rushes over to me and squeezes my hands tightly in his own.

It’s a handsome guy.

Red hair like a burning flame. A beautiful and neat appearance that would cause anyone to double-take.

The weeping cry at the edge of his eyes doubles his sex appeal, and those normally ambitious red eyes are sweet when looking at me.

“Yuu, thank goodness. You’re awake….” Gently grabbing my clasped hand, he brings it to his lips for a kiss. I see a nurse who’s here to check up on me fall down like an idiot due to his pheromones….Are you OK?

I scratch my head and look at that handsome guy.

Within me grows the urge to touch the red hair swaying like a fluttering flame, and I pull my hands back with a shudder. As I gently stroke the strands I realize they are softer than they look. Since it looks like a flame, I wonder if it’s hot to the touch…

(Oh. It’s not hot at all.)

He doesn’t get angry and instead is narrowing his eyes, seeming rather comfortable.

(If you’re stroking a beast, this is probably how it feels.)

His eyes seem kinder and shine more brilliantly. It feels like a dream and softly I mutter:

“Who are you?” Who is this handsome guy? I wonder if you know me. Huh? My name? You called me Yuu a little while ago. This isn’t good. I don’t remember anything.

I divert my gaze from his as I sort through my memories, when suddenly the pain from my hands brings me back. Come on. You’ll bruise me if you’re too strong. What’s this guy doing?

I notice that his clenched hands are trembling and I quickly return his gaze.

“What…hii*!” (T/N: this is like a shriek) I cry out and gather myself.

The sweet atmosphere from before turns breathlessly quiet and suffocatingly still. And a dark smile now dominates the expression of that handsome guy. The crimson eyes peeping from the faint abyss stare at me.

(Demon King…)

“Yuu! What are you talking about? Oh, recently the student council was busy and because I couldn’t get out of it, I’m a bit tired. You all right now? Oh no I don’t mean to annoy you.”  He releases his clenched hands to gently caress my cheeks.

“Yuu fell down the school stairs and was carried into the hospital. But miraculously you didn’t suffer a big injury. You should be able to leave the hospital soon. Your dad is coming home late from work so just come over my place. I’ve already talked to my mother about it.”

“Eh? Huh? Please wait!” I spoke out unintentionally, cutting him off. I won’t understand even if you say it all at once. To begin with, who’s this guy? He seems to know me. I’m also sad about my own predicament.

“I apologize but who in fact may you be? What is your relationship with me? You said I fell down the stairs…” I instantly stopped talking at the edge of the bed. The gentle red eyes that used to look at me warmly grow hard, freezing now like cold stone, and are cooly aiming at me. Huh? I stare straight at those pupils. As soon as I do that, I feel dazed as if I hurt my head.

“….ss-ah…”  Beyond the pain I unexpectedly feel my memories come rushing back.

(Don’t show yourself in front of me anymore.)

(I don’t need you, who bothers my beloved person, anymore.)

(Quickly disappear from my sight.)


The moment I lose consciousness, I remember.

His name is Houou Hiroto. This is the world from a boys’ love novel called “Story of the Four Gods Academy – Beloved by the Demon King.” He’s the main character. He falls in love at first sight with the Hero in high school, slowly nurturing their love.

And I am a child who lived next door to Houou Hiroto, who since at a young age has adored him, has only looked at him. And he is jealous of the Hero who is loved by Hiroto, attacks the Hero persistently until the final act where this childhood friend character is ruined. The so-called villain, Amano Yuu. Can I avoid this ruinous route?

Amano Yuu, Villain Days, it starts now.



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29 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役Days) Summary & Ch 1

    1. And thank you for reading. I’m so happy that it’s readable for you ^^ Please do tell if things get confusing – I’ll be editing older chapters periodically as I get more tips and helpful advice from readers!


    1. Thanks for reading! Basically I translate the whole page into English from the raws then run each line individually into Google translate. And then I play around with the sentence fragments with a Japanese dictionary and basic grammar textbook open right next to me.


  1. Thanks for translating this! This translation is pretty good. A bit confusing here and there but it mostly flows smoothly. I’m a sucker for these kind of novels so I hope you continue translating this! Also, ikenai means ‘don’t do’ or something like that right? I’m also not really sure haha. Thanks really for the chapter!


    1. Thanks for giving this translation a try! Yeah…it gets a bit tricky using the machine when the sentences get too long. Why author, why ;_; Thanks for the tidbit of advice! I’ll be editing the chapter after I finish replying to comments…can you believe I’m so noob to WordPress I didn’t even know I had comments to moderate!!!

      Also I’ll be editing older chapters periodically so if you see anything weird with the next chapters it’ll be sweet if you point it out ^^


  2. Omg this sounds really interesting! Can’t wait for chapter 2 >< Do you need any help with this translation? I would love to help out if it meant faster chapters euheheh


    1. Hi there and thanks for reading! I’m sorry for the late-ish reply, honestly I’m so noob at blogging I didn’t even know where to moderate my comments! Also regarding chapter 2, that and chapter 3 have already been released at this time. For the time being I don’t think I’ll be recruiting any help. However I’ll be pushing out chapters relatively quickly.

      If that’s not fast enough for you, I also listed the link to the raws on the first chapter post! 😀 Have a good one ^^


  3. This looks interesting!! Thank you for trying to translate this wn, I hope you won’t drop this~ Translations looks pretty good. ^^


  4. I’m almost late, when it’s going to end but the important thing is that I’m here and I plan to continue until the end.


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