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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 3

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Long sentences kill me…Ughh this chapter’s translation is probably riddled with mistakes…

So I just wanted to make clear why I called Hiroto the Main Character in chapter 1, and why there is also a Hero. I’m pretty sure that in the BL novel this universe is based on, Hiroto x Hero is the Main Couple.

Oh, and I guess I should mention that this chapter has a bit more BL elements than the previous 2 chapters. So just incase, I’ll give this chapter an R-15 rating.

Chapter 3

“I have to go back to work soon. Are you really okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine! Housekeeper Sayo-san will be with me. Do your best at work, dad!” Thus went a conversation between me and my father from a few hours ago.

I want to hit my old carefree self. (T/N: kanji says 能天気, and a reader said it might mean carefree) It’s not okay at all. Suddenly I’m in a pinch.

After my father went to the airport by taxi, I received an email on my cellphone.

“Who’s this? Huh. Dad? What did he text?” I read the email on the spot. Memories from the novel resurface again. For an hour my body is frozen, unable to move, until Sayo-san calls out. Sayo-san is our housekeeper who’s been working hard for us since my mother passed away. He is a broad-minded person and is understanding of my current amnesia.

But I am aware. When I woke up in the hospital, I knew there was no way Amano Yuu would have any household skills. If it’s just cooking and washing, I’d probably be fine by myself. Having Sayo-san here will definitely save me.

In the email that my father sent, he apologized for not being able to stay by my side and take care of me longer. Also, if there’s anything else that I need, to rely on our neighbors for help. The message is marked read.

(Oh…could it be…) Memories from the novel come rushing in scattered fragments, and I collapse into a couch from the lightheadedness.


(Houou Hiroto)

We moved when I was in kindergarten. Apparently my father and the Houou family were distant relatives, and he was told that living on this property would be beneficial for a widower with a small child. My father held my hand as we greeted our new neighbors, passing through a western-styled building into a garden, over a well groomed rose fence, when I met him.

That primary school kid back then was pretty cute.

At that time I still missed my mother and held many nostalgic sentiments of her. Of course when the two of us played together, Hiroto’s friends would also tag along. I was lonely when my father was away, but I was told to be well behaved over at the Houou household.

At mealtime I would certainly be sitting neatly on my knees. At night I would certainly hug myself to sleep in bed. (T/N: pretty sure I got this line wrong)


And when I became a junior high student, after seeing the new person who joined the Student council I forcibly joined as well. (Needless to say, I had them removed.)

If they were even liked by Hiroto just a little, I’d threaten them not to approach Hiroto or even enter the same building as him.

When my father stayed at work overnight I never stopped eating meals while on my knees, and I still hugged myself to sleep on the same bed, occasionally mulling through the unreasonable acts that I’ve done.


By the time I finished junior high, I’ve crossed so many lines.

“Hold on, hold on, hold on!” (What’s that, what’s that?! ) Leaving me confused, the memories surge on with no mercy.

However, the situation changed completely once I entered high school. Hiroto became disgusted by my willful personality gradually and fell in love with the Hero.

The Hero is pretty much unremarkable, but makes up for it by being modest and innocent. The complete opposite of Yuu.

Of course, Yuu went crazy with jealousy and tried to remove the Hero through several schemes, but lost to their plot armor ultimately. The main couple received help from multiple sources and conquered all the conflicts, resulting in a Happy Ending.

As for me, I was punished for my wrongdoings against the Hero. I lost my love, I lost my social status, and was flung into the depths of suicide.

“Wait a second!” Is my death route confirmed?

I’m thankful that I was cute when I was little, but apparently I looked weird in junior high. Was I bullied?


I recall the cold looks I got at school, and I hug my trembling body.

It’s okay. There’s still time. After closing my eyes and pausing, the tremors reverberating through my body start to calm.

I’m still a third year in junior high. Once I enter high school I’ll stay completely away from Hiroto, removing myself from the novel’s events. Until then, I should gradually distance myself from that guy. I should stop attending the Student Council as well. I mean, I can use my memory loss as an excuse.

Not only that, but Hiroto’s part of the high school division. His school building is different from mine so it’d be normal if we don’t meet!!

“Dad said I’m fine the way I am! From now on I’ll just blend into the surroundings! It’s a survival strategy!”

As I pump my fist in relief, the door to my room opens. At the end of my line of flight burns a bright flame. It’s Houou Hiroto. His expression is calm and barely betrays cold sentiments. (T/N: I’m guessing here again.)

“Welcome back, Yuu. I heard you’ve been discharged from the hospital today. I’m glad you’re fine. Oh, but you still don’t remember much do you?” He takes my hand carefully and leads me to the sofa. Before I know it his body is in close contact with mine, hands trailing down and stopping by my waist.

“Huh? Uh? Where did you come from?”

“Sayo-san let me in. You might not have known but he told me about you.”

(His actions are so natural that I’m totally swept up by his pace. Yeah, he’s really attentive now. Let’s pull back a bit. Is this really how it’s going to be from now on?) I shift closer to the edge of the sofa while I carefully answer.

“Yeah. I’m sorry. I hardly remember anything. But the doctor said my body is fine, so I’ll go back to school starting tomorrow. Sayo-san brought me tea…huh?”

I asked for the tea Sayo-san brought so that I could get away from this guy, but when I try to get up from the sofa my efforts are in vain. When I glance up, Hiroto’s face is in line with mine, the ceiling straight ahead. This is the so called pushed-down state!

He whispers into my ear while I’m still confused. Soft lips press against my earlobe and I shudder.

“Sayo-san is already home. Today you should come over my place. My mom is also worried and waiting. You can go to school directly from my house tomorrow.”

(So that’s how it is. When my dad worked overtime, I used to stay over at the Houou household. I mean, it’s not that bad is it? Nah it’s bad alright. There’s something touching my legs. There’s definitely something there. What is it? I don’t remember where his left hand went. Where are you touching! Just how far are you going to take this?)

As I stare at him with tears in my eyes, he smiles and presses his lips on mine.

“You stir me up, Yuu. Yuu is really so cute.”

(It’d be bad if this goes on. It’s already bad! At this rate I’ll be killed by this perverted asshole! Oh, t-that’s right.)

“I…I’m scared. Why are you doing this?” And it’s a deadly strike!

I’m crying now. With my whole body trembling, I cling to Hiroto. I won’t forget to peek at him from below my lashes. How’s that? This perverted asshole.

“Why? You’re asking me why. Hmmm.” Hiroto gives off the appearance of pondering hard.

Alright! It’s time for my escape. While I twist my body quickly and try to shrug off his arms, I immediately realize my mistake.


And now I’m  pushed down on the sofa while he’s straddling me. As a result Hiroto’s hands are now lying on my chest. There’s a bit of pain and my shoulders are bare and exposed.

(So isn’t this worse than before?) I throw a glance over my shoulder while still struggling for my breath. And I regret doing this as soon as I do.

“Why? Yu belongs to me. This erotic body that responds to my caresses instantly, these eyes that shed tears at a moment’s glance…all of it is mine.”

He licks his lips and smiles a smile that oozes sex appeal. Dominates everything around him with well-found arrogance. This presence is exactly like that of a ruler of all demons, the Demon King.


Suddenly, the title of the novel resurfaces.

“Story of the Four Gods Academy – Beloved by the Demon King.” Demon king… There really is such a meaning.

(I love you.) I slowly lose consciousness as I hear Hiroto’s whisper, and mutter back in a soft voice: 

(Liar.) Eventually you will leave me. Throughout your life, you will like other people. In the end there will be no one who notices the tears that flow down my cheeks.



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41 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 3

  1. Thanks for the new release.

    Is Yuu in junior high or high school?

    “However, the situation completely changed once I entered high school”

    There’s also line about him finishing junior high.

    But on the next paragraph, he’s back at junior high.


    1. Hi there and thanks for reading! Yuu is currently in his last year of junior high, but sometimes he gets memories from the novel’s universe informing him of what will happen in the novel. So that line “However, the situation completely changed once I entered high school” is from when Yuu is recalling what will happen in the novel’s plot. Does that make more sense?

      But I will edit the grammar and tenses of each sentence so that things will be clearer ^^ Sorry about that!


    1. Thanks for reading and ooh I get what you mean. That’s kind of the reason why I started machine translating stories – so that I could read them XD And I figured if I’m doing this for myself that I might as well share them too.


  2. I don’t get it isn’t ‘hero’ supposed to see the MC (previous body owner) as a little brother and not have any sort of romantic interest in him? But it’s been a few sec and his intentions are…..a little more then that.


    1. Hi there, thanks for checking out this translation! To be honest I’m translating while reading so I pretty much know as much as you guys. I do have a sinking suspicion that the “truths” of the novel’s universe were disturbed and altered due to “new” Yuu’s transmigration. Hope that helps!


      1. Thank YOU for picking up this series ^^
        Yea, he does have that S vibe doesn’t he? On the other hand, while Yuu didn’t really feels like M, but he is rather timid.. Maybe his blood type is A


  3. Just a note: Hiroto says “aishiteru” while Yuu responds with “liar” at the end of the chapter. At least, that’s what I gather from the context clues, format, and typical placement of speech commonly found in Japanese novels.

    Thanks for translating ^^.


  4. Wait, wait, wait. Were they in a relationship previously or did this maou create serious misunderstandings with his possessiveness!? Wouldn’t that make our “villain” just a victim from a cheating scumbag in the game’s original storyline, so not a true villain? Wouldn’t the villain actually be the guy called the demon king? Guess I’ll read and find out.

    Thanks for working on this. This looks to be pretty entertaining XD


    1. I think technically they fooled around with eachother but never made it official. The novel Yuu wanted it to be official but the novel Hiroto didn’t. Now, the current Hiroto realized his true feelings for the new Yuu. Hope that clears things up ^^

      Thanks for reading!


  5. OMG !! this is intense and it is barely the third chapter for something recommended to me. (๑>؂<๑)۶
    Thanks for the chapter! 💕💕💕


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