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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 4

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The chapters feel like they’re getting longer and longer…

There’s a new character this chapter!

I also have to apologize for the quality of today’s translation. The sentences are becoming more complicated and sometimes the author gets a bit metaphorical and flowery. I only hope that it’s still readable for you guys ;_; I’ll be editing this on my phone in the meanwhile.

Also, I made a mistake this chapter, which I’ll be fixing after this gets updated. I typed that Yuu was going home from school with Hiroto. That’s not correct; they’re coming home from somewhere else. It’s not very clear from the machine translation where in fact they’re coming home from.

One last thing: I think I should be able to release a chapter a day. Yaaaay!

Chapter 4

After getting held up by Hiroto from before, I fall asleep for about three days due to mental fatigue. I am brought to the bed in Hiroto’s room, where I spend the majority of those three days. His room has a calm and relaxing atmosphere and is dyed with monotone colors, furnished with a good sense of style. His house is built on a hill, an uncommon western-styled architecture in this neighborhood.

Whereas, my house is a small private abode next to this western-style building.

While coming home Hiroto, who often took care of me in the past, keeps glancing at me with a calm expression.

Yuu: “Um, I’m fine now, really I am.”

Hiroto: “What are you talking about? It’s still too early for that, Yuu. Just a while ago you said you felt dizzy and was staggering around. Oh, I should change your clothes. Yes, raise your hands ♪.”

It’s as if the perverted demon from before was just a figment of a dream, and that this gentle and kind older brother is the real deal. Suffice to say if there are ten people, it wouldn’t cross any of their minds that behind this charming smile is such intoxicating and destructive power.

It’s rather dazzling.

“Yuu has no memory so leave it all to me. Oh, and call me Hiroto. It’s about time for your medicine. I’ll bring you something to drink so give me a second.”

He plants a kiss to my forehead, sofa sinking from his weight, and while I stare at his retreating back I start to feel lightheaded. It’s the same sensation as when memories of the novel’s past and future events come surging into my mind. I slowly close my eyes.


“I like that guy. Thinking about him warms my heart. I can’t bring my mind off him.”

“Why? When I also like Hiroto? I’ve told you that I loved you since I was little, and I still do!”

“If it’s not him, then it’s useless. Therefore I can’t forgive you, Yuu. You hurt him. I once cherished you as a brother but now all that’s left is hate.”

“No, no, no! Don’t abandon me….don’t leave me alone.”

(And then, there’s this scene:)

Hiroto’s gaze flits past Yuu’s pitiable form as he walks away. Yuu’s painful cries do not reach him. All the while, Hiroto and the Hero express their love towards one another, completely unaware or uncaring of Yuu’s sorry state.

“…..huh?” When I realized it, the tears had already stopped falling. The present Hiroto is kind and as such, the contrast between how he treats Yuu at the beginning and the end of the novel is quite shocking. As for his current affection toward me, well that’s only until he meets the Hero. I shouldn’t misunderstand my position or get too greedy.

Once Hiroto and the Hero meet, I’ll resort to watching quietly from afar. Because I don’t want to die. (T/N: LOL who here thought it was because he’s starting to have feelings for Hiroto? Author trolling…)

I close my mouth so that the noises don’t escape the room, wrap myself in my blanket as to not reveal my tear stricken face. Wondering if Hiroto would return soon, I rub my face with the blanket in a panic.

Currently the present Hiroto is overprotective of me. Every time I receive another memory from the novel’s universe, I’ll feel faint and dizzy with the occasional moisture accumulating at the corners of my eyes. And Hiroto will take it upon himself to kiss me repeatedly so that I can settle, placing me on his lap as he hugs me. It’s so embarrassing and scary.

His kindness is deceiving, and doesn’t belong to me. I’ll get in trouble if I get used to it.

“Sorry. I’m going to bed now so I’ll take the medicine later…huh?” Suddenly, the blanket I’m hiding in is whipped away.

(The Demon has arrived!) What did I do to anger him this time? I’m wracking my head around this desperately but I just can’t figure it out.

“Um, Hiroto? Uh. Who are you?” This isn’t Hiroto.

Long indigo hair tied into a high ponytail, coupled with light blue eyes reminiscent of a quiet lakefront. There’s an intelligent spark on that handsome manly face. Is he about the same height as Hiroto?

His body seems to be tempered from steel while still maintaining an agile air, clearly forged from years of martial arts.


When it dawns on me that I’ve been staring, he grabs my chin, tilting it upwards with his fingers so that my line of sight alines with his own.

“Looks like you have amnesia. This poisonous flower.” (T/N: the kanji is 毒花, I’m not sure what it means.)


His sudden hostility dumbfounds me.

“Did you really believe that no one would realize anything? Just your sudden memory loss by itself is suspicious. Trying to get Hiroto’s attention, what are you plotting?”

(Ehh, what did I ever do to you?)

Honestly, I don’t know where this animosity stems from. But I am familiar with a few stories back from my middle school days. Oh, that’s right. It’s the tale of how a kid got kicked off the Student Council. I divert my sight away from him as I try to remember where he fits in this.

“Don’t look away from me. It’s evidence of your past and sadly, you’re an eyesore. You should just disappear from our sight.”

He shrugs off my hold roughly, glaring at me coldly as he leaves the room. Caught up in my own thoughts, I hardly move an inch.

“Dis…appear?” That’s it! I wonder why I didn’t realize this until now. After waking up from the hospital, I noticed that I have the household skills necessary for living alone. Transferring schools, even moving out, would be fine for me. I can even follow my father to work. It’ll be easy since I’m self-sufficient.

The high school is also a different environment, so I’ll be able to form new connections! Goodbye, villain Yuu. I’ll be reborn as the new Amano Yuu. I’ve become so absorbed in this wonderful idea. Let me call my father now; it’s good to strike the iron while it’s hot.

Oh right, my cellphone is with Hiroto at the moment.

“Um, excuse me!” I call out to him. I don’t care if he hates me. My gaze is glued to his butt. Well to be exact, the pocket of his jeans where his cell phone’s tucked.“Please lend me your phone.”

Before Hiroto returns I need to contact my father. This is what my sixth sense is telling me. It’s an opportunity to escape from the novel’s events. Is it because he’s swept up my pace that he hands over his phone?

“Thank you older brother!” (T/N: that’s just a saying, they’re not actually related.) I quickly take his smart phone and start using it. After entering one last digit I’ll be able to call my father. Stilling my trembling hand, I swipe my index finger along the screen…almost there.

“What are you doing?”

(De-demon’s here…) I can tell who it is just by the voice.

Hiroto’s returned. If I turn around, I wonder if he’ll wear that dark smile. Although I hesitate for a moment, I press the last digit to my father’s phone number and run off into the next room. I wait to hear my father’s voice as the ringtone is playing. If he’s in a conference it’ll be hard for him to get out.

(Dad? Hurry up and pick up already!)

“Yes ♥ time’s run out. Did you call Miaki-san? (T/N: Kanji says 実秋. I’m guessing that’s his dad’s first name.) If you just ask I would have lend you a phone.”

Although I was able to get a phone, since I’m looking down I can’t see his face.

(Uh oh…) Am I unable to move from my numbness? Hiroto crouches down so that we face each other. He approaches slowly, the distance between us shrinking until our breaths mix, and begins to speak.

“Heh. You’re trembling? Yuu really is cute. You’re mine. I thought I’ve taught you this before, but I guess I was unsuccessful. You said you were getting better, so we can lift this ban, yeah? I can only be so patient. Look, I insist that I want Yuu.”


Hiroto grabs my hand and kisses it, enveloping it in warmth.

“Hey what the heck are you doing Hiroto?” Noticing that we are in a weird situation, the guy from before comes over quickly. The cell phone drops from my hands.

“Ken, what are you doing? How much would it take for you to get out of my way? I won’t forgive you if you keep disturbing us.”

“Hiroto, you, are you serious?”

“Yes I am. Because this is mine. Even though I have boundaries right now, soon I’ll be able to loosen up. (T/N: I am so confused…author uses flowery language here, literally says 正気だよ。コレは俺のなんだから。せっかく今囲い込んでるのに、水の泡になっちゃうよ)

“Don’t you know what this guy did? He goes off messing with those around you one by one!” These words vilifying me, how will Hiroto take them? Will there be disgust in his eyes the next time he glances at me? Hatred?…Sorrow? I wonder if he would look at me as coldly as in the novel.

I thought I’d be able to distance myself from him quickly, but the knowledge that I won’t be able to see those kind eyes anymore stirs up a bit of sadness within my heart. Of course I don’t have the courage to face him, and I plan to plead to him in a soft voice.

But the expression on Hiroto’s face in unexpected. Those dark crimson eyes carry so much passion. My body trembles.

“Aren’t you in love with me? Yuu. I can’t forgive the others who enter your sight. I am your world. Take a look, Ken. Isn’t my Yuu the cutest? And…erotic.”


I cry out as my earlobe is pulled. Not good, this guy is dangerous. His fingers flutter over my body. And my body easily picks up the pleasure.

No way. Are you planning on putting you hands on me in front of this guy? Is Hiroto from the novel really like this? A man with such a lecherous character? Now I’m riddled with panic and fear. I find myself in an impossible situation.

“Older brother, help me!”



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28 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 4

  1. new guy enters the harem? lol but really, will it be explained why the hiroto now is different from the novel hiroto ? cause yuu just regained his previous memories recently so the situation should have been similar to the game but it isnt (?)
    thanks for the chapter!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m reading as I’m translating, so I don’t know much for now. BUT I’m pretty sure all of this will be explained in the later chapters, I mean most of the mystery is built on this premise XD

      My guess is that by him warping into this universe, “new” Yuu might have upset the balance, causing events to change. I guess we’ll see!


  2. lmfao yeSSS yandere seme xDD wonder whether the original hiroto from novel actually also loves yuu, but bc some sort of misunderstanding & hero’s influence or something hiroto started to hate yuu ??? there’s also a possibility that yuu is remember incorrectly the prev events bc his amnesia ??? mm

    thanks for the update ❤


    1. Heheheh oh yeahhh
      Hmm that’s an interesting prediction. I’ve never thought of it that way! This actually seems quite plausible… thanks for reading and see you in the next update!


  3. Thank you for the update~ Hiroto the demon king is back in action!! Yuu, run for your virtue~ who am I kidding, we all want to see their relationship more!!
    And who is this Ken guy, how come Yuu don’t remember him form the novel? And if I may add.. Is Yuu a fudanshi in his previous life, to read a Yaoi or maybe Shounen-Ai?


    1. Wow you commented on every chapter 😮 Thanks!

      I’m not really sure who this Ken guy is, but he does fit the mold of a side character who would soon be part of Yuu’s harem XD

      Yeah, I’m reading as I translate so I basically know what you guys know hehe


  4. Oh no>< Im curious what will happen next. Will ken help Yuu? Or will Hiroto got his way?? And I got confused as well as to why Hiroto suddenly became so possesive when in the end he will love the Hero? @.@


    1. Hi there thanks for reading! Since I’m reading as I translate, I don’t know much either! Regarding Hiroto’s OCness, maybe “new” Yuu doesn’t know the novel’s plots as well as he thinks he does! We’ll see in the later chapters ^^


  5. For that one line you were having trouble with it basically means that he finally has him trapped/conered, but his efforts would be wasted if Yuu was able to get ahold of his father. Mizu no Awa is an expression meaning your efforts were wasted.


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