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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 5

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Hey guys. Here’s the fifth chapter.

Hopefully almost everything makes sense. There’s a few weird sentences here and there because I honestly have no idea what those are saying…LOL

I checked the stats of this blog and I actually have some views from Japan. Crap, this is so embarrassing ;_;

Also, I read ahead to the next chapter and…oh gods >/////<

Anyway, on with the story!

Chapter 5

As Hiroto is distracted I take the opportunity to run towards that other guy. With that, Hiroto’s expression changes, eyebrows furrowing with a frown for just a second, before morphing into a devilish smile.

“Yuu? Come back over here. I’ll forgive you until tomorrow morning.”

(What about tomorrow morning? What are you going to do?) I continue clinging on to Ken, nudging my forehead into his chest, making it clear my unwillingness to leave. Since I often participated in club sports activities, the scent of a man’s sweat is reassuring.

Seeing my state of mind, Hiroto gives off an irritated noise.

“What are you doing, Ken? Return Yuu immediately.”

“I’m not doing anything! Let go of me this instant!”

The more he tries to brush me aside, the harder I hold on.

“No way! I’m not letting go! He’ll just do those weird things to me again. It’s definitely better like this.”


Whether it’s unconscious or not, he stops trying to pull away, staring me straight in the face. As his eyes pick up the marks on my neck a blush spreads all over my skin, catching Hiroto’s attention.

“Hi. Ro. To. Are you seriously laying a hand on junior high students??”

“Ehh? Whadaya mean?”

Look at that smug smile. I toss a pillow at that guy after remembering all those bad feelings.

“I’ll cherish Yuu’s good points, let me take care….of him.” (T/N: I’m really just guessing at this point.)

(This is a tough situation. This guy. He seems like the type to have close relationships with women. The type to have sex before marriage…ah.) And now I’m stuck trying to wheedle my way out of this.

“Today I’ll stay at this guy’s place.”

“Yuu?” Did Hiroto expect this, because he sighs like he’s not surprised.

Here’s the plan. Ken hates me. Therefore, he won’t be all touchy-feely towards me like Hiroto. And since he wants me gone, I’ll tell him my situation, borrow a phone and call my dad. Then I’ll live as Amano Yuu in my new environment. It’d be best to get away from Hiroto as soon as possible.

His acts of affection spoil me, leaving me a melted mess.

Before I catch feelings for him, I need to let him go!

“Older brother, it’s no good…isn’t it?” Because of our height difference, I need to crane my neck upwards in order to see his face.

“Hold on a second, Ken.” Hiroto guides him into the next room, sparing me a glance before leaving. Watching the two of them depart, I touch my neck.


My head hurts. While I’m waiting through the pain the two of them return. Seems like permission was granted.

“Well then, I hope you’ll take care of Yuu for me.”


Seeing that he’s clearly not liking these arrangements yet still sucking it up, I can’t help but feel sorry for him. I give Ken a smile.

“Thank you!” (I’m sorry that I’ll bother you but it’s only for a little while. I’ll disappear soon, so have a bit of patience!)

My clothes and personal items are all in Houou house, and I receive help from Hiroto carrying my sets of clothes. As I follow him my head is full of thoughts.

The next time I see you I’ll give you a swift kick to the face.

“See you later! Ahh. Will Ken fall for Yuu? Tomorrow Yuu might not be able to come here. So I’ll get back to you as soon as you return, Yuu.

Are you ready?”



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17 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 5

    1. Thank you for reading! Haha they may be short but for me it’s still kinda tough since I don’t speak the language ^^;;

      Good thing is I’ll be releasing a chapter a day, and when a daily chapter is too short for even my standards, I’ll be sure to upload another one shortly ^^


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