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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 6

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Hello again ^^ I’m posting this chapter early since I’ll be quite busy tomorrow. Here we learn Ken’s full name, and where he fits in the novel’s universe. For those of you who guessed that he’d become part of the harem, you were right!

This chapter is rated R15. Although there’s a few words and phrases that point to something a bit…more, honestly I think it’s a problem with my translation. It’s done by machine so there’s bound to be some wonky phrasing <.<

Chapter 6

Ken picks up by car, taking a drive to his house. Throughout the whole ride he is silent, and it’s all thanks to the driver talking to me, trying to bridge the gap, that it isn’t entirely awkward. You really don’t like me, do you? I’m sorry!

“Sigh…” Hiroto’s house might be inspired by western architecture, but this guy’s place is totally Japanese. The so-called samurai residence. There are Japanese swords placed within the rooms. It feels like any second now and a ninja would pop out from the ceiling. I’m pretty excited.

House servants? I’m led away by one to the corner of a room, which I study for a moment. The room is the size of my house, lavished with Japanese-style furniture, and it feels like I’m at a fancy restaurant.

That guy must be busy working at the main building, so he’s not here at the moment. As I’m observing the room, my eyes pick up the silhouette of a kendo bamboo sword.

(Truly a samurai!)

I’m quietly moved as I pick up the blade. You can tell that it’s used often, and possesses the same courageous aura as its owner. While I’m thinking this, the sliding door slides open, revealing Ken.

“S-sorry! I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it.”

“Do you practice Kendo?”


“That’s cool. Kendo really suits you.”


Without changing his expression, he squats down in one flowing movement. He closes his eyes in silence as if in deep meditation. Unable to relax from the lack of noise, I spring up from where I’m sitting immediately.

“Um, I’m Amano Yuu. Thank you for putting up with my selfishness today. May you lend me a cellphone to contact my father?”

He doesn’t move an inch at first. But eventually, he glances over at me and sighs.

“Hiroto said not to give you access to a phone.”

“Eh? Is that so? Okay…” Perverted Demon King, why would you say something like that? Since it’s already a longshot, I decide to tell Ken my whole plan anyway.

“If I ask my father, I think he’ll let me move away. I did something horrible, didn’t I? Unfortunately I really don’t remember anything, so even if I apologize those apologies would be empty. I’ll make an effort to get out of your hair, so if you’d just cooperate me…wow.” Just as cracks begin to form on his impassive expression, I realize that I’m staring at the ceiling.

(Woah. Did this really just happen?)

His hands are placed on both sides of my face. His legs are holding me down….Tatami don? (T/N: that’s like kabedon (wall-slam), but instead with a tatami mat)

I’m surprised to find that I don’t know his full name, and as such am not sure what to call him. I’m trying to remember what Hiroto had said.


He opens his mouth but doesn’t speak. And it looks like he’s not going to move.

“Do you really have amnesia?”

“Ah, yes. I do remember some stuff, but regarding my previous connections with other people it really is all a blur. Ah, well…I do remember a bit about Houou-san.”

“Anything else?”

“Huh? Uh….I also remember a bit about my dad.”

“…Is that so…?”

He seems to be quietly reflecting. The time spent silent is a bit awkward in our current positions. I scan the room trying to wrap my head on something to say. Oh, that’s right.

“This house is amazing! It looks just like a samurai residence hehe. I’m kind of anticipating seeing a ninja pop out from the ceiling.”

Suddenly, his eyes shoot open. His hands reach out to me, shaking my body.

“Really…you don’t remember anything? Nothing at all? Not even…me…?” His face is hidden by the shadows of his long hair. However, feeling as if I should somehow apologize, I gently grasp his hand.

“Yeah. Um, I’m sorry. Nghh…!” The rest of my words are left unspoken. Because his lips press roughly over mine.

This kiss is the complete opposite of Hiroto’s passionate ones, and instead seems thought-provoking.

(Ken-san?) I’m surprised by his behavior that I shouldn’t like.

“W-wait…what are you doing?”

(What the? This person, you had said I was a poisonous flower. Don’t you hate me? Why did you kiss me?) His hand catches on to my shirt. Maybe it’s the frustration from attempting to unbutton my top, but the buttons fly off with a pop. When my shirt is removed his fingers wander over my intimate areas. I twist my body over and over to try to escape.

“…Ngh.” His tongue thrusts into my mouth while his arms restrain me, shirt lying forgotten.

“Yuu, huh? Hiroto is fine so why can’t I be forgiven?”

“Hah? What are you saying? Ah…!” He scrunches his face ironically while tousling his bangs.

And then he kisses me again.

He kisses deeper this time, tongue crawling within the cavern of my mouth while I gasp for breath. As it is, my body begins to feel pleasure, accustomed to these sensations from Hiroto’s constant ministrations.

Seeing that I’m biting my lips to stop the noises from escaping, Ken forcibly thrusts a finger into my mouth, prying it open.

“Your voice…let me hear it…Yuu.” My head is getting high off the intense sensation.

“Ah….ah no way. I’m becoming strange, no…” He licks the tears that I shed, clinging to me as he hugs me.

“…Why…why did you forget about me…I…I…Yuu…” His voice is but a murmur by my ear, trembling as if crying. It’s painful to hear. It makes me sad; I hug his head gently.


“Ah…ahhhhhh….” In one sweep, I lose consciousness.


It’s so hot. I’m in pain.

When I wake up in the morning there’s a man face down prostrating himself.

“I am sorry…no I don’t deserve to be forgiven…I…” (T/N: he goes from using “ore” in the last scene to “boku”)

As I watch him apologize, I feel myself growing pale. To be honest, I don’t know why I hugged him back. I thought he hated me. Is that no longer so? That must be why you’re apologizing now. But why? I also can’t hold it against him.

However, unlike Hiroto’s pleasure hell, because I was held passionately the burden on my body was harsh. (T/N: Okay, so they actually did have sex…Also idk what 快感地獄 is)

“I won’t forgive you.”


Oh…just now I think I saw some doggy ears. They’re trembling.

“‘Cause you didn’t tell me your name….if you tell me then I’ll forgive you!” This time, I also am not able to finish my words.

Because his lips block my lips.

Gone is the regretful doggy from before. Now there’s a man full of confidence smiling daringly. And he’s licking my neck.

He really looks like doggy. He’s a samurai, but he acts like a doggy. His long tied up hair shakes like a tail. Oh. I want to touch it.

“Your hair…are you growing it out?”

“Oh, that’s because you liked it that way when you were young…so I let it grow long.” He lifts me up on my knees, planting kisses on my forehead and cheeks and the marks on my neck. He smiles gently at me.

“…It’s Kenshin. Seiryuu Kenshin.”

As I take in his dazzling smile, I suddenly feel faint and collapse into his embrace.

He’s Houou Hiroto’s childhood friend, Seiryuu Kenshin. He and Amano Yuu have also been friends during childhood. He meets the Hero in high school and like Hiroto, falls in love with them. As a result, he’s manipulated by Yuu into harming the main couple.

He’s a side character in the boys’ love novel “Story of the Four Gods Academy – Beloved by the Demon King.”

And now I’m thrown away into this ocean of memories, slowly losing consciousness. I fall into Kenshin’s arms….and I’m tearing at how strong his hold is. I don’t have the strength of a martial artist…it hurts.

It hurts, samurai doggy!



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33 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 6

  1. Wow, another chapter~ Thank you sleepchaser!!
    Another harem member that moves fast.. Rather than a dragon, seems like dog is more his image huh..


  2. lmfao, see– another hungry wolf xDD i got this 2nd-hand embarrassment feeling when reading this chapter but still giggling xDD

    so, original Yuu’s using Ken to harm the main couple (HiroxHero) ?? since Ken seems like Yuu, is there a possibility this is the reason why the original Hiroto prefer the Hero ? like a misunderstanding then getting jealous (bc ken and yuu close to each other) and finally decided to leave Yuu and be with Hero ? which later make original yuu jealous and leading to all bad ending ?? mm i think too much orz

    thanks for the update, i feel like i just read ch 5 this morning (or was it last night) and now at evening there’s new chapter ❤


    1. Hahaha thanks for reading! I’ve read ahead and in the next chapter alot of Hiroto and Yuu’s past is revealed. It’ll also be in Hiroto’s pov ^^

      It’ll definitely clear up alot! And yeah I released this chapter early since I’ll be busy today…they’ll be another chapter tomorrowish


  3. Looks like his chastity wasn’t safe with Ken after all. Seems like if he liked the original Yuu that could be why he was able to be manipulated against the Hero. By the way does the Hero ever get a name?


    1. The Hero’s name is revealed during the High School arc. Currently we’re still in the Junior high arc ^^

      And yeah Ken was basically witholding his feelings from Yuu for a long time..


    1. Thanks for the help!

      Yeah I’m not sure how it fits into that sentence. Like wth is Hiroto’s pleasure hell o_o It must be a colloquialism of some sort.

      Oh well, this is how you know it’s a machine translation XD


  4. thanks for the chapter 🙂
    samurai doggy lol but really im starting to wonder if yuu was actually that hateful i mean it seems as if they already love the him from before… and i think yuu has a hair fetish lol


  5. wtf. I’m disappointed with Yuu. No self-respecting person would forgive someone who did that as easily as he did, unless he actually enjoyed it(come to think about it, he pretty much seems to have allowed the act to happen),and well, if that’s the case, then I’m still going to be disappointed with the MC. Seriously, are you even a man?!


    1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Back when I was translating ch6, I actually did not think they had sex. But after reading through ch 10 (which is ch 5 and 6 in Ken’s pov) I was sadly mistaken. It’s not even the fact that they had sex that I’m upset about. It’s that fact that Yuu gave in so easily without giving any indication that he had feelings for Ken. It’s one thing if he secretly liked Ken, but the author keeps stressing that Yuu has amnesia….Hopefully in the next chapters Yuu can redeem himself, because honestly I don’t know if I can stomach translating a gary stu character.


  6. …….. I don’t know what to think about all this stupid shit.
    MC all over here saying I want to live with my father, but then he goes into the arms of 2 guys he doesnt know and get’s raped?
    And he just accepts it?
    What the hell?
    I like yaoi, but I like a good plot more.
    This story has a good premise, and story, but what the hell,…


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