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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 7: The feelings of the Erotic Demon King Houou Hiroto 1

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Hi hi again ^^

Today’s chapter will be entirely from our Hiroto’s POV, and will shed light on his character and relationship dynamic with Yuu. It’s also rated R-18, so if that’s too much for you, you should probably skip it ^^;;

Thank you everyone who was kind enough to like and comment. It really fuels my drive to continue translating at a daily rate.

Also sigh, on NU it says that this chapter is “chapter 7 part 1.” That is NOT true. This is the complete chapter 7. I don’t know why it was named that way and I have no idea how to edit it <.<

Chapter 7:

The feelings of the Erotic Demon King Houou Hiroto Pt. 1

My name is Houou Hiroto.

When I was a primary school student, I met an angel.

It all started when Miaki-san, a distant relative of my father, moved into the private house next door to ours. Back then I had heard that his wife had passed away 6 months ago, and that he was having a hard time managing his kindergarten-aged kid.

Anyway I also had a cousin in kindergarten, and he’s annoying and cheeky as hell. My mother was looking forward to this, but at the time I had thought it’d be a pain in the ass. I’d probably be sacked with all the work. I told my dad this, and succeeded in getting him to buy me a new game as compensation.

That day, I was watering the roses in the garden. My mom was convinced that helping out with chores was good for a child’s upbringing, and occasionally gave me some errands to run. While I was minding my own business, doing a good job with the roses, my friend Seiryuu Kenshin came to visit me. Running around in front of the hose, getting all wet. He’s just like a dog.

“Hey, Hiroto. Who are those people over there?”

I didn’t see anyone. Was it his sense of smell? He’s a dog afterall…

“Hello, uh…Hiroto-kun, is it?”

An adult man came sauntering over, a friendly smile worn on his face.

“I am Amano Miaki (T/N: does anyone know how to read his name 実秋 ?) Are your parents home? Oh, and this is my son Yuu. Yuu, say your greetings.”

“‘Kaay. ‘m Yuu. Hewo.”

Taking in that cute bowing head, I answered in a raspy voice.


I was able to greet him properly, but Kenshin blushed red with his mouth wide open. All while sporting a nosebleed.

The child had fluffy chestnut hair, complemented by clear and bright eyes. Eyes the color of the sky. Not to mention rosy cheeks. He smiled happily when looking at me. I noticed that Jitsuaki-san was holding hands with him, and wished secretly to myself that those were my fingers entwined with his.

“Olda bwotas. I gwive you doggy.”

He passed me a tissue with a picture of a dog on it, and Kenshin’s face flushed even redder. The two of us thanked him before running away. I don’t think Kenshin knows or remembers, but I had hidden that tissue inside my desk. And it’s still there to this day.

At the end, Yuu met everyone from the Houou family. They were all touched by Yuu’s love. He’s cute so it couldn’t be helped that he garnered everyone’s affection.

Eventually, Yuu and I became close. Every time he stayed the night, we’d share a mattress. I enjoyed seeing a tiny clingy Yuu on my bed. When Yuu and I played with each other Kenshin would often show up, and the three of us would end up playing together. There were nights when the three of us slept together after playing together all day. And when it was time to sleep, Kenshin and I would hold hands with Yuu, not letting go even in the depths of slumber.

But from around the time I started Junior high, Yuu started to become a bit selfish. He would throw a tantrum if he didn’t get what he wanted.

Now that I think about it, I miss it.

After entering high school, I made new friends. I became so absorbed in my school life. Kenshin joined the Kendo club and I also became busy with club activities. When Yuu entered the junior high division, he believed that we would all be together again. But unfortunately the reality was different.

I was elected the Student Council President. Kenshin accepted the captaincy of the Kendo club. Our positions didn’t allow for us to give him special treatment and as a result, Yuu forcibly obtained the position of the Student Council’s secretary, kicking out the original member.

Moreover, Yuu seemed to manipulate his surroundings by using his appearance, threatened the people who treated me kindly, and basically tried to keep them away from me.

When I learned that, a shudder zipped through my form; I felt an inexplicable joy in the fact that Yuu had eyes only for me. But I also started to hate myself for feeling this way. So I slowly cultivated a distance between us.

The custom of Yuu staying over when his father worked overnight, however, remained. Yuu continued to sleep in my bed.

At that moment when I saw his sleeping face something broke within me.

By the time I was a high school student, I was familiar to the concept of sex friends. But that day it was Yuu who I softly kissed and hugged.

“Hiroto, will you embrace me?” Showered by the dim moonlight, Yuu laughed with an ethereal glory. And I was desperately ensnared.

And I had sex with Yuu.

Several occassions since then, whenever Yuu would stay over we’d have sex.

We’d become one and kept going at it like rabbits, unable to stop, unable to think, until daybreak approached. By the time the sun peeked from beneath the horizon, I was well spent and couldn’t release anymore.

This relationship with Yuu continued on to my second year in high school. Sex without love. Yuu wanted my heart but my emotions were cold…or so I thought.

While his father was out on a business trip, the hospital contacted my house. Apparently Yuu got injured from falling down the stairs. My mother was also out when the hospital called so I was feeling unsettled. There was one instance when Yuu lied about getting hurt; it’d been me who took care of him. After a few hours I finally arrived at the hospital.

And I was shocked to hear from the doctor that Yuu was laying unconscious in a coma.

(Yuu might disappear…?) When I first met Yuu at a young age, I always felt that he held a lonely and fleeting air, akin to a flickering flame. Why can’t we ever meet each other halfway?

I’d been lost in my own world and left Yuu behind. How much time had passed since the doctor’s report? My parents finally arrived, but even when they called out to me I just couldn’t respond to their words.

I felt as if Yuu would disappear if I let him out of my sight.

Suddenly, I heard a noise from Yuu’s room and I rushed in.

Yuu’s awake.

In a second I was by his side and grabbed his hand. Yuu watched me with an uneasy expression, staring solemnly at my hair. That’s been a habit of his since young. My hair is red and reminiscent of a flame. He’s bound to wonder whether it’ll be warm to the touch.

A rush of happiness overcame my form and I smiled at Yuu. I won’t make the same mistake again.

But my hopes were crushed in a second.

“…who are you?” Is this God’s punishment? The world around me became dark. Or, perhaps I was having a nightmare…no way, does Yuu not care about me anymore? In my despair, I began to blame Yuu for my hurt feelings, completely forgetting my pledge from just a few minutes ago. At that time, I wonder if God actually punished me. Yuu met with hardship in such a sudden sweep.

Yuu’s father stood by my side, unable to do anything.

“Thank you, it’s fine now. You should go home and rest.”

From then I don’t remember how I got home. After my mother reached out to Yuu’s father, he rushed home to Japan to take care of Yuu. He was also told that Yuu had suffered from amnesia.

Even though he might be discharged from the hospital soon, I don’t have the courage to face him. I can’t get the image of Yuu’s frightened face right as he loses consciousness out of my mind. The fear of getting rejected meets with my unmovable feelings head on.

And as I stare through my window to Yuu’s unlit room, a long sigh escapes from my lips.



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36 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 7: The feelings of the Erotic Demon King Houou Hiroto 1

  1. wow, that was a HUGE misunderstanding
    i didnt think that he has that kind of personality, i guess judging them base on actions isnt justifiable
    But if in Hiroto’s mind is like that then what about when he meets the hero…
    sooo exciting!! I’ll be waiting for the next update! 😀
    thanks for the hardwork ^-^

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Yeah, I was pretty surprised when I read this chapter. So many misunderstandings..
      I guess the author is setting us up for some dramatic irony ^^;;
      And jfc I can’t believe they did it when Yuu was a junior high student <.<
      They're 2 years apart so if Hiroto was a first year in high school when it happened, then wasn't Yuu like 13-14?? o_o

      Liked by 5 people

  2. woahh, so, hiroto thought that they had sex w/o love when yuu actually rly love him ??

    mm 実秋 can be read as ‘miaki’ or ‘saneaki’ too, so ;-;


    1. Hmm, yeah I THINK that Hiroto was confused about his own feelings and thought that he didn’t actually like Yuu romantically. (But he obviously did.)

      Ohh!. Well since it’s Yuu’s dad’s given name, I guess Miaki sounds more appropriate than Jitsuaki.

      Ahhhh I don’t know ;_; #notactuallyjapanese

      Thanks for the help!


  3. O-kayy.. Do all primary student behave like them?
    And they’re sex friend!! 0.o Totally don’t expect that.. How come that doesn’t come up in Yuu’s novel memory?
    As always, thank you for the translation~


    1. Hehe I was really surprised too! They were so young when they started a sexual relationship o_o

      Not sure why Yuu’s novel memory doesn’t reveal that but…according to my knowledge of transmigration stories, the original Yuu probably died when he fell down the stairs… ;_;


  4. Thank you for the chapter!!
    Kind of feel bad for Yuu in the novel. I mean…that personality is because of his environment and that sex friend..oww why u take advantage of him if u really care ’bout him?!

    Its not his fault and… In the end he died alone…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it’s so sad when you sit and think about it: the original Yuu probably died when he fell down the stairs. And I don’t understand Hiroto’s past actions and motivations, even when this chapter was the author’s attempt to flush out his character and tie loose ends.

      Thank you for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Probably, since Yuu’s accident didn’t happen in the novel. Hiroto doesn’t have this reflection of his that made him realize that he actually loves Yuu. Thus, when Yuu continues his yandere actions and keep on harassing the hero, Hiroto’s view of Yuu become muddled and…you know how it goes. What I want to know is that isn’t the original Yuu killed himself? I wonder what Hiroto and Ken’s (from the novel)reaction is?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh you’re right hmmm… well judging by what’s been revealed in these Hiroto and Ken POV chapters, they probably felt at least a little bit sad. I mean, they’d been friends for so long. It’d be entirely heartless if they didn’t feel anything…


  5. Wow, what a development!! Thanks for the chapter!! I like to think the original Yuu didn’t die but is still our protagonist. It seems like the one now reverted back to the way he used to be in elementary school in terms of personality. Although it’s still sad to think about his original fate. I wonder if the author ever goes into detail the views of the characters after the end of the original book once the original Yuu died by suicide. I’m curious. Hopefully Yuu is able to get his own happy ending with people who love him.


  6. A Phoenix, a dragon, and a demon king? Getting weird vibes. 😲
    At least I don’t think the original Yuu died, though. He is in a ‘novel after all.


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