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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 8: The feelings of the Erotic Demon King Houou Hiroto 2

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Just a quick and easy chapter. # 9 will be out in less than 24 hours.

I made a mistake in chapter 3 ;_; I wrote that Yuu was still in the hospital but he’s actually already discharged by then! My bad! I’ll edit that shortly. This chapter is basically chapter 3 but in Hiroto’s POV.

Speaking of changes, I also changed Yuu’s dad’s given name to Miaki. Idk. The kanji is 実秋, so if anyone has a better idea please let me know!

The next 2 chapters will be in Ken’s POV, and then after those we’ll finally be back to the current time.

Please comment and like this post if you’ve enjoyed it. Until then! ^^

Chapter 8:

The feelings of the Erotic Demon King Houou Hiroto Pt. 2


When I come home from school, my maid Yukie-san tells me that Yuu might have returned home as well.

Knowing that Yuu is closeby, I want to see him at once. I drop everything to race over to Yuu’s house and jab impatiently at the intercom. I’m met with the face of his housekeeper, Sayo-san. Sayo-san tells me he is just getting off from work.

My breath suddenly increases…so it’ll only be the two of us.

Stealthily, I approach Yuu’s room with measured steps. He doesn’t seem to notice when I peek inside. What is causing Yuu to look so troubled?

I secretly observe him, enjoying his different expressions. Yuu whispers something to himself. And then, I gather myself and walk in.

Realizing that I’m relieved when Yuu isn’t frightened, I stick to him, leading him to the sofa. Yuu’s so cute, just like a small animal. Because he tries to get away from me when I cuddle him, I push him down by instinct.

At first, I intend for it to be a joke.

Teasing, kissing the cheeks, and playing hard to get. Spending our days in laughter, that had been our daily life in the past. When Yuu couldn’t take the teasing anymore, it’d be common for him to run off to Ken. I didn’t really mind when he did that. Those were the days.

“I’m…scared! Why are you doing this?” My reasonings deteriorate as I take in the image of Yuu clinging to me, looking up at me with teary eyes.

(…this is mine.) Does this body remember the acts I had repeatedly done to it in the past? Does it remember how it obediently surrendered, responding to the pleasurable sensations I’d inflicted?

But those eyes are different.

Even in the depths of despair, the once muddy consistency of those eyes, those of which had been constantly seeking me, are wiped away, leaving behind a clear and crystal blue gaze. That same brightness from back then. From when we were children.

Right now I’m hugging Yuu as we sleep. The happy feelings from our childhood keep us company. God has given me a second chance. I may have made a mistake, but this time around, starting right now, I’ll fix everything.

And I’m going to cherish Yuu’s love.



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29 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 8: The feelings of the Erotic Demon King Houou Hiroto 2

  1. this is completely a big turnover in the game’s plot story
    if Hiroto will continue to pursue Yuu from now on then what will happen to the Hero in the original story?!
    plus there’s Ken, both of them are going to pursue Yuu.. wow this is mess up
    but i like how the author wrote the storyline 🙂
    thanks for the update ^-^
    I’m looking forward for Ken’s POV!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahaha yea everything is just getting so hectic! I’m guessing that novel Yuu wasn’t supposed to have fallen down the stairs, and by doing so completely changed the events of the story. We’ll see! And thank you for reading!

      Liked by 3 people

  2. Now the tittle hero turn on Yuu, the sadist dragon abd the obidient wolf have fallen to him, i wonder when Yuu in high school, perhaps the hero san will fall for him too, well and the king harem Yuu begin jeng jeng ~

    Thanks for the new chapter, youre update is so fast I like it, im motivate to read this story hehe, cant wait~ :3

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Uu.. hope he doesnt break his pledge again>< and dont tell me.. "Yuu will run to Ken" does that mean the did it together._.? Or what? Once again Thank you♡ cant wait for Kens POV


    1. Hmmm, I’m thinking “Yuu will run to Ken” means that when Hiroto bullies Yuu too much, Yuu would go to Ken to get comforted. As in hugs or just talking it out.

      But we’ll see!

      Thanks for always reading and commenting 😀


  4. They seems to be so close when they are children.. Can such a cute child become so black-hearted like the novel describe? That seems so drastic to me, but we don’t know what’s in the mind of the original Yuu..


  5. Hello! This is my 1st time commenting in this site and I just want to express how much I appreciate your work! Thank you for bringing this cute and exciting (in a lustful sense *winks) novel to us. 😚 Am hoping to read more of Yuu’s harem adventure 😁


  6. Honestly, I think he’s pretty unworthy to be a male lead. He obviously only wanted to love him as a brother but I don’t think they screw like rabbits if that the case. Isn’t he trying to passively act like a victim but he just wants to get away with whatever he want to get away with. Seriously.. he only wants him now because he senses he’s pulling away and that he could lose that affection he’s used to. In the original plot he got someone else to lavish all that attention to and then puts the one who truly cares in the whatever zone.

    Liked by 1 person

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