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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 9: The feelings of the Doggy Samurai Seiryuu Kenshin one

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I’m so sorry for taking so long. Here’s the 9th chapter in Ken’s POV.


(Also like and comment to fuel my inner 13 year old…^^;;)

Chapter 9:

The feelings of the Doggy Samurai Seiryuu Kenshin Pt. 1

My name is Seiryuu Kenshin.

I’m a second year high school student attending Shinjin Gakuen, and I’m part of the Kendo club.

When I was still in elementary school, I met an angel while visiting my friend’s place.

Chestnut strands, clear blue eyes, and flashing a cute yet mysterious smile. The angel handed me a tissue when it noticed my gaze. Then a bell rang in my head and I ran away, feeling embarrassed.

It was a strategic withdrawal.

Afterwards, my friend Hiroto and the angel and I became well acquainted. The sight of the three of us playing together became a common occurrence. Whenever the angel saw me, he’d run happily to my side with a smile on his face. Clinging on to me. Hugging me.

It’d been a time of bliss.

Whenever the angel would stumble and hurt himself, Hiroto and I would take it as our duty to lick and disinfect his wounds. Such actions would cause the angel’s eyes  to widen, stopping the flow of tears. It was probably ticklish, but he’d giggle anyway. He’d murmur that Hiroto and I were acting just like dogs, but we didn’t care. Our first priority was always to make him smile.

Both Hiroto and I often spent days at each other’s houses. It was because our parents were close friends. And of course once the angel moved into our neighborhood, he also became part of the group.

There was one time I stayed over Hiroto’s place while the angel also tagged along. We were planning to watch movies into the pit of night. Long story short the movie was about an evil ninja. The movie was quite popular when it came out, and was pretty much in the horror genre. The best part was whenever the angel would get scared, he’d hide and stick to me.

Although I was also afraid, I wouldn’t let it show. I endured it.

As we watched a scary scene hand in hand, Hiroto just had to ruin it. He’d say nonsense like ‘this looks like Ken’s house,’ or ‘it probably is Ken’s house.’ Unfortunately for me, the samurai residence in the movie really did look like my place.

Needless to say, the angel never visited my house ever again.

I knew all about it. Whenever Hiroto chose a movie for movie night, he’d deliberately pick something the angel wouldn’t enjoy. He did this out a twisted sense of delight, finding joy in scaring others. My friend’s an odd one.

When I started junior high, I started to become occupied by club activities. The time spent with my angel also drastically decreased. And then when I finally got to meet him after a long period of time, something changed.

Where a sweet and expressive aura once lay, now flowed a cold and depressed demeanor. The bright voice that once called out to me in joy metamorphosed into a hysterical cry. I became aware of him, but not in a good way, and because I’d been caught up with my club activities anyway, the distance between me and the angel continued to stretch.

Then later on, a friend of mine who was the Student Council secretary suddenly resigned. And I was surprised to find out that their successor was the angel.

Had the angel been involved? Egged on by my suspicions, I decided to confront him.

“Leave me alone, you’re annoying! I hate Kenshin!”

(Ha…hate…) Turning away his face in annoyance, the angel departed. It had hurt to hear those words escape from his lips, that he hated me.

After that, whenever a bad rumor about the angel would surface in the school, I’d always confront the person in question for the truth. And the angel would seem hurt whenever I did. Those blue eyes would moisten as tears began to fall. I felt the urge to lick them.

I was disturbed by those feelings welling inside me. To want those moist eyes to only see me. And then…embrace me…

“…That’s right. That’s it, isn’t it? You don’t believe me either so just do whatever you want.”

I must have been mad, delusional. I reached out to the angel who spat out blood in anger, but my fingers met only with air. The sight of my empty hands haunted me; I knew I’d messed up. But, what in fact was the right thing to do even I didn’t know.

As such, my relationship with the angel continued to deteriorate, continued to strain, until even looking at each other would spark mutual disgust. It was such a strong emotion that I lost faith in repairing what was once so beautiful.

Not much later I received the news that the angel had injured himself from falling down the stairs. Before I knew it, my feet took me to the Houou residence where the angel would be staying. I was worried.

The angel…I just wanted to see Yuu.



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35 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 9: The feelings of the Doggy Samurai Seiryuu Kenshin one

  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    Hmm? Was Yuu manipulating everything and pretending to be innocent, or was he actually being framed? Why do I feel as though the original book itself is a sort of misunderstanding? And if he was actually being framed then who and why?


    1. This is just a guess (since I’m not too ahead of you guys) but I have the sinking suspicion that Yuu might have been framed. As to why, I have a few theories, but I’ll refrain from saying them now XD


  2. I see where this is going. There’s going to be a genbu and a byakku later on.

    Are those the right terms?


    Byakku: tsundere delinquent
    Genbu: cool and collected nerd


    1. IKR! XD
      Since we already have an S Suzaku and Puppy Suzaku, we can expect Byakko and Genbu too.
      My prediction is: a lively sportsman Byakko and friendly & innocent Genbu XD


  3. Thanks for the update~
    That doesn’t feel right, really Ken, can you call yourself Yuu’s childhood friend? Don’t just go and believe every rumor, slander is even worse than murder! He should be ashamed, MY childhood friend would never ever believe any bad rumor about me. 0

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for always leaving a comment! And I agree, at this point I’m disliking both Hiroto and Ken. How could they side with acquaintances when your childhood friend is in trouble? And not even attempting to do any research on that matter…Just blindly following the bandwagon, I’m disappointed in them!

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Thanks a lot for the new chapter yayy, why i feel more like Ken than Hiroto, perhaps Ken love towards Yuu is more tender than Hiroto, but i really curious what will happen when Yuu is enter high school, really cant wait 😆


  5. thanks for the chapter!
    I like Ken’s side of story, I could imagine Ken would really sweet towards Yuu if they got together but my M side is looking forward to the S Hiroto xD


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