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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 10: The Feelings of the Doggy Samurai Seiryuu Kenshin two

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Okay so remember how I said that I didn’t think Yuu and Ken actually did it in chapter 6? Well guess what? They did -_-

I don’t know how I feel about Yuu’s character. It’s like he’s a total doormat…I’ll still continue to translate though, in hopes that he mans up.

Also, this chapter is rated R-15 for make outs and references to having sex.

Thanks to everyone who comments and likes my posts ^^ Now, enjoy!

Chapter 10:

The Feelings of the Doggy Samurai Seiryuu Kenshin Pt. 2

When I arrived at the Houou estate, a servant guided me through the second floor corridor. A soft weep echoed throughout the halls. When I reached the source of the sound, I found that it was Yuu wrapped up in a mountain of blankets.

Did you dislike seeing me this much?

During the time that I stood worried, sifting through my thoughts, I became shocked by my tone of voice directed at Yuu. It was accusatory, as if placing all the blame on the other party.

No, I didn’t mean to say it like that. I’m just worried about you…

As I had been caught in my own reverie, Yuu asked to borrow my cellphone, claiming that he was planning on leaving this place. And when he looked up at me, those eyes seemed to belong to the former Yuu.

But at that time, I was convinced that this self-proclaimed memory loss was but a trick to garner Hiroto’s attention. As such, I couldn’t stop staring him down.

And my emotions and suspicions were still a mess even when Hiroto returned. Lately Hiroto’s attitude towards Yuu was incomprehensible. He’d sport a dark smile while practically giddy from bullying Yuu.

It was such a nostalgic sight.

Back when I was a kid, whenever Yuu got teased by Hiroto a bit too much, he’d always come running to me. It’d been my job to comfort him.

So I carefully waited for that moment.

Sure enough, when Yuu suddenly clung to me, a rush of elation surged through my form. But as soon as my heart began to soar, one look into Hiroto’s eyes and the surrounding temperature already dipped to subzero degrees.

He must have been be jealous of the fact that Yuu glued himself to me, refusing to let me go. That dark smile stretched wider as he sized me up.

As I was attempting to break free from his hold, my eyes picked up the slight sliver of collarbone peeking from the rising tide of his shirt. Isn’t that a hickey? Hiroto must have put this on Yuu. What the hell? The kid’s in junior high, for god’s sake. I started to wonder if he embraced Yuu.

Watching the younger teen’s reactions towards getting caressed, my nose began to bleed.

Yuu…you’re too erotic!

After that, Hiroto pulled me aside to speak privately, not wanting Yuu to overhear. A tirade of doubts clouded my head.

“Is that really Yuu? Is it true he lost his memory?” Hiroto didn’t immediately answer, and instead seemed to mull over his thoughts for a bit.

With no reply, I continued my monologue.

“Yuu’s personality seems to have reverted back to when he was a child.” The depressed demeanor seemed to have been wiped off the face of the earth, and now all that’s left was a bright and cheerful aura. I was happy for this. As I expressed my feelings of joy, Hiroto spoke.

“Ken. Yuu is probably planning on escaping from here.”


“He’s might transfer or move houses altogether. That’s why please don’t let him anywhere near a phone. Don’t let him get in touch with Miaki-san,” said Hiroto in a cheerful manner. Those dark eyes of the Demon King, swirling in an unfamiliar abyss. That guy would occasionally smile like that.

“Trying to escape, huh?…when this belongs to me!” The tremors in his voice shook my spine. But I didn’t step down, shooting a glare at Hiroto.

“Take those words back. Yuu doesn’t only belong to you.”

That’s right. Yuu was no longer Hiroto’s property. Although he had always been chasing after Hiroto’s back in the past, the present Yuu has lost his memories. Now that there’s a clean slate, didn’t I have a chance? I held Hiroto’s gaze, glaring back challengingly, but he only returned it with cold eyes. Then he smiled. Reverting to that bold attitude.

“Well, first of all I need to crush his opportunities for moving. Since my mom and Yuu are close, I’ll be in trouble if I don’t often check up on him. But for now I’ll put Yuu in your hands. Even if you try your best, nothing’s going to happen.”

“…who are you talking to?” We both laughed, grins spreading on our faces.

I’d been looking forward to such a battle.

And so Yuu came to stay over at my house. The first time since that ninja movie fiasco. How many years has it been? Crap. I was so nervous and couldn’t think of anything to say. From the car to the corridors of my house, not a word left my lips.

After finishing the rest of my errands, I came to look for Yuu, catching him at a moment of reverie. He was standing there admiring a bamboo blade and I felt the beginnings of a nosebleed erupt. Yuu’s loveliness nearly caused me to collapse on the floor. But, even I had a limit.

I was shocked by Yuu’s subsequent words. Did he somehow catch the conversation between Hiroto and I? Are you going to leave me? Forever?

I completely forgot the words I had prepared, and instead, as the blood rushed towards my head and engulfed me whole, I bent down and kissed Yuu. The kiss was purely primal, instinctual, and I took  care to seize his lips in a frantic haze over and over again. I’d been jealous; I disliked the image of Yuu surrendering obediently to Hiroto’s ministrations, the look of pure pleasure fogging up crystal blue orbs. Forgiving Hiroto’s touch on your skin. My name had been forgotten by your lips. Even me…you had…!

No matter how much I put it off, it wasn’t enough. Feelings of extreme lust, which I had yet to experience until then, enveloped and dominated me in continuous strikes. I didn’t know how long I’d been yearning for this. In the end, Yuu and I fell asleep from exhaustion.

The next morning, as the golden rays of the sun slipped through the cracks of the blinds, I woke up with a fright. My face bled as pale as a sheet after noticing Yuu’s naked silhouette on my bed.

Yet Yuu forgave me. He forgave me with the warmth and compassion of an angel. I was so overcome with happiness that I kissed him again. Even his name was so cute,  I remembered thinking.

And so I believed god gave me a second chance. I was given the opportunity to repair our relationship.

I was given a chance to love Yuu.



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38 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 10: The Feelings of the Doggy Samurai Seiryuu Kenshin two

  1. What the fuck. Reading their POVs makes me feel do uncomfortable tbh TT Hoping that things gets better for the new Yuu when school starts or something.. or at least the other two can tone down their creep factors a little >< Protect Yuu!!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Ermm..ermm..i kind of agree with u, chaser…i also dont know what kind of personality this rebirth Yuu has erm..
    So he forgave kenshin when he force him doing it? But doesnt like it when hiroto want to do it? *hiroto and rebirth yuu didnt do it in the prev chapter, right? Or did i skip something..?

    erm…maybe we can just look at the next chapter for explanation? Hopefully it could satisfy our souls..


    1. Yuu needs to grow a backbone, that’s for sure. I’m going to add the “Passive Male Lead” tag to this story on NU. Thanks for reading!

      Edit: Sorry, my comment got cut off for some reason. I wanted to add that I also hope next chapter would do Yuu better in the eyes of us readers. Thanks for sticking around!


  3. *tilts head*

    wooooow Japanese people are sooo indirect. Reminds me of reading the Tale of Genji! *points to a word* There’s the fucking. … Where?!? No… that was definitely fucking!

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!


    1. Yeah, I completely flubbed that one ^^;;
      There WAS a line where Yuu thought his body was burdened from last night, but since there wasn’t any line that explicity said they did it, I sort of shook it off as flowery language >< I thought that scene in ch 6 was just a makeout session wth!


  4. Eh? They did it? I thought it didn’t get that far.
    Well given that I read it from google translation, figures a lot of meaning would be lost in that awful translation hahaha


    1. Same, I didn’t think they did it too in ch6, but in this chapter it was clear that they did something more sexual than just making out (even in the small chance that there was no, uh, penetration).


  5. When I read the first part of doggie’s pov, i thought he was a pretty decent( he still is,maybe?) guy, but reading this made me uncomfortable.


  6. ok I take back my statement last chapter…. I have no comment in this matter ._.
    I’ll just hope the mc won’t turn out to be a male version of mary sue and become everyone’s you know what I’m saying….


    1. I totally agree with you -_-
      I’ll continue translating until at least the High School arc, since that’s where the main event’s of the novel’s universe take place. Hopefully Yuu grows a backbone by then. I mean, what kind of guy forgives that easily to being coerced into sex by another guy? Thank you for sticking so long with this!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. This line probably alluded to sex on Chapter 6

    [“Ah…ahhhhhh….” In one sweep, I lose consciousness.]

    Also this line :
    [It’s so hot. I’m in pain.]

    Just saying….

    Thanks for the chapter


  8. Also regarding Yuu’s reaction to what happened between them

    [As I watch him apologize, I feel myself growing pale. To be honest, I don’t know why I hugged him back. ]

    HUGGED alluded that he respond in having sex


    1. Ya, you’re right. Though I always wondered why the Japanese use “hug” as an euphemism for “having sex.” I guess it’s the difference in cultures.

      Thanks for reading and giving me that helpful tidbit!


  9. Thanks for the translations~
    Umu.. Not sure what to think about this, since Yuu doesn’t remember Ken, he’s practically a stranger to him, right? Isn’t this count as r.a.p.e? 030


    1. Hey there! I don’t know if it was actually rape, but Yuu definitely didn’t expect sex when he asked to stay over at Ken’s place. Either way, it’s a bit concerning. The only way I can overlook it is if BEFORE the heavy petting commenced, Yuu actually decided on the spot that he liked and wanted sex.


  10. Thanks for the translations!
    I’m just going to convince myself that they only had a make out session since it doesn’t really say that they did it all the way and I rather they not lol


      1. just found this and fell just as hard as Yuu down the stairs and realized i found another piece of heaven! thank you very much for picking this one!

        Liked by 1 person

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