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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 11

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Hey guys! How are you all doing?

This chapter will be rated R-18 for a (kinda) graphic smut scene.

So, I tried to tag “Passive Male Lead” to this story in NU, but it keeps getting taken down <.< Okaay, so I guess a guy who just goes with the flow, letting some random dude f*ck him AND FORGIVE HIM, is totally not passive…sure. I’m also thinking of adding the tag (or maybe it’s genre) “smut” to the listings. Let me know what you think about that in the comments below ^^

Chapter 11

Both Seiryuu Kenshin and Houou Hiroto were childhood friends of Amano Yuu. After meeting the novel’s Hero in high school, the two older boys fell hopelessly in love.

Kenshin was clearly attracted to the Hero, but only watched them from afar. As such, Yuu was able to manipulate him. Why do you have to be the one to hold back? Can you really see it in your heart to forgive those two? Like the serpent that seduced Adam and Eve, that had been Amano Yuu.

Never letting the happy couple out of his sight, Amano Yuu was able to influence Kenshin into harming them. By emphasizing on Hiroto, a crack began to form between the two.


Those were my memories of the novel’s universe.

“Wellll. That’s not very good, is it? That’s okay, I’ll just watch quietly from a corner.”

(So Seiryuu Kenshin also likes the Hero.)

The next day, I’m still at Kenshin’s place. It’s because of the overflux of the novel’s memories that I couldn’t recover from last night. As I wrap and twirl myself in the blankets, forming a makeshift cocoon, my ears catch a pair of approaching footsteps echo from the hall. When the door slides open, I could see tuffs of indigo peeking from the open space.

“Are you awake, Yuu? Do you feel like eating the meal I prepared?”

“I’ll eat! Wow, thank you.” On the tray lay a bowl of steaming miso soup and a rice ball. My stomach growls at once and I quickly sip the soup, not even caring that it’s hot.

“Mmm. Delicious ♡ ♡.”

As I’m shoveling down food, keeping him company with a game of shoji, Hiroto enters the room.

“I see you guys are awake. Good morning. Were you lonely yesterday? I was worried since Yuu collapsed earlier. Are you alright now?”

After processing his verbal diarrhea, I flash a smile.

“Thank you for your concern. This meal was very delicious! I’m sorry that I caused you to worry, Hiroto. And yes, I’m fine now.”

While the two of us share smiles, Kenshin butts in.

“…Yuu. You already call Hiroto by his name so I’d like for you to call me Kenshin too.”

“Huh? Oh okay, I understand. So, Kenshin right?”

“That’s right, thank you.” With that, he strokes my hair with an odd smile. This time, it’s Kenshin and I that share a grin, Hiroto casually inquiring about last night’s events.

“By the way Ken, how was yesterday?”

“Pfff…! Both Ken and I choke from our spit.

“Hiroto, what are you talking about?”

“Hmm, because you guys did it, didn’t you? See right here? All those hickeys littering your skin. The amount’s increasing and they’re definitely not from me.” With trembling fingers I touch the proof of our night of passion, all the while incredibly aware of the smile stretching across Hiroto’s lips.

Totally shameless, Hiroto suddenly places a hand on my shoulder.

“Oh right, Yuu. Is it okay if I confirm something?”

“Sure, what s it?”

“Yuu – Hiroto, wait!”

Right as the words leave Kenshin’s mouth, Hiroto picks me up and holds me down. And then the yukata I’m wearing slips, the front spreading wide in an open flap. Suddenly my body is exposed.  Naked as the day I was born, I flush crimson in embarrassment. And mortification.

“Heh, you got all red. And you’re not wearing any underwear. Nice job, Ken ♥. Though I wonder if you did it properly last night.”

He lifts my leg as if preparing to change a baby’s diapers. Because Kenshin kept going at it yesterday, down there is pretty bruised. Hiroto’s rough probing causes the surrounding area to glow red.

“What are you doing?”

Hiroto lowers his line of sight, stroking his finger along my intimate areas. As if attempting to confirm Kenshin’s immensely affectionate actions from the night before.

“Oh, there’s a bit of scratching after all. Ken! Have you not prepared properly? Don’t tell me you just pushed it in?”

“…uuu…” Kenshin falls down on the spot. And then shoots his gaze over to me as if waiting for my response

“I’m so sorry Yuu! I didn’t know – I never did anything like that before. I’ll always properly prepare you from now on, so please forgive me!”

Huh…? Uh, there’s going to be a next time?

“It can’t be helped. Oh, I’ll lick and cure you. I’ll take away the pain.”

“Eh?…ah….ah…haah…” His tongue thrusts deep into my entrance, sending tremors throughout my form. In my attempt to resist, I try to push away Hiroto’s head, but to no avail. Simply not strong enough.

“Hiroto you asshole!” Suddenly, Hiroto is shoved aside. By Kenshin.

“Ouch that hurts! Ken you fucker! What the hell are you doing?”

“Idiot. I’m the one who caused those wounds so I should be the one who takes care of it.”

“Eh?…wait…wait a moment!” (I wonder if I seem terribly calm. What am I saying, this conversation is definitely all kinds of messed up. It’s definitely, absolutely without doubt, strange.)

His mouth’s like a suction cup, sucking me relentlessly. The pleasure takes control of me. And my body spasms as I endure. My tongue is pushed within the cavern of my mouth as I slowly lose myself to the bite of sweetness.

“Oh, Ken? Yuu likes it over here too.”

“…Mm. Here, huh?”

And then Hiroto stimulates my sensitive place even further. Shocked by the tremors of arousal, my lips tremble as they start to form words, hoping to get Kenshin’s concern and attention.

“Kenshin…please help me…I’m already…” The corners of my eyes tears up as lust flashes through his gaze. Well, will you help me out soon? It’s really intense!

“Later, don’t forget this place. If you caress over here, he’ll feel all sorts of pleasure.”


Hiroto continuously caresses that spot and I come. Why? His smile is so dark! He’s the guy who teaches a clueless person like Kenshin all the X-rated secrets with a serious expression.

I’m still trying to catch my breath after what we’ve done.

And because I just released, my mind’s floating on cloud nine.

“So, that’s the first erogenous zone?”

Hiroto’s fingers already turned me to jelly, and you’re saying there’s more?


And then I black out.

(T/N: The rest of this chapter is in Hiroto’s POV.)

“Huh? I think Yuu lost consciousness.”

“What? Is he okay?”

“I guess he came too hard. Heh, Yuu’s too cute ♡.”

While running my fingers through the soft chestnut strands, I plant a kiss to his mouth. He’s really adorable, twitching like a small animal.


“…What is it?”

“You know how Yuu got hurt from falling down the stairs? After that, lately I don’t feel like I know him at all. I wonder if the people around are aware of anything.”

“I’m as clueless to this situation as you are. But I’ll contact Mizuki. Give me a second.”

“Mizuki? Oh, that kid that’s the same age as Yuu. Your cousin, right?”

This is one of the disadvantages of being in separate grades and divisions. I can’t readily monitor Yuu’s surroundings at all times.

Did Yuu fall down by himself, or was he pushed? There’s just not enough information or evidence to form a case. As such, it’s difficult to do anything.

“Next time, I’ll definitely protect him.”

“That’s right. Next time I’ll also be there to protect Yuu. Make no mistake about it.”

Because the fact that he’s still here is a gift from god. I must catch it and grasp it firmly, never to release it again. I’ll never let it go.

So remember it, Yuu.



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36 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 11

  1. OMG!! that was intense!! the three of them.. i think i’m gonna faint @~@
    but poor Yuu, with the two of them I dont think he can leave the place any time soon
    and now there’s a Mizuki coming in, the harem just keeps on growing >.<
    thank you so much for the chapter! love it so much!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ken screwed him?! I hate this author, you don’t just skip the sex scene and make me think he just fainted from a kiss😭😭 why didn’t they put the sex scene in the beginning – I was so confused, oh well I’m just waiting for the hero character to come in lol

    I’m strangely not surprised this isn’t a threesome 😂😂😂 can’t wait for more

    Thank u for translating as always xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, the one thing I’ve realized after reading a lot of manga and light novels is that the Japanese tend to be quite indirect with their writing. I should have remembered that while translating the chapters, my bad ;_; A reader actually highlighted which lines alluded to the sex scenes in a previous comment on chapter 10, and I was like “DUH, MIND BLOWN.”

      Liked by 1 person

  3. If you’ve just got raped and you’re still thinking that he’s a clueless person then you’re gonna have a bad time -w-


  4. No, no, no, no! Is this literall harem? Will Yuu have sex with each of the harem member? >0<
    And from the conversation from Hiroto's pov we know that they don't pay attention to the original Yuu situation, jackass..
    Thank you for your hard work,, I imagine the translation this time is very difficult.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Seems like a REAL harem to me ^^
      Yuu was pretty much neglected by Hiroto and Kenshin after entering junior high. Really sad.

      I admit that I felt a bit disappointed at how Yuu just took everything (even the surprise sex) with a grain of salt. The author really didn’t think of the repercussions of such, and even removed the last sliver of consequence from Kenshin’s actions.

      Long story short, Yuu’s character irks me.

      That being said, I’m not going to drop this novel. (Well, unless someone else wants to take over or the story takes a huge nose dip to hell.) I’ll get to the High School arc, at least.


  5. Oh gosh, hiroto, you…
    Yuu is no longer there though..maybe he died? Or maybe the souls got assimilated? Hope its the latter huhu

    I guess its gonna be a harem, but i hope there’re only the two of them. Kind of frustrating cuz he accept them easily.

    Lets pray the story geys better


  6. Honestly, I think Yuu’s probably in denial. From the previous chapters, it’s clear he wants to escape and believes that, no matter what he does, the storyline is completely set in place. Because of this belief, he probably thinks that everything they do to him is meaningless so fighting won’t help him. Also, since the other male leads are supposed to all fall in love with the Hero character that’s supposed to show up later, Yuu probably believes that they’ll forget about him sooner or later so escaping is his only option to not die.
    Not to mention he’s stuck with a bunch of fragmented memories. I think it’s a case of not knowing better. From what I can see, he doesn’t even remember his past life. Just whatever his brain decides to give him that’s relevant at the moment.
    It’s all just conjecture though. For all I know, the author is going the route of most well-known Japanese BL writers where the uke is this super passive, submissive, basically useless person that wouldn’t know what fighting back means even if you showed them a dictionary definition.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really do hope your hypothesis is correct. That would add so much more character development and logic into the story.

      Then again, your other point could also be correct. Honestly, I have the sinking suspicion that it’ll go the latter route. I guess we’ll see ^^

      And thank you for reading and commenting 😀


  7. Yuu received a pincer move. Good job you two and daddy where are thou?! You’re darling son needs you!

    by the way, speaking of tags is yandere present for hiroto? he just give that vibes with his maou title.


    1. Hi there! And yes, the Yandere tag is for Hiroto.
      And I agree, where is Yuu’s dad!? I get it that he’s usually working overtime or on a business trip, whatever. But, the author really made it convenient, didn’t she? I’d like for there to be some sort of parental guidance or adult supervision in this novel, but I guess Japanese tropes are too hard to steer away from XD

      Thank you for reading and commenting!


    1. He does try to tone it down because he feels guilty of Yuu’s accidents and how he has treated Yuu in the past. But in later chapters I think he stops feeling sorry for himself. And that’s when he gets possesive again.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. So now we’ve got a yandere, a tsundere, and a … limp rag?
    Honestly, if this is how original.Yuu was treated, I don’t blame him for going psycho in the novel.


  9. In the previous chapters to be honest I wasn’t even aware Hiroto fucked Yuu. I thought he kissed him until the poor guy fainted. But then Ken appeared and, yeah, I was hit by that like a sledgehammer. I guess this is a sort of light read…. I enjoyed your translation so I told myself I would keep shouldering despite the, uh, rape tones there.

    Anyways…. OMG WHAAAT THAT WAS-


    I cannot say how I truly felt about this chapter but you can somewhat tell from the huge blush on my face. Oh my god.


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