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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 12

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Hello again. Here’s chapter 12.

Also guys, I seem to have made a mistake in Ch 4. Although it’s just a one word slip, I mentioned that Yuu had returned to school by then. That’s actually not correct. He’ll be going back to school one day from this chapter’s present day. Sorry about that; I’ll edit that out of ch 4 shortly.

As always, leave me a like or comment if you’ve enjoyed the translation/chapter ^^


Chapter 12

[Four Gods Adacemy]

This is a school with integrated middle school and high school divisions, founded on the principles of filial piety, diligence, and sincerity, with the main goal of achieving intellectual success.

“Responsibility in Freedom” is the school motto that places an emphasis on students’ discretion, a free school breeze .

“Sigh. A free school breeze, huh?”

I glance at the pamphlet for Four Gods Academy, imagining my school life there starting from tomorrow.

Exactly two weeks ago, I fell down the stairs and injured myself, resulting in a break from school. Although the wounds weren’t serious, I continued to feel lightheaded due to the influx of the novel’s memories surging into my mind.

(Okay, so maybe I didn’t actually rest for the whole time I was gone.) Memories of messing around with Hiroto and Kenshin zip through my mind like lightning, and I flush pink from embarrassment.

In order to brush off the shame, out of reflex I knock over a pile of books.

“Woah!” From beneath the debris of scattered literary texts, lays a cellphone. It’s the type that white-collar employees usually use.

As you can tell, yesterday Hiroto returned Amano Yuu’s cellphone to me.

(It’s really high-specs and probably the latest model – I’m so excited!)

“Eh? I’ll definitely use it! I’m sorry! Eh? Uhh…”

(There’s only 3 numbers registered, and the only call logs are from my dad!)

Yes, Amano Yuu’s phone only has his father’s, Hiroto’s, and Houou household’s phone numbers.

(Um, what about my classmates or friends from school? Don’t tell me tomorow I’ll be a living the loner life.) I’m definitely not ready for this.

I try to recall Amano Yuu’s biography in my head. Dad seems to be always busy at work. So I don’t get to see him often. Hiroto too; he’s usually swamped with homework or club activities.

Yuu must have been lonely.

“And what’s more, I don’t even have any video games!” I’m turning over tables, knocking down pottery trying to find any semblance of entertainment in my house. What the heck. Although I have amnesia, the soul’s definitely acting out. Games are essential to everyday life!

Not long after, I finally find a passable cellphone game in the play store. I install the app and within minutes I’m leveling.

(Wow, I got a rare character from gacha! So lucky hehehe.)

As I’m absorbed in the game, my cellphone suddenly rings. I’m my shock I almost drop it before picking up.



“Yuu? What are you up to?”

“Uh, I’m just looking at my cellphone.” I mean, it’s not like I’m lying. It’s just it’s kind of lame to say I’m playing games.

“Isn’t it already 11 pm? Aren’t you heading to bed?”

“Oh. It’s already this late?”

“Yep. There’s school tomorrow so let’s go to sleep now, okay?”

“Alright. Good night, Hiroto.”

“Yeah, good night.”

That’s right, there’s school tomorrow. I need to go to bed now. Because I’m a junior high student and my dad’s often working abroad, my dad had asked the Houou family to look after me from time to time. So it’s pretty rare when I get to stay home alone like this. Of course, Sayo-san did come by today, so I wasn’t completely by myself.

Since junior high is coming to an end, soon I’ll be a highschool student. Even if it’s just a little bit, I’ll have to start forging my own path.

But for now I’m just going to keep farming coins. Hehe. Let’s just play the game a little more!

Hehe, living alone is the best!



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25 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 12

  1. ‘Hehe. Let’s just play the game a little more!’ 😂😂😂 this was me just a moment go. I was literally so engrossed in playing sonic dash (game) and kept telling myself just a little more until I realise a hour went by 😣😂

    Thanks for translating xx
    I can’t wait until he enters school

    Liked by 2 people

  2. well he completely forgot his plans of leaving
    and what’s this ‘Hehe. Let’s just play the game a little more’ is he referring to the app in his phone or the actual game story he’s currently in
    he seriously need to prepare himself now that he’s going back to school
    but i guess Yuu won’t be bothered anyway he doesnt remember anything much about the previous Yuu’s life

    thanks for the chapter!
    i’ll wait for the school arc! xD


    1. Thank you for reading! The next chapter will have Yuu returning to school, but he’ll still be a junior high student. I’ll be sure to let you guys know ahead of time when the High School arc is coming 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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