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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 13

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Hi there everyone! In today’s chapter, Yuu will finally be going back to school. There’s also some shoujo manga like drama – you’ll understand what I mean when you’ve read it XD

So I just wanted to say I may have gotten some of the character’s names wrong. There are many ways to read kanji, and google translate only shows one of the several pronunciations. For example, let’s use Hiroto 滉人. Sometimes, the machine tells me it’s read as Masato. And Seiryuu 青龍 comes out as Aozora every now and then… As such, unless a fluent Japanese reader corrects me in the comments, I’m not going to change the names even if they are actually incorrect.

Anyway, if you enjoyed this chapter, please give it a like or a comment!

Chapter 13

Good morning. Amano Yuu here.

The sunrise is dazzling. Before I know it, it’s already 4am in the morning. Yes, that’s right; I’m addicted to that game. I earned so many coins from that run.

Hiroto is already waiting at my porch by morning. I’m also a bit worried about my health, having barely slept throughout the night. But that game is so addicting!

I’m scared to give myself away so I laugh ambiguously.

Since the high school and middle school divisions are on neighboring premises, Hiroto and I are walking to school together. He says he’d bring me to school tomorrow as well, but I politely decline since he’d have Student Council morning duties to perform.

Hiroto’s worried so he keeps pressing on about walking me to my classroom.

“Hiroto, thanks for today.”

“Are you sure you don’t want me to go with you? If something happens, please text or call me.”

“Yup! I’m going!” Today I’ll finally start class!

Because I’m so sleepy I stagger into the classroom. Suddenly, the surrounding atmosphere shifts.

(This must be the so-called Villain’s Appearance aura! Ugh, I’m sleepy. I’m so sleepy I don’t even know where my seat is.)

Not wanting to waste time, I try to get a vermilion-haired boy to talk to me.

“Um, excuse me. Where’s my seat?”

After the initial surprise flashes through his eyes, he points to my desk. It’s the second to last seat from the back, next to the school yard side.

“Thank you very much.”

As I express my gratitude while taking a seat, several people glance toward my direction, sneakily gossiping to each other. Makes me feel a bit blue.

(I don’t feel too bad, though.) As I move my things into my desk, I silently stare out the adjacent window. A gust of wind picks up fallen leaves in a whimsical dance.

(Soon it’ll already be winter. The Amano family has no kotatsu¹. Maybe I should ask dad for one?)

With a kotatsu, I could snuggle warmly while playing games! Isn’t that great? I could also eat ice cream during a snowstorm. While I’m planning my future winter adventures, the green-haired boy from before comes up to me. With him are two other guys.

“Amano, did you lose your memory? How does it feel? Infuriating? Sad?” (T/N: okay, definitely some Japanese slang so I replaced it with something that made more sense.)

“Huh? Uh…”

The boy smiles. It’s truly obnoxious. What am I supposed to say? Uneasiness clouds my expression as I look them in the face.

“I’d feel sad about it. You were abandoned by Hiroto-sama and you have amnesia. If I were you, I wouldn’t be able to take it. Heh.”

(Hiroto-sama? How is Hiroto related to this mess? Anyway, this is clearly bullying. Awesomeee. At least these people are easy to understand.)

Seeing that I’m not responding to his provocation, the guy slams his hand on my desk.

“Hiroto-sama has already embraced me. I’m different from you. So can’t you just disappear? Mr. Hiroto-sama’s childhood friend who loves getting in the way. “(T/N: whaaat? I’m sorry this just made me lol)

“Hiroto and you?” My expression changes at his satisfied smirk.

“Hehe. When I’m near you it makes me sick. It’s useless, isn’t it? You’ll just make Hiroto-sama suffer.”

(So Hiroto actually did it with this kid. And this guy really likes Hiroto. But Hiroto and the Hero fall in love soon when I enter high school. Would this kid also cry because of that?) The softest, deepest part of my heart aches.

The novel Amano Yuu probably held this same level of animosity toward the Hero. Afraid to lose Hiroto’s affection, he was probably riddled with anxiety.

The more Amano Yuu tried to hold on, the more his love slipped away. I guess I’ll never understand it.

“I hate that look in your eyes.”


He comes even closer, raising his hand. And then he slaps me with the full force of a truck.

“…ss!” (T/N: imagine hissing)

“I’m the one he loves! You’re not needed here!”

I grab his hand as he tries to hit me again. It’s hard to look his direction. When the story of the novel begins, I wonder if it’ll still be like this. That thought alone makes me sad.

“I have amnesia.” That guy, he might also become alone. I stare him straight in the eye.

“What the heck is this? Don’t you have any sympathy? Did I offend you in the past? If so, I apologize. But if not, then you have no right to talk to me like this.”


His face burns red as he digests my words.

“What are you talking about, Amano? I don’t like your attitude! Hey, you guys! Go do something about it!”

Green-hair boy’s two lackeys surround me. Restraining my arms.

(T-this doesn’t look so good…)

I’m wincing in pain, cold sweat dripping down my back, when someone steps in between us.

His hair’s dyed blond and he’s about the same height as me. His back is towards me, shielding me from the crowd.

“It’s your lost, Yamada. Amano, you did your best. I really didn’t think you could defend yourself like that.”

“Get out of our way, Byakko!”

As if just realizing his raised voice, green-hair boy lowers his volume and tries again.

“…why are you going this far?”

When the blond aims his gaze at them, the three boys instantly pale in the face.

“Hey, so do you remember what a white tiger is like?” (T/N: he says “Byakko,” which is both his last name and means “white tiger.'” So he’s probably referring to himself, if they remember who they’re talking to, while likening himself to a wild white tiger.)

“We’ve already stopped. I’m sorry.”

“….Do ya remember or not?!”

And the three of them run back to their seats.

Before I know it, my muscles start to relax again.

“Um, thanks. You saved me.”

“That was pretty feisty.” (T/N: k i’m just guessing again.)

I run my fingers through my hair as he laughs mischievously.

This person’s a refreshing sportsman type of handsome. A symmetric face paired with a naughty smile. Golden hair with the sides shaved, emerald eyes that glisten like a kid’s. And he’s definitely either my height or a bit taller.

“Ah, that’s right. I helped them with some memory sorting. Oh? Mornin’ Mizuki. You’re late today. Too bad, huh?”

“Man. I was up late last night. …? What happened?” A tall student enters the classroom. Indigo colored strands, light blue eyes. He looks a lot like Kenshin. And he’s breathing hard, like he just ran a marathon. I wonder if he notices the classroom’s frigid atmosphere, and tell him about the morning’s events.

“Yup, Yamada. It’s always that guy.”

“Ahh. That Yamada. Huh? Amano, you’re back in school today? No way, you can’t be serious?”

“What the – what are they thinking? Oh, that’s right. Mizuki, since Amano lost his memory let’s reintroduce ourselves. This guy with the blue hair is Seiryuu Mizuki, and I’m Byakko Teruki. Nice to meet ya ♪.”

“I’m Amano Yuu. Nice to meet you Seiryuu-kun, Byakko-kun.” Huh?

I get intense deja vu when the two of them introduce themselves. My pupils dart left and right before rolling backwards.

(Ah…it’s coming!)

Byakko Teruki. Seiryuu Mizuki. These are two characters from the boys’ love novel “Four Gods Academy – Beloved by the Demon King.” Looks like Teruki’s role is as the friend of the Hero, who helps the Hero get out of sticky situations.

And then I’m sucked into my whirlpool of memories.

kotatsu¹ – incase you don’t know that’s like a table with a futon draped over it, and underneath is an electrical heat source.


(yeah I got this from wikipedia so what)


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  1. wow~ so when will Suzaku and Genbu come? xD
    i like the personalities of the two so far and that damn guy can take himself to the ends of the earth! if Hiroto and Ken hears about this, i bet he wont get away so easily

    thanks for the chapter and love the new characters! 🙂

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  2. Eeh?? Is this a shoujo manga or what? That Yamada guy is just like a scorned lover 😅
    Two Seiryuu??
    Thanks for the update,, 😍


  3. Wait, he can fight back against random mob characters but can’t against the male leads?
    Eh, can’t say I’m surprised.


  4. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yuu just got slapped, and doesnt think ill of it at all?

    Hiroto slept with that guy?….
    Dear god.
    I am legit thinking of dropping this.
    I hate Hiroto so much, a manwhore. And a crazy yandere sadistic one too. What the actual fuck.


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