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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 14

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Hey guys, so Byakko Teruki is a hip dude and loves talking in slang. Part of the reason why this chapter took so long (Also, it’s long as hell, and I just wanted a break XD). Not only that, I changed some of Yuu’s speaking patterns, because this is an english translation, and it irks me when I see terms that basically translate to nothing or blocky language. For example “as expected, blah blah.” No one talks like that in real life.

If this bothers you, I’ve posted the link to the raws on the first chapter’s blog post. You’re welcome to read it there. But I’m sorry; if I see another “the so-called blah, this must be!” kind of sentence structure, I’m gonna kms.

I also mentioned in the past that I’d be posting a chapter daily, and I still intend to follow through with my words. But I’m illiterate in Japanese and sometimes these chapters stretch my limits in word count. I’m also a 1-person army, and I intend to keep it that way.

tldr; I’m still gonna try to upload a chapter a day, but somethings shit happens. Also Japanese sentence structures are WEIRD.

Chapter 14

Byakko Teruki is a support character from the boys’ love novel Four Gods Academy – Beloved by the Demon King. He’s a person who not only treats the Hero nicely, but the villain Amano Yuu as well.

I’ll go through the story at my own pace, my own stance. And with such a conscious personality, it’ll be easier to pay attention to my surroundings and not get tripped up.

Seiryuu Mizuki is also a supporting character from the novel. He’s Seiryuu Kenshin’s cousin and a classmate of Yuu. Also known as Kenshin’s messenger. He’s the only character in the novel that befriends the Hero while keeping a strictly platonic relationship with them.

“I’m worried about them, but I’m also worried about you. Open up your eyes and take a good look around. Do you understand the current situation? Besides Yamada’s crew, there are probably other people who’d want to mess with you.”

“No way. Nobody needs me for anything. It definitely won’t happen.”

“Amano! Hey, wait up!”

“I don’t dislike you, probably.”


I faint for the umpteenth time, waking up in the infirmary.

How long was I out? I’m able to pick and claw at the wisps of my consciousness floating about, brought on by gentle fingers combing through my hair.

“…? Byakko?”

“Oh, you’re awake. I should have napped.”

He continues stroking my hair. I guess that’s why he’s a support character. What the heck. This is really relaxing. More, yes I want you to keep doing that. Without thinking, I reach out and squeeze his hand.

“What, you’re just like a cat. You really don’t remember anything, do ya?”

(Sorry. I do have some of the novel’s memories, though.)

“Ah, you’re still a bit red where they roughed you up. Don’t sweat it about Yamada. You didn’t do anything wrong.”


”Honestly. I guarantee it. You’re alright. I know it, yo.” (T/N: Teruki loves speaking slang.)

Hearing such a gentle voice directed at me, I hide under the covers, the corners of my eyes moistening.

“I’m a poisonous flower. Stole the Student Council Secretary’s position from right under their nose. I’m a dick, you know? If you still think I’m a nice guy then you’re sadly mistaken.”

Hah?!” In his surprise, Byakko lets out a loud voice.

“What are you saying dude…you…what the heck…”

And then the dam breaks, the waterfall of my tears rushing out. As I continue to bawl, throat throbbing, Byakko waits patiently for me before speaking.

“Ahh, there’s a reason the previous secretary was sacked in the first place.”

“…kuh…why are you so understanding?”

“That’s because the previous secretary was my older bro. You should meet him directly and clear things up. Are you free after school today?”

Byakko takes out his phone and fiddles with it, and as soon as it seems like he found what he wanted, he shoots his gaze out to the corridor.

“Ah! So what are you gonna do now? Oh? My brother says he’d be free today. Looks like an after school date.”

“Heh. What the.”

“You’re laughing now. Well, tell me all about it later. I know, I know. You’re seriously feeling weird. Just talk to him directly, like how I do with Mizuki. You don’t got to worry about anything. I’m going to grab my things.  Homeroom will end soon, so do you wana head out together?” (T/N: jfc please speak in short, simple sentences please Teruki…his monologue is probably only 50% correct)

And so Byakko gets up and walks out into the hallway, while I stare at his back, pondering through his words. Am I not going to be taken down? Don’t they want the secretary’s job back?

Perhaps the bad rumors surrounding Yuu all stemmed from misunderstandings?

Maybe Hiroto and Kenshin believed those rumors too quickly. Did they even do any background research? Novel Yuu’s two most precious people turned against him, and he couldn’t even defend himself cause he’s no good with words. He must have been hurt and just couldn’t understand how things came to be. And since Yuu was stuck in such a never-ending rut, depression soon caught up with him.

But somewhere in his heart, he probably still believed he’d be understood.

(Is this really how it was?) If that’s true, I’d have to reevaluate everything I’ve done since returning to school thus far. Long story short, if I see the Hero, better run for it.

Well, huh? Through my troubles and confusion, Byakko offers to walk me to my destination.

When I arrive at the meeting place for Byakko’s brother, I buy some drinks from a nearby convenience store then plant my butt down on a park bench. For some reason, both Byakko and Seiryuu Mizuki are tagging along.

I’m so nervous; the gears within my head are whirling and I can’t think properly. I can barely hear what those two are saying. My cellphone’s clutched tightly in my grasp.

“Hey, Mizuki. What the heck? Why are you obsessing over lies?”

“No, I’m also thinking about the facts. What do you want? I’m trying to concentrate.”

“Houou-sempai is unworthy. I understand what my brother’s been saying now. When I was looking out into the hallway, he was waiting outside. Well, Yuu was crying so he wouldn’t have come into the infirmary even if he wanted to.”

“Lately, brother Kenshin seems the same way. Yamada’s rumor about Amano must have been hard on him There’s also that thing with the stairs. His attitude towards Amano’s really changed.”

“Jeez, what happened to the two of them? Oh, Amano my brother’s here. Come back soon! Heeey bro!”

Stroking his fingers one last time through my hair, Byakko turns to me and smiles. The atmosphere surrounding his brother is gentler than Byakko’s, almost touching on soothing.

Turns out that Older Brother had gotten too tired from the Secretary’s tasks anyway.

“Nah, Amano-kun, it’s just Beppin-san doing what he usually does. It was honestly a while ago and I’m no good at working so you saved me. Houou would catch me secretly playing around~ and he’d get so pissed. Seriously, that job drained all my energy. Didn’t even feel alive at that point. And that guy is honestly a demon, a devil!” Senpai, just do your job. (T/N: Not sure who “Beppin-san” is. Probably Byakko’s older brother referring to himself?)

With that Older Brother sets off for cram school, and we send him off halfway before heading home together.

“What? Are you okay?”

“Yup! Thanks Byakko! And you too Seiryuu. Thanks for tagging along.”

As the three of us walk shoulder to shoulder, Byakko reaches a hand over and strokes my hair.

“I’m sorry. I actually saw you fall down the stairs, but I couldn’t make it in time. By the time I looked down, it was already too late. I’m really sorry.”

“I also knew that brother Kenshin misunderstood everything, but I just couldn’t convey it to him well enough. Even though he asked for more info last night, I overslept and couldn’t help you this morning. Sorry.”

The sun is setting behind us, orange and reds bleeding into the horizon. Soon, it’ll be dark, the only lights from the yellow glow of the street lamps and store fronts. I can hear the sound of a railroad crossing in the distance. When Byakko glances at my face, he cries out.

“Amano? What the, why are you crying?”

“Well…because…thank you…thank you so much!”

As the two other guys panic, I burst into full blown tears. I’m so happy. I’m so grateful for the care and concern of these two people. Amano Yuu. There are people who can see you properly, see you for who you are.

I’m not alone.

Byakko caresses my head again, and he does it gently.

“Really, you’re just like a cat.”

If I were a cat,  I’d be squirming around now. And then Seiyuu speaks.

Mizuki: “Anyway, you actually have a cellphone. I didn’t think you did. Now, give me your number! Oh, Amano you’re playing this game too? Let’s play together!” And so I exchange numbers with Seiryuu using infrared.

Teruki: “Oh, I want to know too. Tell me your number, Amano, so we can also play that game together!”

Mizuki: “Byakko’s name is Teruki.”

Yuu: “Oh, then can even I call him Teruki?”

Teruki: “Really? Then can I call you Yuu?”

Mizuki?: “….OH!!!”

Yuu: “Seiryuu are you related to Seiryuu Kenshin?”

Mizuki: “Yup, he’s my cousin. Hey can I also call you Yuu?”

Yuu: “Of course! Then can I call you Mizuki?”

Mizuki: “…!….!…oh! Yes, nice to meet you!”

Since the two of them look so surprised, I ask them what’s the big deal. Apparently, back then I didn’t allow anyone besides Hiroto and Kenshin to call me Yuu.

Anyway, the number of contacts in my phone now increased by 2!



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35 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 14

      1. yeah, that is so true! instead of a villain personality, he became an angel but i do admit that he’s a schemer even though he doesnt realize it.
        people around him moves according to his actions, whether he does it consciously or unconsciously xD

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  1. Thank you for your hard work!! 😄
    Hmm.. It looks like it’s a misunderstanding after all. Maybe Yuu is being bullied by that Yamada guy. Really, shame on you Hiroto, Ken for not believing Yuu! 😡

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for your hard work, chaser!
    You could just take it easy, ya know. I mean, its a one army TL, its tough. And this is already so fast, ya know. We’re glad, ya know.

    Wow it really is a misunderstanding… Poor novel Yuu, that the misunderstanding seems not clear up..then he goes a bit twist of personality cuz of that…getting bullied -> appointed as secretary cuz the former kind of lazy with the work -> misunderstanding -> not one of the two of his precious people trying to find out -> get depressed overtime then…-> personality got twist…

    Just get the puck out, those guys…the eels!! The more story goes, the more i dunt leik hiroto and kenshin. How could they do that to (novel)Yuu…just gimme (novel)Yuu, i’ll love him

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment ^^
      I enjoy pushing out releases often cause I get how it is waiting for chapters to come out XD

      Daily or otherwise, I’m still going to releasing a lot. Next chapter is already out incase you didn’t know.

      I…have a love hate relationship with Yuu. On one hand, he’s kind of a dork with how much he likes video games and that’s pretty cute. But on the other hand, he’s wimp af, especially when it comes to Hiroto and Kenshin. But I’m excited for the High School arc, which will be here in 2 chapters!


  3. i ship these two with yuu more than kenshin and hiroto; i’m starting to dislike them more and more,little by little. if it really was just misunderstandings, then shame on them as they were supposed to be childhood friends and they did not act like it.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I agree XD
      Not really feeling the whole HirotoxYuu or KenshinxYuu. I’d even go friendship route at this point.

      Good news is, the High School arc starts in 2 chapters! Hopefully see you then ^^

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  4. I’m confused who says what towards the end. In Japanese I know it’s pretty apparent from the speech patterns, but here, I can’t tell ;_;

    Thank you SO much for all your hard work!!! Keep fighting the good fight!!!


  5. Aaahhh he should just go to the best friend route!!! >~< So it's possible that the original Yuu was actually just misunderstood to the point that he commited suicide… so sad ;n;

    Thank you very much for your hardwork!! Although this daily release makes me very very happy, don't push yourself okay? Thank you very much!

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  6. Dear fucking god.
    Dear lord almighty.
    I am literally crying right now for the love that is all and whole.
    Thank god for these two.
    Thank fucking god for Teruki and Mizuki.
    Thank god. Thank god.
    I hate those 2 childhood frineds.
    Oh my god, thank you Teruki and Mizuki,
    You legit, saved this novel.
    *cries in happiness*

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Haha yes, I feel the same way. But since I haven’t read too far ahead, I have no idea if the author would troll us like how she did in Kenshin’s POV part 1. In that chapter, it seemed like Kenshin was a guy that understood his shitty mistakes, was remorseful, and wanted to correct them. But in the next chapter , it seemed like he forgot all that and just slept with Yuu “by accident.” <.<

      I'm scared the same thing is going to happen with Teruki and Mizuki ;_; So far it doesn't seem that way, and I hope it continues like that.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I don’t really hate Kenshin, that much. At least he is nice, and yes the sleeping with Yuu was a bit too much.
        But here are my thoughts on the matter, he has always found Yuu sexually attractive, but never did anything about it due to their childhood friendship, and when they couldn’t meet in highschool, he started to realize a lot of things about himself and a lot of things about Yuu.
        He started to realize that he loves Yuu, and so when he went to pick up Yuu and saw how bastrd was doing all that stuff to him, he got jealous. And in a fit of anger and stupidity, he wanted to do it with Yuu too.
        Also, it stems from the fact that in the past, all Yuu could think about was Dumbass, and that Yuu was the one who threw him away.
        Yes, the rumors were in part blame, but Yuu never took the time to explain any of it, when Kenshin went to confront him.
        All Yuu did was get stupid angry and emotional. Leading to the rift that formed between them
        Kenshin genuinely cares about Yuu.
        The Dumbass never did anything.
        And seeing how dumbass was planning on making Yuu all his again, Kenshin had to make moves to. So lost his cool and slept with Yuu.
        At least he apologized.


  7. Thank god for teruki and mizuki…. I’m really disappointed with kenshin and hiroto. Were they really that busy that they couldn’t even realize what their ” angel” was going through? If i had been yuu i would have run away as quickly as i could from these two . Left the school quickly. This yuu is really too passive and people took advantage of that it seems. No person is born evil, usually theres some bad and sad story behind it too.
    Anyway, thank you for your hard work! A new chapter every day is like a huge treat but take care of yourself too. (●^o^●)

    Liked by 1 person

  8. The worst character is actually Hiroto. Not only he fucks other people, fucks Yuu, then fucks other people again, he also didn’t investigate properly and just believed the rumors against Yuu.

    2nd worse is Kenshin. Ignorant and judgmental.

    What great childhood friends they are…

    I really liked Teruki and Mizuki. I just hope they won’t go all rapish like the other two.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Wait, did like 70% of us forget that Hiroto is supposed to be the super sadistic, super evil demon king? I feel like any pairing with this dude is gonna end in a yandere bad ending.
    As long as its the male leads falling in love and not Yuu, this might not be so bad.
    And, as always, support characters = best characters.


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