2017 · May · Villain Days

Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 15

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Here’s a short and easy chapter for you guys. Next chapter will be in Hiroto’s POV, and the chapter after that will start the High School Arc!

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Chapter 15


It’s a lot of fun going home with the three of us. On the way, I tell Mizuki about an event going on in that game we’re all playing. Tons of coins will be given out – I’m so excited!

Suddenly, my phone rings.

It’s Hiroto.

(Eh, the event’s about to start. But if I don’t pick up he’ll probably be pissed.)

“Hello? What’s up? Hiroto?”

“Yuu, I heard you fell today? Are you alright?”

“Yeah! Just fine and dandy. Are you okay, Hiroto? What’s wrong?”

His voice that’s usually full of composure comes out with no strength. It’s a bit worrying.

“Thanks. And I’m fine. Yuu’s so gentle. How was school?”

“Yep! You know, today I made some new friends. Teruki and Kenshin’s cousin Mizuki! We all went home together today.”

“…I see. It’s great that Yuu’s having fun. Anything else? Did nothing else happen?”

“Well…Right! Before I passed out, some guys in class were messing with me. But Teruki had my back so it was okay.”

“…I see. I should thank Byakko-kun then.”


“There’s school tomorrow, so we should head to bed soon. Good night, Yuu.”

“Oh…uh…yeah? Good night, Hiroto!”

At the ending beep, I throw myself on my bed, toggling back to the game. And it’s just as the event starts.

“Yeah! Let’s go! I’m going to get so many coins!”

(an unspecified amount of time later)

“Hehehe! Mizuki’s cheats really work! Swimming in loot! Aw, but I just can’t clear this dungeon.”

Because this is a fighting RPG game, I can’t proceed to the next stage unless I clear the previous one. So, I hope I can pull some strong characters out of the gacha with the coins I farmed…

“Aw, messed up again. Come on, let’s keep trying! Oh, but before that let’s get some more coins ♪.”

I pick up my phone and tap back into the game. As I’m laying on my bed, I look up from the screen for just a second to see someone standing over me.

The presence of a demon: it’s Hiroto.



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33 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 15

  1. I’m gonna take a guess and say this is gonna turn into an interrogation/molestation. I was surprised when Hiroto didn’t demand the deets from Yuu but here he is now.

    Hiroto, if you don’t do something horrendous to mob character v0.5 by the end of this, you in no way deserve your demon king title. You’ll just be a piece of shit.


  2. =_=|||…Hiroto’s acting like the slenderman…the cliffy is totally creepy!

    Houou = red phoenix
    Seiryuu = blue dragon
    Byakko = white tiger

    then when is the tortoise serpent? will he show up next chapter?


  3. What??!! That serioudly freaked me out! But also send me intrembling excitement! What will happen next? Thank you♡


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