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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 16: The Feelings of the Erotic Demon King Houou Hiroto three

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This is a pretty long chapter.

I have to say, after reading this through, I don’t dislike Hiroto as much as I used to. There’s a bit of self reflection and acceptance here that I was pretty much surprised to see.

There’s a bit of nongraphic fooling around here, so I’ll give this chapter an R-15 rating.

The next chapter will start Yuu’s adventures in high school. This is where the original BL novel’s events begin.

As a side note, I’ll be editing a bit of the older chapters’ dialogue to make them less…funky. It’ll be a work in progress, anyway.

Like always, if you enjoyed this chapter, please leave it a like and a comment. Now on with the development!

EDIT: I accidentally uploaded the chapter with the wrong chapter #! Deleted and reposted. Sorry!

Chapter 16:

The Feelings of the Erotic Demon King Houou Hiroto Pt.3

When I heard that Yuu collapsed, I dropped my bearings and ran straight for the middle school premises. Since the high school and junior high divisions were on neighboring buildings, it was a quick trip.

As I was about to knock and enter the infirmary, the voices on the other side of the door caused me to hesitate.

It’s Yuu’s voice. He was crying.

There seemed to be another student in the room, so I strained my ears to eavesdrop. The contents of the conversation were shocking.

Until now, how had I been seeing Yuu? Until now, how lonely had Yuu been? How much of myself had I actually seen?

I instinctively grabbed for the doorknob with my hands, but the door opened without me doing a thing. I wondered if this guy in front of heard the sound of schoolboys shuffling through the halls, coming out just to take a look.

“What the heck. Even if you came in now, it’ll be too late.”

Blue eyes and sun-kissed hair.

I heard the whole story from Ken’s cousin Mizuki. This blond guy and Mizuki supported Yuu while he was getting bullied. I on the other hand, all I’d done so far was misunderstand everything about him.

For a moment I was overcome by shock, but I quickly recomposed myself. If I messed up here I’d lose Yuu forever. I’d never let that happen.

“Sorry, my Yuu must have been troubled. Because you were here to help him, I’m relieved.”

“…! You’re one nasty guy. Fix your attitude. What can you possibly say to him now? Don’t forget, he doesn’t belong to you!”

I deflected my line of sight with Byakko’s after I saw how frustrated he looked.

“Also, Amano was bullied by your groupies today, are you gonna give me a cookie for helping him out? Does the name Yamada ring a bell? He’s the one that pushed that kid down the stairs. Oh yea, and Amano is going home with us today.”

“Oh, I’m begging you. Please believe that Yamada will no longer be in the picture. Thanks for letting me know.”

That guy just about-faced and walked back into the infirmary without saying a word.

I wished I could just step inside the room and hold Yuu. But I also knew that it wouldn’t be right to go in there with Yuu crying.

“Yamada…huh.” Well. I guessed it’s time to do some pest control. Other than myself, I can’t forgive those who’d hurt Yuu. Since I was a man of my word, I couldn’t just let this slide, right?

When I paid Yuu’s house a visit in the pit of night, the lights and electricity were still on. I tilted my head.

After all this time, Yuu still didn’t know that the view of his whole room was in plain sight from mine. Didn’t I call you a few hours ago to go to bed?

Last night I also called. And I had seen Yuu shuffle and hide under his covers while picking up the phone.

“Why don’t I make myself comfortable?” (T/N: just guessing here)

Using the spare key, I unlocked the front door to the Amano residence. It’s my regret that I couldn’t stop Yuu from talking to my parents. Even though his dad’s out working and he’s still a junior high school student, he convinced my folks that he’d be staying home alone.

I tried my best to not make a sound, tip-toeing through the house. But strangely, my ears caught the beat of electronic game music coming from Yuu’s room.

“Eh! So many coins! Lucky!”

Yuu was laying on his bed while twiddling with his phone.

Before I knew it, I was standing in front of him, door to the room swinging open. And I was surprised at the sound of my own voice.

“Yuu? What are you doing? Still not sleeping?” (T/N: holy crap he is creepy)

“Huh? Ah! Hiroto? What are you doing here? Uh…oh right…This is an invasion of privacy! So what if I haven’t gone to bed yet? I’m busy farming coins.”

He’s gotten so blunt, this guy.

“Even until this late? That can’t be overlooked. So you’re saying it’s okay to tell your dad?”

“U-uh, no. Don’t do that. Can’t you just leave that part out?”

“Yeah, we’ll see.”

The light bulb in my head suddenly lit up.

“Well then, why don’t you do something for me?”


You’d surely be wary of it. Would it take just one more breath to realize what I have in mind?

“Please tell me what time did you start playing this game? Of course if you do, I won’t report this whole scenario to your dad. So? What will it be?”

“Huh? Really? Okay, but…”

I flashed a bright smile. Giving up so soon? Yuu. I wished that whenever you play this game, you’ll be sitting on my lap. This I professed. So, what should be done first?

Although he was afraid to sit down, because I made no sudden movements, Yuu gradually began to relax. He ended up leaning against me while continuing on with his game. He’s too alert to be worried about anything.

I really wanted to embrace him, our bodies melding into one, but I was able to restrain myself somehow. Remembering my conversation with Byakko’s younger brother, I sighed.

There’s a huge gap between my understanding of Yuu and reality.

Yuu actually assumed office through normal procedures, even attaining the previous Student Council secretary’s blessings. And his “entourage” didn’t actually exist.

I was the most miserable, pathetic person out there. I blindly believed in all of those rumors.

I was so angry at myself.

Yuu’s wounded expression, those blank and helpless eyes, kept resurfacing in my thoughts. When had this all begun? The reason that resignation pierced his gaze?

Lost in my reverie, I almost didn’t realize that my hands were wrapped around Yuu’s waist, and was gradually applying pressure. This got Yuu’s attention.

“Are you alright, Hiroto? Are you tired? Want to go to bed now?”

I took in the slightly red mark on his cheeks, eyebrows furrowing. That’s right, he was hit. I softly cupped his cheek.

“…does it hurt?”

“It’s alright now,” Yuu said while giggling.

It’s not that I wasn’t interested in hearing about the bullying from Yuu’s own lips. But did I even have the right to ask anything, when Yuu didn’t even bring up Yamada? In the end, loneliness crept into my heart as I thought to myself. And I laughed quietly at my own arrogance.

I really wanted Yuu to tell me about Yamada.

I wanted to soothe Yuu’s jealousy, then make love to him, then…

With my selfish misunderstandings, even if it pained you to long for me…I just couldn’t let you go.

I wouldn’t let you escape from me.

I was jealous of that Byakko and even of Mizuki, Kenshin’s own cousin.

Other than me, I didn’t want Yuu to look at anyone else. Ironically, before the memory loss I was the center of Yuu’s world. It was only me in Yuu’s line of sight.

As I realized that my thoughts were spiraling, becoming more and more sinister, I tried talking to Yuu.

“Are you going to sleep too, Yuu?”

“Yeah. I’m about to. I’m getting sleepy. Are you heading back, Hiroto?”

I looked at Yuu and then thought to request something. Today, I just wanted to stay by Yuu’s side. I wanted to sleep on the same bed with Yuu at ease.

“…may I spend the night here?”

A look of surprise flickered through Yuu’s soft features, but slowly smoothed over into a thoughtful expression. And then, he smiled.

“That’s fine. I hope you’ll be okay like this.  Alright then. Good night.”

Yuu caressed my forehead then lightly kissed my cheek.

He looked pretty embarrassed as he fled into his futon. It took a ton of self control not to crawl into Yuu’s side of the bed. But in the end, sleep actually hit me like a bulldozer.

I fell asleep to Yuu’s warmth.


The next morning.

Sunlight streamed through the window, bright and dazzling.

I woke and and remembered that I was in Yuu’s room.

Yuu’s sleeping face was next to mine, his features quiet and soft, and I didn’t have it in me to get up.

Feeling a little mischievous, I wriggle my hand beneath Yuu’s underwear.


He’s still asleep, so I stimulated that place a bit more.

“…ah…nn…huh? Hiroto? Oh right, did we fall asleep together last night? Anyway, good morning. What time is it? And uhh, what the heck are you doing?”

Although I felt a git guilty, Yuu’s smile was contagious.

“Good morning Yuu♪. Wait a second. I’ll give you a bit more as a morning special.”

“Hah? No, what are you saying…w-wait Hiroto…stop it!”

I’m sorry. I’m obsessed with you.

I was and still am a cunning man. I didn’t understand love anymore. All I knew was I just wanted you.

I wanted to stay by your side. I didn’t ever want to leave.

While moving my hand even farther down, I remembered something.

(Oh, I forgot to tell Ken about Yamada yesterday.)

After that, it took a lot of willpower to restrain myself, what with how beautiful Yuu looked. Crystal clear eyes glistening with tears and ruffled clothing. Instead, I just kissed Yuu softly and stood up from the bed.

“We need to start getting ready for school. Well then, Yuu♪. I’m not attending Student Council morning duties today, so why don’t we go to school together?”

Yuu was breathing hard on my shoulder, but then suddenly threw a pillow at my face.

“I won’t talk to you today! Pervert! Perverted demon!”

Please forgive me for today.

Shit. He’s so cute.

As we left Yuu’s house, Ken was standing right outside the porch, looking like he was there to apologize.

Perhaps Mizuki already spilled the beans about Yamada, and now he felt like shit for believing in the fake rumors and blaming Yuu for the previous secretary’s resignation.

This straightforward drive to right wrongs deserved respect. Yuu seemed puzzled by Ken’s prostration, and looked to me for guidance.

“Uh, Hiroto… Kenshin, I’m okay now, so why don’t we all just get to class?”

Kenshin: “But…”

Yuu: “Right now I feel sad about your painful expression. And aren’t you no longer angry at me? You’ve already apologized, so shouldn’t that be enough?”

Yuu gently patted Ken’s head, a smile blooming on his lips like a budding flower. All the while Ken’s whole face catches fire. The sight was a bit amusing, and I lightly kicked Ken to bring him back to earth.

“Come on, let’s go. We’re gonna be late.”

Ken ripped his gaze from Yuu and turned to stare me down, voice hushed.

“Hiroto, why didn’t you tell me about yesterday’s events?”

Could I say I forgot? The atmosphere was kinda tough on words. Finally, I decided to talk.

“Huh? Ken, are you skipping the kendo club’s morning practice today? The club’s pretty famous. Kendo practice is known to be quite severe.”

“Eh? Is that true Kenshin?”

By the looks of it, Yuu was worried. Ken rushed towards him.

“No, you’re way more important to me than morning practice. Besides, I have club activities after school. Also Yuu, if you don’t mind would you please come watch me at the Spring competition? If you are there, I definitely can do my best.”

“Spring…? Okay, thanks for inviting me. That’s right, spring’s already coming.”

Ken and I stared each other down, overlooking the shadows that crept along Yuu’s face for just a second.

I’d regret it in the future.

Several months later, Yuu started high school.



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  1. well at least Hiroto is aware that he’s been hurting Yuu
    but he should know that he can never monopolize Yuu now, he has too many rivals and its still increasing!
    anyway I’m so looking forward for the High School arc!

    thanks for the update 😀

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    1. Yeah, I’m glad there’s some self-reflection on Hiroto’s part. They really need to start realizing that the Yu they think they know and the actual Yuu are two very different individuals.

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  4. This story is legitimately good now.
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    1. Haha I really wanted to see that Yamada break down scene too. Sadly, it hasn’t been revealed or mentioned as of chapter 17, and that’s already 1 chapter into the high school arc -_-
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        To be honest, I was hoping to see a lot more cute scenes between him and his actual friends.
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        1. Hmmm, this chapter marks the last of what we get to see of Yuu’s junior high school days. Chapter 17 will be the one with a time skip. Also, sorry if I take kind of long to answer and reply to comments. I don’t really check them until I have a chapter almost finished ^^

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    1. If I remember correctly, there should be a chapter in Ken’s POV in a few chapters or so…( though it might be further into the high school arc). Many large events are hinted to occur in high school.
      Thank you for reading and commenting!


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    Overall though, he’s pretty decent. I guess most of his passiveness stems from guilt and not knowing how to fix it. Also, he’s still thinking with his lower half. I’ll be lenient.


    1. I think Hiroto’s giving Yuu some space due to his own feelings of guilt. Which is understandable. But I agree, I wish Hiroto would be a bit more pushy and “maou”ish.


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