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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 18: High School – Second Part

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Hey guys. Another long ass chapter here. Gosh, I feel so bad for Yuu this chapter. The author really portrays well how lonely Yuu feels…

Also, we have a new character introduced today! He’s kind of my (secret) favorite. Okay, so maybe the things he does aren’t good BUT IDK, his personality is hilarious and fresh?

Oh and, I’m gonna just put an R-18 rating over here cause it’s pretty graphic, by Japanese standards XD (For me this is nothing cause I’m a huge pervert COUGH)

Anyway, please leave a like or comment if you liked this! Thanks!

EDIT 5/18/17: Changed Suzaku’s given name from Hirotaka to Keito.

Chapter 18:

High School – Second Part

Today’s the first day of camp.

I’m sighing as I head over to the meeting place. My bags are heavy, making me sink into the ground.

“Ughh. I don’t want to go anymore…”

Looking up at the awakening cobalt sky, I recall the day of the groups’ announcement.


(This is a flashback)

Like he had been dreading, Mizuki was placed with Kenshin. Poor guy was totally depressed. They’re both in the kendo club, so that might have been why.

“Seriously, you win brother Ken.”

As for me, I was placed in the South Team. The same group as the Hero, Suzaku Hirotaka.

This naturally meant that his caretakers, the Student Council, will also be assigned to this group. Screams of joy erupted from the fans of the Student Council lucky enough to be in the South Team.

While browsing the team’s roster, my eyes caught Teruki’s name.

“Oh! Teruki’s also on the South Team! We can be together. Awesome!”

So I won’t be alone.

During middle school, I was able to befriend Teruki and Mizuki. But, I was still really nervous around my other classmates and found it hard to make friends. Whenever I tried to talk to someone, everyone around us would just stare at me.

After entering high school, I still didn’t have the courage to reach out to other people. Because of this, I really admired Teruki and Mizuki for their confidence.

“Oh. We’re together! The baths are connected to each room. Is this a quadruple room? There’s three of us are staying together…uhh.”


Both Teruki and I groaned.

Looks like the Hero Suzaku Keito was our roomate.

Because Suzaku became the Student Council’s assistant through the help of the Chairman, there’s a lot of animosity directed towards the guy. With the current group arrangements, it’s like purposely getting Suzaku and I out of everyone else’s hair. The two of us had a pretty negative image.

I’m sorry, Teruki. I’ll take care of you.

(End of flashback)


I arrive at the training camp.

The dorms are divided into four sections: north, south, east, and west. There are also state of the art facilities, such as a gymnasium, dojo, and tennis court. These facilities are open to regular club activities.

After the entrance ceremony in the gymnasium, we move our luggage over to the dorms.

Teruki: “Wow, it’s unexpectedly beautiful here.”

Yuu: “Yeah! Can I take this bed over here, Teruki?”

Teruki smiles bitterly as I’m hanging over one of the bunk beds. I check out the room a bit.

Teruki: “It looks like Suzaku’s not here yet.”

Yuu: “Yep, guess not. Well, most of the first years are probably still in hanging around in the second auditorium. It looks like we still got some time, so I can just play my game, right?”

Teruki: “Gotcha. I’m gonna lay down for a bit. Feeling a bit sleepy.”

Suddenly, a knock. A soft voice reserved voice slips through the crack of the door.

Voice A: “…Excuse me for intruding.”

Voice B: “Excuse me for the intrusion. Are Amano and Byakko in there? Suzaku-kun, this is your room. I don’t wish to disturb you any further. Another person will come pick you up later, so for now just stay in this room…well then, please bear with it.”

A senior bespectacled female student ushers Suzaku into our room.

As Suzaku checks this place out, he starts talking with Teruki.

Suzaku: “Excuse me. I am Suzaku. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Where should I place my luggage?”

Teruki: “Anywhere is fine…yeah…uh over there is – ”

Suzaku: “Huh? Did you say something?”

He places his luggage on the bed I just called. As Teruki is about to speak up for me, I hurriedly stop him.

Yuu: “I-I, no, that spot is good. Oh, and I’m Amano Yuu.”

Suzaku: “Pleasure to make your acquaintance. I’m Suzaku. Hey Byakko, I’m nervous since it’s my first time participating in these types of school events. May I tell you about my story?”

Teruki: “Huh? Uh, okay?”

Suzaku: “Byakko-kun, I’m from the class right next to yours. Since I’m a transfer student, I don’t have any friends here. Will you be my friend?”

Teruki: ” What? Uh, sure I guess. It’s not a big deal. Hey Yuu, what are you doing…?”

Suzaku: “Um, Byakko. I hear your name often in my class. I’m glad that we can become friends.”

What is this. This development. I feel like I’ve been beaten by Suzaku-kun. A frown slides against my lips. Jeez, it’s so awkward to be here right now. A sudden urge to run hits me hard.

Yuu: “Um, I’m going to the bathroom!”

Teruki: “Ahh. Hey! Yuu?”

And I rush out of the room. My ears catch the remnants of yelling behind me, but I pay it no mind. Why’s he giving me such an attitude? Next time, I’ll sneak up on Teruki!

My legs take me far from the dorms. Eventually I lose speed from exhaustion. Slowing down to a cruise, I manage to arrive at a common resting spot. A bit off into the distance is Mizuki. Bubbles of joy expand in my chest as I run over to him.

“Mizuki! Ah, sorry…”

Mizuki is surrounded by a crowd of students.

“Oh, you’re going for a walk, Yuu?”

“Y-yeah. That’s right! Um, see you later then!”

The looks from the other students frighten me, and before I know it I’ve already run off.

I guess I still haven’t gotten over how Suzaku’s presence made me feel. Like I’ve mentioned, I’m just terrified of meeting new people.

After a few more minutes of running, I reach what looks like an inner courtyard.

At the center stands a fountain, shadows towering over me. It’s quite reminiscent of a place of healing.

But I don’t stop there. I keep on jogging.

Eventually, I’m at an area surrounded by greenery and foliage.

I plop down next to the trunk of a tree and roll over.

There, as I lay down, I can pick out slivers of the darkening sky through the branches and leaves.

“Wow, the sky’s so pretty. Hm? Oh…”

Tears start flowing out.

I’ve made a fool of myself.

Teruki and Mizuki…they’re destined to be the Hero’s friends too. Let me be straight: I don’t think they avoided me today on purpose. I also believe that my friendship with Teruki and Mizuki is strong and steady. But, I’m not their only friend.

Both Teruki and Mizuki have their own worlds.

Just what was I thinking? Dangerous. It’s so dangerous.

I’m thinking just like a jealous Villain.

I have to be more careful!

As I idly observe the sky, a white cloud slowly crawls through the horizon. Bringing a hand to my eyes, I wipe away my tears. Yeah, I shouldn’t cry. There’s no use in crying. I’ll forgive myself for now. So let’s just calm down.

“Aw, I forgot my cellphone…sigh, I just want to go home already.”

When I look up to the sky again, my view is suddenly engulfed by a shadow.

Someone’s staring at me.

“Oh? I found myself a little crying rabbit. Hehehe. Their eyes are red too! Looks de-li-cious♪.”

Did he see me crying? I shoot my glare at him, while trying to hide the redness of my face.

Jet black hair. Mysterious violet eyes.

His slightly drooping eyes give off incredible sex appeal. He’s definitely what you’d call handsome. What is this world? The handsome guy rate is too high! I divert my gaze from him and retort:

“Who’s crying? This is just water from my eyes. I’ll return when I calm down, so please leave me alone.”

“Heh. Well then, why don’t I make sure of that?”

In one swift movement, he leans forward and licks my tears.

“Huh. Liar. This is salty, you know? Liars should be punished.”

He pushes me down, sliding up my shirt and brushes his lips over my exposed skin. Then licks it. This surprises me, and I start kicking my legs to break off his hold. Seeing my resistance, he uses his own feet to spread my legs.

“Uh, what are you trying to do?…huh? Wait…stop it!”

“Hmm? I’m used to surprises. Well, then. Let’s have some fun together♪.”

He smiles profoundly and continues to caress my body.

Unlike Hiroto and Kenshin’s affectionate hands, his are cold yet are still able to draw out pleasure. I don’t want this.  I don’t have the strength to resist. But, I absolutely don’t want this!

“N-no, no, no, no! No -? Hiroto! Hiroto…”


The guy on top of me suddenly releases his hold for just a second. It almost looks like he’s afraid, until he flashes a more marvelous smile.

“So you’re with Houou. Let me try something. Ah, don’t worry. I’ll definitely make you feel good. Hey, how’s this? Has Houou ever touched you like this before?”

Why is my body responding? Why? It must be because it’s so used to Hiroto’s ministrations, and got confused by the sensations.

Hiroto and Kenshin, you idiots!

This body is weak to pleasure. I’m starting to feel hot. I can’t hold back any longer.

“…ah…no more…stop it!…stop it already…no, no, no stop it!”

Suddenly, the weight pressing down on me lightens.

Hiroto: “..! Yuu? Are you alright?”

Kenshin: “Hiroto! I won’t back off without a fight. I’m coming for you, Yuu. Genbu, what the hell you you doing?”

Genbu: “What do you mean? I’m just performing a physical examination on a little rabbit crying in the courtyard. As Head of the Public Morals Committee, such a naughty bunny can’t be overlooked.”

Hiroto: “W-what the…what the heck? I’m amazed to hear this kind of bull from the Public Morals Committee!”

Yuu: “Hiroto…Kenshin…?”

They really came.

They’ve come to save me.

But, how did they know where I was?

Hiroto smiles gently at me and I start to feel secure.

Hiroto: “I received an email from Byakko saying Yuu didn’t come back to his room. You even left your cellphone behind…as to how we found this place, it’s all due to Ken’s intuition. I guess he’s just like a dog, but it really helped us.”

Kenshin: “Hiroto! Who’s a dog?! And Genbu! You! Don’t think you can weasel your way out of this!”

Genbu: “I guess I’d be in a bit of pain huh ♪ ♪ ? Seiryuu, I’ll surrender for now.”

As soon as I’m in Hiroto’s arms, I start to tremble. But as he begins stroking my hair, the tears stop. I entrust myself to him.

Anyway, what’s this? My mind’s feeling murky. The keywords are Public Moral Committee and Genbu.

While I was crying, memories swirled and twisted like a typhoon. And now my head starts to ache.

“Ah…my head…ah…oh!”

And I’m gone.

Genbu Airu. Head of the Public Morals Committee. He often butts heads with the Student Council due to his idiosyncratic personality. Personally deals with all matters brought to his department. He has jet black hair and violet eyes, a handsome guy with a mysterious air. And his slightly drooping eyes only add to his charm.

Because Amano Yuu is his favorite, he doesn’t mind cooperating with the Villain and tempts the Hero. (T/N: I’m guessing here)  

(I’ve never heard of such a Public Morals Committee Chairman! He definitely can’t be disciplining people with that kind of act!)



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    i cant believe that Genbu is a bad boy
    but i do think that Suzaku(Hero) is a bit rude, is it possible for him to be the same as Yuu
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  3. why do i get the feeling that suzaku will be some jealous entitled person who is jealous of the fact that yuu is friends with ken, hiroto, mizuki and teruki? Well maybe I’m wrong. Anyway! A new character!! And this one seems to like yuu too. So yuu is not alone!
    Thank you for the translation!!


    1. I really hope Suzaku doesn’t end up like that, but that was a pretty rude introduction. Like wth, is Yuu just the air to him? He walks right past Yuu and talks to Teruki <.<


  4. Thanks for the chapter ❤
    Gosh, I want to choke everyone who direct or indirectly bully our Yuu! Poor Yuu.. I’m reading 13 reason why just now, and reading this chapter makes me sad..
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        1. Hahaha XD Oh I totally get it. Throughout the whole scene while I was translating, I was trying hard to find words like “no!” and “stop it!!” Thankfully, they were there. Or else I would have cringed sooo hard. The whole “my body has muscle memory and remembers pleasure” thing is kind of pushing it, but I’ll let the author slide for now.

          I MEAN this Genbu guy’s kind of a clown, just can’t take him seriously with how he talks XD I hear he gets better though, so we’ll see.
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            Whats the point of your story? Are you begging for attention, so much that you don’t mind if its pity?
            Boy, you are pathetic, So pathetic.
            The answer is No. Pathetic dumbass.
            And by the way. That bed’s already fucking taken, So move your bag. Or I’ll move it.
            And shove it down your throat and watch you choke. Don’t speak to me, please. Also, do not speak to Yuu either, but noticing how you have been ignoring him. That shouldn’t be a problem.”
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  11. Yeah, Genbu’s officially my favorite. Though he acted super rapey, it had a more loving bully feel to it than a purposely malicious feel. Not to mention, the last line of Genbu being someone on original Yuu’s side at the end, that adds a bunch of points. I mean, if Yuu hadn’t been saved there, maybe my opinion would change but the way Genbu talks, I honestly can’t take him seriously right now.

    I’m actually kind of amused. This dude acts the most rapey out of the three male leads we’ve met so far (Genbu/Hiroto/Kenshin) but he’s the only one who hasn’t raped Yuu. Super molestation but no going at it until he passes out. Because, let’s be real here, Yuu was totally not willing when having sex with Hiroto or Kenshin. He just got used to it after a while.

    Did anyone else feel like Suzaku was super scripted? Like does anyone actually talk like that? I thought he was reading off something while talking. And the fact that he completely ignored Yuu is really odd. Did he really purposefully ignore Yuu or did (something make) his brain not register the boy?

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    1. Yeah, I tried my best to translate Suzaku’s lines, but he was using “masu” form of speaking. So everything seemed so stiff and proper. I didn’t want to make it more colloquial since I feel like speaking that way was part of Suzaku’s character? Maybe?


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