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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 19: High School – Third Part

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All I have to say is, surprising development.

Thanks for all who read and leave a comment/like. It really makes me feel all warm and mushy inside 😀

Chapter 19:

High School – Third Part

Yuu: “…Hey, do you like me or something?”

Genbu: “That’s right, I love you, you know?”

Yuu: “You’re a liar. You just dislike Hiroto. Hehehe. But, I’ll definitely accept your help. You’ll separate the Hero from Hiroto. Now, what do you want in exchange?”

Genbu: “Since it’s you asking, you can choose how to repay me.”


“…hold on hold on hold on! Rejected!”

My eyes burst open and I spring up.

No way! What kind of memory is this? What was I doing? Did Yuu actually do that?

A calm voice washes over me as I’m holding my head crying.

Genbu: “Are you alright?”

Are you really Genbu Airu-san?! I squeak as I try to gather myself.

Usually, wouldn’t it be Hiroto or Kenshin or even Teruki by my side, as I wake up from one of my episodes? Or Mizuki? I’m worried about this guy next to me. What if he gets all rapey? Where am I? is what I said aloud.

Genbu: “…you’re on a bed in the infirmary.”

Oh, I’m losing my mind here. Huh? Where’s the doctor?

Genbu: “…As Head of the Public Morals Committee, I often have morning duties here. The doctor’s in the back room. I’m watching the front for him because he knows I’m respectable.”

He’s being deceived! By this perverted demon!

Genbu: “…You, you’re saying such horrible things. I’m not a perverted demon.”

Yuu: “You just don’t realize it! Huh? You can hear me?”

Genbu: “Well, you were just talking. So, are you feeling better now?”

Oh crap! I can’t believe I said all of that out loud. I wonder if I can make a break for this –

Genbu: “Are. You. Okay?”

Yuu: “…mpf.”

He stretches and pulls at my cheeks. It looks like he’s enjoying himself for a moment there. But then he stops and looks at me.

Yuu: “…you know…”

Genbu: “…….”

Yuu: “…umm…”

Genbu: “…….”

Yuu: “…that’s why…”

Maybe I should just go to sleep. Today’s especially tiring.

Genbu: “You want to sleep a bit? I’ve never been rejected like this before.”

Yuu:: “…Ha.”

What is this person?! Is he trying to be sarcastic?

Genbu: “…Because you were crying, I was thinking of ways to comfort you. Everyone calms down when I squeeze their cheeks. Why do you dislike it?”

Yuu: “I can’t speak for everyone. But today I was sexually assaulted by someone I just met. AKA, you. I really disliked it and right now, I don’t want anyone touching me. Those kind of things are meant to be done by people who love eachother.” 

Genbu: “Love, huh. If that’s the case, would you say that there is love between you and Houou?”

I couldn’t answer him. From now on, Hiroto and the others will start to fall in love with the Hero. That’s why, even if I say there is love, it’s just a temporary feeling. It’s fleeting. Oh, but.

Yuu: “I loved him.”

As such, I’ve accepted it. Even if it were for just a little while, I have gotten my love.

Genbu: “You’re using past tense. Alright, one last question. Why were you crying?”

Both Teruki and Mizuki had done nothing wrong. I had just been thinking selfishly. As I’m attempting to name the emotions I couldn’t put into words, he strokes my head.

Genbu: “Ah, don’t cry. I don’t know how to stop you from crying! My only trick is unpleasant, you know?”

Yuu: “…It’ll stop by itself…”

He furrows his eyebrows as if perturbed.

Genbu: “I’m in trouble. I wonder why it’s painful to see you crying. When I found you sobbing in the courtyard, I had also felt this way.”

He grasps the front of his shirt where his heart should be. Why is it like this? I should feel disgusted being touched by this person. But…I’m not.

Genbu: “……”

With one hand, I softly pat his head. The feeling of his smooth black hair sliding against my fingertips is pleasant. Somehow, it’s like stroking a large beast. Because it’s black…maybe a black cat?

Yuu: “Your hair is so silky. It feels nice. Hehehe. Just like a cat.”

His eyes widen in shock for a second, but then he closes them soon after.

Genbu: “That’s a good idea♪. Maybe I should be your cat-san♪. I get impatient when I’m lonely, so play with me often♪. It’s fine like this, right?”

Then he leans forward and kisses me softly. Oh, there’s more? And rubs against me.

I smile at his platonic nudging, and continue to pet him. He laughs like a child.

Genbu: “Hehe. This feels nice♪. I’ll also pet you.”

At first, it comes off a bit strong, but he eventually does it gentler. As I’m drifting away into slumber, I hear his voice in the distance.

Genbu: (“Hehe. I like you. My owner, I’m having fun again♪ Now, slowly rest. Next time we meet, I’ll pet you too.”)



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47 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 19: High School – Third Part

  1. And here we see why genbu is better than the hiroto/ken duo
    He’s acting adorable AF AND was there
    Yuu collapses in those a-hole’s arms and what do they do? Go off on their merry way, probably to go feel up their new hero-asshole (lol literally and as a description of the hero personally teehee~)

    Genbu at least as a moral committee member can help yuu with the bullying as well

    Liked by 3 people

  2. …………………………………………………
    OH…. OH DANG.
    Holy crap, I am liking.
    This guy, Oh my god -heart attack from how overwhelmed I am by liking this guy-
    Holy crap, I’m shipping them.
    Holy crap, …

    That, was the cutest thing I have read so far, oh my god.
    Dang, I like him, his points shot up -writes in book-
    Oh my god, he is tyed with Teruki.
    And the development.
    And, to be honest, I didn’t think they were going to leave Yuu all alone.
    That’s weird, on a lot of levels, they would all be worried and whatnot and stay with him.
    And Yuu!!
    You and your hair fetish!.
    God damnit…
    Who’s… hair… do I like though… ugh…
    Cat hair, Dog hair, fiery hair, normal hair…..
    Ugh idk.

    Liked by 2 people


    My final is done! I received a 100%. VICTORY IS MINE!!!!

    Thank you very much for all your hard work and I hope that your finals are easy and that you sleep the sleep of justice!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Excuse me as I run out and SCREAM.

    Yes. YES. I just knew Genbu was going to be my favorite character.

    Now he can join Teruki and Mizuki, making them the favorite trio.


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