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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 22: The Feelings of the Erotic Demon King Houou Hiroto four

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First off, I’m really sorry about this late release. I was a bit busy today ^^ BUT I still wanted to give you guys something hehe

In this chapter, we get to see from Hiroto’s POV what caused Teruki to choose the path he chose in the last chapter.

Thanks for all the interesting BL recommendations! I’ll be sure to check them all.

EDIT: Is it just me or did Hiroto and Yuu have offscreen sex??? Omg I just realized this now rip.

Chapter 22:

The Feelings of the Erotic Demon King Houou Hiroto Pt. 4

After that gloomy Training Camp, I rushed straight home to Yuu. And I kept jabbing at the doorbell until Yuu unlocked the front door.

Yuu: “Hiroto…”

He uttered my name as I wrapped my arms around him. Not sparing another second, I planted a kiss on his forehead.

Hiroto: “I’m sorry for being late. Did you eat yet? Oh, a text from Ken. Today it’ll be hard for me to hold myself back, Yuu. But I won’t do anything you don’t want.”

Yuu: “…although…”

Yuu muttered something. But because his voice was so soft, it was difficult to catch what he said. Hoping to get some answers, I stared into his eyes.

Hiroto: “Yuu? …nn…”

Yuu kissed me.

Let me repeat myself. Yuu kissed me.

It’s the first time he initiated a kiss since his amnesia.

Yuu: “You can hold me. I want you to make me unreasonable…”

Yuu clung to me  as the last of his words left his lips, seemingly afraid. And I kissed him.

It’s been a while since I saw Yuu, and even longer since I’ve felt him.

As such, my reasoning quickly dissipated.

However, I couldn’t help but wonder, what was Yuu so afraid of?

Then I recalled a conversation with Byakko.


Teruki: “Even though Suzaku’s a transfer student, he knows a lot of old gossip. Like how Yuu desperately chases after you even when you don’t want it. The three of us were in the same room, but he totally ignored Yuu and talked to me instead. It was like Yuu was part of the air or something. I saw it all, I don’t know if Suzaku considered him an enemy. But I think that hurt Yuu’s feelings pretty bad.”

Hiroto: “Huh.”

Teruki: “I’ll also check the people who fed Suzaku all these rumors. Once I confirm their identities, I’ll contact you again. Oh, and uh. Houou-senpai.”

Byakko turned to face me, eyes unblinking as if trying to pick me apart.

Teruki: “What is Yuu in your eyes, senpai?”

Hiroto: “Right now we are childhood friends.”

Teruki: “Right now…huh.”

Hiroto: “Of course I want all of Yuu, mind body and soul, to belong to me. I desire him. I won’t hand him over to anyone. And definitely not to you. I won’t yield.”

I wished to be the only one in Yuu’s eyes.

Look only at me. Feel only me. And grace only me with your smiles.

I smiled mockingly to myself imagining a Yuu who’s crazily obsessed with me. Byakko continued to stare, but eventually sighed.

Teruki: “So you’re that kind of person, senpai. Then, I’ll take the position as his best friend. I’ll take the side that’s able to defend him and be Yuu’s unwavering support. I refuse to watch silently as Yuu suffers.  When he’s sad I’ll comfort him, and when he’s having fun we’ll laugh together. I’ll protect him and I’ll accept him for who he is. Of course, if you hurt Yuu, I won’t stand for it….that’s all I have to say. Today I’ll leave it to you, senpai. Now, if you’ll excuse me.”

He bowed once towards me, and turned heel. As he was leaving, I recalled into memory how his eyes had been.

Dazzling emerald, radiating with the power and will of a tiger.

He’d get it. The position as Yuu’s most trusted, one and only best friend.

Yuu’s pillar of strength.

Since I wanted both his mind and body, it’s a position that’s impossible for me. I wanted to permeate his mind. I wouldn’t be able to handle watching silently as Yuu fell in love with another person.

Please forgive me for my selfishness.


Yuu eyed me anxiously as I was rolling through my thoughts.

Yuu: “Hiroto? What’s wrong?”

My response was a kiss and a smile.

Hiroto: “It’s nothing. I’m sorry I was late in saving you yesterday.”

Yuu: “Huh? No, thank you for saving me yesterday, Hiroto. Although, I actually don’t hate the person who assaulted me. A while ago, he came to the infirmary and we talked a bit. He also reminds me of a black cat.”

Yuu smiled as he recalled the conversation.

As soon as I pictured Genbu, a bitter smile slid its way across my lips.

(You saw him as a cat? Really, Yuu?)

Genbu Airu. A walking, talking R-18 sign. The number of relationships he’d had remained unknown.

He’s the type to not refuse what’s given to him. Popular with everyone around him.

Because he came off as an honor student in front of all the teachers, he was given the position of Head of the Public Morals Committee.

Although he didn’t purposely cause trouble for the Student Council, he wasn’t all chummy with them either.

Basically, the two branches of student authority kept each other in balance.

I suddenly remembered Genbu’s violet eyes. At such an image, I shook my head to calm my anger.

Hiroto: “He came to the infirmary?”

Yuu: “Yep. He said it was part of his morning duties as the Head of the Public Morals Committee. But he didn’t do anything to me. I told him people shouldn’t do such intimate things unless they loved one another. So he didn’t do anything.”

Hiroto: “…I see.”

Did Genbu actually restrain himself? It’s so hard to believe.

Yuu: “…cat-san…”

Hiroto: “Yuu? Are you sleeping?”

His breathing came out slight and soft. Such a sight urged me to plant a kiss on each of his eyelids, before laying down next to him. Sure enough, he’d fallen asleep.

As I lay by his side, the future came into mind.

I thought of how to protect Yuu. There’s an outside source spreading vicious rumors about him. What was their motive?  What did they aim to do?

The more I pondered, the deeper I got caught and lost within this labyrinth of possibilities.  Holding Yuu even tighter, I slowly drifted to slumber.

It’d be okay. Everything would soon fall within the palm of my hands. I’d protect this precious existence. No doubt about it.



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29 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 22: The Feelings of the Erotic Demon King Houou Hiroto four

  1. there you have it, Teruki is out of the harem T^T
    but i guess Yuu’s emotions are unstable since he actually kissed Hiroto willingly
    the more that the story progress the more that he’s falling for the capture targets

    thanks for the chapter 😀

    Liked by 3 people

  2. ohh, ohh, so that’s why Teruki said smth like that on prev chapter~~

    btw, i forgot to recs ‘The Devil’s Origin’, i just read the 3rd chapter this morning and it’s already escalate to R18 xD

    and ‘Reborn as My Love Rival’s Wife’, although this one more of gender bender (bc our male protag transmigrate to fem body), but it still give shounen ai vibes plus this one is rly funny ;D

    also, thanks for the update ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for the recs! I’ve actually started Reborn as my Love rival’s wife. It’s really good!
      Yea it’s a bit sad he voluntarily yielded. He was one of my favorites.


  3. ……………………damn it.
    Ducking damn it
    Fucking damn it
    Fudge amn it
    -flips the table-
    Sigh. I like Hiroto now. Ugh. -cries-
    I ship them together now.
    Ugh, I … I… I hate myslef for saying this but.
    I -sniffle- Am actually quite interested to see how Genbu has a part to play in all this development happening in the past few chapters. -dabs eyes-
    Though I do wish for Yuu’s happiness, UGH. Sorry, Yuu-kun. I want to see you go through some drama. NO HAPPINESS YET NO.
    Especially since its going the Hiro route! SO SPICE THINGS UP. UGH.


    1. Hehe this novel has basically become my guilty pleasure. Although I have to admit, I find all the characters besides Genbu BORING. I started off translating because in the four chapters I had read at that point, the premise seemed interesting. But lately, everything seems predictable af. I can basically close my eyes and guess what will happen next.
      I know, I know. As the one translating this novel, I should be fully supportive of the story. But it’s things like this that pushes me over the proverbial edge. You have a decent character like Teruki, and you kill him off (metaphorically). Yuu was literally sexually assaulted but forgives his assaulter because he reassembled a cat. There are no repercussions, everything is glossed over and he shared spit with all the capture targets.
      Sorry, I ranted XD
      BUT I have to admit sometimes it’s entertaining. Like a midday soap opera you find on cable while you’re at home nursing a cold (cause you’re too caveman for netflix).


      1. Yea. This story had such a good premise. The author killed it all off. Yuu’s entire mindset and reasoning. The author killed it off. ANd he’s now sleeping with every single character. Read my latest comment please lol. I got a lot of my rants down in it, pertaining to the latest chapter. And I feel for you as well Sleepchaser-sama.
        This story started out messed up, and that’s okay for any story. Cause that’s how you make up a story and plot. You fix up the messed up shit in the begining. But the author is seriously having problems dear god.
        It’s like this author, has no logic or doesn’t want any logic put into his story.
        If Yuu just thought and did something, this story will be good, but no.
        Author-sensei, gods. This is BL, and usually in BL its either good plot or sex.
        But seeing how their haven’t been much sex in this BL, it looks like Author-sensei is trying for “good plot” and it isn’t really good.
        I’ve already come this far and I don’t plan on dropping it. But I rather dislike the whole direction this story is going and I hate the male lead.
        He’s becoming despicable.


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