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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 23: High School – Fifth Part

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We get some Kenshin x Yuu moments here.

Man, my heart cracks a little whenever I see another 1 star rating on NU for this novel XD

I know, I know, it’s not my story, but STILL.

Inner 13 yr old and everything ^^

One thing people should know about translating with a machine is that it requires you to quickly pick up on context clues. Like for real, the amount of guessing I’ve done for this chapter is amazing…

Anyway, thanks for reading guys!

Chapter 23:

High School – Fifth Part


Right now, I’m in the city’s gym!

I’m here to cheer for Kenshin’s match!

Yuu: “…Wow Teruki! There are so many high schools here!”

Teruki: “It’s the district qualifiers…oh! Mizuki’s here too!”

Lately, Teruki’s been by my side where ever I go. Even though it’s something I like, I wonder if it’s okay. Either way, Teruki is so obliging.

I’m happy.

Hiroto: “Hey, I’m also here, you know? Yuu….why are you in the middle, Byakko? Yuu, come over here.”

Teruki: “…Houou-senpai, can’t you just stand at the side? It’s been a while since we’ve last met. I’m not sure who else is watching from the audience.”

Hiroto: “…Just say it, Byakko.”

Teruki: “Because I want to protect Yuu, I’ll tell you later.”

Yuu: “…Wow! Is that Kenshin over there? So cool!

He stands in a dark blue kendo gi¹, taking control of the whole stage with a cool and dignified attitude.

A refreshing, noble air.

(Amazing…so amazing…you’re incredible, Kenshin!)

The subsequent match can be summarized in one world: masterpiece.

Every time Kenshin would pick up his kendo blade, a gust of wind seems to rush through the area. The tournament is an overwhelming victory for my school, Four Gods Academy.

After the event, Hiroto, Teruki, and I wait at the exit for Kenshin. After a while, the person in question appears.

Hiroto: “You must be tired, Ken!”

Kenshin: “Hiroto…sorry for troubling you. Thanks for coming to cheer me on. And Yuu and Byakko too, thanks.”

He says this while glancing at his watch.

Hiroto: “Oh, it’s already so late. We shoud hurry on home, Ken. I’ll allow you some time with Yuu. You’ve worked hard today, That’ll be your reward.”

Teruki: “Why are you being so generous, senpai?”

Hiroto: “It’s all good, all good. Now, time to head home, Byakko.”

Teruki: “…Yeah, yeah. Understood. Later, Yuu. I’ll see you in school.”

He strokes my head before turning to leave.

Kenshin and I watch as the backs of the other two shrink into the distance.

Kenshin: “…Let’s go.”

Yuu: “…y-yeah…”

The two of us walk to our destination, chatting about everything and nothing.

It’s really calming, the atmosphere light and airy, and we talk about games and everyday life. Kenshin just listens as I blabber on, giving his two cents here and there. I’m so absorbed in doing this that I don’t even realize when we reach the station.

Kenshin: “…Are you free today, Yuu?”

Yuu: “…Huh? Yeah, today is fine…”

Kenshin: “If it’s okay with you, I’d like a bit of your time.”

He reaches out for my hand. Looking away from me.

Kenshin: “…If you ever feel lost, just hold my hand.”

I think over his words for a bit, and can’t help but laugh at the serious expression on his face.

Yuu: “Yes, alright.”

Afterward, we continue our stroll in silence, hand in hand. Every now and then we’d share a smile, making me feel all warm inside.

Eventually we reach the edge of a pier. It’s about a 20 minute walk from the station. Because it’s late, there are not many people around. There are only a couple other onlookers besides us.

We sit quietly by the boardwalk. Our ears catch the rush and tow of the waves. All the while the surface of the sea catches the yellows and oranges of the horizon.

Kenshin: “…Yuu?”

Yuu: “Yeah?”

Kenshin: “I’m not an…adept person.”

Yuu: “…Okay.”

Kenshin: “Right now, my mind is composed solely of kendo…that’s why, I must have caused you to feel lonely…I’ve wondered if I made you feel this way. I am…afraid. I’m afraid that I’ve hurt you….just the thought of losing you…is terrifying.”

Yuu: “…”

I take in the image of a Kenshin bathed in the lingering sun.

He’s also watching me.

Oh, this person is so…clumsy. Kind…and very straightforward.

I pull at his collar with a bit of force.

Kenshin: “…Yuu?…”

And then, I close my eyes. And I press our lips together.

Kenshin: “…Was today the first time you’ve watched a match?”

Yuu: “Hehe. You were really cool. I could tell you’ve put a lot of effort into it. I like the kendo that you do, Kenshin. I think you’re the coolest when you’re trying your best. I…would like to cheer for such a Kenshin…don’t you think so?”

Kenshin: “Yuu…”

Yuu: “I’m fine…Really. If I ever get lonely, may I come visit you? I feel relieved when I can come see you. When we meet…I’d get to cheer you up, okay?”

With those words being said, Kenshin stares at me for while.

And then he smiles my most favorite smile, big and fluffy, and hugs me while muttering his thanks.

Kenshin: “…You are my most precious person. The one I’ll always want to protect…That’s why whenever you need my help, just call my name. I’ll always be just one step away…I’m so sorry for not checking up with you after the Training Camp.”

Yuu: “…But, you’ve already saved me, didn’t you?”

Kenshin: “…Yuu.”

He kisses me again, this time softly at first, then increasing with strength. His left hand that was resting on my waist is suddenly placed at the back of my head. I couldn’t escape if I wanted to.

Yuu: “…Kenshin…”

Kenshin: “…I’m sorry Yuu. It’s not enough yet.”

Above us glows the moon, it’s first appearance totally forgotten. I tilt my head gently toward the sky. And quietly, I close my eyes.




kendo gi¹: this is like the uniform robes they wear for kendo


(originally was gonna use a picture from google but I don’t wana be sued)


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41 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 23: High School – Fifth Part

  1. They sure go at it like bunnies.

    I wouldn’t take the 1- steer reviews personally. If you look around NU you’ll notice a trend of 1-star ratings for BL novels. Its normal to find a BL story with only 1 or 2 chapters with tons of bad ratings. I’ve even seen some that only had a summery with no chapters down voted. These raters never leave a review and likely never even read the stories. The just down vote all the stories with tags they don’t like. So I tend to only pay attention to written reviews as they’ve at least read the story.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Thank you for the chapter chaser~

    I understand how you feel, I’d be pretty disappointed too if I pour my time to translate and share something I like and someone (who prob never even read it or just dislike the genre, or just plain jerk) give a poor rating or comment! Don’t worry, there’s a lot others that likes this story and appreciate your work!! *hugs*

    Omo, Yuu.. you’re so.. forward now.. XD
    I wonder what Teruki going to talk to Hiroto about..

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I have only one comment.
    When I ead this chapter.
    Is a complete. And utter slut.
    Yuu is the sluttiest character I have eve seen.
    And holy cap. Yuu is just a big slut and manwhore.
    Kissing every guy he meets.
    Dear god…. I don’t know how I fee about this anymore. Yuu is just a slut.
    He’s not even staying faithful. And he he had the nerve to get jealous of someone who hasn’t even slept with his interests?
    I am hating Yuu. Very much


    1. I couldn’t agree more. I know it’s very sad how the situation before for original Yuu was, but still it doesn’t justify how slutty he is now.
      I will really hate it if he gets the harem ending (but it seems it’s leaning towards that as we can see with all the characters fall in love sooooo easily with Yuu). sigh

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Yuu is despicable, I was at first sympathetic with him for everything he went thorugh.
        But now he’s just plain despicable and disgusting.
        He is afriad to be alone? Well that’s ok.
        What’s not ok with it, is that he doesn’t want to be alone. ANd he’s keeping himself not alone by kissing and swapping spit with all our main characters. And they are all going along with it. Going with the “he’s so cute and just came had amnesia” excuse. Dear god. To be honest, after the chapter with Suzaku, I am perfectly fine with how he’s treated. Yuu deserves it for his stupid actions.
        And the latest chapter. It’s shown he likes and really wants Hiroto. But what the hell, he just suddenly goess and passionately kisses Ken?
        what the fucking hell is wrong with you.
        Unfaithful slut


      2. Hirito doesn’t seem to mind sharing with Ken which is a little interesting. Wonder if its because they’re friend’s.

        So much hate for a slutty MC in a smut story. Isn’t part of the appeal of a smut harem story to enjoy the racy R18 with the various characters? If you want proper romance with deeper characters usually its best to avoid the R18 stories as they often go light on the aforementioned. Pretty normal for the MC in these stories to be easy airheads.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Dude, what the fuck? You didn’t read the tags? Or even the fucking summary? It’s clearly written, “Being loved by the main character, and also the sub characters …?”
        If you hate harem stories, then I wouldn’t blame you. It’s your preference.
        But, fucking shit, if you hate harem BL and slutty characters then don’t read novels that are CLEARLY written about them. You hate it, just LEAVE IT.
        God, I hate people like these. They ruined so many talented author’s want to write.

        Ahem, I’m sorry, sleepchaser-san. This mouth is just too dirty.
        I love your translations! Although the text flow is a little…. but Japanese is rather hard to translate into full sentence without the want to pull out your hair. Especially for people who aren’t good in the language. I know shit about kanji, hiragana, and katakana. And you’re able to make a readable translation out of mtl. That took dedication. Kudos for you! 😀

        And, this is late, but thank you very much for translating this story! Pity I don’t have that much money, else I would donate. (regret)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you for reading! I can understand why some people disagree with some of the events in the story, and I also understand your underlying message.

          I’m so glad people find this translation readable ;_; MTL’s give me a headache XD.

          Haha, I don’t even think of donations because IMO, translations have no basis in getting donations unless they are done extremely well. And quite frankly, I admit these aren’t up to standard >////<


    2. TBH i just find Yuu kinda boring
      I wouldn’t go as far as say I hate him, but he’s definitely not my preferred type of MC. However, someone pointed out this is a R-18 smut-ish kind of BL,so it’s typical for the characters to be bland and unrealistic.
      I do hope for more smutty scenes then, cause right now there’s only been 2 R-18 scenes out of 24 chapters XD (I’m going to hell….)
      I also hope to see Yuu dominant in dirty scenes for once, and not just lay there like a fish…but that’s wishful thinking )x
      Thank you for reading ^^ I enjoy reading your comments (:


      1. Yeaaa. I know someone pointed out this was going to be smut ish BL. BUT BUT.
        And that’s my thoughts too. If you are going to have the stupidest boring character for an MC. You might as well give us some smut.
        But the author trying to invoke some kind of plot. But its not really that interesting if you dislike and find the MC boring and other characters.
        Sigh. And at least be descriptive.
        To be honest, this isn’t even smutty.
        Its more fluffy, the sex scenes aren’t even that descriptive.
        So, i’m just hoping for some romance, like real romance.
        and btw.
        Yuu. DOminant?
        Especially in sex?
        Everytime he kisses and something happens, he’s all thinking “stop it stop it. i dont want to”
        And does he do anything?
        Pfft. No.
        I scoff at the notion of him ever being aggressive.


        1. LOOOL i totally get it I mean c’mon I’ve seen waayy more kinky stuff on ao3. These “R-18” rated scenes in this novel are like a drop in the bucket (I AM SIN…) And the Yuu being sexually dominant thing is a pipe dream XD

          Anyway, I’ll be churning out the next chapter to cover up my laziness from the past few days ^^

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Their are several BL games that have had an english patch.
            And yes. I do.
            Its a VERY VERY VERY GOOD BL GAME. Just finished it myself. If you are interested. I can help you get it!!
            English version and all!!!


          2. Hehehe
            I have heard of it. I think there was even an anime made of it but I didn’t have the time to check it out unfortunately.
            That’ll be cool if you can! Only if it doesn’t inconvenience you too much, of course ^^


      2. I want more smut scenes as well but I enjoy the implied and off screens bits as well because I like slutty MC’s ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        It would be nice for the MC to grow a bit more of a backbone. Would love a scene denouncing the shoddy treatment from Hiroto and Ken towards old MC and the resulting fallout (Crazy Hiroto).

        Feel bad for Yuu, he’s been groomed by Hiroto and to a lesser extent Kenshin to be dependent on them. And it was strongly implied that the isolated him to keep him to themselves because he was their ‘angel’. And when they reached HS and grew busy they didn’t consider the consequences of their actions towards Yuu at all. Having no other close relationships (Not even a parent since his father’s gone for work) and brought up dependent on Hiroto and Ken for all his emotional needs , poor Yuu was left vulnerable. Not to mention Hiroto took advantage of Yuu (and it was suggested Yuu was uncomforitable and resistant) while he was still in middle school
        (While no specific time was given it was revealed in his final year of middle school and implied it had been going on prior to the bullying so at least 1-2 years. So probably started was he was 12~ish) . Further grooming and manipulating Yuu into a dependent, pet like personality. Even Ken, who forces himself on the too forgiving Yuu, didn’t take advantage of him like that. So we now have a underdeveloped, dependent, promiscuous, and emotionalt soft Yuu groomed by Hiroto left to suddenly fend for himself. Its no wonder the original Yuu faded into that miserable thing. I honestly view Hiroto as a villain. His actions are despicable and selfish and greatly impact other people (not just Yuu).
        I see Yuu’s easy nature more a result of his soft personality (not comfortable resisting), his early exposure to sex by Hiroto, and his desperate craving for affection. Being originally used and tossed aside by Hiroto and Ken, believing he’ll be abandoned AGAIN for the Hero, not having the steady support of his father, and already goomed to accept unwanted sexual advances its unsurprising that so many characters can get away with taking liberties. Hiroto has been doing it for years.

        While this is a fluffy story, its only so if you accept Yuu’s very limited understanding. His skewed understanding, and naivety make him an unreliable narrator. Much like a child, they may believe they know and understand but as an adult you can see all the deeper issues attached. This story is actually quite dark of you really consider the themes (child grooming, non consent, suicide). Hiroto is a scary character.

        Still enjoy the story and the darker implications make it more enjoyable. I prefer the darker themes to be in the background rather than explicitly laid out in these kinds of stories. Makes them feel appropriatly insidious. Just hope that Yuu does NOT end up with Hiroto.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Wow this is an incredible analysis of the novel. Thanks for taking the time to write this; I feel like my understanding of the characters and the story have advanced.

          Having such themes pointed out like this makes the story a lot more interesting than just taking it at face value ^^

          Liked by 1 person

    3. Wtf dude. This is a HAREM BL story. What do you expext? The stupid one will be you because you take things personally and calling people slut or disgusting or despicable as you wish.

      Btw talking about real life situation.Ever heard of polygami? Ever heard of people who have multiple REAL partners in real life – not just a fling? They are happy living their life that way. Do you think they will be happy if you call them that just because it might not be your cup of tea in a relationship? Learn more about people’s sexuality and relationship before you spewing crap.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 1. As someone who has been following this story since chapter 1, before tags and true plot and genre of the story were figured out. I was looking at this story with shoujo eyes.
        2. So I was expecting a cuteish fluffyish and BLish stuff mixed in.
        3. It was previously stated in a chapter that, Yuu (MC) really wanted Hiroto and wanted to be the only one for him and be with him.
        4. So in that case, right now in this point of the story. He just trampled all over his own feelings, as well as Hiro’s who wants him in return.
        5. That isn’t cool, Yuu’s just messing around with all the love interests under the pretext and mindset that he doesn’t want to be alone.
        6. That is a very shallow and underhanded thing to do.
        7. Thus the dislike for Yuu.
        8. I was looking with this under the pretext of their actually being a plot and development between characters. Since
        -A. Yaoi/Shounen Ai is either about s*x or good plot with smut every now and then.
        9. So, seeing as how their isn’t that much smut, I assumed it would go down the good plot route.
        10. But I was utterly devastated and it was a large shock, hence my reaction and comment.
        11. Its going down the just do everyone route.
        12. Maybe you should think things more logically before you reply to someone with that harsh mindset of yours and offending people.
        13. It was a comment about the story, so.
        14. You being harsh to me, concerning an opinion is
        15. Very.
        16. Idiotic.
        17. In this case you.


    4. I have to say this since I read.another one of your comment. You also said that you are fine with the way yuu is treated because you just hate him. Then you just justify bullying and murder because you just support those bullies. The bully is trying to kill people here, dude! You should set your priority right cause your value is skewed.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 1. Yuu is trampling on everyone’s feelings.
        2. Yuu himself said he wanted Hiro.
        3. Hiro wants him.
        4. Teruki wants to support Yuu whatever, no matter the consequences.
        5. I didn’t say I wanted Yuu to die.
        6. His actions are deplorable, he said he likes Yuu, but he’s going around kissing everyone else. And the main reason he was bullied was because other people liked Hiro.
        7. So now since he has Hiro, he is still going on and doing stuff with other people.
        8. That’s not right, so when I justified Yuu’s bullying, its because of how he is acting. He deserves it due to his mindset.
        8. Yuu is doing all this and everyone’s following him because he doesn’t want to be alone and they all find it cute.
        9. And Yuu is very naive, and under that mindeset, he naively wants everyone to be with him.
        10. As stated in a previous chapter, Yuu wanted Ken and Hiro and all his other friends to just have their world revolve around him and be around him.
        11. He admitted himself he was jealous.
        12. And next chapter he just ends up with all of them?
        13. That notes to me that he is using the other characters cuteness and attachment to him, to keep them all with him. Under the naive mindset that he himself believes “i dont want to be alone”
        14. And is using all of them, but Yuu is too stupid and naive to directly understand that.
        15. He is using all the characters.
        16. That is despicable.
        17. He deserves to be bullied, for his despicable actions.


  4. …I think I know why there’s many 1 star rate…
    And I myself will give this 1 star because:
    1. Yu is… Gary Stu (or is it Mary Sue? Huh?). Like, okay this is bl-game trope so harem is a given but, really, Yuu, really? He didn’t have a backbone. Like, if it was me that ‘kinda’ reincarnated into Yuu, I will feel disturbed with how touchy the male characters are. My first reaction after waking up to Hiroto’s touchy-feely will always be punch him in the face, then sprung back away from him. I’m pretty sure every male (or female reincarnator) will do the same. Because that time, hiroto is a ‘stranger’, people as general DID NOT get touchy-feely with stranger.
    2. Yuu said he didn’t want to become villain!Yuu, and just want have comfortable life, and possibly want to help his father so going overseas. But WHY you didn’t exert yourself?! If Hiroto forbid Ken lend you a phone, WHY YOU DIDN’T GO AND ACQUIRE YOURSELF PHONE? Home phone? I’m sure Ken have home phone. Or public phone? Just need few coins and you can call father. Or just rummage Ken’s room to ‘borrow’ his?? But more importantly…. WHY YOU OBEY HIROTO?! Like, hello, right now he is just a stranger that got updated into stranger-family, so WHY you obey him? Why you don’t just obey your Auntie and father??
    3. Basically Yuu is a Passive Male Lead. Timid Male Lead. And… I’m sorry but I must said it: a Slut. Because he’s okay with stranger that basically rape him. Ugh. I’m sorry.

    But this LN is my guilty-pleasure so I definitely give this 3 star now. Because the 18R pieces really get me *cough*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, yeah the R18 scenes are fun. Most echi otome leads are a bit slutty/airheaded as a convenient excuse to get them to fall into bed with the love interests. So I don’t take any of the characters seriously and just enjoy the story for what it is.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. XD thank you for your honest opinion! You’ve laid down some very good reasons!
      And I also agree with you on some of them ^^
      This novel is also my guilty pleasure XD


  5. I love how Yuu is so pure and sweet most of the time and says the things others need to hear, but he is also clueless about how others see him


  6. Lol I totally keep pronouncing Hiroto’s last name as “hoho,” ya know, like those sweet artificial things you can buy in grocery stores? Lol, I’m not sure how I feel about this harem. I’m ok with passive mcs, but this Mc just seems a bit too wishy washy for me. I think he needs to decide what he wants(or at least make it more obvious to the readers.) Thanks for the trans


  7. Kenshin is the fluffiest of Yuu’s boyfriends, with just enough perv to be interesting. 😋
    Yuu is a sort of blank space, but it fits the otome game character. Pretty much what I expected.


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