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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 24: High School – Sixth Part

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Hey guys! I apologize for the late update, I had a bit of IRL stuff to do. Plus took a short break for mother’s day to spoil my mom hehe

If I ever need to take some time off, I’ll put it in the notes of the most recent chapter.

Anyway, I should be back on a regular schedule.

This chapter is rated R-18 for some explicit fooling around.

I love hearing you guys talk in the comments, so please don’t hold back ^^

Chapter 24:

High School – Sixth Part

I’m climbing up the stairs in a hurry.

Today I was asked by my teacher to print out the daily worksheets from the staff room.

(Ah, the next class bell is ringing already…!)

I’m impatient, so I don’t realize when someone purposely bumps into me, muttering under their breath:

“…you’re an eyesore.”

The force pushes me off balance and I close my eyes, bracing for impact with the ground.

Yuu: “…?” Huh?

There’s no pain. Someone’s holding on to me tightly.

My eyes burst open in fear.

Genbu: “Hello♪ bunny-chan. Long time no see. How have you been?”

It’s Genbu Airu, the Head of the Public Morals Committee, that’s blocking my fall. He has  a slender build, firm defined muscles. But I quickly erase the smile on my face when I see the other students standing right behind him.

“..Follow that guy. …Don’t let him escape.”


I watch as those students run off, dark expressions painted on their faces,  but when I turn to Genbu, I’m greeted with a smile.

Genbu: “Rabbit-chan, are you hurt?…For now, let’s just go to the infirmary.”

Yuu: “…huh? U-um. I can walk so please let me down…”

And then, he kisses me deeply.

The kiss deepens, and deepens, as if he’s trying to escape with my tongue. As our saliva mixes, so much that it’s hard to tell from where he begins and I end, he finally breaks off the kiss.

“…thanks for the meal. Huh, you want me to let go of your waist? I guess it can’t be helped…let’s just go to the infirmary.”

He lightly pecks my lips again before licking his own. It breaks my rhythm and I just stand there for a moment, bound by the lingering sensation of our tongue wrestle. Genbu then lifts me up, and we start walking with dangerous footsteps.

When we arrive at the medical office, he gently drops me on one of the beds.

Genbu: “Looks like the nurse is out…why don’t you lay down for now?”

I lay down on the mattress and bury myself in the comforter. At the same time, he pulls a chair over to my bed and sits down.

Yuu: “…Umm. Thank you very much.”

A part of me thinks of starting a conversation with him, but his mind seems to be off somewhere else, and remains quiet. When he is silent and serious, the somewhat thin appearance is swept away by a distinct beauty. Mischievous eyes full of lighthearted fun that can transform sharp as knives at the press of a button.

(…that’s the true face of the Head of the Public Morals Committee…)

Genbu: “…Uh…hehe that surprised me when you  suddenly fell down…did you know that student?”

Yuu: “…No, I was in a hurry so I couldn’t see their face.”

In fact, I don’t even know what grade they’re in. I only remember his words.

You’re an eyesore.”

I wrap my arms around my body tightly.

(Why is this happening…?)

It’s come to the point where I think I’ve fallen down the stairs even before the amnesia. This is already the second time I’ve been shoved. Coincidence? I think not.

(From now on, I need to be extremely careful when using the stairs.)

Yuu: “Hm? What is it, Genbu-senpai?”

Genbu: “Hmmm. Are you hurt anywhere?”

Before I know it, he’s on my bed , climbing on top of me. The bed frame shifts and squeaks from our weight.

Yuu: “…Are you okay? Please don’t hug me senpai…where are you touching?”

Genbu: “Oh? Everything looks fine, in tip top shape ♪.”

Yuu: “Umm..hey…”

Amazement hits me as I take in the image of his head between my legs.

Genbu: “…This is my first time doing this so♪. Feeling good?”

He covers me with his mouth, and I pant and writhe in pleasure. …? Huh? W-wait…

He licks his finger, slowly wiggling and pushing it deeper and deeper into my hole.

Genbu: “…Looks like it feels good, hm? Awesome! I’m pretty talented ♪, aren’t I? Hehe….Yuu’s insides are so warm, so soft…so cute…I’m turned on. What is this…feeling?”

Yuu: “…senpai…I’m…I can’t take it anymore…”

The pleasurable sensations are becoming painful. I look into his eyes as if asking for his help. I’m nervous as I stare into those violet orbs.

Shouldn’t I feel disgusted? His gaze seems uneasy, and although he doesn’t completely stop, his body is shaking.

(Why is he shaking…?)

Genbu: “When I saw you fall down the stairs, my mind was completely white…What if I weren’t there in time? And I thought about…I kept thinking what would happen to you then.”

Yuu: “…nghh…ahh….nn…”

Genbu: ” What would I do if you were gone..? Really, what’s with me? Do you…know this feeling?”

As if confirming his questions, my breathing become more and more erratic…I hear his voice from the haziest part of my mind.

Genbu: “Since I saved you…I wonder if it’s okay to do this.”

(What the hell kind of logic is that?!)

Genbu: “I thought being your pet would be interesting, though.”

Yuu: “…nngh…”

I feel my limit approaching, and I clutch his shirt.

Genbu: “…ah, hehe. You’re willing? Okay. Show me your face.”

Just as he lifts my chin with his hand, I faint.


Yuu: “…”

Teruki: …Yuu! Are you awake? How are you feeling? Tell me if anywhere hurts.”

When I open my eyes, I see Teruki staring at me with tears on his face.

Teruki: “I’m sorry that I left you alone…When I heard you were in the infirmary, I didn’t know if my heart would stop…”

Yuu: “…Teruki?”

Teruki: “Yuu? Everything okay? What is it?”

Yuu: “….ue…”

Teruki’s face reflects both relief and fear, definitely still thinking about my falling down the stairs.

And I cling to Teruki. At first, he’s surprised. But he eventually hugs back.

Before, he was sitting in a chair right next to my bed. I shift a bit closer to him, so that he can move closer to my lap. And I hug his crying face to my chest.

(I can hear the sound of his heartbeat.)

When his tears finally cease, he talks to me.

Teruki: “Yuu, what is it? You can tell me anything.”

So I tell him.

I tell Teruki about how I was called an eyesore by an unknown student…about how I was pushed down the stairs…and how Genbu Airu saved me…

Teruki: “I can’t believe this. You weren’t injured, were you?”

Yuu: “Yea, I’m fine.”

Teruki: “I’m glad you got out without a scratch.”

We hold on to one another tightly, not wanting to let go.

Then, the doors burst open.

Hiroto: “Yuu!”

Both Hiroto and Kenshin rush into the room, almost tripping over their legs.

Hiroto:  “I heard you got carried to the infirmary.”

The two of them sigh as they confirm my health and safety.

Crawling to the edge of the bed, Hiroto eyes me with Teruki thoughtfully.

Hiroto: “Ken, what’s the definition of a friend?”

Kenshin: “…Dunno. If Yuu’s fine with it then so am I.”

Hiroto: “Well, isn’t that great, Byakko?”

Teruki: “Um…Yuu?”

I don’t want to let go, shaking my head. Then Kenshin latches on to my knee.

Kenshin: “Yuu, while Hiroto and Byakko talk, let’s just stay right here.”

Teruki: “Senpai, in the hallway…please.”

I idly watch as the backs of those two exit the room.

The calloused hands of Kenshin gently brush through my hair and stroke my head. My ears catch the pour of rain outside. The gusts of wind swirling about.

It seems a storm is brewing this season.



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33 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 24: High School – Sixth Part

  1. I missed you!!! Welcome back!! You got to spoil your mother ! So lucky! My mother lives far away! But anyway I can spoil her on any day ! Anyway thanks for the translation ! ( I’m using a lot a exclamations today for some reason ) still this chapter makes me think that there was some foul play involved in the first time Yuu fell down. I hope the people quickly realize that Yuu is not someone you mess with . He has harem full of powerful boys ready to defend him!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Actually I think the incident back then is already a confirmed bullying by that i-forgot-who, by Teruki & Mizuki testimony, and he got crushed by Hiroto then. And now his harem will crushed whoever that guy is. I’m surprised that they don’t think of repercussion of getting Yuu hurt. Maybe they don’t know Hiroto will retaliate, but still!! Do you normally shove someone in the stairs?! What if Yuu’s badly hurt or worse, dead! Won’t they get haunted by guilt?! Tsk, tsk, tsk. Such a foul guy.. 😡


  2. \l(•_•)// Banzai! An update. Thanks for updating. Man, I still can’t believe someone will repeat that incident again. Now, I really am ten time curious about what happened in the actual story.


  3. Chaser!! We’ve missed you~
    I’m glad you and your mother can enjoy Mother’s Day together 😄

    I feel like I miss a few paragraph or something.. Genbu and Yuu suddenly jumped into the middle of that.. 😂
    And this happens again!! After that I-forgot-who in middle school now Yuu is being harrased again!! 😡 I strongly suspect it was a senpai, since Yuu’s peer should be afraid of Hiroto’s retaliation, but maybe students from different middle school doesn’t know Hiroto’s overprotectivenesss. I hope whoever that was will get caught and crushed by Yuu’s harem! Repent, you fools!!
    Actually I’d like it more if Yuu is in a monogamous relationship, but if they’re okay with harem route, I won’t complain either..

    Thank you for the update, chaser,, 😘


    1. Awww thanks for the kind words! I’m also curious about who was the original spreader of the rumors. Maybe it wasn’t even one person…but a whole group. Who knows. I certainly don’t ! Hehe


  4. yuu definitely broke the record of most sent in the infirmary, he wasn’t even hurt…..sigh i wish i was like yuu at least i can skip class and that nurse is always out sigh…what kind of school is this…


    1. LoL if you read Fukigen na Mononokean, there’s a guy that get sent to the infirmary so often from the fist day of school (because a mononoke sticking to him) that he get a nickname “Hanae of the nurse office”

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Hahah!! And omg I read fukigen na mononokean too! It’s technically not bl, but the subtext. The subtext!! ( in reality there probably isn’t any subtext and I’m just crazy hehe)


      1. Hahaha, I don’t see any subtext, but I really like Itsuki & Hanae realtionship, they complemented each other ❤


  5. My favorite character is Teruki followed by Genbu, which Hiroto and Kenshin are doing that only appear when it was bad, when Yuu was pushed Genbu saved him, when Yuu woke up who was next to him was Teruki … …. Hiroto and Kenshin always missing … Thanks for the chapter.


  6. It’s sooooo good
    Thank you very much
    I have a request sorry for being selfish but there is a novel I really want to read it’s a Korean novel name Palace it’s summary is very good hope you will also like it
    Do you think you can translate it
    It’s historical and black
    Can you please try it
    Sorry for being selfish and asking so much but please if you can try it
    It will be very kind of you


    1. Hey there! Don’t apologize it’s fine really. I’ll check it out, but no guarantees. Also until I finish or drop this series, I won’t be taking on another project. So if I do pick this up it’ll be after all that. ^^


  7. It’s tag Harem so I suppose it’s a matter of time before they crowd around Yuu…I’m waiting to see if the Hero will get beckon in their group.


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