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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 25: High School – Seventh Part

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Alright this is very confusing because I confused Suzaku with Sasaki, and ughh.  Long story short, author is fckin with me…

朱雀 suzaku

佐々木 sasaki

Umm?? Author suddenly introduced a mob character out of nowhere, just name dropping him in. And I’m sitting here like ?? who is this guy?? Did they typo Suzaku? I had to read those parts like 5 times to figure what was going on.

Anyway, hey guys ^^

A bit of a comedic scene in here. Also, if you don’t know, Suzaku’s given name is either Hirotaka or Keito. I decided on Keito, and I’ve edited chapters 17 and 18 to reflect that.

This chapter is hella long and full of weird sentences SO. I apologize for the translation. It’s probably like 70% accurate or something…


Chapter 25:

High School – Seventh Part


It’s a few minutes before homeroom starts when I’m just chatting up nonsense with Teruki and Mizuki.

Then, Suzaku walks over to us.

Suzaku: “…Good morning.”

Teruki: “Morning. Where’d you been this morning?”

Suzaku answers Teruki a bit reservedly.

Suzaku: “No…I have something to say to Amano. I would like to have a bit of your time after school, please.”

He stares at me as he says this, and I look down in reflex.

Teruki: “Hey, Yuu. You should probably go by yourself.”

Teruki pats my shoulder and I share his gaze, nodding.

Flash forward to after school

(…Ehh. I wonder what he wants.)

I’m just waiting in the classroom, feeling a bit worried and sad, when Suzaku finally shows up.

Suzaku: “I have kept you waiting. Well, let’s go.”

Yuu: “Y-yes…”

I catch a glimpse of Teruki waving his hands at me. Since Mizuki has club activities, he’s already left for the kendo department.


We walk in silence for a while. Eventually, we end up in a park near the school grounds.

Suzaku: “Is it alright for me to talk to you here?”

Yuu: “Oh, yes…”

We sit on a nearby bench.

(…Ah…I’m so nervous…)

Suzaku: “Amano-kun.”

Yuu: “Huh?…Oh…yes?”

Suzaku: “I am sorry for taking a rude manner with you during the Training Camp.”

Yuu: “Ehh? Uh…what?”

Well, that’s a surprise. I thought he blamed me for some reason, so I didn’t expect an apology.

Suzaku: “…I heard rumors that you were stalking Houou-senpai. I believed them without doing any research…Byakko-kun said I must see the real you before forming any conclusions. But, I don’t know you as a person. So, please teach me…Starting from tomorrow, may I join you in your activities?”

Yuu: “…what about the Student Council members?”

Aren’t they watching over you?

Suzaku: “…I was very grateful for their help, but as of yesterday I have asked to be relinquished from their care. It has been quite a while since I’ve entered high school, and such days won’t last forever. I have also declined the Student Council assistant position. It consists of too many responsibilities for me.”

Yuu: “…I-Is that so…”

Suzaku: “So, how will it be tomorrow? Do you accept?”

Yuu: “I don’t really mind…though do Teruki and Mizuki know about this?”

Suzaku: “Yes, of course.”

This interaction floods my body with a lot of emotions, and I turn to Suzaku and smile.

Yuu: “Ehehe.  I’ve thought about what you said. Suzaku-kun, thank you!”

Suzaku: “…No, thank you for tomorrow.”

Suzaku-kun suddenly stands up with his face red for some reason. Since we’re about the same height, our lines of sight are pretty close.

Suzaku: “Well, then. See you tomorrow.”

And then the next morning, Suzaku-kun starts hanging out with us.

It’s right before homeroom. Huh? There’s an extra desk added to the classroom…

Teacher: “Ah, today Suzaku-kun will be joining our class. Everyone, please get along! Please wake me up after every problem. Sensei is nearing retirement age. alright?”

Suzaku-kun, who has just transferred into our class, is initially checked out by the others, but eventually he’s bombarded with questions.

Suzaku: “Sasaki, since today’s my first day here, what should I do with this print out?”

Sasaki: “Oh, I’ll take it from you. Can you pass it over?”

Suzaku: “Sorry….Has Amano submitted his yet?”

Sasaki: “…Uh….”

Suzaku: “Sasaki. Then please also take Amano’s print out.”


Suzaku: “…Oh, I will hand mine in by myself.”

Sasaki: “I guess I’ve been beaten into a state of submission.”

Suzaku: “Ah, yes. Thank you very much.”

Sasaki: “…Y-yes…..”

And then Sasaki turns away, face all flushed.

Fast forward to our lunch break. I’m having lunch with Suzaku-kun, and it’s just the two of us. Mizuki has to attend a kendo club meeting and Teruki has some other matters to address.

Since I was pushed down the stairs a few days ago, he warned me not to leave the classroom.

Suzaku: “Amano-kun’s lunchbox always looks delicious.”

Yuu: “Oh! Thank you! My housekeeper always packs my favorite sidedishes, but today I helped as well! See this meat roll? That’s all me.”

Suzaku: “Heh. Is that so.”

Suzaku grabs my chopstick wielding hand, and guides the meat roll into his mouth. Does he know about personal space?

Suzaku:”…yeah…mmm. Seriously! What’s this? It’s like a celebration of food mmm…”

is what Suzaku-kun says. And he’s still eyeing my lunchbox with shimmering eyes.

Yuu: “…Um, would you like to share food?”

His eyes shine brightly.

Suzaku: “You…you’re a good guy…at first I gave you a bad attitude and that was terrible of me..oh the fried eggs are also delicious!!”

And after Suzaku-kun finishes my lunch, he drinks a cup of tea with a satisfied expression.

Suzaku: “That was so delicious. I am so sorry, please have my lunch instead.”

Yuu: “Huh? This is some fancy stuff, you know? This is a kaiseki (懐石) lunchbox from a famous lunchbox crafter.”

Suzaku: “It’s not that I dislike fragrant leaves or simmered dishes or fish. I don’t dislike it, but I like eating meat! Meat!!”

Yuu: “…that’s…”

His manner of speech really changed.

Suddenly, someone rushes into the cafeteria all boisterously.

Mysterious person: “Keito-kun! Your beloved uncle has just come back from a business trip♪♪♪♪♪♪!”

Suzaku: “Ugh! It appeared! Weird old man!!”

Chairman: “Keito-kun, you suddenly declined the guidance and care of the Student Council! And you even transferred classes smoothly, too. I heard this from your homeroom teacher. Uncle is worried because you’re so cute. My older sister’s ordinary eyes,  ordinary mouth!! Ordinary height…perfect!”

Suzaku: “Ordinary, ordinary shut up! I don’t need an escort! I don’t need to be monitored! Most importantly, I’ll take care of my own food, clothing, housing, and school expenses. I’d come to this school by any means….And tell my mom what’s with this food!? Do I look vegetarian to you? I want meat! Meat!!”

Chairman: ” Eh, if you eat too much meat it’s no good for your health. If there’s anything important for Keito-kun, just let uncle know…”

Suzaku: “You want to know? Stop selling oil and do your job properly!”

Suzaku kicks the Chairman out into the corridor, and shuts the door, turning back to face me.

Suzaku: “Sorry about that. That strange old man is the Chairman of this school.”

Yuu: “Huh…Suzaku-kun must love the Chairman.”

I take a sip of tea. Huh? Is this the original setting for the Hero?

Suzaku: “Ah, shit. Since it’s a new school I thought I’d be able to live peacefully and honestly. But now, all this is ruined by my uncle. So annoying.”

This sparks a lot of curious looks from our classmates

Student A: “Are you serious about that, Suzaku-kun?”

Student B: “You’re really related to the Chairman?”

Suzaku: “That’s right! …I’m not a spectacle! Go away! …I mean wait…”

Suzaku is now surrounded by bright-eyed students with a lot of questions.

Suzaku: “Why are you pushing Amano away? He’s a good guy.”

I try to say something when I’m interrupted.

Student C: ” Umm…Suzaku-kun…”

Student D: “Amano never says anything. So it’s hard to tell.”

The classmate watches as Suzaku snorts.

Student D: “Ok I can tell, I can tell!”

Student B: “I see it too! Amano’s a good guy!”

I’m hearing them talk and it’s so ridiculous I’m about to flip upside down.

Student E: “Amano-kun…is our angel!”

Student F: “Yeah yeah! I heard during middle school, Amano fell down the stairs. And he lost his memory!

Student G: “He has a cute smile but…it’s so hard to talk to you since Byakko and Seiryuu are always around.”

Student H: “But there are rumors that if you mess with Amano, then Houou-senpai will retaliate.”

Student I : “Since then, the number of Houou-senpai’s fans who dislike Amano have grown.”

Suzaku’s eyebrows furrow as he listens on to these rumors, and with a low voice he asks a question.

Suzaku: “What the heck? What about that the rumor where Amano stalks Houou-senpai even when senpai hates it?”

Student J: “Ah that one? I think I heard it in middle school.”

Student K: “Yes yes! They said every time Amano talks to Houou-senpai, he’d be outrageous. Each time, Amano would get more and more depressed. Oh, but senpai’s fans are getting more and more bold. They’d say such horrible things to Amano! And Amano would just endure it with tears in his eyes…is what I’ve heard.”

Student L: “Yeah! Yeah!”

Suzaku-kun observes his classmates with a thoughtful expression.

Suzaku: “And you guys just watched silently without doing a thing?”

Students: “….”

They all took one look at Suzaku’s eyes and bowed their heads in silence.

Student A: “Amano, we’re sorry!”

Student B: “We all kept quiet when you were being bullied…”

Student C: “It must have been terrible. So sorry!”

Suzaku-kun looks at me and smiles a bit.

Suzaku: “So, you guys all admit it was pretty crummy to sit and do nothing? What should I do then. Beat you guys up?”

Yuu: “Ehh? It’s useless to beat them though?”

I scan the crowd of apologetic students before me.

Yuu: “Thank you for your apologies….after falling down the stairs, I don’t remember much. So if you don’t mind, I’d love to be friends with you all…I’ll be glad if we can all just talk normally…what do you say?”

Student C: “…Amano!”

Student D: “…He really is an angel!”

Student E: “We’re forgiven by an angel!”

(Can you please stop it with the angels?)

And then, the students keep shouting our names. Sasaki-kun, Kimura-kun, and Tanabe-kun. (T/N: I’m guessing these are the 3 students asking Suzaku questions but honestly the raws don’t have any speaker tags and Kimura and Tanabe’s names aren’t even mentioned until now…)

Suzaku-kun looks satisfied for now, but I suddenly move an arm out.

Suzaku: “I’ve heard that story, and Houou-senpai can be seen as the cause of all these rumors, but what about the gossip that Yuu is cold and gloomy?”

Student: “Well, after his memory loss, Amano’s personality really did a total 180…hey, Suzaku?”

Suzaku: “I’m still not totally convinced. I’ll have a talk with Houou-senpai so can you tell me his class?”

After he gets his info, Suzaku runs out of the cafeteria.

Yuu: “…Suzaku-kun?”

Student: “If you don’t hurry now, break will soon end!”

Yuu: “Huh?….uh….”

And I break into a sprint after him.



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33 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 25: High School – Seventh Part

  1. Eh, I’m holding out judgement on Suzaku being all that now
    His protag aura is making things go too easily in his favor
    I don’t trust anyone who suddenly decides to approach our boy >.>


  2. what the heck just happened?!
    by the looks of it Suzaku led the class by the nose
    and i didnt expect the change so suddenly
    I think its completely clear that Yuu is the Hero now

    thanks for the chapter! Got to post a comment after a week!
    keep up the good work! 😀


    1. I’m finally able to reply to comments yay! ANd yea, Suzaku definitely has the Hero’s compelling aura. I think in a sense Yuu IS the hero now, to us anyway, although Suzaku does still enjoy some of the perks (aka charisma etc)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Suzaku chara suddenly changed! I’m not sure if he’s actually a good person or not, I guess we’ll have to wait and see..
    But I think he’s a selfish person, who in the world change class just to be with a friend? Is that even legal? I sense nepotism. That chairman is an M!!
    Thank you for the update~


      1. Actually I have two friends in middle school whose father is the chairman of my school, but, nope, no perks at all. One of that friend is subtly bullied even, because one of the richest kid in school have it in on her. Never knew what the deal with them, but I ignored the rich kid and be her only friend, since that rich kid can’t do anything to me.


      2. Yeah, she’s alright, not like Japanese bullying, just that no one else talk to her and basically treat her like she’s air. I heard she’s doing alright in college tho. ^^


  4. Yeah, I’ll take him. Suzaku’s pretty chill. I’m assuming he was trying to stay on the down low because of his uncle but got a metaphorical slap of reality by Teruki (dude living up to his best character label). Probably realized he was being real douchebag and decided it wasn’t worth being a goody-two-shoes if it meant looking like a scrub. Then he got hit by Yuu’s angel halo. Poor guy.

    Jeez, Yuu actually gained a posse. Gotta get the feelsgoods crew. But man, their description of the past events just really grinds my gears. Hiroto, you should just step aside because there is no way you’re going to be the lead here. And if Yuu actually stays with you in the end, I’m gonna be so disappointed. I need a character to walk up to Hiroto and wail on him. Seriously, everything is his fault.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Eh they all bullied him, apologize for that, not just about being a spectator.

    … newly discovered bl and I was blown away by the quick updates! Regardless of everything, it’s a fun read. Thank you for the hard work and your personal humor.


  6. I think suzaku is planning SOMETHING
    But it’s still fun to read itt
    And thanks for the hard work
    Thanks for replying


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