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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 27: High School – Ninth Part

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Okay guys, I have some important news to announce.

I can’t update daily anymore ;_;

I know most of you saw this coming a mile away (cough)

I apologize to everyone; I miscalculated how much free time I actually have. That is my own issue.

However, I’ll still be updating every 2-3 days, depending on chapter length. AKA, longer chapters will take longer to push out.  Even if I do MTL’s, because google translate is a COMPLETE and utter mess, it usually takes me 2-3 hours to finish a chapter. And then I have to edit it too…

But, I still want to do this alone. It’s one of my selfish wishes to be a 1 man army XD

Thanks for everyone who stuck by this crummy translation ^^

Until next time!


Chapter 27:

High School – Ninth Part


I desperately chase after Suzaku-kun.

After being notified of where Hiroto is, Suzaku runs up the stairs to the Student Council office.

Suzaku: “Is Houou-senpai here?”

Inside the room is Hiroto, Teruki, and Genbu-senpai.

Hiroto: “…Yuu? Is there something the matter?”

Because I chased Suzaku up the stairs, I’m breathing hard trying to catch my breath. All the while Teruki rubs at my back with concern.

Suzaku: “I heard all the rumors from my classmates! Like how Amano’s stalking you senpai, and how you hate it! This is all BS! Because of you, Yuu is getting bullied you asshole!”

Hiroto: “……”

Teruki: “……”

Genbu: “……”

The air in the room tanks a couple degrees.

It’s Genbu-senpai who breaks the silence.

Genbu: “Ahahaha! I’m sorry, my stomach hurts. You’re blunt. And you’ve said exactly what I wanted to say.  It was one of Houou’s groupies that shoved Yuu down the stairs the last time…looked like a 3rd year to me.”

Suzaku: “…? Amano, you’ve been pushed down the stairs?”

Yuu: “…Uh…yeah…”

He shoots Hiroto an amazed look.

Suzaku: “Houou-senpai sure is popular. Always smiling that fake smile, and everyone just swarms over you. Speaking of which, the Student Council also seems wrapped around your finger”**

Hiroto: “…Byakko? What the heck…this guy.”

Teruki: “That’s classmate Suzaku-kun ~.”

Genbu: “Now now, the number of interesting kids here have increased.” says the  Head of Public Morals Committee Chair, Genbu-senpai, in a lazy voice. A bit to the side, Teruki chats with Suzaku-kun.

Teruki: “Suzaku, it’s like your character suddenly changed.”** (T/N: totally guessing here.)

Suzaku: “Huh? …that’s one of my bad traits. I was pretty disrespectful earlier. Oh and Byakko? Have you done tomorrow’s daily math worksheet yet?”

Teruki: ” I don’t really understand what the teacher says in class~.”

Suzaku: “This is how you know you and I are friends.”

Teruki: “…Sigh, that again, huh.”

Suzaku: “…Looks like you’ve been working hard lately. But when we’re together, you really do look like you’re having fun.”**

Teruki: “What the heck.”

I watch the lively chatter before me.

Everyone seems to be having a good time, gathering around and laughing with Suzaku-kun.

Awesome. This must be the Hero’s aura…yeah. Suzaku is practically sparkling, his straightforward and dazzling soul the center of attention.

From now on, he’ll be able to move those around him, with him as the core. This kind of change in character was a bit unexpected.

( I…have to be extremely careful not to be dragged down by the Villain’s fate.)

I guess while I’ve been idle, the novel’s events have progressed without me knowing. I glance up only to see Genbu-senpai looking at me, smiling warmly.

Genbu: “…Well, I think the Public Morals Committee will be placing a guard on Rabbit-chan.

Yuu: “Hah….eh?”

Teruki: “Don’t tell me you don’t understand what’s coming next?”

Suzaku: “That kind of thing… Can’t Houou-senpai just declare that he has no relation to Amano?”

Suddenly, a loud clamor sounded throughout the room. From the corner of the lounge walks Hiroto, stopping in front of Suzaku. Suzaku’s face pales as he’s herded against a wall.

Hiroto: “Shut up, you. Yuu and I have no relationship? Such a lie will get no forgiveness from me. This matter deals with the Student Council President. If it separates Yuu and I, don’t be surprised if I show no mercy.”

Teruki: “Senpai! Come over here, Suzaku! That person is not someone you want to piss off.”

Suzkau: “What’s with this guy? Alright, then what happens with Amano?”

“I guess that’s not good enough of an explanation…come, Yuu.”

What the heck. I really don’t want to go at all. Hiroto sees my hesitation and reaches out a hand towards me.

Hiroto: “…Yuu?”

Slowly breaking free from the crowd, Hiroto beams a smile at me.

And he pulls me closer to him.

Yuu: “…nn!”

He kisses me on the spot. Deeply and passionately, our saliva mixing as one.

He licks the saliva dripping down the side of my mouth. And he pecks me lightly once more, before smiling and hugging me close to his chest. His laughter echoes in the room.

Hiroto: “…This guy is mine.”

Because I’m stunned, I didn’t notice it then. When Hiroto kissed me, Genbu-senpai was staring and Teruki’s face became totally pale.

I didn’t notice this at all.

Suzaku: (Huh? Just now, was Amano kissed by senpai? …This is a dream. Yeah, I must be dreaming.)





Ending Notes:

** I really have a cat’s ass of an idea of what’s being said in these lines. Sorry guys…I’m just relying on context clues at this point.

Also does anyone find it weird that Kenshin’s not here?



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  1. Kenshin is probably busy with the Rurouni Kenshin taping. He’ll be back after saving some people. 😂 And thanks for the chapter.

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  2. i’m gonna miss the almost daily updates.
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  3. Thanks for the update, chaser,,
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    I’m still undecided about Suzaku character, from the conversation above, I could see that he is a bit of a spoiled kid. Such a selfish thing to say to Hiroto, no wonder Hiroto doesn’t agree. But I still hope Suzaku is not Yuu’s enemy.


    1. I feel like Suzaku will become an ally to Yuu. At least, that’s what I’d like to see ^^

      If I knew the language I’d do 1-2 chapters a day, but alas I’m illiterate in Japanese…;_;


    that’s a good way to put a mark on someone!! xD
    oh man Hiroto just nailed it!
    and i love the attitude change of Suzaku

    its been long since i’ve comment! Thanks for the chapter! 😀


  5. It’s okay if you can’t update this every day, at least you don’t update this trans once a year or drop this trans (∏へ∏). I’m already grateful…


  6. Well, now we know where the Demon title came from.
    And the Hero’s so clueless! I almost wish he gets the yaoi-treatment!


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