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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 28: High School – Tenth Part

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Asterisks ** denote lines that may not be entirely correct.

This chapter has some juicy parts for all us mature adults *nose bleeds.* So I’ll be rating it R-18.

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Also, did you guys hear what happened to Wuxiaworld? Rip WW man…I started CN’s from Coiling Dragon…


Chapter 28:

High School – Tenth Part


“Good morning. Today I’ll be Amano-kun’s bodyguard. My name is Kanzaki. Nice to meet you.”


Yuu: “Oh, yes! Nice to meet you!”

Kanzaki: “We’re in the same class, so don’t let it bother you too much…see you later.”

Kanzaki-kun doesn’t even spare me a glance before setting off.

For the next few days, nothing really happens. I enjoy my life peacefully without a single worry.

Yuu: “Today is also a good day~. Yay.~”

Right now I’m playing my mobile game at home. Noticing that my drink is finished, I glance at the clock in the room. Its hands read 9PM.

Yuu: “…I guess I should head for the convenience store.”

I put on a parka, kick on some sneakers. And I’m out the door.

It doesn’t take long before I’m at the store, and I’m throwing in drinks into my shopping basket while glancing at other items.

Yuu: “…! A new brand of ice cream? Getting it!”

After completing my checkout at the cashier and leaving the store, my eyes pick up the sight of a group of high schoolers loitering right outside.

One of them makes eye contact with me, but I swiftly get on my bike and ride off. Quickly, quickly back to my house.

Yuu: “Wow…those guys were scary…ah!”

Standing right in front of my house is a demon.

Hiroto: “…I called your cell earlier but you didn’t pick up. And your home phone didn’t go through either. I was worried about you, you know?”

Yuu: “…Yeah. I’m sorry.”

Hiroto: “And now, it seems like a bunch of high schoolers troubled you. You absolutely cannot leave your house alone.”

Yuu: “…Yes.”

Hiroto’s presence exudes a lot of pressure. (T/N: there’s talk about “1 hr” but I have no idea what that refers to so I’ll leave it out)

Hiroto: ” So? Did you buy something?”

Yuu: “Ah, that’s right…Um I found a new brand of ice cream. Let’s eat it together.”

I’m prepared for this situation.

After all that’s said tomorrow, maybe Hiroto’s mind will change!

Yuu: “Hiroto can take this spoon~.”

Hiroto: “Mmm….I’ll take a bite.”

Yuu: “Really? Ok, that’s fine, aa~nn.”

I bring a spoonful of ice cream into Hiroto’s mouth.

Yuu: “Does it taste good, Hiroto? Ok, my turn~. Oh, it’s delicious. Vanilla flavored♪.”

It’s too much work to change the spoon, so I don’t bother doing it. As I’m licking the treat, I can sense Hiroto staring at me.

Yuu: “…? You’re still here?”

Hiroto: “…Yeah. Well, I guess I should have more after all.”

He takes my spoon with the ice cream and eats it, while grabbing the back of my head.

Yuu: “….nn…..Hiroto, what are you….nn….”

The taste of vanilla rushes through my mouth. My tongue, tasting of ice cream and entangled with his, is being sucked on, so much that I’m afraid it’ll get sprained.

Hiroto: “…Yuu…”

Yuu: “…nn aahh….”

Hiroto: “…Yuu…can I have you…?”

His crimson orbs clouded with desire reflects back on my own.

For some reason, the feeling of happiness surges through my body, from the roots of my hair to the tips of my toes. I kiss Hiroto back softly.

Since when have I started feeling this way? To feel glad when Hiroto desired for me?

Even though he’s supposed to be attracted to Suzaku, the Hero…right now I have his full attention.

Kissing him again, the image of violet eyes suddenly flash through my mind.

Yuu: “……?”

Hiroto: “…Yuu, will you let me? What do you think?…Well, can I put it inside Yuu today?”

Yuu: “…Uh..huh? It’s…impossible…”

Hiroto: “It’ll be okay….Hey, move a bit closer.”

He holds my back, positioning me in a way so that I can penetrate myself.

Hiroto: “Yes…from here on Yuu can take the lead.”

Yuu: “…nn…no way…cut it out…”

Hiroto: “…Does this…feel good?”

He rubs against my entrance on purpose. Continuing the stimulation,  moving along with his attacks.**

At that point I made up my mind, grasping my two hands onto his body, and I lower myself on to him.

Yuu: “…aah…oh…nn…deeper…deep inside…”

Hiroto: “…Yuu…you’ve worked hard…I’ll give you a reward…”

Yuu: “…aa….yaaa…”

At Hiroto’s intense thrusting, I’m desperately panting and screaming.

I wonder if I’ll soon lose all reason…

Waking up later in the night, I notice that Hiroto and I are sharing my bed. I study his sleeping face.

How long can I keep doing this?

Will Hiroto seek me in the future?

As I ponder this, the tip of my nose presses on to something.  I gently rub my nose against Hiroto’s chest as he sleeps.

I…don’t dislike Suzak-kun.

He’s kind of fun. Very upright and charismatic.

The two of them surely are a match made in heaven.




It’ll definitely be okay.



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19 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 28: High School – Tenth Part

  1. Thank you for the update,,
    I’m a bit confused there, Hiroto knows that Yuu left home, but how come he knows about that briefly mentioned high schooler?
    I rarely read novel form wuxia, some part because there’s so many chapter, I’m afraid I’m going to forgone sleeping if I start reading them, some part because I haven’t find any interesting novel.


    1. I think what we have here is proof that Hiroto is a stalker XD. He was probably watching Yuu from his own window (remember how he can see into Yuu’s room from his own) and saw that Yuu left the house.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. the ice cream is at fault! xD

    but if Yuu really loves Hiroto then shouldn’t he pursue him and not let Ken and the others lead on…
    also its a BL game right? then that means Hiroto isnt the only capture target, he can lead Suzaku to another target but as it shows it seems that Yuu is the Hero and everyone is very much attracted to him, making his assumptions about Suzaku and Hiroto a complete misunderstanding.
    i really do hope he at least notice the feelings of others towards him, i mean he’s too focus on his knowledge about the game. ITS REALITY!!

    anyway thanks for the chapter! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. i know right, there’s a limit to one’s idiocy. its soooo obvious and yet he can’t even grasp that! even Hiroto’s feeling wont reach him and they already done the deed too many times.. seriously unbelievable

        Liked by 2 people

  3. thanks for the update~
    ahh i started with coiling dragon too.. several translators are even dropping works because of that issue with qidan..


  4. Wait, wait, who has violet eyes ? GENBU-SENPAI ! THE SHIP IS SAILING, MY FRIENDS.
    So Yuu, please, forget Hiroto. Go after Genbu and Teruki.

    Thank you for this chapter ❤


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