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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 30: High School – Twelfth Part

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HOLY CRAP I made a terrible translation error last chapter >.<

I described one of the student council members as a “beautiful woman.” Well guess what? It’s actually a dude XD. Should have known better, there are no girls in japanese BL novels…

I’ll edit that part shortly. Sorry!!

(Sometimes I really wish the author would give speaker tags, because half the time I don’t know for sure who’s speaking…)

Asterisks (**) denote extra wonky translations as always

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EDIT: 6/8/2017 Changed Renmyouji to Hasumyouji.


Chapter 30:

High School – Twelfth Part

Right as I’m about to run off, someone stops me from leaving the classroom.

Student: “…You over there! You forgot these documents.”

That gorgeous person from before is speaking to me.

Yuu: “….uh…”

Beautiful student: “Please deliver these to your teacher.”

Yuu: “…oh, thank you very much.”

He approaches me to hand over the papers. This person really does smell nice…

Beautiful student: “Amano-kun…are you Hiroto-senpai’s childhood friend?”

Yuu: “Woah! Uh, yeah. When I was little…I became Houou-senpai’s neighbor.”

Beautiful student: “Right…they say as we grow up the friendships made in our childhood weaken, don’t you think? Hiroto-senpai always discusses many topics, but rarely has he mentioned you…I’m a transfer student in the high school division, so there are many things about this school that I don’t know yet.”

Yuu: “….Haa…”

Beautiful Student: “I’m Hasumyouji Satsuki. Are you a…second-year?”

Yuu: “…Oh, I’m Amano Yuu.”

Hasumyouji: “I see. Oh, hey. Can I call you Yuu? We should hang out next time.”

Yuu: “Huh? Oh…I don’t mind what you call me…and I have supplementary classes during summer vacation.”

Hasumyouji: “Hm? Oh, hehe…that’s okay. We can meet at night…keep it a secret from Hiroto-senpai though, okay? Make a promise with me.”

Yuu: “…? Umm..”

I picture in my mind the people who would get angry over my nightly adventures.

Ah, no way. Just imagining it scares me…

Yuu: ” Yeah, sorry. I can’t promise that. But thanks for inviting me.”

Hasumyouji: “Really? …Well it is what it is.”

Suzaku: “Ahh…hey! Amano! You jerk! Just keep walking! Does it really suck that bad to be around me?!”

At that hairbreadth of a second, the beautiful face of Hasumyouji-senpai transforms into the cold smile of a Noh mask.

I could feel the change while Suzaku is talking to me. But when I turn back to Hasumyouji-senpai, I am left with his dazzling lotus-like appearance once again.

Hasumyouji: “I’ll see you around…Amano-kun.”

Yuu: “Ah, yes. Please excuse me.”

As I send off my senior (who walks away with graceful steps), I’m still feeling unclear and unsettled.

Suzaku: “Hey! Amano! …What’s wrong? Your complexion is pale.”

Yuu: “…Yeah…really, huh. I’m fine.”

Suzaku: “Just now…that was Hasumyouji-senpai, right? What did they talk about?”

Yuu: “Mhm. I was invited to hang out during the evening…I declined though.”

Suzaku: “Hehh….I’m weak against those upperclassmen…they’re good looking but…I like the same kind of prettiness you have, Amano.”**

Yuu: “Pftt. T-thank you..?”

Suzaku: “That kind of answer.”**

Yuu: “What?”

Suzaku: “I just opened my heart to you but you laugh. If you buy me juice I’ll forgive you.”

Yuu: “Ehh. Well, it can’t be helped.”

After purchasing juice for Suzaku, I look in the direction of the Student council office.

The appearance of Hasumyouji-senpai in the novel.

First of all, when does this story even start?

As I’m lost in my thoughts, I see Mizuki walking towards me. He’s probably just finished with his own club meeting. Suzaku-kun waves his hand as he calls out to Mizuki.

Suzaku: “…Oh. Seiryuu-chan. Hey~.” (T/N: It really does say chan!! lmao)

Mizuki: “Ohh. I’m also drinking juice…hm? Yuu?”

Yuu: “Ah, I lost track of time. Kind of a usual thing for me.”

Mizuki: “…By the way, big bro Ken is aiming for the kendo National competition. It’s gong to be super exciting. The club seniors are also inspired by this. So right now my blood’s pumping.”

Suzaku: “…And you’re planning on taking Amano with you?”

Mizuki: “Well, there are also people who like kendo and who are devoted to the sport attending. Although Yuu and I are from the same class, I’m kind of jealous I don’t get to hang out with him more often due to my club activities. For some reason, I feel strongly about this.”**

Suzaku: “…Still, I don’t want to be separated from Amano.”**

Mizuki: “…I see…”

Suzaku: “….?”

Mizuki: “Big bro ken had a good friend who’s the same age as me. Aka Yuu. But I only started talking to Yuu in middle school. At first, I thought that guy had a dangerous atmosphere. But…ever since he fell down the stairs…I couldn’t keep quiet about it anymore. Big bro Ken and Hiroto-san too…yeah, I felt uneasy leaving Yuu alone.”

Suzaku: “…Surely those guys lack the ability to comprehend. Byakko is better…”

Mizuki: “That’s right. Teruki orbiting around Yuu is a common sight…Yuu’s a good guy. Oh? He shoots, he scores!”

Mizuki chucks the plastic bottle. It travels a perfect parabola before falling into the trash bin.

Suzaku laughs a bit before tossing his own bottle into the trash.

Suzaku: “That side of Amano is nice and easy to get along with…I don’t want to head back to class, but I must. Hey, Amano. let’s go.”

Yuu: “Woah, it’s already this late? We got to hurry!”

Suzaku: “Amano’s really panicking, huh? Come on, let’s run.”



Ending Notes:

Okay, idk why Mizuki just suddenly broke into a monologue talking about his past with Yuu. It felt completely out of nowhere…then again, it could be google translate being a troll XD




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23 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 30: High School – Twelfth Part

  1. Thank you for the update,,
    Hmm, true, no female is ever mentioned in this series (except the housekeeper and parents) I guess the setting is in all-boy highschool..
    Do you think this new guy is an enemy to Yuu? Or to Suzaku?


    1. This Renmyouji character seems to have a crush on Hiroto and as a result seems to not like Yuu much. Remember how when Yuu turned around, he could practically feel the cold smile on Renmyouji’s face? Also he invited Yuu out at night alone, and asked Yuu not to let Hiroto know. Maybe I’m looking too much into this, but I really feel like this is foreshadowing to me.


      1. Or maybe.. He falls in love with Yuu and didn’t like anyone else getting close to him? 😆 Like a certain possessive guy 😛
        One could only hope, I don’t like Yuu getting all the heat. His harem member should experience it for Yuu!


    1. I think Renmyouji dislikes Yuu because he’s jealous of the fact that hiroto and Yuu are childhood friends. This guy obviously has a crush on hiroto. Remember how Renmyouji made that offhand remark about how childhood friends stop being close as they grow up, and that hiroto doesn’t even mention Yuu to his friends ever? Or how Yuu felt Renmyouji’s face twist into a cold Noh mask smile as Yuu turned away for a second? Even that invite to hang out late at night was fishy. He asked Yuu to promise not to let hiroto know, like what??


  2. At least the MC has the sense not to go out alone, at night, not telling anybody with the suspicious newcomer.
    Thanks for the trans.


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