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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 31: High School – Thirteenth Part

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Hi everyone ^^

So… we have some drama coming up. Also, something many people have guessed is coming true 😀

Were you one of the ones who predicted it?

Asterisks (**) denote wonky translations. This is an MTL, so there are bound to be mistakes in here. I don’t consider myself a translator, and instead more of just an excited fan ^^

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EDIT: 6/8/2017 Changed Renmyouji to Hasumyouji.

Chapter 31:

High School – Thirteenth Part

“…The snake has started to move…hehe…Well, what shall I do…?”

“Is it alright for the escort to maintain the status quo?”



“The wind blows from the south…Bunny-chan, what will you do?”


Yuu: “…Eh…”

Out of nowhere Suzaku-kun knocks on my desk, before asking me a question.

Suzaku: “So~. I heard rumors that Houou-senpai is accompanying Hasumyouji-senpai somewhere! You didn’t hear anything about this?”

Yuu: “…Hiroto likes Suzaku-kun.” (T/N: I think here Yuu is trying to convince himself that Hiroto is destined to be with Suzaku. So he shouldn’t feel bad about hearing that Hiroto’s out with another person.)

Suzaku: “…Are you sleeping? Ah~. He~llo? Are you awake~? Don’t say creepy things! Wow…Look! I’ve got goosebumps!”

Yuu: “…Eh?”

Suzaku: “It’s not ‘eh!’ Ah chills… It’s so chilly.”

Teruki: “…Yuu…Where did you even get that idea from?”

Teruki calls out to me looking amazed.

Yuu: “Ehh? That’s because…” it’s like that in the novel.

Starting from the time when Suzaku-kun fell under the care of the Student Council, he should have already garnered Hiroto’s attention.


When will the story start?

It’s already July.

“…Huh….? Nnn….?”

As I’m suffering, Teruki speaks to me in a concerned voice.

Teruki: “…Well…Oh…Yuu, are you okay?”

Yuu: “…Nn…?”

Teruki: “…No, so…”

Student: “Is Byakko-kun jealous that Houou-senpai is accompanying Hasumyouji-senpai somewhere?…Is he alright? I didn’t say any of this~.”**

Student: “That’s right. During middle school whenever I saw Houou-senpai accompanying someone I’d feel like crying.”

(…Oh…) It’s been a long time since I’ve heard these kind of things!

I can see the two people who uttered those words.

I’ve never spoken much to them though we are classmates. With well-organized faces, they’re the type that’s confident with themselves.**

Surely…they’re fans of Hiroto.

Student: “Generally speaking, Hasumyouji-san is more suitable than that guy. And he’s the childhood friend. It’s not even a fight.”**

Moreover, Hasumyouji-senpai’s fans.

Student: “Just because he’s entered high school, he thinks he can turn from the childhood friend to someone else? Ahaha.”

I think about this for a little bit.

Hiroto hasn’t said anything to me about all this. However, it’s also true that we haven’t met up to talk in a while. The last time I saw him was in the Student Council office. That’s right! He was trying to talk to me! He was trying to tell me about meeting up with Hasumyouji-senpai!

But, why?

Thinking about Hiroto going out with Suzaku-kun is such a painful experience. Him going out with Hasumyouji-senpai doesn’t shock me as much.

But, this is my ordeal.

If you get jealous here and copy the novel Amano Yuu’s behavior, all you’ll get is a death flag!

I’ll have to watch those two warmly…!

Suzaku: “Hey~, Amano. Come back here.”

Teruki: “…Yuu? Because of your brooding and lack of action, those two people are already out somewhere singing~.” (T/N: Not sure if they mean Hiroto and Hasumyouji, or those two gossipers. Probably the gossipers.)

Suzaku: “Amano~? Are you alive?”

Yuu: “Haah. Hm? Am I dreaming?”

While Teruki strokes my head, he stares at me and smiles.

Teruki: “…dreaming fool…Ah~…what’s senpai’s reason for doing this? I’m concerned.”

Suzaku-kun and Mizuki also voices their encouragement for me.

Suzaku: “That’s right. That sticky quality of yours won’t give up so easily, right?

Mizuki: “I haven’t told big bro Ken anything.”

Yuu: “…Yeah. I’ll watch those two warmly! I don’t want to die!”

Teruki: “…Hah? Why is death involved?”

Yuu: “Because right now I have Byakko by my side…and Mizuki, and Suzaku-kun! It’ll be okay!”

Mizuki: “…Hey, are you’re forgetting big bro Ken?”

Teruki strokes my head again. It feels nice when he rubs it. And he grins gently at me. I’m happy and I smile a lot.

Yuu: “…I always used to think of how Hiroto and Suzaku-kun would fall in love. Just imagining it made me feel lonely.”

Suzaku: “…! Stop it! Please stop it!”

“Accompanying Hasumyouji-senpai, honestly… that’s it. I wondered why I was so lonely when it was Suzaku.”**

I pause before saying one word.

“Um…I liked Hiroto when I was young, but I also like Suzaku-kun. So when the two of you started getting close I thought I felt lonely, because  it was like my childhood friend and my other friend  were leaving me.”

Suzaku: “…Amano.”

Yuu: “Hey… thank you for being my friend. Ah, but if you guys do go out, please let me know okay? Wouldn’t want to hear it through the rumor mill, right?”**

Suzaku: “How~ev~er that won’t happen! Where are these thoughts coming from…? I’m sorry about this…! Ye~ah…”

Suzaku groans as he looks at me and before I can think, he’s already near by.

And then he grabs on to my shoulder, pulling me close to him.

Yuu: “…What…..?”

Suzaku: “…I prefer this one.”

Suzaku-kun whispers this into my ear.

I think my face is flushed.

Teruki: “Suzaku! What are you doing?”

Mizuki: “Don’t kiss~! It’ll be a pain if big bro Ken finds out!”

Knowing that he’d be strangled by Teruki, Suzaku-kun smiles mischievously and puts in his tongue.


I knew this would happen XD


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27 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 31: High School – Thirteenth Part

  1. Thank you for the update ❤❤
    So Suzaku is now firmly in Yuu’s harem. Good for Yuu, he have more ally now.
    And oh, poor Yuu, again with all those rumors, I want Hiroto to suffer too!!
    Anyway, I find it strange that so many is against Yuu, isn’t he supposed to be cute or beautiful?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yeah, but think about it. There are only two ways to feel about cute or beautiful people who are also super oblivious and naive: you either fall in love with them or detest them. Tbh, if i were in the story, i’d be one of the people who are annoyed by yuu’s existence.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. *gasp* but why??
        From the looks of it, Yuu is keeping quite a low profile since reincarnated. I’d imagine he won’t antagonize anyone. More like a frightened little bunny. I can’t help but want to protect him..

        Liked by 1 person

    2. half of me thinks he’s adorable and wants to protect him, but the other half is utterly disgusted by his sickeningly cute and defenseless self. however, all of me is glad i don’t have to deal with someone like him irl. either way sounds like a real pain.
      it’s true he wouldn’t antagonize someone else, and that’s fine, but it just pisses me off when he doesn’t try to defend himself when he’s being bullied.
      well, i’ve never been bullied before, so i probably shouldn’t judge.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. True, if it’s me, I definitely wouldn’t timidly receive such thing like bullying of any kind. But I’ve never been bullied either, so.. 😁
        I also think Yuu could learn to have some backbone at least. No need to be aggressive like Suzaku, but he should try to stand up for himself, more so if he really want to be independent.

        Liked by 2 people

    3. Thanks for reading and commenting! And regarding why some people are against Yuu, they might be jealous of him. As in his looks and his relationship (childhood friends) with Hiroto. Remember, Hiroto has plenty of fans and we all know how fanclubs can be XD


      1. I see, yes I could understand that Hiroto’s fan woud be jealous of his cute childhood friend..
        Love is blind is it? Tsk tsk


  2. KYAAAA!! that was very unexpected!!
    i cant believe that Suzaku kiss Yuu!
    but seriously how dense can he be, I mean not only did he misunderstood Suzaku and Hiroto’s relationship but he also didnt notice Suzaku’s feeling!
    there should be a limit to how dense he can be
    plus the peanut gallery should just shut up and remain in the sidelines just like how they should be! they dont have the right to judge Yuu like that

    anyway thanks for the update! 😀


  3. I knew it !!! * Cue victory dance * . Now let’s see what that Yuu obsessed hiroto is up to ! And no ken for so many chapters ! Missing him !
    Thanks for the chapter !


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