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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 32: High School – Fourteenth Part

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Hi everyone ^^. We’ve breached 100k views!!

Holy crap the sentences are especially wonky today. Not to mention, this chapter is so long. Like damn. My worst nightmare is translating an endless monologue; these spring up a lot this chapter! I’m really sorry about the quality of today’s post. Just think of it as a less headache-inducing version of lntl XD (I’m sure you all know that site)

Good news is, my pleb self found a neat website (tanoshiijapanese.com) that works better than google translate for words/small phrases, and is quicker to use than my English-Japanese dictionary and textbook. So, hopefully that would make things less awkward sounding (and more accurate)!! I’ll probably be using this resource to fix many of the previous chapters…ahem.


Renmyouji (蓮妙寺) has been changed to Hasumyouji. IDK why google said it was “REN” -__- my bad sorry guys…

Hasu (蓮) literally means sacred lotus, which was how Hasumyouji was described to look like in the first meeting.

Asterisks (**) = holy crap I barely understand what’s happening but I’m gonna try my best anyway. Just take those lines with a grain of salt.


Chapter 32:

High School – Fourteenth Part

Today we’re having a study session at Suzaku-kun’s house.

Teruki is tutoring Suzaku-kun and me for the supplementary lessons.

Teruki: “…Yuu? Your backpack is so full.** What do you have in there?” (T/N: Raws say the backpack is going “panpan.” Not sure if that’s an onomatopoeia. I changed it to “full” because a reader said that might be the meaning for it.)

Yuu: “Ehehehe~ secret! Teruki, have you ever seen Suzaku-kun’s house before?”

Teruki: “Ah, surely it’s where the Chairman lives…oh here…?”

“…!! Fuoooo.” (T/N: I think that’s the sound effect of someone blowing out air from surprise.)

Super! It’s a mansion.

Truthfully I thought we would use my house, but Teruki didn’t want to give Hiroto any incentive to come over, along with other stuff I didn’t really understand. So we ended up going to Suzaku-kun’s house instead.

Suzaku: “Oh! We’re here. Welcome…Well, please go up to my room…”

Yuu: “..Hii..!” (T/N: This is a shriek, pronounced as “hee.” Not a greeting XD)

Suzaku: “…That’s just an ornament. Don’t worry about it.”

Chairman: “Ehehe…Keito-kun with friends…my nephew’s growing up…! …! I’m shedding tears of gratitude…”

The Chairman peeks out from a corner of the room.

Suzaku-kun pokes his open textbook with a pencil.

Suzaku: “…Byakko, I don’t understand this part over here.”

Teruki: “First of all, think it over by yourself…Yuu are you good?”

Yuu: “Yeah and uh…nn…”

Suzaku: “Hold on, let me watch you start from the beginning. It’s hopeless…you, there… Yuu, how did you pass the promotion exam?”*

Yuu: “At that time Hiroto wouldn’t stop supervising me…one way or another.”

I don’t understand after all,  groaning in place and laying down to chat with Suzaku-kun. He seems to have given up thinking through the problems.** (T/N: Raws say Yuu “ゴロン (goron)” and lays down to talk to Suzaku. I have no idea what the author means by ゴロン. Maybe they’re using katakana for the English word “groan.”)

Suzaku: “…Come to think of it, how did that thing with Houou-senpai go?”

Teruki: “Beats me…I witnessed he and Hasumyouji-senpai going to that place several times over….It’s strange. Yuu, have you heard from Houou-senpai about that?”

Yuu: “…nn? Yeah? Haven’t heard a thing~.”

Teruki: “…What are you saying…? That senpai, you’re not burning with jealousy, depending and  waiting for them to return?”**

Yuu: “Nope~…how so? Well it’s not a probable story. That person is pretty awkward and clumsy.”

Suzaku: “Oh yeah, I’m going to conveniently kill myself….Amano~ I’m going to call senpai…do you want to speak to them?”

Yuu: “Ehh~? That would be rude to Hasumyouji-senpai. It’s best to not bother them if you don’t have any business with them.”

Suzaku: “…Nonono…no? No way.”

Teruki: “Is there such a thing? That’s…no good. Now I’m feeling stressed out. Well for now anyway study, just study!”

We work our hardest for the time being. Mainly, Teruki.

During the break, I take out the sweets that were stuffed into my backpack. The other two are amazed by the sheer amount, but don’t seem to mind.

I’m supplying sugar to my brain. After filling my stomach, I’m drowsy…and I fall asleep.


(The rest of this chapter is in Suzaku’s POV)

Suzaku: “…What the? Amano, that guy, he’s sleeping. Falling asleep after a full stomach, he’s like a child. A child.”

While  Byakko lovingly strokes Yuu, I… Suzaku Keito declare what I wanted to say to Byakko since forever.

Suzaku: “Ah~ sorry. I had a very bad attitude during our first meeting.”

Teruki: “…Oh? Oh, that’s right. You fought hard with Yuu~.”

Suzaku: ” I was terrible! I was blown away by the people in the Student Council!!  Because you were fighting so strongly, I wanted to be friends with you…I thought you were being deceived by Amano…well the real Amano is just a natural ditz…Even so, why did the Student Council badmouth him?”

Teruki: “…Who knows…I also don’t get it.”

I breathe in deeply. That’s the number one main topic, the challenge that I wanted to hear about.

Suzaku: “…Byakko…you, do you like him?”

Teruki: “…Why do you ask?”

Suzaku: “…Haah. Like they always say, it’s reflected in your eyes.  Your face shows your enduring  love for Amano’s alk. I’m surprised Amano hasn’t noticed.”

Teruki keeps silent while staring at Amano, before slowly kissing him. Of course, it’s on the cheek.

Teruki: “…Yeah~. How should I say this? I’m confident that to Yuu… I’m his best friend I think…At the time there was a man who desired Yuu.  I accepted his request to be the man who will protect Yuu…The upperclassman used their own thoughts to attack him…Yuu also seemed to be somewhat mentally anguished by that…Right now things seem to have gotten better…since that time. Now I will protect Yuu. I can do anything for Yuu. I think …that’s the shape of the present…”

Suzaku: “…Sigh…then if…Yuu…Byakko, what would you do if you were asked for such a meaning?”

Teruki: “…Nn~you’ve got a point…”

Teruki looks like he’s thinking over his behavior and closes his eyes.

And then he opens his eyes, cracking a smile and laughing while he looks at me.

Teruki: “…If that happens…I’ll have to spoil him even more. Did you think that while I’m not around, I’d let him go?** …Well, it’s bad for me, but for Yuu I’ll become the absolute safe zone. Unconditionally protecting him.”

Suzaku: “…Isn’t that hard?”

Teruki: “…I’ll be by Yuu’s side, by any means possible. If it can make Yuu laugh then I’m all for it.”

Suzaku: ” Byakko you…you’re a masochist…aren’t you..?”

Teruki: “…What the heck…I’m just patient.”

Byakko glances lightly at me, before stroking Amano who is snuggling cheerfully. That seems to make Byakko happy again.

Suzaku: “Rather than that, will Houou-senpai be okay? If his reaction is too strong, it’ll just go the opposite way that he wants.”

Teruki: “…Suzaku…what kind of person is Hasumyouji-senpai?”

Suzaku: “…Well that’s…he’s a guy that has amazing appeal and is aiming for Houou-senpai. He also casually checked and watched over me.”**

Teruki: “…Sigh…you don’t say.”

Suzaku: “What?”

Teruki: “No…there’s no way he himself knows about the rumors. I wonder if the rumors can break through to senpai’s ears like a horse…Wow. If that was truly done, that’ll be the worst.”**

Suzaku: “…Hah? What’s the worst?”

Teruki:”…Eh? Does senpai know about this rumor? Even if he’s too  busy to meet Yuu, he can easily call his phone.”** (T/N: I’m not sure which rumor they are referring to, tbh. Maybe the whole Hasumyouji x Hiroto thing.)

“Suzaku: “Ah. And then?”

Teruki: “Yuu must refrain from contacting him. I understand. It’ll be lonely. He’ll want to see senpai and cling to that desire.”

Suzaku: “…that’s the worst possible outcome.”

Teruki: “…Then, if those two happen to meet, senpai will naturally take their hand.”

Suzaku: “…Well…Yuu will…!”

Teruki: “If you’re not careful, it’ll cause carnage…no good.  I’ve become uneasy.”

Suzaku: “I don’t want to see Amano sad. You, did you get in touch with Houou-senpai?”

Teruki: “…I did contact senpai’s cellphone yesterday, although it didn’t go through. I didn’t get a reply so I thought he must have been busy…now that I think of it…it does seem strange…”

Suzaku: “Tomorrow, let’s meet directly. We can go meet at the Student Council office.”

Teruki: “I won’t hold back even if Hasumyouji-senpai is there. Can’t change a belly for a back** Tomorrow I’ll be there to watch.” (T/N: Raws say 背に腹は変えられんよな. This is from a Japanese proverb that roughly translates to “you cannot sacrifice what is in the belly for your back.” “Back” refers to another person and “belly” refers to yourself. So a rough translation of what Teruki means is “while it is right to respect others, when the act of respecting someone causes yourself harm, then it’s justifiable to protect yourself.”)

Suzaku: “Such a thing, I’ll have study what’s in front of my eyes now. Hey! Amano wake up!”

Yuu: “…uu…”

Teruki: “Yuu? Are you awake~?”

Yuu: “…Uu~ still sleepy. Since you kissed me again, let me sleep some more…”

Teruki: “…Haah? Hey, Yuu…nn…”

Amano starts a rather erotic deep kiss.

Rather coquettish sounds of tongues entangling.

At first, Byakko is also surprised at the reward!

And merely in high spirits!

Suzaku: “…Hey hey. What about your best friend position? Byakko…. Amano should absolutely be practicing this with the upperclassmen!** What are you doing? That’s too close!”

As it is, the delicate atmosphere flows before Yuu as he falls back asleep.

Until just a while ago Amano’s sleeping face was akin to a child’s. Now…wet lips with the lingering traces of a kiss…an arm cast away to the side…

…everything is getting erotic.

As it is, we both rush into the bathroom due to the physiological phenomenon of men.

It’s a good thing my uncle has a lot of toilets in his house, is what I genuinely think.


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  1. OMG YAAAASSSSS translator-san i love you!!!! thank you so much for the awesome translations and fast releases ……..heheheh that sleep kissing though (lets mid run wild) hehehehehehheheehehh

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  2. Omo, busted! Hiroto always kiss Yuu that it became a habit to Yuu. 😆 naughty, naughty
    I wonder if Hiroto is planning to do something to Hasumyouji-senpai.. I hope it doesn’t cause heartache to Yuu..

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  3. Didn’t Yuu study this stuff in his previous life? Or is he really dumb?
    No worries, your seems will take care of you for life.
    Thanks for the trans.


  4. I believe the panpan backpack should be translated as it being “stuffed” or “full”, like in “hara ga panpan” (informal way of saying you are stuffed/your stomach is full)… If i remember correctly ^^


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