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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 33: High School – Fifteenth Part

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*peeks out from behind the door*

Hey guys~

Sorry for this super late chapter. I was so busy this past week ughh…

This chapter is also pretty long! Luckily, there’s some nice drama and some kissing. Hey, I’m not complaining hehe. I don’t think it’s enough to warrant an R-15 rating though. Ahh, okay whatever. I’ll put an R-15 rating just in case.

Asterisks (**) denote very inaccurate translations.

Thank you guys for sticking by with me! Please leave a like or a comment if you enjoyed this ^^.


Chapter 33:

High School – Fifteenth Part


The next morning.

I decide to bring the documents asked by my teacher to the Student Council room.

As I somehow got to school early that day, I heard the homeroom teacher’s voice calling out to me.

I was thinking of leisurely playing cellphone games, lazing around in a classroom chair, but I reluctantly go to the Student Council’s office.

The rainy season is nearly over, summer just around the corner.

I’m sweating from the weather, feeling so fed up.

“…Ahh~. It’s so hot this morng…climbing up the stairs is painful…excuse me for my intrusion…”

“You’re excused…Oh, Yuu.” (T/N: Just wanted to point out, Hiroto is speaking really politely throughout here.)

Yuu: “…Ahh.”

Hiroto is working in the Student Council room. Since it’s the start of the day, there’s no one else there.

Yuu: “…Umm these documents…I was asked by the teacher to deliver them…”

Hiroto: “…Okay…ah, the guy who stamps these types of papers took the stamp home…can you wait here for a while?”

Yuu: “…Yeah.”

As Hiroto continues his duties, I observe and take in the well-organized room.

(This is where Hiroto works…)

I gently touch the chair that he is sitting in.

Hiroto: “…What is it, Yuu? …Are you concerned about my chair? …? Do you want to sit down?”

I’m a bit troubled. How can I sit on the Student Council President’s chair? Right now there’s nobody here besides us. Maybe it’ll be okay just for a little while.

Yuu: “…Uh, then… just a little bit is alright?”

Hiroto: “…Yes, go ahead. Please sit down.”

With the grace of a butler, Hiroto pulls back the seat.

Yuu: “…Oh! It’s so soft and fluffy! …Oh, the chair also rolls! Hehe~…Hiroto, thank you…”

Because I’ll feel awkward if other people enter the room, I try to quickly pull myself up. I end up sitting back down, though**

When I realize it, I’m hugged by Hiroto from behind. I feel his tongue crawling over my nape, causing my body to cower.

Hiroto: “…Yuu, I wanted to meet with you. Right now I have a shortage of Yuu…let me recharge?” (T/N: Hiroto lapses back into a less formal speaking pattern.)

I spin the chair around, coming face to face with him. Following this action, our mouths press firmly together. My head becomes hazy from the sensation.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt so pleasurable. While holding on to Hiroto’s shirt, the stationery laying on the desk catches my attention.

It’s marked with a methodical signature. Hasumyouji Satsuki.

(Ah…Hiroto, aren’t you going out with Hasumyouji-senpai? …Don’t do this to him…!)

Quickly, I try to stretch the distance between him and me. Meanwhile, Hiroto’s hand pulls my shirt out of my uniform trousers and crawls over my chest.

Yuu: “…Hiroto! …Really…wait…”

Hiroto: “…It’s been a while since I’ve smelled Yuu’s scent…it’s so exciting, no?”

Yuu: “…Nn…Hiroto…really, we shouldn’t be doing this…!”

Daringly, I pull my body away from him.

Yuu: “…Um! Hiroto…why are you doing this…? What about Hasumyouji-senpai..?”

Hiroto: “…What? Yuu …Are you jealous? …Cute…”

Yuu: “…Stop it…I’m serious…it’s not a good thing to do…”

Once again I’m caught by Hiroto, though I try to appeal to him to release me. Because this belongs to Hasumyouji-senpai.**

Don’t do this. Don’t be a cheater. Absolutely not!

Due to my seriousness regarding this terrible and unfaithful situation, he releases his hands to look at me.

Hiroto: “…What happened? Yuu…?”

Yuu: “…I…I…won’t do these things with Hiroto anymore…It hurts…”

He bites me.

After the bites, he licks the blood trickling out the marks remaining on my skin.** Ouch!

Yuu: “…Ow…Hiroto…stop it…it hurts…”

Hiroto: “…Why would you say such unkind things? You belong to me…Ah, there’s a way to get my sympathy…Yuu’s…place over here…yeah?”

“…Hii!..” (T/N: That’s pronounced “hee,” like a shriek.)

Hiroto: “…Not so loud, okay? Someone might come.”**

I’m frightened by Hiroto.

Dark and cold pupils pierce into me. As usual, the gentle hands that invite me cause me fear.**

(…No…no…I’m scared…)

I think of kicking his feet to knock him over.

Yuu: “…Hiroto you idiot! Aren’t you dating Hasumyouji-senpai? You shouldn’t be someone who doesn’t cherish their partner! Besides, what’s this ‘you belong to me?’ I am my own person!” I exclaim as I kick him to the floor.

Hiroto: “…I’m in a relationship…? With whom…?”

He stares at me from the ground, dumbfounded.

Yuu: “…Hasumyouji-senpai?”

Hiroto: “…Hold on a second…Me and….Satsuki?”

Yuu: “Yes! I heard all about it. It’s okay! I’ll cheer for the both of you! Don’t worry! I’ll stay out of you two’s way!” I frantically argued. That way, I’ll evade this death flag.

If I let jealousy consume me, I’ll definitely meet a terrible fate!

The inner chamber of my chest slightly prickles, perhaps from self-denial.

Hiroto: “…Huh? Yuu…wait up!”

Yuu: “In the first place, I am just your childhood friend. Whoever you fall in love with shouldn’t concern me…isn’t that right?”

Hiroto: “…?!”

Hiroto seems to realize something, seemingly quite taken back as he stares at my direction. Then, I start to brood with a similar facial expression.

Hiroto: “…What the…this…looks like the development from a punishment game…No, this is actual punishment…”

Hiroto mumbles something to himself before standing up in front of me, placing a hand on my shoulder as he studies my face.

I can see my face full of wonder reflected from his earnest crimson pupils.

Yuu: “…?”

Hiroto: “…Hey, Yuu…I…”

Just as he’s about to finish his words, there’s a knock on the door.

“…Good morning! Please excuse my intrusion.”

I quickly break free of Hiroto’s grasp.

Then, as it is outside the room…

—is Hasumyouji-senpai by the entrance.

As I’m walking through the corridor, I hear a voice calling out to me to stop.

Hasumyouji: “…Amano-kun!”

Turning the corner by the emergency staircase, I see someone running towards me.

Yuu: “…Hasumyouji…senpai…?”

He’s as beautiful as ever.  But he’s chasing after me, breathing hard over his shoulder.

Yuu: “…Um…”

Hasumyouji: “…You forgot these documents. It’s for your teacher, right?”

In his hands are the stack of sheets that my teacher asked me to hand in during the morning.

Yuu: “…Oh, thank you very much!”

Hasumyouji: “…Yeah? You’re welcome…Hey, there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you…” His eyes are half-cast while he looks at me shyly. “What kind of relationship do you have with senpai?”

Yuu: “…Um…we’re childhood friends.”

He studies me hard.

Hasumyouji: “…Really…? But you…like him, right?”

Yuu: “…Huh…?”

Hasumyouji: “Well, see…Hiroto-senpai is dreamy you know? I want to be senpai’s support…to be close by, yeah?”**

I flash an ambiguous smile in response.

Yuu: “…Is that so…?”

Hasumyouji: “…Yes that’s right! I was worried over whether I could be by his side or not…Hiroto-senpai is always so kind to me…”

I look at his expression of joy with a vague impression.

His cheeks have always been flushed and he’s always been beautiful, but now his attractiveness has increased by fifty percent. Certainly when these two are standing side by side it’s like looking at a scene from a painting…It’s no doubt they suit one another.

He seems satisfied with my response and returns to the Student Council’s office.

I want to help Hiroto-senpai…and smiles as he leaves. ** (T/N: I’m like 80% sure this is what the line says. I THINK what’s happening here is that Yuu’s quoting Hasumyouji and then describing what he does.)

(…The novel’s Amano Yuu would probably be very jealous after hearing that…but what about me…?)

It’s a wonder that I hardly feel any jealousy towards senpai.

If anything…I’m feeling lonesome.

I knew from the beginning that Hiroto would fall in love with someone once I entered high school. I intended to prepare myself, but actually witnessing it is…pretty difficult. It’s different from just hearing gossip.

(…Until now, the person who cherished me seems to have gone so far away…it’s lonely…)

YuuL “…Huh?”

When I realize it, tears have already began dripping down my face. Soon they will overflow. I instinctively plop down on the floor.

Yuu: “…Uuu…why? They won’t stop…”

The more I try to blink them back, the more they continue to flow. I’m at a loss.

Because I’m hiding in the emergency exit, I’m not worried about people walking in on me. As such, my sobs continue.

Yuu: “…Uu, they won’t stop.”

To my surprise, there’s someone standing in front of me.

Since I’m crying, I only see a pair of shoes. There are scratches at the ends.**

They’re Teruki’s leather shoes, the ones designated by the school. A while back my cat had a field day with them, which made me laugh a lot.

Teruki: “…I’m sorry. I didn’t make it in time. I am…really…so sorry you had to cry. I’m sorry you had to cry alone.”

I’m in Teruki’s arms before I’m aware of it. Back in middle school we were about the same height. Now I’ve fallen behind him. When he hugs me, my head just reaches the top of his chest. In this position I can hear his heartbeat quicken ever so slightly.

This is my safest place. My precious best friend.



Ending Notes:

Wow. That is some drama huh? Who also thought Teruki would show up? Poor Yuu, he needs to be protected.

And poor Hiroto; he couldn’t even get a word in before Yuu ran off!


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20 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 33: High School – Fifteenth Part

  1. Thank you for the update 😆
    Poor Yuu, he really is a crybaby huh.. I thought it was Genbu who approached Yuu, but it’s Teruki instead..
    I guess Hiroto is hurt by Yuu’s word.. Who would want to hear that the one he loves is rooting for him to be with another guy.. But he got what he deserved by ignoring Yuu all this time!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thank you for reading! Ahh I’m so late in my responses–sorry! I read all my comments I swear! I also thought it would be be Genbu since he didn’t show up in so long ;_;

      I agree that Hiroto is probably hurt by Yuu’s words. I can’t say he didn’t deserve it, though…


  2. I’m sooooo happy that Hiroto got rejected. He’s so self-absorbed and thought that he would only be his forever. If it was the original story line Yuu would already be so twisted beyond redemption already. It’s like getting hit in the head was like a reset button. Poor guy deserves someone better. Also he isn’t isolated anymore.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I totally agree. If he wants to be with Yuu, he’ll need to work his ass off for it. Although this Yuu is easily swayed, at least he doesn’t chase Hiroto like a fool.


  3. I….. am…… gonna…… cry!!!!!!!!!! Waaaaahhhhhh!!!!! But thank you for this translation….. it’s making me cry just thinking about amano


  4. Cant Yuu just stay with Teruki?! Seriously, he is the most decent out of all the guys. He would rather supress his own feelings and be Yuu’s support than to obsessively harass Yuu. I bet he can sacrifice anything for Yuu’s happiness, even his own heart.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you.. I just finish run all CH today.. Andi like it,, at first, I feel really sad for yuu.. Damn it, but I glad he got so much loved from people around him although he is oblivious,, sigh… I been running many jp bl novel at novel18, but only little catch my attention lol tbh, I prefer Chinese BL for novel, since Japanese pretty much goes harem, I’m not really like it, but surprisingly I like this story. There also another BL i like link below, warning first : its totally incest and shot a plus smutty ahahaa heaven for me

    Thank you for hardworking translating this 😄😄😄😄


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