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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 34: High School – Sixteenth Part

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Just a quick an easy chapter to make up for yesterday’s late release!

Oh, how I like Teruki ;_;

Asterisks (**) = I’m not too sure what’s happening here.



Chapter 34:

High School – Sixteenth Part


Teruki’s large hands overlap my cheeks. They move as if tracing the tears dripping from my eyes, ticklish in their maneuver. I shrug my shoulders. I’m taken back by a classroom’s noisy lesson.

Yuu: “…I’m sorry! You should return to class, Teruki!** I’m okay…”

Teruki: “…Yeah. I want to go back to class together with Yuu.”

Yuu: “…But…”

Teruki: ” Mizuki and Suzaku are going to perform well. Hm? What is this document?”

Yuu: “…Ahh…This morning sensei asked me for a favor…I must…deliver this to the Student Council office…” As I’m grasping the papers while looking at them, I recall the image of Hiroto and Hasumyouji-senpai. “…Teruki.”

Teruki: “…Hm? What is it?”

Yuu: “I have a favor to ask…will you please listen to my request?”

Teruki: “…? No problem. What do you need me to do?”

Yuu: “Can you sit down?”

I sit with Teruki in the corridor, holding him in my embrace. I rise from my lap, placing my chin on Teruki’s shoulder and rubbing my cheeks on it. As it is, I extract my force and lean on him.

Yuu: “…Ah~…relax.”

Teruki: “…Yuu-kun are you a greatly pampered child?”

In response to Teruki’s mischievous voice, I whisper into his ear.

Yuu: “…Please, won’t you listen? Just spoil me a little. Then, I’ll be okay…”

I will be watching Hiroto and Hasumyouji-senpai quietly. At any rate, the pain in my heart will surely weather away, spilling over like sand.

Yuu: “…I’m sorry, Teruki. Even friends would feel grossed out having a man do this to them…Okay! I’m all better now…”

Trying to break free from Teruki’s grasp, I notice that our faces are very close. Any closer and our lips would touch. Beautiful emerald orbs capture me, carrying an intensity from who knows where.** It could have lasted just a moment; it could have lasted several years.

Yuu “…Hehe.”**

Teruki laughs and pinches my nose.

Teruki: “Your nose is turning red…”

Yuu: “That’s because Teruki’s pinching it.”

Teruki: “We should really be going. Suzaku’s getting nervous waiting for us.”**

We stand up and start walking down the hallway.

Teruki: “At any rate, we should head for the infirmary. It’s almost time for the first period to end. We can return by the second period.”

Yuu: “…Uu. I’m sorry. I’m making Teruki skip with me.”

Teruki: “Well then. Are you ready to answer Suzaku’s barrage of questions?”

Yuu: “…Uu.”

As usual, it’s Teruki who walks besides me. For that I am very happy and thankful. I watch as Teruki laughs.

Yuu: “…Teruki, thank you.”

Teruki: “…Oh…Oh hm.” He flushes a bit red, concentrating on me. And then, he strokes my head sloppily.

Teruki: “…What the heck…Just now that was a surprise attack…Well, let’s go to class.”

Yuu: “…Yes.”



Ending Notes:

Now, wasn’t that just cute?


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28 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 34: High School – Sixteenth Part

  1. Aww, so cute,,
    Yuu’s just like a little bunny, he needs to be loved and petted to survive.
    Teruki is so much better than Hiroto, what a gentleman..

    Liked by 4 people

      1. Definitely Teruki.
        Suzaku is sweet, but a bit.. aggressive? I can just imagine Yuu become overwhelmed by Suzaku’s love. XD


  2. Awwww seriously Teruki♡♡ their interaction is so cute that I also want to snuggle in it. Though I dont want to bother their relationship either… authot why did you make such an awesome character as a friend?????? Thank you so much♡

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rant coming on…… OMG! I binge read all of the current translated ch and I am dying!。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。 its so cute! And adagshdjfhsgsv *dies*….. anyway thank you sooo much for translating this! Yuu is such a sad adorable bunny I literally cried in some parts and I don’t cry often lol(*≧∀≦*) take your time translating no rush I still be here like a weird stalker……. Waiting patiently…⊙▽⊙…. Rant over lol sorry(ó﹏ò。)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m so happy you enjoyed this! I’ve been pretty swamped lately but I’m planning on releasing chapter 37 a day after 36 (36 is out right now!)
      I love lurkers and commenters hehe


  4. hey Sleepchaser-sama
    thanks for your hard work
    good job for bring this story for supporting our laziness.. you’r like angel to us~

    i don’t care about Yuu being Slut or whatever,
    the fact that Yuu in the ‘Original Novel’ is not a bad Guy (perhaps, the possibility is high) really hurts my heart..
    i can’t sleep well last night because thinking of that!!!

    whatever the ending,
    i don’t care
    i just hope… just pray… God.. Please give Yuu Happiness.

    Liked by 1 person

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