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Villain Days (悪役Days) Ch 35: High School – Seventeenth Part

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Hey everyone! I’m back ^^ How are you? Summer is a busy season for me ^^

Geez this chapter was so long. I thought I was going through a paper…

There are A LOT of wonky translations throughout. I apologize for that and used asterisks (**) to label those parts. I will triple check those sentences later, when my head doesn’t feel like exploding from using a machine to translate XD

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Chapter 35:

High School – Seventeenth Part


When we return to the classroom, Mizuki and Suzaku bombard us with questions full of worry. I’m thankful that they don’t bring up how red my eyes are.

Lunchtime during the day after the incident.

Anyway, with the summer break so close, the atmosphere in the classroom is growing restless.

“Is Amano Yuu in this classroom?”

Yuu: “…Eh? Ah, yes…”

Relaxing after eating lunch, I’m surprised to hear my name called out from the classroom’s entrance. The student is serious with a slender face. He’s not very tall. His gesture of pushing up his glasses makes me nervous.

What does he want from me?

Teruki whispers into Suzaku’s ears. “…Who’s that?”

Suzaku: “…Isn’t he the Student Council’s assistant, Yukimura-san? If I’m not mistaken, he’s a second year. At the time of my matriculation, he was my caretaker…He’s the person that told me about those rumors surrounding Amano.”

Teruki: “…That guy…”

Teruki watches over Yukimura’s movements with care. He taps my shoulder lightly as if asking if I’m okay.

Yukimura: “…Amano-kun, may I have some of your time? I would like to speak with you.”

Yuu: “…Ah, yes.”

Right as I’m about to nod–I’m unable to refuse the mood–Suzaku breaks into our conversation.

Suzaku: “…Yukimura-san, it’s been a long time. I am indebted to your care during my first days of study. May I also come along? It has also been a while since we last spoke.”

Yukimura: “…Suzaku-kun, huh…? Well, I don’t mind. Will you get over here?”

Teruki: “…Senpai, can I come as well?”

When Teruki calls out his name, the upperclassman looks at me coldly.

Yukimura: “…Amano-kun, can we talk one on one? Byakko-kun is making things difficult.** (T/N: I think the literal translation is “Byakko-kun is showing his reluctance,” but it sounds less awkward this way.) I don’t intend to make matters bigger than they actually are.”

Teruki: “…!”

Suzaku: “…Byakko, just end it here.  Anyway, leave it to me.” Clutching his fist in frustration, Suzaku passes by Teruki and whispers in a soft voice.

We leave the classroom, heading for an audio-vision room’s entrance. It’s at the outskirts of the building. During this time of day, it’s unused with not a soul around.

Yukimura-senpai who is walking ahead seems nervous, adjusting his glasses neurotically. Then he faces me.

Yukimura: “I’ll tell it to you straight…You seduced President Houou in the Student Council office last morning, isn’t that right?”

Yuu: “…Eh?”

Yukimura: “You’re childhood friends, yet in the end you always hover around President Houou. The Student Council office is a sacred workplace…Moreover, to target early mornings when there are less people around, are you not a coward? …You are jealous. To tear up the relationship between those two…that kind of thing…is wretched, Amano.”

Yuu: “…I…it’s different!”

I deny Yukimura-senpai’s words instinctively.

Yukimura: “…What is different? You’re jealous of Hasumyouji, aren’t you? Poor thing…He was crying. I will not forgive your reckless actions…Irresponsible. Stop loitering in front of President Houou and Hasumyouji.”

At that moment, Suzaku breaks his silence and speaks in a loud voice. “…Yukimura-senpai…Hasumyouji-senpai asked this of you, didn’t he? …How does Amano interfere with Houou-senpai and the relationship?”**

Yukimura: “That person did not say such things. The other staff overhead the crying and were talking about it.”

Suzaku: “…What are you saying?”

Yukimura: “In the morning I saw Amano trying to tempt President Houou in the Student Council office. Senpai seemed bothered. Afterwards, forgetting the documents he delivered, Amano approached and threatened President Houou…That’s what I’m saying.”

Suzaku: “…That is…who are you talking about?”

Yukimura: “…! That is…Suzaku-kun, why are you asking these things? (T/N: The literal translation is ‘why are you  hearing these things?’ but a reader thinks this version makes more sense) This guy…Amano is not just fooling around with President Houou. He’s also sunk his poisonous fangs into Seiryuu-senpai. For sure Byakko is completely brainwashed, too. For the sake of a promising future, I must teach this person a lesson quick.”**

Suzaku: “You are the one who’s brainwashed, aren’t you..? You shouldn’t do such crazy things!”** (T/N: raws say 野 (no), which literally means wild or field. But to me that doesn’t seem right…) At the limit of his considerable patience, Suzaku yells.

Yukimura: “…! Suzaku-kun…are you brainwashed too? …This…” Yukimura-senpai grabs my collar. “…This poisonous flower! In that case anyone who is tempted will be caught** …Don’t show yourself before us! Disappear from my sight!”

Suddenly, the novel’s events flash though my mind.

The surprised, anxious Hero…Suzaku’s expression.

Hiroto and Kenshin’s faces while looking at me are cold.

(…Disappear from my sight.)

I wonder if I should go away? I’m hated by even my most precious people, so I also want to disappear. I want to be wiped from this world…!

Oh, this memory is probably from when Amano Yuu decided to commit suicide…Why does this memory appear now…?

Yuu: “…Ah…”

I grasp my throat and collapse. Suzaku rushes over to my side, never letting me leave his sight.

Suzaku: “Amano? …Amano? What’s wrong…What is it?”

Yuu: “…” (It…hurts..)

Suzaku: “…Amano! …Amano? Someone…someone please help!”

Suzaku is shouting in a half-crazed voice. It doesn’t match the carefree background, from where I fell in pain.**

“…He’s hyperventilating…It’s okay, Amano-kun. You can breathe. Look…”

While I’m in pain, someone hugs me as my consciousness goes hazy. As it is, with the constant kisses and gentle words, the pain gradually settles down. My vision soon becomes clear,  reflected from violet pupils.

Yuu: “…Genbu…senpai…”

Genbu: “…The Public Morals Committee will take over from here…Yukimura-kun, since this student received a mental attack, I will give you a deliberation on this case**…Will you draw back and end this soon?”

Yukimura: “…Public Morals Committee Chair! But this is…Amano will…!”

Genbu: “…To finish…can you not understand what was said? …Hey, Yukimura?” Genbu aims his stare at Yukimura. As his usual aloof atmosphere disappears,  the acuteness of his expression becomes as sharp as a knife. Engulfed in such an air, Yukimura glares at me with feelings of regret.

Yukimura: “…Kuh. Understood.”

Genbu glances at Suzaku, turning his body to see off Yukimura. “Suzaku-kun, will you return to the classroom, too? …The Public Morals Committee will take care of this event.”

Suzaku: “…Then, let’s bring Amano back together.”

Genbu: “…I wonder if this child requires a little more rest?”

Suzaku: “…I will take him to the infirmary!”

Genbu smiles and laughs, unyielding towards Suzaku. “Cute watchdog, don’t you have other things to do? …Did you record the audio fromyour conversation with Yukimura? …Shouldn’t you inform Byakko and Houou quickly?

Suzaku: “…Youu! Weren’t you just watching when Amano needed help?”

Genbu: “How regrettable…I was waiting for you to obtain evidence…Now, go on ahead.”

Suzaku: “…Amano…Damn it!” Staring at me with anxious eyes, Suzaku departs with regret.

I watch that scene absentmindedly. Genbu-senpai sits down in front of me, in the same manner that I am. Then as our gazes align, he tilts his head to look at me.

Genbu: “…Amano-kun? …Are you alright? Do you understand me?”**

Yuu: “…Genbu…senpai…?”

Genbu: “…That’s right…Hehehe…Cute. Do you know your eyes appear drowsy?” Smiling with kindness,  he kisses my eyes lightly. Afterwards, he takes me in his arms and begins walking.

Yuu: “…?”

Genbu: “…What is it? A strange looking face…”

Yuu: “…I’m a poisonous flower who seduces people. It might be better just to disappear…Is it okay for you to touch me?”

Genbu: “…You are you, yeah? …Whatever you are, it does not matter to me…I want you…Yes, even if you were a murderer…Then, I will hide you in a room so you can never leave..So, are you feeling better now?**

Yuu: “…Eh…?” Isn’t this just confinement? Huh, what kind of person is this? …A slightly dangerous individual? Hey…how is it? As I’m panicking in secret, Genbu-senpai laughs through my thought process.

Genbu: “Come to think of it, you may have misunderstood what I said before.  But since I helped you,  won’t you will be mine?” ***(T/N: Holy fck this sentence gave me a brain aneurysm. I simplified/translated it as best I could)

Yuu: “…Well…the reasoning is troubling. I think I belong to myself.”

Genbu: “Ehh~. Is that so? I wanted to do that.”

To his wholehearted and disappointed state, I extend a hand gently towards his head. He narrows his eyes in comfort as I stroke his head slowly.

Yuu: “…It seems to be a cat after all…I can’t be yours but I can stroke you like this.”

Genbu: “Really? …Well~ I guess this is also okay. But this too…”

His graceful face approaches me and he kisses me.

As it is, the kiss soon becomes deep and our tongues entwine.

Genbu: “…Is this also okay? It’s good! Your face is becoming sexy…I want to continue…Uu…There’s something to do…Ahh~…”

Yuu: “…Hehe.” Somehow, he seems like a small child stepping on the floor. I smile unintentionally as I watch him.

Genbu: “…Ah…”

Yuu: “Waah…!”

My hand slips and as he is about to drop me, I cling to him at once.** It seems like his cheeks are somewhat flushed.

Genbu: “…”

Yuu: “…Excuse me! Even though I’m heavy, you’re always carrying me…I will walk on my own!”

Genbu: “…Eh? No good! It’s not good. I will carry you, so…Ah, but I am a bit sorry.”

He places me on the stair handrail.** I wonder if his hands are tired after all. I try to walk by myself once more and convey this. In a stupid manner, I look at Genbu-senpai before my eyes.**

Yuu: “…Senpai?”

Genbu: “…Hey, can you do that thing from before one more time?

Yuu: “…What is it?”

Genbu: “…Look here~. That smile you did a while ago.”

Yuu: “Eh? Um…Like this?”

Genbu: “…Yeah~…”

I’m not sure what Genbu-senpai is searching for or understands. I’m troubled, oh no. Eventually, as it is, he carries me to the infirmary.

Genbu: “Then, try not to bother the nurse. It’s nice to make your acquaintance, Amano-kun. Amano-kun…I will meet you again later…Well then, excuse me.”

Yuu: “…Ah, yes. Thank you very much…Eh?” Watching his departing form, I scratch my head.



Ending Notes:


Who’s surprised that Genbu made an appearance?



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31 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役Days) Ch 35: High School – Seventeenth Part

  1. My poor Yuu, huhu, just stay away from Houou Senpai. Tsk. He does not do anything to prevent these things from happening even if he is the root of the problems. Hell, Im not even sure if he is aware of what is happening to Yuu. Genbu, Teruki and Suzaku are 1000 times better ugh! At least, they are trying to protect Yuu.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. The author gives an explanation in chapter 36 about why Hiroto doesn’t seem to be aware of anything regarding Yuu’s bullying. But I agree, I’m also a bit annoyed at Hiroto for not doing anything, even if there’s a reason. Grrr.


  2. Oh my gosh!! That spectacled senpai is so irritating!! 😡😡
    I hope Yuu’s harem will grind him and that Hatsumyouji to dust!
    *sigh* such an unreliable senpai all of them (except Genbu! I miss him).. Isn’t Hiroto supposed to protect Yuu? Useless guy. 😡 Good thing Suzaku & Genbu is there for Yuu.
    Thanks for the chapter chaser~ ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. In chapter 36 the author gives an explanation about why Hiroto is so absent and doesn’t seem to be aware about what’s happening to Yuu. But I’m still disappointed at him. That Yukimura guy should watch himself!


  3. Thanks for the update!

    Yukimura: “…! That is…Suzaku-kun, why can’t you understand? (T/N: The literal translation is ‘why are you hearing these things?’ but I think the change makes more sense)
    About this part – while the literal meaning could be hearing, the verb kikimasu can also mean to ask based on the context, so I would suggest “why are you asking these things?” as the translation. A tip my beginner Japanese teacher gave was that if the sentence is — wo kikimasu, then it’s listen and if it’s — ni kikimasu, then it’s asking a question.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Ok. So I feel that either of these 2 things happened in case of Yuu’s smile-
    1) Genbu fell in love with Suzaku at this moment with a (like we see in mangas)
    2) Yuu
    actually Genbu’s childhood crush/love that caused Genbu to become the playboy that he is right now. Seeing the smile, he was suddenly able to recognize his puppy love.
    Whichever it is, I’m stoked for the next chapter! :3 :3 :3


  5. Finally arrived to the this chapter! This story kept me for a few hours from the first chapter. Wahaha!

    This is a pretty good read. I’ve already used in shutting down my brain and ignore things that will invite complaints while reading something. The raw already completed anyway (moreover this is just a short story) I won’t complain and hope for anything. There’s no(t even 1%) chance it’ll change anyway. *Sigh*


    1. Yes this is a “turn off your brain” series haha
      I’m glad you enjoy this! Someone reviewed this on NU and called this story the epitome of BL. I agree with that notion XD


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