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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 36: The Feelings of the Erotic Demon King Houou Hiroto five

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Hey guys!

Once again I’m sorry for the late chapter. For some reason I’m more swamped during summer than the other seasons ><

To make up for this I’ll release another chapter in approximately 24 hours. I was able to squeeze some free time finally.

In this chapter we get to see what’s in Hiroto’s mind during the events that transpired in chapters 33-35. Many things are discussed. Honestly, all these ellipses (…) before and after each sentence in the dialogue annoy me. I won’t change it since that’s how the chapters were written originally. Unfortunately, I can’t edit the way I want since I don’t want to mess up the translations even more.

Asterisks (**) = I’m trying my best here but these are probably mistranslated.

I hope you guys enjoy this and thank you so much for reading! Please leave a like or a comment ^^


Chapter 36:

The Feelings of the Erotic Demon King, Houou Hiroto Pt. 5


During the early morning of that day,  I was grinding through the Student Council affairs without breaking a sweat. Recently, I’d been so busy. To be frank, I was swamped.  I wanted to throw down the towel.

I had a complete deficiency of Yuu.

Last night, he appeared in my dreams.  The Yuu within my dreams was…quite amazing.

He called out to me with assertion, body trembling from embarrassment at the barrage of my words… Although I recalled more beyond that, my work would be hindered if I didn’t omit some of it.

Then, my wish had come true: Yuu showed up at the Student Council office. It had been a while since we could meet as just the two of us. For that I was pleased; I had a hard time keeping a smile off my face.

Yuu seemed delighted as he nudged my chair. Crap, I was boiling up…These days I wasn’t able to meet with or touch him. Hugging him from behind, I dropped kisses on his nape. I sighed after taking in Yuu’s scent for the first time in a while.

However, my moment of happiness was destroyed by Yuu himself. Although I was unable and unwilling to catch the whole story due to shock,  I did hear Hasumyouji’s name. He’s the Vice President, an underclassman whom I relied on often and who completed his duties well.

At first I wondered if he was jealous. Later I noticed the root of Yuu’s intense rejection appeared to be different from that of my initial thoughts.  Apparently, there was a misunderstanding about Satsuki and I going out. As I tried to correct this in a hurry, Yuu’s words caused my head to go pure white.

Before Yuu lost his memory, I was well-known for going with the flow. I never once considered Yuu’s feelings. (T/N: I think the literal translation was “float as it is.” I changed it to “going with the flow.”)

Was this the punishment for those times?

Yuu said that he would cheer for me and Satsuki, that he would not disturb us. That on top of all that, I was dating Satsuki and he was just the childhood friend, among other things.

I got cold sweats.

Towards Yuu, I was…in what way did his existence concern me?**

How did I feel about my conduct towards Yuu?

Various ideas came to mind.

For now, in order to clear this misunderstanding,  I realized I had to speak with Yuu and get through to him. Yet, I was prevented to do so by Satsuki entering the room.

Satsuki talked to me about something, but I couldn’t for the life of me respond.

I wondered if Yuu had since lost my wholehearted feelings, putting them to rest.

After Yuu parted with his memories, on what basis could I believe that it was natural for him to like me still? Even if I held it in, there were still parts of me that felt anxious…

Before I knew it, Satsuki was already inside the room. I sat on my own seat, befuddled for a while.

When I came to myself, Suzaku and Byakko were standing in front of me,

“…Hey…It’s already after school…How long are you going to stand there all confused and pathetic~! This…Amano is hurting~!” Suzaku eyed me with irritation.

“…Senpai, it’s unwise to inquire here. Where can we speak?” Byakko watched me steadily.

“…Hiroto! What’s going on?” Mizuki had invited Kenshin along.

What’s going on…I wanted to know.

Suzaku proposed migrating destinations to the Academy Chairman’s office.  Surely if it’s not over there, anybody would be able eavesdrop.

We moved to the Academy Chairman’s office. We listened to Suzaku’s audio recordings, all of us speechless.

For a while, no one uttered a word.

Kenshin was the first to speak. “…What. This rascal is misunderstanding things. That I am being tempted, etc…? Instead, I want to be the one tempting him! More than that…Hiroto, you, what are you doing in the Student Council office so early in the morning?! Make a distinction between the public and the private!”

No, you however–did you really think I wouldn’t find out about your escapades with Yuu? The two of you alone together in the kendo dojo? It is you who lives more by instinct than I, Ken.

Mizuki: “Additionally, brother Ken…is Yuu alright? Hyperventilation is painful, isn’t it?”

Suzaku: “…Extremely painful. Genbu of Public Morals helped him…I couldn’t do anything…” To Mizuki’s words, Suzaku answered regretfully.

I’d be especially regretful if I were in that spot.

Byakko hit Suzaku’s shoulder lightly. “…Were you there during the rescue? I wasn’t allowed to accompany them..But, this…it’s promising evidence. Yukimura-senpai said and did this by his own judgement,  so far…** I wasn’t around to hear Hasumyouji-senpai’s words…If you are imprudent while facing Yukimura-senpai…you’ll be cut down.”

Byakko aimed his gaze straight at me, as his words flowed unobstructed. “…For the past few days, I’ve been trying to get in touch with Houou-senpai. But I never once got a reply. Why is that?”

“…Hah? But I don’t have any incoming calls on record…?”

I confirmed with my cell phone. I was dumbfounded by my discovery. “…Incoming calls from Byakko’s number are set to be denied…”

Suzaku snapped after looking at me. “…From my conversations with Byakko, I learned that the rumors regarding your romantic relationship with Hasumyouji-senpai were manipulated deliberately to flow back to you. It’s strange that you couldn’t make contact.”

“…Does that mean someone changed the settings to senpai’s cellphone? So that Teruki can’t reach senpai?” Mizuki looked like he couldn’t believe what came out of his own mouth.

Suzaku sighed and continued his words. “…Even in the classroom, your fans were supportive of Hasumyouji-senpai and spoke disagreeably about Amano. It was your fans who dropped him down the stairs, right? Manage them properly. Amano is also careless and troubled.”

“…That’s right. Suzaku, what you’re saying is right…” As he closed his eyes in silence and listened to the conversation, Kenshin spoke to Suzaku. “…Is Yuu under Genbu’s protection?”

Suzaku: “…The Public Morals Committee is looking after him…I…could not bring Amano back.”

Byakko petted Suzaku’s head gently. “…It’s not your fault…Perhaps, right now that person is the person that can definitely protect Yuu. Suzaku, Mizuki, and I have been growing together for a year, starting off as weak.** Seiryuu-senpai is in good spirits before the tournament, training hard and doing his best. Yuu also knows this…If Yuu learns that the club activities were compromised, on the contrary he will feel sad…Houou-senpai is…Besides Hasumyouji-senpai, the Student Council itself  might test…the unthinkable.** With this in mind, I’ll have to rely on Genbu-senpai.”

“…That’s certainly right…I’ll do what I can for now…I don’t want to face Yuu when he returns…Mizuki, I’ll attend club activities.”

Mizuki: “…Understood…then! It’s the two of us. Please excuse us, senpai!”

Kenshin opened the door partway, turning back to look at me. “…Act with sincere care towards him…Don’t overdo it… Don’t let Yuu cry.”

As expected, Kenshin had apparently seen through what I would be attempting from now on.

“…Thank you. You should do your best in kendo, too…Are you bringing Yuu to the National Tournament?”

Kenshin: “…Who do you think you’re taking to?”

Like that, I watched as Kenshin left the room without taking a glance back.

I will protect Yuu. That is of the highest priority. This time, there would be no mistakes…

Suzaku and Byakko had looks of wonder on their faces as they studied me. Suzaku could not be helped. Byakko also couldn’t come to himself.

With him standing in front of me, I suddenly remembered his older brother.

He dared to skip out on work in my presence…but he wasn’t a straightforward guy.** (T/N: Raws say “一筋縄,” which according to different sources either means “straight line” or “(a piece of) rope.” I just guessed.) Compared to him, this guy was still a first year student. It’s cute.

“Byakko. I’m going to seduce Hasumyouji now. He’ll fall utterly in love me…and I’ll ascertain the truth…Meanwhile, I’ll entrust Yuu to you…Do you intend to enter the Public Morals Committee?”

Byakko’s face was painted in slight surprise. Before long, he smiled and laughed.

“…Senpai has great insight. But, is this really okay? Hasumyouji-senpai isn’t the loose type.” (T/N: I think the raws say literally “like a brothel” when referring to Hasumyouji. I changed it to “loose.”)

“Hehe. Well, we’ll see. The way I see it, it’s fine to be upset**…Hurting Yuu…makes me want to hurt them.”

Byakko heaved a sigh as he watched me. “…Really, please don’t overdo it. With your face, other people won’t see any good intentions…Well, it’s about time for me to leave. Let’s go, Suzaku.”

“Ah, yes.”

After listening to them speak, I realized I might have made a fairly awful face in place of a smile. Apparently, Suzaku reported to Yuu how my smile seemed to him, likening it to a Demon King’s grin in the darkness…What a rude fellow.



Ending Notes: Harem convention XD. Thoughts?



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