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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 37: High School – Eighteenth Part

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I’m back! All I have to say is…the feels…

Asterisks (**) = wooo…what the heck is going on here? I had some trouble with the translations; you’ll understand when you see all those translator notes XD

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Chapter 37:

High School – Eighteenth Part


After school, Genbu-senpai actually comes to pick me up from the infirmary.

“…Beloved. Got your stuff? Time to go home~. Nice to see you, Soma.” (T/N: I’m not sure if 颯眞 is pronounced as “Soma.” This is the surname of a new character.)

Soma: “Yes…How about the case example?”

“Hmm…That’s right.” Genbu-senpai smiles when I look at him by accident. “I’ll leave it to Soma.  If the gift succeeds, then that’s good…The circumstances might change unknowingly, right?”

Soma: “…Roger that.”

“Oh, Amano-kun…This person is second-year Soma Kenji. He’s the Vice Chair of the Public Morals Committee. He’s…a bit expressionless.”

Soma: “…!”

All of a sudden, Genbu-senpai pulls on Soma-senpai’s cheeks. Soma-senpai glares at him in silence.

“Ehh~? Is it not for the committee chairman’s gentle care that your facial muscles are loosening up? ”

Soma: “No thank you.”

Genbu: “…Soma is so serious…If you always put on such a difficult expression, your cute child-like face will turn grim.”

Soma “…I hope so!”

Soma-senpai is tall. He’s a slender macho system that has trained his body to a high degree. His face is well arranged but…it’s lovely, like an elementary school student’s child-like face. Genbu-senpai seems to have noticed something, stopping his motions.

“…Huh? The phone is…? Soma, I’m going to take this call. Can you wait here for a bit?” I watch as Genbu-senpai leaves the infirmary with his cellphone.

I look at Soma-senpai. “…Um, I’m okay with going home alone. Please give my best regards to Genbu-senpai.”

He lowers his head in a bow. overlooking me. He breathes out a soft sigh. “That is no good, Amano. You are a target in need of protection. The Public Morals Committee cannot let you return alone.”

“But…it’s inexcusable to have so many people working for my sake…Is it really okay?”

“No, we are acting tentatively in accordance with the regulations.” At Soma-senpai’s difficult-to-refuse atmosphere, I hang my head in shame. Little by little, my head starts to feel dizzy so I shake it.

I must be tired. There is such a thing. Also~, I wonder if there’s a villain correction system in place. I intend to be obedient, but so far I’ve been quite unfortunate. (T/N: Villain correction system basically drags the villain (Yuu) to an untimely end no matter what he or anyone else does.)

Today, I got into a squabble with Yukimura-senpai. I am tired and want to be alone.** (T/N: Raws say he wants to be alone asexually (無性). This has got to be slang. If anyone knows what it means, please inform me!)

Becoming alone…so that…?

Amano Yuu has a lonely voice.

(Still, if I disappear it would be a good thing, right?)


Suddenly, I raise my shamefully lowered head. What am I thinking about right now? That was a terrible and frightening thing projected from me.

“…Sorry…I’ll return after all!” As I take my things, grasping them tightly, I rush off.

Soma: “…Amano…wait…”

(Scary, scary, I’m scared…)

If I don’t keep running, I feel like something will follow me. It feels like something is going to catch me. Within, the memories from the novel and my own memories are mixing. I no longer know which one is the real me. The boundary between the novel and reality is crumbling.

I break free from Soma-senpai’s grasp and I am supposed to run away…

“What’s going on~? Soma~. Are you doing your job properly?” Genbu-senpai embraces me.

Soma: “I am sorry…He suddenly started sprinting!”

Genbu: “…So, do you need an escort? …Bunny-chan? What’s wrong?”

Yuu: “…I want to go home.”

Genbu: “…Hmm?”

Yuu: “…Go home…and then…and then…? I am going to be by myself.”

Genbu: “…By yourself?”

Yuu: “Yes. Become alone…What was it…Ah, I remember.”

Genbu: “…Yeah?”

I’m happy that I recall my train of thought, releasing a smile. “Disappear. Because I…am not needed, you know?”

Soma: “…Amano?”

Why is it so? Soma-senpai is staring at me dumbfounded. Was Soma-senpai from the novel? I cannot remember. Somehow, it feels fluffy.

Genbu: “…Huh? Soma~. This child has a fever.”

Soma: “Eh? Oh, you are right.”

Ah, Soma-senpai feels good…

When I had used to catch fevers, I would be nursed by Hiroto. I felt lonely, yet incredibly happy. Since I had been ill, Hiroto was kind to me…I am thankful for this neighbor.

Genbu: “…Soma, I wonder if you can finish the case example as soon as possible after all?”

Soma: “Understood…Should I call a cab?”

Genbu: “That’s right…Yes, go ahead. Amano-kun? I’m going to hoist you up, okay?”

Swaying, swaying.

When I was young, Hiroto would take me to bed and hug me to sleep. Sometimes, I would pretend to be asleep. Before going to bed, a drowsy Hiroto would place a kiss on my brow. I anticipated that, and would wait for it even.

Somehow, I recall the happy memories from the novel’s Amano Yuu. They are vivid. Someone kisses my forehead gently.


I lose consciousness.



Ending Notes: WAaaaahh

My poor cupcake…This is getting interesting: the memories of both Yuu’s are starting to mix fervently. What does this mean for Yuu’s personality?


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25 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 37: High School – Eighteenth Part

  1. Thank you for the update,,
    Is Yuu going to have mpd?! 😱
    I wonder why he always so tormented with such a sad thought.. Poor baby Yuu..


  2. You know, all of of characters (except Byakko) should feel this fear. The fear that Amano will be dissappear and he’s willing to do so. ESPECIALLY THAT PRESIDENT STUDENT COUNCIL. HE MUST SUFFERING BEFORE I GIVE HIM MY BLESSING *cough*


  3. Yuu should run away. Like run away to another city and new school… I’m not asking for much.. I just want to see those boys panic, maybe a little pandemonium, a riot.. I’d be fine if the world burned down around them after he disappears… it would be fun. ^^ they’d all blame each other too! Oh and Yuu, he is like a village bicycle xD everyone is taking a ride hahahaha

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