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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 38: High School – Nineteenth Part

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Hi guys! In this chapter, we get to see a bit Genbu’s backstory. Also, Yuu’s dad makes an appearance again!

Please leave a like or a comment if you enjoyed this chapter! Twenty more to go!

Also, thank you so much to the readers Senpai and Lena for the translation help in some areas! You guys are the best!


Chapter 38:

High School – Nineteenth Part


I am watching Amano Yuu’s life within my dreams. His cheerful boyhood was protected by Hiroto and Kenshin. Then his childhood friends separated from him, filling his middle school days with conflict. He was someone who loved Hiroto and Kenshin. His jealousy made him unable to restrain himself and as such he suffered through high school.

Then, his life came to an end.

Along with not receiving love, he was left with sorrow and anguish…

Suddenly, my consciousness returns.

Lately, there are times when the line separating reality and the novel’s plot blurs.  I observe the surroundings slowly. Because my legs are long, they are unmanageable. It feels pretty cramped.

(…Here is…the hospital, right?)

The place appears to be a private room. While thinking about the hospitalization costs for my head injury, my eyes trail to the entrance’s door. I woke up in the same hospital as I did in middle school.

Back then, the first person to jump into the sick room was Hiroto.

“…It’s already different from last time…”

Genbu-senpai responds to my self-muttering with a twitch of an eyebrow. My eyes open in a jiffy, vision blurry for a moment. All of a sudden, our gazes meet.**

“…? …!”

Genbu-senpai rises forcefully, staring straight into my soul. Then, just like that, he picks up the nurse’s call button without making a sound. He starts slamming it over and over again.

“…Eh? Ehhh? Senpai? Is that thing unpleasant…?”

Senpai’s reckless actions are stupefying. The hospital room’s door swings open and a physician enters. Following behind is my dad.


“Yuu! You’ve woken up.”

Subsequently, a nurse carrying equipment enters with a smile.”…Hold on! Is this Airu-kun? You were the one hitting the nurse call button. Stop it. Don’t you know the other patients need help too? Also~ everyone, Airu-kun is absolutely still a ball of laughs.”**

Genbu: “…Even so, I must depart…you must inform me quickly if anything happens.”**

The nurse acquaints herself with Genbu-senpai, shooting out words without reservation. Additionally, Genbu-senpai seems to have a bit of an awkward personality. **(T/N: Thank you reader Senpai for the help here!)

Director:”…I’m sorry. Airu, everyone is surprised. So, please stop it? …This must be Amano-kun, right? I am a physician at this hospital. I’m also Airu’s father…It’s a pleasure to meet you. I will now give you a medical examination, okay?”

“Ah…Yes, please.”

The handsome doctor, Romance Gray, is Genbu-senpai’s father! This is how senpai will look like when he grows up.

Afterward, I hear from my dad that I collapsed from my fever. It took three days before I regained consciousness. I also remember that Genbu-senpai came to pick me up from the school infirmary. However, I don’t recall what happened after that. My father was contacted, rushing to this hospital to see me.

Yuu: “…I’m sorry, daddy. You had to come here from the middle of work…”

Yuu’s father: “It’s fine! Are you alright now?** You had a high fever.”

Yuu: “Yeah, I’m all good! Umm, dad…” I’m immediately uneasy. Since I didn’t return for three days, I’m worried about the Houou estate.

Yuu’s Father: “Yup? Ah I’ve already informed the Houou household.”

I direct my gaze at my dad, feeling relieved. “Thank you.”

My dad and I talk about various things for the first time in a while. He makes some surprising suggestions. After leaving the hospital, I’ll be living at Genbu-senpai’s place and receive his aid for a week. That was what he said.

As a veteran doctor, he’ll want to study this amnesia state for a little longer. If Genbu-senpai is around, I could even stay at my house!* They’ve requested to look after me.

Yuu: “…Isn’t it bothersome?”

Yuu’s father: “Oh…that is…”

The sound of a knock interrupts my dad.

“Amano-kun? It’s time to check your temperature. Please excuse the intrusion.” It’s the nurse who was blabbering to Genbu-senpai before. Working nimbly, she speaks to me. “Oh, then is Amano-kun an underclassman of Airu-kun?”

Yuu: “Yes, he helps me with many things…”

Nurse: “Oh, that’s right! I’m clearly…Well, that’s right…hehehe.”

The nurse smiles in a profound manner, then lowers her voice to tell me a secret story. “Umm, I’ll tell you a secret about Airu-kun, okay?”

She starts to recite the story. Genbu-senpai is the hospital director’s only son. When he was young, he used to hang out at the hospital often. “When he entered middle school, he almost stopped coming to the hospital altogether.  Once in a while, we’ll see him but he wouldn’t talk to us like he used to. When I see him in town, I always feel like I’m looking at a different child…All the nurses are lonely. I wonder if it’s puberty~. Hey, Airu-kun’s appearance was our healing.~”

A couple of days ago, he rushed into the hospital. It was the first time since a long period of absence. Half in tears, he spoke to a nurse just standing there, shocking her in the process.** (T/N: Thanks to reader Lena for the translation help here! I fixed it a bit and gave my own spin. )

“He was hugging you carefully and desperately just to help you. I was surprised, and contacted the director immediately~. I’ll ask politely. Certainly, Amano-kun is Airu-kun’s…lover? It’s strange…”

The nurse who finished working leaves the sickroom, saying something like ‘the bet is off.’ When the nurse closes the door, my dad and I stare at one another. For now, we continue talking.

Yuu: “…Uh, that’s right. Genbu-senpai’s father is not bothered by this, is he?”

Yuu’s dad: “…No, in fact it’s the opposite! That should definitely be said…how come? Yuu-kun. I must return to work again. I’m anxious leaving you home alone…then having you study for your supplementary lessons under Genbu-kun’s watch…and then…”

Yuu: “…Oh. The supplementary lessons have started already.” I read the calendar. I was bedridden with a fever during the summer vacation. As such, I’ve missed some of the supplementary lessons. Without a doubt, I should participate in those…I wonder if having a poor physical condition is allowed…What should I do if I don’t get enough credits and have to repeat a year?

Mind in a haze, I think in circles over what I should do. (T/N: Thank you readers Senpai and Lena for the translation help here!)  To my side, I hear the mutterings of my dad.

“Anyway, steeling myself to entrust you to an important person, who can’t even deal with some insects, is a bit…”



Ending Notes: Fujoshi nurses??? Also, does Yuu’s dad not approve of Genbu? Or is he talking about Hiroto?


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19 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 38: High School – Nineteenth Part

  1. Thanks for the chapter! I think the father’s last line is referring to Hiroto not Genbo because of the not keeping flies away line.


  2. Oho! A misunderstanding! It seems like they approve same sex relationship, or is it because the original novel is bl, so the world is also tailored to accept bl?
    Genbu much better than Hiroto at this point, so I’m cheering for him~
    Thanks for the update Chaser 💕

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  3. Batsu ga warui = awkward, i.e. Genbu has an awkward personality, the warui part that i assume is in the text is part of an expression and doesn’t really have anything to do with wickedness

    Yasu ni natte = he became thoughtless, or rather that he started derailing into his thoughts

    Thanks for your hard work as always 🙂

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  4. Thank you for the chapter. “安になって” means “calming down/feeling safe”. So the sentence would be “calming down,I think in circles over what I should do.”
    “それが、数日前、久しぶりに姿を見たかと思ったらすごい勢いで、病院にかけこんできて、その場にいた驚いて立ち尽くす看護婦さんに半泣きの状態で、話しかけてきたそうだ could be “A few days ago, When I saw him after a long time, he came in to the hospital with a great momentum. He was talking half-crying with the shocked nurse who was standing there.”

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