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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 39: High School – Twentieth Part

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Just a short and domestic chapter featuring Genbu and Yuu!

Sometimes, I get so confused translating, but not for the reasons you’d think. For example, there would be a line that says “Genbu lowers his back into a chair.” Why can’t it just say “sit down?”

Also, thanks reader Mai-Mai for the translation help in a part of this chapter!

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Chapter 39:

High School – Twentieth Part

In the end, after being discharged from the hospital, I’ve become indebted to Genbu-senpai, living at his place. Genbu-senpai’s living quarters is a suite on the top floor of a high-rise building. (T/N: The katakana from raws say “mansion,” but “high rise building” makes more sense.) The interior has the aura of a luxurious hotel.

Genbu: “…Anyway it’s time for lunch! I’ll be preparing it~…Ah. Sit on this sofa and wait~.”

Genbu-senpai’s housekeeper cleans, cooks, and does the other chores. By chance, today’s lunch is closed. Therefore, Genbu-senpai heads to the kitchen.

Yuu: “…Genbu-senpai I can cook…” I’m sitting on a sofa in senpai’s room. Peering out the window, I open my eyes wide at the view from the top floor. “…Wow~ amazing!”

A car speeding through the street looks tiny from up here. After I enjoy the scenary for a bit, senpai returns.

Genbu: “Yes. Thanks for waiting. Enjoy~.”

Yuu: “Thank you…?” I take in the meal on the table, gathering myself. There are various brands of ready-made dishes, edamame¹ beans stacked up into a mountain. “…”

Genbu: “Hmm? Do you dislike edamame beans? If that’s the case…Ah, there’s jelly.”

Yuu: “…”

Genbu: “Eh? Jelly is also no good? After that is…”

Yuu: “…Genbu-senpai.”

Genbu: “What is it~? Bunny-chan has a lot of likes and dislikes surprisingly~.”

Yuu: “…Please show me your refrigerator…”

Once I open his refrigerator’s door I’m at a lost for words.


It’s organized neatly, bottles of mineral water sorted into neat lines. Inside the freezer are cups of jelly, cans of beer, and stacks of frozen edamame and takoyaki². I’m dizzy from the sight.

I am very worried about this person’s eating habits.

Yuu: “Um, where are the vegetables and fish?”

Genbu: “Mm? The housekeeper brings those over. Oh, the takoyaki in the freezer is daddy’s.”

Yuu: “Senpai, you call your father ‘daddy?'”

Genbu: “Kaori does. She says ‘daddy’ all the time.”** (T/N: Thank you reader Mai-Mai for the help in this line!)

Yuu: “Kaori?”

Genbu: “Yep. Kaori is my mother…she’s no longer here.”

He’s uninterested in continuing this conversation. I change the subject, thinking it would be better if I don’t dwell on it too much.

Yuu: “Um, is there a supermarket or shop nearby that sells groceries?”

In this high-rise building, there is a supermarket on the first floor. Genbu-senpai and I go shopping together.

Yuu: “Since I’m receiving your care, let me deal with the food expenses!”

Genbu: “No way~. That’s no good. Ah, look. What’s that? Look, meat~.”

Yuu: “…A gram costs thousands of yen! Please don’t…”

Genbu: ” Eh~…Then how about this sashimi~?”

Yuu: “Huh, this kind of price for this little…L-let’s go somewhere else! Senpai!” After all, the dish I’m thinking of—chilled Chinese noodles— is easy to make and relatively cheap. (Compared to my neighborhood supermarket, this place is too expensive.)

We return to Genbu-senpai’s room, borrowing the kitchen to cook. He brings a chair from the living room near me and sits down. He watches intently as I slice the cucumbers and make Kinshi eggs³.

Yuu: “Can you do something for me? Would you bring out more plates?”

Genbu: “Hm~? Huh? The plates!”

The sight of him looking for plates in the cupboard all excited is strangely cute. Without realizing it, I smile and pat senpai’s head.

Yuu: “…Hehe. Thank you.”

Genbu: “…!”

As Senpai almost drops the dishes, I support his hand quickly.

Yuu: “Are you okay? …?”

Before I know it, senpai is staring at my face. His violet pupils size me up.

Yuu: “…Senpai…?”

Genbu: “…”

After hearing my soft whisper, his face flushes red in an instant. The timer for the noodles beeps, informing us that they’re ready.

Yuu: “…Oh, it’s boiling! Thank you for the plate.” I pour the noodles out and rinse them with cold water.

They won’t taste good if they’re too boiled!




Ending Notes: Does anyone find it cute that his eating habits are terrible even though he’s the son of a hospital director?

edamame¹: boiled or steamed immature soybeans in the pod served with salt

takoyaki²: a ball-shaped Japanese snack made of a wheat flour-based batter and cooked in a special molded pan, typically filled with minced or diced octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger, and green onion

Kinshi eggs³: shredded egg crepe garnish

Yes, I got these definitions from wikipedia ’cause I figured I won’t get sued by them.



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15 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 39: High School – Twentieth Part

  1. Thank you so much for translating this. I have really been enjoying it.

    For the Kaori paragraph, you may want to try something like “Kaori does. She’d always say ‘daddy’ all the time.”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Damn it. Even Genbu looks more promising than Hiroto now. Please stay with him forever, Yuu!!

    And thank you very much for this cute chapter! It’s healing my heart from the last chapter angst.


  3. I think u mislabled the names at one part.
    Shouldn’t Yuu be the one saying thanks, and Genbu “..!!”? Cuz yuu pats his head, says thanks, then genbu is surprised and almost drops the dishes.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah! You’re right! Thanks for the help! The chapter was written with no speaker tags in the raws so half the time I’m guessing. The other half is me relying on context clues XD


  4. Thank you for the update,,
    It’s actually make sense that Genbu can’t cook, since he’s rich, what’s strange is that he don’t have a personal chef, like rich heirs in manga.. Hahaha
    It looks like Genbu’s isn’t used to casual touch, maybe he’s lonely and that’s the reason why he have such a playboy reputation..


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