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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 41: High School – Twenty-second Part

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A French team asked to pick this novel up and translate it into French! Here’s the link to their site. So now, Villain Days will be available in both English and French (not including the Japanese raws). Yay!

This chapter is one of my favorites. Actually, it’s probably my favorite among the ones released so far.

Thanks Kaylarala for the translation help in one of the sentences!

Asterisks (**) = Oh boy, what my head help.

As always, if you enjoyed this chapter, please leave a like or a comment! Thank you!



Chapter 41:

High School – Twenty-second Part


I stay at Genbu-senpai’s suite for the full two weeks until the supplementary exam. After receiving a peek at the test, I’m led to the gym in the basement of senpai’s place. I thought I would also get a bit more muscular and macho…but whether or not it’s because of my constitution, there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference. I study senpai’s slender form. His muscles are supple; is he trying to make me jealous by inviting me over?* It’s confusing, the atmosphere growing dubious.

We call for a breather for the weekend, led by Genbu-senpai’s father. The three of us travel to a restaurant to eat. It’s a place full of the memories of a suburban Kaori-san. Most of what his father says during our trip is about her.

The days spent with senpai pass calmly.

When he studies, he wear glasses; he honestly dislikes cucumbers…and so on. Bit by bit, I grow accustomed to being by his side.

Finally, it’s the day before the exam.

Since the day Yukimura-san scolded me, I had not returned to school. I just jumped straight into my summer vacation. A bit nervous, I enter a conversation with senpai.

Airu: “…From tomorrow on, you will be accompanied by an escort from the Public Morals committee~.”

Yuu: “…Ehh? To receive so much from you to this extent…” (T/N: Thanks Kaylarala for the help in this line!)

Genbu: “Yes, I can’t hear that~. Even though the you right now is fine, you’re in a dangerous situation! I thought that nowadays this place would be under the protection of the Houou household, that he didn’t have much in his hands. But, right now I think there’s a great disadvantage…Kanzaki will be shouldering a large responsibility alone…There are a lot more things regarding Snake-san…”  (T/N: TBH I’m not sure if Kanzaki “神崎” refers to the escort from the Public Morals Committee, or if there’s another meaning.)

He throws himself down on the sofa, placing his head on my knee and starts to think. Senpai seems to prefer skin-ship, such as using a lap as a pillow and hugging people from behind. It’s okay; he’s just like a pampered child.

Although tomorrow’s the test, I can finally meet with Suzaku-kun for the first time in a while. Although I interact with him through mail everyday, I haven’t seen him in such a long time.

Airu: “…What is it? You look happy, Yuu.”

Yuu: “…I’m thinking that I’ll finally get to see Suzaku-kun again…”

Airu: “That’s right~. Oh, are you still staying at my place? …Before you return to your house, you absolutely must inform me. There’s something of concern on my mind right now…”

As I take in his serious expression, I feel a little uneasy.

Yuu: “…Senpai…is there something going on?”

Airu: “…It’s Airu, isn’t it?”

Yuu: “…Uu…A-airu…” I’m not used to calling senpai by his given name. Because it’s he who requested this…I feel somewhat embarrassed.

Airu: “Yes, well done♪…Shall I give you a kiss as a reward?”

He seems to have forgotten that he is still lying on my lap. Realizing his mistake, he sits up from the sofa and hoists me up on my knees.

I’m facing him. He kisses my cheek softly.

Yuu: “…Nn…”

Airu: “…Hehe. Cute♪…Are you alright? Work hard on your test tomorrow.”

Yuu: “…Yes…Um, thank you for tutoring me.”

Airu: “…You’re welcome♪…Yeah. You might as well let me receive a reward too…”**

Yuu: “…”

I become silent. A reward. Do I often receive rewards from Hiroto? I’ve been told that I do. But, all he ever did was just lick me until the morning.** Or…To be honest, I don’t recall getting anything from him.** I look at senpai timidly. What should I say?

Airu: “..Yeah~. I see~…Yeah, that’s right. Will you make chilled Chinese noodles?”

Yuu: “…Chilled…Chinese noodles?”

Airu: “Yep! The ones you prepared for me last time! Will you make it again? Since then, the housekeeper cooks rice everyday…I think she prepares it just for you…”

Yuu: “…Ah..hah…”

Airu: “…That’s because, everything eaten with you will taste delicious…I want to eat it again…Promise?”

Yuu: “…Yes!” For some reason, I feel glad. I smile as I hug him.

Airu: “…”

Yuu: “…Oh, but senpai, can I put some cucumbers in it? You shouldn’t have any likes and dislikes, okay? Hm? Your face is red. Do you have a fever?” I touch his forehead with mine. “..? There doesn’t seem to be a fever but…”

Before I realze it, I’m holding his stare.

Yuu: “…Senpai?”

Airu: “…It’s Airu, remember?”

Yuu: “…Ah…A-airu?”

Airu: “..Yes. One more time…okay?”

Yuu: “Airu…?”

Airu: “…Yeah.”

With our foreheads pressed together, he places his hands on my lower back and turns me around.

Airu: “Right now…as it is, I’m worried about kissing you like this and feeling this way…But, if I don’t stick to you, would you still think of me?** …What should I do?”

Yuu: “…Ehh…Um…”

Airu: “…What do you want me to do?”

Lost in his violet eyes, I can’t move. Since arriving at his suite, he did not ask me for such a meaning. However, he had kissed, hugged, and performed other acts of skin-ship with me.

He whispers in my ear. “…If you endure, I’ll help you come.”

Yuu: “…I-it’s okay!”

Airu: “…Really? That’s too bad.” He licks his lips mischievously and laughs happily. That smile really makes it seem like he’s enjoying himself. Seeing his sparkling purple eyes, I can’t help but have my thoughts drawn to him. “Hm? …Are you tempting me? Your eyes are a bit…erotic…”

Yuu: “…Aah. They’re not erotic. Senpai, what are you talking about?”

Airu: “Mm? They definitely are right now…How amusing. Ah, even now you’re still calling me senpai…Call me Airu, won’t you?”

Yuu: “That’s because I’m used to calling you senpai…It’s embarrassing.”

Suddenly, I peek at him with my eyes. As they shine, I drop my head down in shame. My forehead droops to his chest, rubbing against his form unexpectedly. He hugs me close. My head slides against his cheeks.

Airu: “…A little more~. Is that no good? If you say such cute things…I will not be able to let go of this hand…Uu..Let’s sleep like this today! Can we do this? Yes?”

I am carried to bed and hugged like a child by senpai. He clings to me as if I am a pillow, sleeping until the morning. When I woke up at the peak of night, I was greeted with the sight of his sleeping face…I sneaked a kiss on his cheek…



…It’s my little secret.



Ending Notes: I love how the only person Yuu’s embarrassed of calling by his real name is Airu. Suspicious~. Airu x Yuu has officially become my OTP for this series.



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25 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 41: High School – Twenty-second Part

  1. Man fudge Hiroto my new otp now is Airu Genbu x Yuu Amano like Hiroto is an irresponsible bastard and I’m angry at him with the pretend cheating with that guy [I forgot is name, hanmyouji or something] while Yuu is having a heart attack and his depressing thoughts attacking him too, boi Hiroto better be suffering after this 😡 [maybe make him jealous would suffice? By seeing Genbu-senpai and Yuu together? >:D MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA]

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Yeah, I don’t really understand why Hiroto thinks seducing Hasumyouji would help anyone. Unless he thinks he’s an undercover spy or something. There’s gonna be shit going on in later chapters haha. Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahhhhhhhhh 10/10

    So interesting how he doesn’t think he gets anything from hiroto but sex but he sees airu as someone whose giving him a lot, although both guys claim he same feelings
    Makes his relationship with airu seem much more like a good, loving relationship rather than the one sidedness that happened before where yuu just went along with it. (in my opinion)

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yeah, the results of the comparison are eye-opening. It’s sad that Yuu feels he’s never received a true reward/gift from Hiroto. Yuu’s “rewards” were basically rewards FOR Hiroto. On the other hand, Airu asks for something that can be shared together. And his request–the chilled Chinese noodles that Yuu cooked in the past–is pure and nostalgic.

      I’m digging this ship..


  3. That kind of thing…” (T/N: Raws say “そこまでして頂くわけには…” [soko made shite itadaku wake ni wa]. I’m just guessing here.)

    Hi hi! I’m also not 100% sure but it might mean “To receive so much from you to this extent…” or something along those lines, yeah.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Aww,, how sweet!
    Airu is my absolute favorite character right now,, he respect Yuu’s wishes. Not like that selfish demon king..
    Thanks for the update,, 😘

    Liked by 2 people

  5. OH MY.


    Poor Yuu tho. Basically, the only thing that Hitoro give him is sex right? But Airu give him a lot of love and he hold himself up because he know Yuu didn’t want that. Hiroto ship can go sinking in bermuda triangle for all I care. AiruYuu is the only ship that I will board from now on.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. i really hope Yuu ends up with Airu!! They’re so perfect together and Airu can actually protect Yuu unlike Hiroto! Airu is also really loving and caring towards Yuu also following his family’s genes he would only love Yuu. Hiroto is just annoying in my opinion but even though i say that I feel like Yuu would eventually end up with him. Which I hope doesn’t come true! Airu X Yuu all the way!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I am so happy with this series. I am both sad that it’s ending so soon, and happy, because I still have no idea who Yuu is going to end up with, but I am really looking forward to finding out. I also hope they explain a lot more about what is going on. And I really, really hope that the ending will not be “and he wakes up, and it was all a dream”.

    Kanzaki is a proper name, so I’m guessing that Kanzaki is a member of the Public Morals committee.


  8. Hmm… instead of a triangle with the demon king and samurai, I support a polyamorous triangle with Teruaki and Airu! 😄


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