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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 42: High School – Twenty-third Part

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Hello everyone! Today’s chapter is pretty short. Not only that, but we have 16 chapters until the end. To celebrate this, I’m looking for recommendations for the next project.

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Thank you Mai-Mai and otakupanda for the help in some lines!

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Chapter 42:

High School – Twenty-third Part

The next morning, while I’m putting on my uniform, Genbu-senpai gives me a surprise hug from behind.

Airu: “Yuu~. Are you ready?”

Yuu: “…I’m changing clothes right now…”

Airu: “Yup. I know~. An escort from the Public Morals committee will arrive very soon. I’ll notify you then, okay?”

Yuu: “…Ehh? Really? Thank you. I should be getting ready quickly, right?” I scramble out of my pajama t-shirt in a rush.

For some reason, he has a sad expression when I take off my clothes.

Airu: “…Yuu. You’re no longer a child…I wish you’d be a bit more bashful when exposing flesh…”

Yuu: “…We’re both men. Why should I be embarrassed about changing clothes?” I reply to him, amazed. What are you trying to get from me? Senpai…

As soon as I’m done changing, he embraces my back and plants kisses on my cheeks. I follow him, stroking his head in a “there, there” fashion, when the intercom sounds. Senpai answers it. The apartments in this high-rise building have auto-lock systems and can unlock from inside.

I think I see someone’s silhouette, but it’s hard to get a good look. Once the beeps of the intercom end, senpai turns to talk to me.

Airu: “…Yuu.”

Yuu: “…Yes.” At his voice, I adjust my attitude instinctively.

Airu: “…Today you will take the supplementary exam at school….Always stick with the members of the Public Morals committee. In order for your escorts to protect you properly, your cooperation is crucial, alright?”

Yuu: “…Yes.”

Airu: “Good~. If the snake comes, just run for the time being.”

Yuu: “…Yes…Snake-san?”

Airu: “That’s right! Snake…Do you understand?”

Yuu: “…Yes, I understand.”

Although I’m not sure what the snake refers to, since I can tell that he’s worried about me, I nod to reassure him.

Airu: “…Ahh, I’m already worried sick~.”

He clings to me. I pat his back(T/N: Thanks Mai-Mai and otakupanda for confirming this part!)

Yuu: “It will definitely be okay. Thank you for worrying…uh…Airu-san..”

Looking downward, I say this in a rather soft voice. Senpai is silent. When I cast a fleeting glance at him, I am met with kind eyes the shade of purple.

Airu: “…Ehehe. Yuu called me by my name…So happy!”

Yuu: “…Uu. It’s really embarrassing, though…”

Engrossed in cooling down my red and embarrassed face, I don’t notice when someone enters the apartment. Senpai’s eyes are glued to the door.

Airu: “…Heh. You came. Are the adjustments prepared?”

Vistor: “Yes, success was achieved. It was an excellent act of suppression….Members of the Public Morals committee, huh? I’m wondering about the army’s whereabouts.” (T/N: Thanks Mai-Mai for the help in this line!)

Airu: “…Yet you’re still sticking it out until the end…It must be love…Byakko.”

Yuu: “…?” This is my first time seeing Teruki in weeks. I feel like my mind’s in turmoil. The muscles on my body move on their own.** For the time being, I rush to hug Teruki.

Meeting you again is pure bliss.



Ending Notes: My boy Teruki’s back. Please, if you haven’t done so already, click HERE to recommend the next project of my blog!


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12 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 42: High School – Twenty-third Part

  1. Oh, I’m so happy you’re posting these so quickly. Thank you so much for all these lovely chapters.

    “Pon-pon” is a sound effect used for medium or light patting. The most famous of this sound is when a tanuki thumps its belly in comics, the sound is “pon-pon”. So you totally have that right.

    “Okage-sama de” is a little difficult to describe, but in general, it signifies agreement. Depending on situation, it can mean “yes” or “success was achieved” or “yes, thank you” to name a few ways.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pon-pon is the sound they usually use when patting someone. Also, TERUKI IS BACK BOYS!!! Let’s go! I love the AiruxYuu ship, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss the others.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Thank you! ❤
        Yuu Protection Squad, UNITE!!! That stupid snake will get what he deserves! *eyes burning with passion*


  3. Yay, Teruki’s here!! He’s reliable so I’m sure he will protect Yuu with all his might.
    But I love how so devoted Airu was to Yuu,, ❤
    Thank you for the update~

    Liked by 1 person

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