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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 43: High School – Twenty-fourth Part

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Another quick chapter.

Regarding the next project, I’ve narrowed the list to two novels:

◊ Violant of the Silver

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Chapter 43:

High School – Twenty-fourth Part


Teruki and I send off Genbu-senpai, who decided to head for school. I catch a glimpse of the armband around my classmate’s arm. It’s proof that he joined the Public Morals committee. I inquire about it at once.

Yuu: “Thank you for picking me up, Teruki…Um…you entered the Public Morals committee?”

Teruki: “Yeah. Well…Most of all, you seem to be doing well…Can you show me more of your face? …Seems fine…thank goodness…” (T/N: Raws say “落ち着いとるな” [Ochitsui toruna]. NO idea what that means.)

He bends down to study me. Emerald green pupils permeated with kindness aim toward my form. I cast my eyes to the floor, not making a peep.

I wonder if…Teruki joined the Public Morals committee for my sake. However, I’m confident without knowing for sure. I’ve heard that members of that committee are strict on discipline…Isn’t that a burden on Teruki? He’s rarely restrained, doesn’t like attending club activities, and has a free image…

Teruki: “…Hey. What are you thinking of so pessimistically? …Relax. I just wanted to have a way to protect you. I’m a member of the Public Morals committee, but I am exclusive to you. Under Genbu-senpai’s order, I’m dismissed from all other assemblies of the committee…It won’t change much from now on…I will simply protect you by your side.” He pats my head with a palm, stroking through the strands in a gentle manner.

Tears start to flow as I undergo this nostalgic sensation.

Yuu: “…Sorry….Thank you, Teruki.”

Teruki: “…Mm.”

In Teruki’s short reply, that is jam packed full of emotions, the urge to cry increases within me. I rub my eyes.

Teruki: “…Hey, if you rub your eyes they’ll turn red. Will you go to school? …Suzaku is also looking forward to seeing you.”

Yuu: “…Yeah! I’m also looking forward to it…Hey Teruki, did you grow taller? Somehow…it’s like all your muscles stretched.”

Teruki: “…Well.” For some reason, Teruki’s eyes seem peer far away into the distance. “It’s from the training from the Public Morals committee…Because of summer vacation, I was thrown into the dojo starting from the morning…practicing combat abruptly…”

Yuu: “…So that’s why your muscles are like this…Although Genbu-senpai also took me to the gym, I couldn’t build any muscles at all…Can I touch it?”

Teruki: “I don’t really mind but…Hey, it tickles…Yuu!”

I am moved by the feeling of touching Teruki’s arm. I guess it’s ticklish. He grabs my hand while laughing, stopping my caress. (T/N: What does “むにむに” [munimuni] mean?)

While we joke around and walk, we hear a dumbfounded voice from our backs. It’s the voice of…

Voice: “…Are you guys a bad couple?”

Yuu: “…Suzaku-kun! …Huh?” I turn to look behind me, eyes flickering. It sure is Suzaku-kun’s voice. Dark brown eyes and hair the gentle shade of milk tea…It’s definitely Suzaku-kun but…

Yuu: “…Why is your line of sight so far above mine?”

Suzaku: “First time seeing you in a while and naturally you’re acting like an idiot….You’re the same as ever…Amano. Without fail, I grew taller. I’m in my growth period!”

Yuu: “…Ehh…Ehhhhh?!”

Suzaku-kun used to be my height. Though he’s not as tall as Teruki, his stature has increased tremendously. Not seeing him in a while, I feel like he’s gotten more manly…

Yuu: “Uuu…Am I the only shorty? …I have to drink milk…” I’m stunned, a bit shocked in place.

Teruki: “…Yuu? If we don’t head for school, it’ll be no different from coming late to the your exam.”**

Suzaku: “Oh, is this guy back on earth? Byakko, let’s not delay. We’ve got to go.”

Teruki: “I see…Hey, Yuu! Yes, yes. Watch out for cars. Walk close to the sidewalk.”

Suzaku: “Are you an elementary student?! …Hey, Amano! Come back you careless thing!”

Yuu: “…Ow! ….Hah. I’m going to be late! Hurry up, Teruki, Suzaku-kun!”

I am pinched on the earlobe by Suzaku-kun, which jolts me from my reverie. I rush off.

Suzaku: “…Hey, don’t leave me behind Amano! …This guy has fast legs…”

Teruki: “…Yuu! You’ll fall if you’re too impatient…”

Suzaku: “…That’s why I said he’s an elementary school kid.”

We all sprint towards the school. It’s been such a long time since I’ve been here and it’s sweltering. I peek through the gaps between my hands, gazing at the sky without saying a word.

The summer sun shines brightly at us.



Ending Notes: Ayy, Suzaku’s here too. Yuu’s Protective Squad is assembled.


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23 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 43: High School – Twenty-fourth Part

  1. Another chapter! You totally make my afternoons happier. Thank you so much!

    “muni-muni” is another sound effect. It’s the sound of rubbing something soft and squishy, like somebody’s cheeks.

    And Yay For Teruki! I am such a Teruki fan.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Although I guess in this instance, it can be used for squeezing or squishing an arm. Really squeezing would have been like “gyu” or really poking would have been something like “puchi” while massaging would have been “momi-momi”

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! By the way can we get a short summary of the new possible projects before we vote? I tried googling them but couldn’t find what they were about


  3. Only those two choices among other novels? Both of them are still ongoing… I was hoping someone would suggest a completed work so once you finish with that project, you can move on to the next one. But, oh well! *shrugs* I’ll be casting my vote now! Good luck with the project, whichever of the two it may be!! ‘Coz I agree, it would be hard to do both of them together. ^-^

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      1. My pleasure! And good luck with the two projects. Well, if it gets too much to give releases for them both roughly at the same time, you could just finish the one with 30 chapters first. Then focus the love on Violant next *giggles*


  4. … so now Suzaku has totally change from the protagonist into Yuu’s harem member…. what a growth spurt. Thank you for the chapter♡


  5. Yas! Yuu’s protective squad is assembled but we need Genbu-senpai, Hiroto is out fruk him how can he even protect Yuu by pretend to be that beach’s boyfriend and being too “busy” because of student council work like man If you take up the mantle to take care of Yuu he should’ve took it seriously, So Hiroto is not welcome in the Yuu Protective Squad!

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  6. 落ち着いとるな – Ochisuiteru means “to calm down” and with Teruki’s accent, he’s probably saying, “looks like you’ve calmed down” (which without dialects or slang should be close to “ochitsuiteru ne”) I had to double check this–I did that with BL radio dramas. XD


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