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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 44: High School – Twenty-fifth Part

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Hey everyone! If you don’t know already, I have decided to pick up I’ll Nurture the Hero Because I Don’t Want to Die by Yomogino. However, I’ve shortened the title to Nurturing the Hero to Avoid Death (NHAD)I’ve gotten the green light from Nakimushi Translations to use the title, since I wasn’t sure if I butchered the meaning by cutting it short. They’re the ones translating Takamura-kun is Cursed, another BL novel!

Here is the link to Nurturing the Hero to Avoid Death‘s prologue. It’s over 3K words but please, still check it out!

Anyway, this chapter we get a whiff of something flowery…(cough Hasumyouji cough).

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Chapter 44:

High School – Twenty-fifth Part

The supplementary exams are separated by grade.

First year students use a vacant classroom on the second floor of the school building.

Because Shijin Gakuen is equipped with both air conditioning and heating, everywhere within the school feels comfortable.

(…Uu. Feels refreshing~.)

Looking out the window of the examination room, I realize I can see the windows of the Student Council Office.

(Student Council office…I wonder if Hiroto is working there right now?)

Ever since a while ago, I have not seen him.

(…Stop this! I need to concentrate on the test…!)

I deflect my eyes from the window quickly. As such, I do not notice a shadow flicking at the corner of the Council’s office’s window.

The test concludes in the morning. While I’m sitting in my desk and stretching, the student sitting in front speaks to me.

Student: “Hey, Amano. Did you break up with Houou-senpai?”

Yuu: “…Eh?”

Student: “That’s because lately Houou-senpai has been hanging around Hasumyouji-senpai…They look really close. A while ago, Houou-senpai helped Hasumyouji-senpai who was about to fall. That scene was a sight for sore eyes. The two of them are such a perfect fit, aren’t they?”

Yuu: “…Indeed.”

For the time being, I nod.

I see. Hiroto is cherishing Hasumyouji-senpai properly. I feel a bit cynical within my chest but I don’t really mind.

Student: “So, is it true? Amano, are you free right now? …Shall we go out to play together?”

Yuu: “…?” I tilt my head. I can’t understand his line of thinking, that just because I’m “free” I’ll go out with someone. I wonder if he’s muddleheaded for trying to cook up some business with me.* He leans over my desk.

Student: “…That’s why, you should come play with me…”

Suddenly, a bag drops down between us.

“Ahh~ I’m tired of testing. Amano…hm? My bad. Were you guys taking? Are you Yamanishi from class 1? What business do you have with Amano?”


Yuu: “Suzaku-kun, you’ve worked hard on your test.”

Suzaku: “Byakko’s waiting in the library. Let’s go?”

Yuu: “Ah, that’s right! Teruki’s waiting! Let’s hurry! …Um, Yamanishi-kun. What was it you wanted to tell me?”

Yamanishi: “Ah…no, it’s nothing. See you, Amano…Suzaku.”

I feel like for a moment, the two glare at one another, but as Yamanishi-kun stands and walks away, the tension disperses.

Suzaku: “…Amano, what’s up with that guy?”

Yuu: “…? He wanted to know if I would go out to play with him…I’m free now since I’ve parted with Hiroto…” My voice grows softer as I near the end of my words.

Suzaku: “…Sigh. How suspicious…Well, for now let’s head for the library. I’m hungry. Let’s eat something before going home.”

Yuu: “…Yeah!”

Conscious of eating lunch together, I follow Suzaku-kun to the library.

Suzaku: “…Amano, you’re don’t have a tan at all! You’re so pale!”

Yuu: “…That’s because I didn’t leave Genbu-senpai’s apartment much…Suzaku-kun got tanner. You grew taller than me.” I stare hard at him.

Suzaku: “Hehehe…I also didn’t expect to get this tall! …Oh, at my height I can lay my hands flat on your head~.”

Yuu: “Hey~! Can you stop that! …Ah, Suzaku-kun’s side is in a good place too…huh!”

Suzaku: “Waah! It tickles!”

While walking around with Suzaku-kun, someone descends the stairs. It’s Hasumyouji-senpai carrying a stack of papers. I can smell the fragrance, which has grown more alluring than before the summer vacation. His face is as beautiful as ever. He has a slightly surprised expression, which morphs quickly into a smile.

Hasumyouji: “…Amano-kun, long time no see…What did you do today?”

Yuu: “…Um, supplements.”

Hasumyouji: “Ah. Today was the supplementary exam…Which classroom did you use?  Hm? But did you show up for the lesson? I don’t recall seeing you…”

Yuu: “…Uh, we used an empty classroom on the second floor. As for where I studied…Ouch!” (T/N: Raws say “補習に出れなかったのは“. Not sure here.)

Suzaku-kun steps on my foot as I’m about to reveal studying with Genbu-senpai at his place. “…Amano-kun’s physical condition declined before summer vacation started. He had to recuperate at home.”

Hasumyouji: “…Is that so? Hiroto-senpau didn’t tell me such a thing…But isn’t your father away at work? …Were you okay alone?”

Yuu: “Ah, um…o-ow!”

He steps on my foot again. I’m already zipping my mouth.

Suzaku: “Enough, you Close. Your. Mouth…Thank you for worrying. Did you know that he’s living alone?”

Hasumyouji: “…I heard it from Hiroto-senpai…you often stayed over at his house…It’s just next door.”

“… Buaha! Please don’t worry! I didn’t sleep over at his place this time! I haven’t met him!” Pulling my hand free from Suzaku-kun, I talk to senpai. Since he’s in touch with Hiroto, I am afraid he’d get jealous.

Hasumyouji: “…Well then, where were you?”

Yuu: “…Huh? That is…”

Hasumyouji: “…Were you not at home? …Where were you?”

Yuu: “…!” I cling to Suzaku-kun out of reflex. I feel as if Hasumyouji-senpai has become as cold as ice. Though his attractive smile doesn’t change, his eyes have.

They’re emotionless eyes aimed at their prey.

(…Like a snake…)

In this moment, I remember Genbu-senpai’s words this morning.

“If you see the snake, just run.”

Yuu: “…Um…I…I’m sorry! Please excuse me!” I grab Suzaku-kun’s hand and sprint at full speed.

In retrospect, I probably glanced back at Hasumyouji-senpai, though I was scared and continued running.




Ending Notes: I love how Yuu is so naive and about to spill the beans but Suzaku’s like NO. He’s such a bodyguard XD

I guess we finally know who’s the “snake”Airu keeps referring to…Never mind, it was kind of obvious.

Also, wtf is with Hasumyouji’s interrogation? Because that’s what it was: an interrogation…


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22 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 44: High School – Twenty-fifth Part

  1. I finally got his name Hasumyouji that beach, I swear he’s like one of those people who act innocent and perfect but is really not and way to go Yuu Protective Squad! I’m a fan of yours now! I understand how naive and pessimistic our little cute bunny Yuu is so we must outmost protect him with our manly seme strength!!! Yuu Protective Squad Fighting!!!!
    *bows* and thank you for the people who worked hard to translate Villain Days!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What is wrong with Hasumyouji?! I know Yuu is cute so you like to bully him but just leave him alone!! He’s already voluntarily giving Hiroto to you for all he cares.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hasumyouji might be satisfied at seeing Yuu suffer or Hasumyouji has real feelings for Hiroto and he hates Yuu so much that he likes to torture Yuu with his i’m-so-innocent act but will see in the future chapters to what it might reveal.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m with you on this one. Why would he be so into Yuu, when Yuu has been leaving Hiroto alone and not even showing up to bother them? Unless he’s actually aiming for both of them…?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. IMO, I am sure Hasu-something is jealous of Yuu that can gather everyone love and adoration without even trying. Yuu didn’t need to work hard or have a seductive appearance, but people loves him anyway and his envy turn into obsession.


  3. Thanks for the update,,
    Omo, that Yamanishi fellow is courting death! Good thing Suzaku come to Yuu’s rescue.
    Hasumyouji is such a strange fellow, I already tired of him..


  4. Apparently what happens when I go out of town for meetings is that I miss lovely extra story chapters. What a nice thing to come home to! But really, what is Hasumyoji’s problem? Hiroto’s been paying attention to him, what is he doing bullying Yuu for?

    補習に出れなかったのは – I think that Yuu is going to say something about why he hasn’t been seen at his supplemental classes, which Suzaku interrupts, as he doesn’t want to give any information to Hasumyoji, and Yuu has a tendency to blurt things out, and can’t lie his way out of a paper bag. So you can translate it as “…I wasn’t in the supplementals because–” or “…I didn’t go to the supplementals because–“


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