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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 45: High School – Twenty-fifth Part

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HOLY. I swear, Villain Days chapters are harder to translate than Nurturing the Hero to Avoid Death‘s and even Violant of the Silver‘s. AND NOW, after more than FORTY chapters, I know why. It’s the slang and hundreds of ellipses. (In case you don’t know what an ellipses is, it’s this “…”) Not to mention there are strings of clauses, sometimes more than four, all glued together to form a single sentence. This is HEADACHE inducing…I’m only a poor sap with a Japanese dictionary and google translate…Please have mercy on me, author.

This is so frustrating because I want to finish this novel already. I have an ITCH to finish!

Anyway, now that I’ve calmed down a bit, here’s a mini announcement: Yes, I am thinking of picking up Violant of the Silver as well. This is because 1) it’s a sweet story and 2) NHAD only has thirty chapters and hasn’t been updated since the end of June. The releases have also decreased dramatically over the months. I’ll probably catch up to it before it’s finished in Japan. However, VS has over 200 chapters and is still updated regularly. As such, I’ll classify VS as a long-term project and NHAD as something quick and dirty.

I’ve already translated the prologue and will have it up right after Villain Days chapter 46. Or, after chapter 1 of NHAD, whichever I get to first.

Asterisks (**) = I\don’t even

Huge thanks to Nome for checking some lines for me again! Much love!

As always, if you enjoyed this chapter, please leave a like or a comment. Even better, drop a rating/review on NU.

Thank you!



Chapter 45:

High School – Twenty-fifth Part



After running to library with Suzaku-kun, we sit down and take a breather.

Noticing Teruki, we rush over to him flustered.

Teruki: “…Did something happen?”

Since I’m too worn out and breathing hard, Suzaku-kun replies instead of me.

Suzaku: “…For the time being, let’s have a change of scene…Let’s go to my place. I can use my uncle’s car.”**

Teruki: “…Alright.”

We get in Suzaku-kun’s car and drive to his house. I wonder if I was exposed to Hasumyouji-senpai’s maliciousness.

Teruki: “…Yuu, are you okay?”

Yuu: “…Hm. Can I rest a bit? …I’m a little tired…”

Teruki: “Oh yeah? Suzaku, can Yuu sleep on the sofa?”

Suzaku: “…There’s a bed in the guest room but…would it be better for him to stay with us? Amano, lie down here.”

Yuu: “…Mm, sor…ry…” I lie on the sofa and fall asleep immediately.



Teruki: “…Did you sleep?”

Suzaku: “…Oh, I guess I dozed off…What happened?”

Teruki: “…Where can we talk?”

I go over what happened today to Byakko. I told him how I overheard Yamanishi of class 1 in the supplementary exam room and encountered Hasumyouji-senpai on the stairs. Apparently, he knew that Yuu wasn’t home during his medical treatment…

Teruki: “…Yamanishi of class 1…”

Byakko realizes something, retrieving a piece of paper from his bag and thumbing through it. Then he mutters, eyes sharp.

Teruki: “…Bingo.”

Suzaku: “What is?”

Teruki: “Yamanishi is a fan of Hasumyouji-senpai. His level of adoration is incredible…Thank you. Suzaku. You helped out a lot.* I thought it was too conspicuous to wait at the library…**Ah~ …I heard that Genbu-senpai is disgusted…but that’s their just deserts…Senpai contacts me regularly…Please watch Amano for me“* (T/N: Thank you Nome!)

Suzaku: “Ahh…Got it.”

The Public Morals committee’s information network is amazing. In order to get such perks, Byakko must have joined the committee.

I gaze at a sleeping Amano on the sofa.

He has no tan; his limbs are white. Peeping from his soft chestnut hair are not his usual rosy cheeks, but cheeks that are a little pale. I brush the hair off his face.

This Amano that I haven’t seen in weeks is still the same person.

I’ve heard various rumors regarding Genbu-senpai. Apparently, he sleeps with whoever invites him. He’s the Chair of the Public Morals committee and is recognized by teachers as an honor student. However, he’s a guy who fights like a mad dog, knocking down his opponent with a smile when the situation calls for it. I was worried that Amano would change after staying with someone like that for weeks.

Yet, Amano is still Amano.

He’s completely natural.

When he looks at me, he smiles happily.

I shoot my gaze at him, watching his thin parted lips. When I approach him as if I was invited, about to drop a kiss, Amano murmurs like a child and turns away.

Didn’t you kiss me a while ago asleep?** I remember Amano kissing Byakko and me.

(…I won’t do it today.)

Feeling regretful with halfhearted emotions, I laugh at my own self derision. I also seem to be quite fond of him. With this, I can’t laugh at Byakko.

Teruki: “…Ah~…Genbu-senpai is pretty strict…” Byakko grumbles as he returns to the room.

Suzaku: “Welcome back. What about Genbu-senpai?”

Teruki: “When I told Genbu-senpai that Hasumyoji-senpai knew Yuu wasn’t in his house when he was recuperating, he told me to escort Yuu into his apartment. He said this was because there might be people snooping around Yuu’s place. (T/N: Huge thanks to Nome for fixing this nightmare of a line.) 

…Since I encountered Hasumyouji-senpai along the way, I heard Genbu-senpai was totally disgusted.”

Suzaku: “…My condolences.”

Teruki: “Ah~ but, Yuu is still sleeping. Is it alright for him to stay here for a little longer?”

Suzaku: “I don’t really mind? Would you like a drink? …Speaking of which, I haven’t eaten lunch yet. I’m going for a meal.”

Teruki: “Sorry. I’m counting on you.”*

Byakko sits down next to Amano and looks at him. “…Sleeping, huh. By the way, it looks like whether our kendo club will advance to the finals will be decided today. Next week will be such an incredible event. What will you do, Suzaku? Will you come support?”

Suzaku: “…I’ll come.”

Teruki: “…Roger that. I’ll email you the time again. You should definitely go with Yuu.”

Suzaku: “Understood.”

I go to order our meals. Byakko strokes Yuu’s hair affectionately to the edge of his eyes.

I really can’t laugh at him, sighing to myself in secret.



Ending Notes: Suzaku, you know you’re already in deep XD



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10 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 45: High School – Twenty-fifth Part

  1. Thank you for update! Yay, i will be waiting for violant in english, I had diabetes stadium 4 from reading the R18 chapter yesterday (finally reached there),, can’t wait to reread it again from 1st chapter in English~

    すまんけど、天野、みとってやって, sorry but please watch amano for me –> because teru’s going out so he asked suzaku to watch him.
    療養中、ユウが自宅にいなかったことを連妙寺先輩が把握しとることを言ったら、やはり、ユウの家の周辺は見張られとる可能性があるから、玄武先輩のマンションまで、ユウを送れやって., when i tell him (genbu senpai) that hatsumyoji senpai knows that yuu wasn’t in his house when he’s recuperating, as expected, since someone might be watching/snooping around in yuu’s house’s vicinity, please send/escort/deliver him to genbu senpai’s apartment.
    Well, third party, like he/she sometimes were not mentioned in the beginning of sentence, to gain the clue, you can only read the sentence before or after.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AHH, I’ll fix that immediately, thank you! Yeah, I finished the prologue and it was written well…Well, I mean as far as I can understand it XD. Also, I don’t know if you got my last comment, but I’m in need of translation help in one line of Violant of the Silver’s summary. Would you please assist me if it’s not too much of a hassle? I don’t want to inaccurately portray the summary.

      This line: だが、いずれ悪役として『主人公』に殺される以前に、悪役として表に出られないことに気付き……。 Is it that he can’t appear in public before the “hero” kills him, or that he can’t give the appearance of a villain before the “hero” kills him…omg…TY for you time.


      1. The meaning is that before the hero kills him as a villain, he realized he just need to not appear on the stage as a villain, which implied he’s determined not to walk the path of a villain, whether by laying low or taking hero side, is not mentioned/ not clear on this summary

        Hope it’s of help 🙂


  2. Poor…poor..poor Suzaku. You are already fallen so deep like Byakko and no one can save you anymore. On the other hand, poor Yamanishi and Hasu-something senpai. They got a whole squad of angry admirer to chew them.


  3. Pfft. Okay. Decided. Suzaku has officially in in Yuu’s haremXD thank you for the chapter♡ are there no harem route anyway?


  4. Aww, so sweet, but sad too..
    They like Yuu so much, they don’t know what to do. And since I want Yuu to be faithful to one person (preferably Airu LoL) I feel bad for the other that falls for Yuu..
    Thank you for the update chaser,,
    I look forward for the new series~


  5. Please give me a bit of spoiler..
    Will there be a compete closure of Yuu’s relationship with someone? Will hiroto handle things well? Will hasumyoji disturbance finished off well? I posted a request for spoiler a while ago on NU, but nobody replied… 😢

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