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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 46: The Feelings of the Erotic Demon King, Houou Hiroto part 5

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Just a quick chapter! Here is Hiroto’s POV regarding what happened in chapter 44.

If you haven’t already, you can check out the prologue to Violant of the Silver here and chapter 1 of NHAD here.

Asterisks (**) = I’m thinking, I really am ;_;

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Chapter 46:

The Feelings of the Erotic Demon King, Houou Hiroto Pt. 5


I wonder how long it has been since I last saw Yuu.

Hasumyouji Satsuki.

I have quite a struggle with him.

I have always thought of him as a cute underclassman who does his best for the Student Council. Here’s the bad thing about management: everyone in the Student Council is in the mood to cheer on or sneak up on Satsuki and me.

It’s regretful to do(T/N: Raws say “やりにくい.” I just guessed.)

I’m tired of this statement.

If this was before Yuu lost his memory, I would have done him already. Satsuki is charming and seductive. (気も利く)

But now, Yuu’s face flickers in my mind whenever I have thoughts of doing anything.

At this time, the other council members are witty.**  Satsuki stares at me with feverish eyes as if we were the one two in the room…If it was Yuu, I’d push him down on the guest sofa, then…Crap. I have a shortage of Yuu so just as I started to fantasize, my groin area responds.

This time, Genbu took custody of Yuu. My parents questioned me regarding this decision. They adore Yuu. Apparently from the time he was admitted to the hospital with a fever to after being discharged, Yuu was taken care of by the Genbu family instead of mine. Yuu’s father, Miki-san, asked me to restrain from meeting Yuu for his health and questioned me. We spoke about about the issue of Hasumyouji.

My parents were reluctant but they agreed with the decision. I’m still salty about him, though.


For some reason, I became lost in a reverie. When I snap out of it, I realize I have herded Satsuki to a window. For a moment I imagine it is Yuu, my lower regions reacting before I realize it. Satsuki smiles shyly.

Nonchalantly, I throw my arms around him. In my desperate situation, I peer through the window for something.

Then I see that the vacant room across the building is being used to take a test.


It’s been such a long time since I saw him.

He looks like he’s concentrating hard on the exam, a bit worried about whether he understands the problems or not. His hands pause.

In retrospect, this must be the longest period of time since we’ve met.

Prior to his amnesia, Yuu used to hang out at my house often. Since then, he couldn’t bear not to see me.


I must suppress this desperate urge to run to him.


Perhaps he thinks my movements are suspicious. Satsuki tries to look through the window. I push him against the wall quickly, hugging him tightly.

“…Nn. Hiroto…”

I increase the strength of my hold, embracing Satsuki whose eyes narrow in a daze.

Right now, my face is hidden.

Right now, my face is probably severe, as cold as ice.

I’m sick of this situation as well.

I want to finish this quickly and I want to meet with Yuu.

I want to hear his voice.

To be honest, being forced to rely on Genbu infuriates me. Just thinking about those irritating purple eyes staring at Yuu softly makes my intestines boil over.

Yuu is mine.

I muster my reason and smile.

“Satsuki…let’s end this here today…Sorry, will you deliver this document to the staff room?”

“…Yes. See you.”

I smile as I see him off to the Student Council office, sighing as his figure disappears



Ending notes: Satsuki/Hasumyouji is so gross! Also double agent Hiroto…I don’t understand how’s he’s going to achieve anything by doing this. But I find it hilarious he’s so jealous of Airu. Serves him right haha!



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12 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 46: The Feelings of the Erotic Demon King, Houou Hiroto part 5

  1. Ah, so that is why Hasumyoji is bullying Yuu! It’s because he realizes that Hiroto might have been looking at him while pretending to embrace Hasumyoji. I give him credit for not being totally dumb, but I still don’t like him.

    Thank you so much for another lovely chapter!

    やりにくい Literally “hard to do” or “not good at doing”. Translating it will depend on how you place it in context with what is around it. If you reference the paragraph above, it would mean that Hiroto is having a hard time dealing with the antics of the student council cupids, it would have the meaning of “I can’t take this” or “they’re getting on my nerves” or “I’m bad with dealing with this s**t”. If you take it to reference the next paragraph, it would hint that someone is telling him that things are hard to do, and he’s tired of people telling him that.


  2. I hate Hiroto. Reading this made me remember how much the former Yuu must have suffered. Hiroto used him for his sexual desires and didn’t even stand by his side, when he needed it the most. Even the current Yuu is suffering because of him. Why does he let people misunderstand Yuu? Why doesn’t he explain to them that he loves Yuu? And why doesn’t he reject Hasumyoji? How could Hasumyoji not hope for more, Hiroto’s actions are so misleading? I really hope that Yuu doesn’t end up with Hiroto.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Didn’t like the Hiroto of the novel,don’t like the current one either.
    I feel like Yuu doesn’t need him, he only makes him bullied and all the protection is done by other people.
    The bulling is all Hiroto fault,he doesn’t admit his feeling and doesn’t show them in public so people think that Yuu is seducing him and he is the bad one for coming between the rumors supposed couple.
    Freaking hate this useless Hiroto, you only talk big but don’t do anything!!
    Yuu feelings on the other hand are so confusing that I don’t actually understand who he likes…(too make options?.-.),he seems to like Hiroto but I actually hope it’s only the influence of the former Yuu.
    Really want for Hiroto to lose him,he doesn’t deserve Yuu.(he didn’t and doesn’t understand/trust Yuu).
    Hope Yuu breaks his heart and he goes to Suzaku as the novel(Suzaku I don’t actually hate you xD,just needed somebody to submit this damn demon lord), than Yuu can just choose somebody from Byakko(damn man never saw somebody friend-zoning themselfs at the beginning without trying -.-) or Genbu(worst first impression but you protected him so I can accept xD) or surprisingly somebody else, thought I pity the one that as to confront this harem(gambatte if you ever will exist è.è).
    And … after writing a comment long as the chapter I shamelessly say bye bye~
    Ah and thanks for the chapter translator eheh (nearly forgot >.<").


  4. Thanks for the update,,
    Oh wow,,, really.. i can’t understand why hiroto used ‘seduction’ for this matter, kinds of understandable if the opponent is someone ‘higher’ in position or anything, someone that nobody can ‘touch’ lightly.. aren’t they supposed to be normal students? The cause of Yuu’s bullying is him not being clear enough, that’s how people used those gaps to make their own stories that ‘justified’ them to bully Yuu. 😒

    Anyway, 気が利く means attentive, can read air, in here it means he makes people he paid attention to, in this case hiroto, felt being treasured and loved, if not for the fact that he bullied Yuu 😏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the help! Ahh I don’t know if you saw my other comment, but I asked if I should follow how the author numbers his channels, or do it some other way. If copy the way the author does it, it’ll be 37 chapters instead of 240+. What do you think?


  5. Hiroto.. My rating for you couldn’t get any lower..
    What shortage of Yuu? Did you just admitted that you just use Yuu to satisfy yourself?!
    Omo, he even checked out Hasumyouji!! 😨
    No, no, no, Yuu!! Don’t fall to Hiroto’s arms!
    Thank you for the update,,

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thanks for the chapter! Hiroto can GTH for all I care. Too bad for him my heart is already taken by Genbu and Byakko (and maybe a touch of Suzaku too). Seriously, he’s starting to take notice of Yuu just bcause of his amnesia and EVERY bad thing that happened to Yuu is because of him. He didn’t even realize it (or even care? prior to Yuu’s amnesia). I don’t like him and I hope with all my heart Yuu didn’t end with him. Anyone is better than him. He’s just a possessive ******* that loves to bully Yuu. I like possessive lover, but only if loves involved.


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