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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 47: High School – Twenty-seventh Part

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Hey guys! This chapter is THE CUTEST. Also, it’s rated R-18. It’s not too graphic, but some naughty stuff does happen here.

Also, real talk here: is my blog ugly? I would like some opinions and advice on how to improve the site’s look and navigation.

Huge love to Nome for checking a couple wonky lines!

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Chapter 47:

High School – Twenty-seventh Part


On that day, my phone receives a call from Kenshin.

The kendo club has advanced to the finals.

I’m overjoyed, leaping from the spot.

“…Wow! I’ll definitely come to support you! Wah, I’m looking forward to it…”

I imagine a gallant Kenshin in the match venue, swinging a bamboo sword. Kenshin will attain victory without a doubt.

Even after the supplementary exam I am still receiving aid from Genbu-senpai’s place.

Because senpai is still worrying about something, he wants me to wait for him before going home.

Apologizing in my head, I stay over there anyway.

After senpai, who was out working on errands with the Public Morals committee, returns to his apartment, I jump into his arms.

“…Senpai! Welcome back! It looks like Kenshin’s entry in the national tournament has been finalized! I…want to go cheer him on…Is that okay?”

Hugging me carefully in place, he smiles.

“…Hehe. I’ve heard about it from Seiryuu…Do you want to go with Byakko? But, I want you to promise me one thing. You must absolutely not leave Byakko’s side…Okay?”


He sprinkles soft kisses on me, lifting me up as it is.

“…It looks like you did well on your test…You’ve worked hard.”

“…Yes! It’s all thanks to senpai! Thank you very much.”

I cling to him as I’m caught up in his arms. As a result, he lowers himself down on the sofa with me sitting in his lap, holding my hand.

“…A gift for your hardworking self♪.”

While laughing and smiling, he slips a silver ring gently on my index finger.


“…I actually wanted to put it on your ring finger but~ since it wouldn’t be fair this time, I slipped it on your index finger instead! …Yeah, hehe. It suits you♪.”

I try to return the ring quickly.

“…I can’t accept such an expensive thing!”

“…Yes, I won’t take back returned goods!”

He kisses me, changing the angle so that our tongues entwine. He lays me on the sofa, hanging over to cover me with his body like a blanket.

Senpai’s long fingers sweep over my weakest parts. I tremble from the pleasure that I haven’t felt in a while.


“…Airu, isn’t it?”

As he kisses me, I can see the passion carried in those purple eyes.

His hands are gentle, occasionally inviting me roughly. In the blink of an eye, I am brought up to climax.

Breathing on me heavily, he licks the cum on his hands as he watches me.

“…Hehe. Thanks for the meal.”


I notice that that place of his is very hot, scorching to the touch.

“…N~…n~…i feel like this is not the time to do this…. it’s just my feeling though… when the time comes, can you please stop me? Though even if you say the words to stop, I’m not sure whether I can…….Are you prepared? Now is plenty fine.”

His kisses me again, biting my earlobe..


“…Though I was torn between giving you and earring or a ring… I’ve decided on a ring. Absolutely do not remove it, okay? This is a charm that will protect you…Hehe. Every time you see this ring, remember what I did to you. If you can’t stand it, I’ll give you one again♪.”

He kisses my finger and watches me intently.

“…Hey Yuu…can you promise me…one more thing?”

He meets with my gaze.

I feel a sincere sentiment from the color of his eyes, fixing my posture naturally.

“…Currently, you’re in a dangerous situation…To be honest, I don’t approve of you going out. But, I don’t wish to disregard your feelings in wanting to cheer on Seiryuu…I want to watch over you like a guard, but on the day of the event I have a meeting with the members of the Public Morals committee and a teacher at school. If by chance something happens, I won’t be able to accept it…Ah~ I’m worried…I want to protect you…”

Senpai tells me this in a whisper, holding me tightly.

“…That’s why, don’t forget this…I like you…As long as you are you, I will accept any part of you…”

I don’t understand his true intention at this time.

But, his words will save me later on.



Ending notes: Holy crap Airu gave him a ring. And finally, such a blunt confession scene!

Two weird lines here. Not sure how to write them since there were too many clauses and ellipses.

I think it’s safe to say now that Airu is best boy.


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33 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 47: High School – Twenty-seventh Part

      1. If possible (that is, if wordpress has this function), it would make it easier to read if there was a dark/light mode switch thingy.

        After all, there are people among us here who lurk in the dark.


  1. Thanks for the update~ i think your blog is already comfortable to me. It’s easy to navigate and easy to read too
    Now i really want him to choose genbu rather than that yaku-tatazu self-proclaimed childhood ‘friend’ 😠

    今はその時じゃない気がするんだよねぇ…………僕のカンだけど………その時は、キミがやめて?, –> ”i feel like this is not the time to do this…. it’s just my feeling though… when the time comes, can you please stop me?” and the sentence after that, it’s like ‘Although i’m not sure whether i can stop or not’ kinds of air, didn’t check the raw though.
    ピアス is a piercing, like earrings. So genbu was torn between giving yuu a piercing or a ring, but decided on a ring.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ughh you’re the best. Thank you making those two lines make sense. I hate when there are so many ellipses cause I don’t know where the comma is supposed to be or when the sentence actually ends. Hard to read and understand dependent clauses in japanese when you’re a beginner in the language <.<

      And awesome, I'll keep the blog this way then. ^^

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  2. Kyaa~~ I’m writhing in front of my laptop right now!!
    I’m so hoping Yuu would end up with Airu!! He’s a million times better than Hiroto..
    Thank you for this sweet chapter, Chaser,,
    I think a simple blog is fine, by the way, your flower banner is a bit pixelated on my laptop..
    Maybe a dark background would be nice.. Just a suggestion

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  3. Honestly, idk about ugly or not since every people have different taste. I always open your blog from my phone, and the best thing is your blog is light (is that the term? I am not sure). It’s loading faster and that my favorite thing from a blog (plus I love flowers).

    Oh my~~~~ A RING!! HE GIVES YUU A RING!!! Genbu is official officially the second best guy ever (Byakko is the first, but he already friendzoned himself, soo..). He didn’t force yuu, he’s waiting for yuu to accept him, and he’s totally sweet. Far cry from some student council president that we know. Thank you for this chapter and I really want Yuu to end with Genbu. Or at least we will have harem route. Since Hiroto route is a big NO.

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    1. Awesome! Yeah I don’t have a lot of pictures, mostly because 1) I can’t be bothered to message people on the internet for permission to use their pictures and 2) I don’t want to pull out pics from google anyway since that’s disrespectful to the original creators.

      Here’s a bit of a SPOILER, maybe:

      I’m not 100% sure (since I only skimmed the rest of the chapters), but I think it’s either a harem ending with one boy as main boy OR one boy,and the rest are friends.


  4. airu is 100% best boy. hiroto? hiroto who? airu/yuu is best pair

    and those last lines give me hope we’ll get airu/yuu

    as others have said, i think current layout is fine. it’s simple and easy to read on. especially on mobile, it’s quite convenient

    thank you for the chapter!

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  5. Actually i like it nowXD its purple! And i wish it has the next prev button too in the beggining.. kinda didnt get what genbu is saying? Thank you for the chapter♡


    1. Oh, do you know which chapter is missing the “previous” button? I put links to the previous chapter, next chapter, and table of contents on the top and bottom of the chapter.

      EDIT: sorry about Genbu’s lines. I fixed some of the confusing ones with Nome’s help.


  6. Ahhhh I’m sqealing right now
    Ahhh they’re so perfect for each other, hiroto and all the other dudes can take a hike
    Our guy obviously feels no inhibitions with airu and airu allows him to feel like he’s giving more than just his body into the relationship
    Ugh I just love this pairing so much


  7. Oh! Good things really do happen over the weekend! Like getting new chapters of this story! Thank you so much for posting! Less than a dozen chapters left to tie everything together! But you know, I keep having the terrible feeling that this ends with it all being someone’s dream.

    I like Genbu Airu more and more, but I am still leaning toward the Byakko camp. He’s such a sweetheart. But with all the wonderful characters, it’s hard to tell which ones I like. Though I like the first years better than the sempai (Hiroto = Boooo! Hisssss!)

    I like your blog. The background colors are not starkly black nor distractingly loud, but a soft color that doesn’t make it difficult to read. I like that it isn’t to heavy into pictures that take forever to load and slow down getting the page to set up properly. It’s simple, but pretty at the same time, and does not detract from the content that is the real meat of the page.


  8. omg i just read the whole thing today and its amazing.. Thank you for translating this *v* well.. i want a suzaku x yuu moment tho.. i dunno.. (still byakko ftw xD) *mentally breaks down whooooooooooo


  9. Lol your blog is awesome. Lol. Thanks for your awesome translation! Most translaters only last up to 20 or so chapters. Thanks for sticking to this novel! Love it


  10. Why do I get be feeling the ring has gps in it? If that were truly the case, normally that’d creep me out, but in this circumstance, where the MC is in danger and truly incapable of protecting himself, I’d forgive it. Temporarily. I remember dropping a shoujo story in disgust because the ML forced a GPS accessory onto the capable MC and was in other ways overprotective.


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