Reading List

These are the novels I’m currently following. Will be updated sporadically.

✿ Please Close Your Eyes At Night by Xiāng Jiǔ Yé (相九爷)

Tags: BL, Horror, Modern, Thriller, Drama

Chapters: 17+ (Ongoing around daily)



It all started after he picked up a black eye mask in the school’s sports field.

Within a campus completely enshrouded in thick fog, one’s appearance was hard to discern.

On top of the classroom podium lay a piece of sharpened chalk. Upon the blackboard, a message scrawled in white.

“May all students enter the classroom with your admission ticket ten minutes before the exam starts. The exam instructors will inform you of the rules. Please follow them and refrain from cheating. The exam will start at midnight sharp. Those not at the testing site at that time are considered to have abstained.”

Geng Cong: “If one egg tart and one bag of dried blueberries are dropped at the same time on the tenth floor, which will hit the ground first?”

Jiang Shi dropped his jaw.

Geng Cong: “Should we calculate air resistance?”

Jiang Shi: “Nope. If I eat both of them, they won’t have a chance to hit the ground.”

Chatterbox idiotic bottom X Black-belly straight-A-student top

Status: Untranslated (perhaps you hehe)

Thoughts: Not much out yet but it’s interesting enough for a follow. I’m a sucker for thriller and horror so this will be neat. Add a nice dose of BL and I’m even more sold.

✿ I’m the Evil Lord of an Intergalactic Empire! by Mishima Yomu/Wai (三嶋 / 与夢)

Tags: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Sci-fi, Misunderstandings, Antihero Protagonist, Mecha

Chapters: 69+ (Ongoing)


Summary: A guy betrayed in the worst way possible by his wife takes the chance to reborn in a different world, a world where intergalactic travel is common and an empire still exists among the stars. Liam Sera Banfield, the new identity of the reincarnator, decides to live his new life as an evil lord. Luckily, his parents cede their count rank to him at the tender age of five, and he’s left to govern a small, undeveloped planet in the corner of some galaxy in the boonies. Watch as Liam grows as a virtuous ruler in the eyes of his people, to his chargin.

Status: Translated by Sloth Translations/Kuroinfinity

Thoughts: Totally hilarious. Possibly the best web novel I’ve read in half a year. Funny misunderstandings is my jam, and this is chock full of them.

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