2017 · May · Villain Days

Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 26: High School – Eighth Part

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Helllooo. This chapter will be in Teruki’s POV. Just short and quick. Think of it as an intermission.

EDIT: OKAY idk what is going on with NU. I’ve had this chapter posted 2 hours ago and it’s still not listed…even tried my best to update EARLY so that it would count as released on 5/19, since NU is based on UTC time zone. Not happy <.<


Chapter 26:

High School – Eighth Part


“I don’t want to leave Yuu alone, so can you stop asking to meet privately?”

As I enter the Student Council room, I try to push down my dislike of Houou-senpai.

When Yuu had fallen down the stairs the other day, I felt so upset and frustrated that I couldn’t be by his side at that time. All the while, senpai eyes me from the President’s chair.

Hiroto: “…I didn’t call for this meeting.”

Teruki: “…Hah? Then who did?”

Genbu: “Ye~s♪ it’s me!”

Genbu Airu.

I can’t believe my eyes.

Why is this person here…?

Genbu: “This meeting’s about rabbit-chan~. I thought we should share information…Well, sit down.”

So I plop down on the sofa. Houou-senpai is reclining in his seat, looking as relaxed as if he were in his own room. He’s also glaring at Genbu, clearly holding back from spouting some insults. I recall that this upperclassman had helped Yuu from falling down the stairs. So I thank him.

Teruki: “…Thank you for helping Yuu the other day.”

Genbu: ” You’re welcome~….I just wanted to help…you come off as having ownership over Rabbit…that’s no fun.”

Teruki: “….”

What the.

The playful attitude from before is completely replaced by a terrifying sharpness. Eyes as razor-edged and discerning as knives.

Teruki: “Yuu doesn’t belong to anyone.”

Genbu: “Oh? Are you…replying to me?”

He watches me and breaks into a laugh, smile added in for good measure. Expression softening.

Genbu: “…Rabbit is interesting, but his surroundings are funny as well…”

Hiroto: “Ha. Hey, Genbu. Just make friends already…!”

Suddenly, the door to the council room bursts open.

Suzaku: “…Houou-senpai! Are you there?”

Hiroto: “…Huh? Suzaku-kun you’re too early…just wait outside.”

As I divert my gaze, I can clearly see Suzaku standing there, gasping for air.



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22 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 26: High School – Eighth Part

  1. I was actually looking forward to this meeting they were going to have. From the previous chapters, there was never any indication that people sat down and talked about Yuu’s situation. It was always ‘Yuu gets beat up’ then ‘Yuu gets saved’ with a side-dish of ‘Yuu gets molested’ before it repeats again. It’s like, hello, do any of you guys have a plan to keep Yuu safe?

    Unfortunately, whatever meeting was going to occur has been interrupted. Either Yuu was kidnapped or he got cornered by a bunch of older kids and Suzaku realized he had to get help. Oh boy.

    On another note, you tell it to him, Teruki. And nice job being proactive there Genbu.


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