2017 · July · Nurturing the Hero to Avoid Death

Nurturing the Hero to Avoid Death (NHAD) Summary and TOC

Okay, so here’s the summary of Nurturing the Hero to Avoid Death (NHAD).

And, here are the raws: http://novel18.syosetu.com/n3520du/

Although Nakimushi Translations provided me a summary, I wrote one myself.

“Please, I implore you to save the world.” This is what a goddess in white says to me in a pure-white space. Such is the standard line that suggests the game is about to begin. Please say this stirring line to boys and girls with sparkling eyes! It’s wrong to direct it to someone like me, who’s exhausted from job hunting! When I declined her politely, she flew into a fit of tears; when I agreed to assist her on small tasks out of reflex, she proclaimed: “it’ll be fine if you just help in the starting-village arc. Please guide the Hero!” Then she tossed me into another world. No, this is a world modeled after a game that this gamer goddess likes…


〈Table of Contents〉


Chapter 1     Chapter 2     Chapter 3     Chapter 4     Chapter 5



8 thoughts on “Nurturing the Hero to Avoid Death (NHAD) Summary and TOC

  1. Just wondering what’s up? Your update list says chapter 4 of this is out and chapter 48 of villain days is out but they are not showing up anywhere I look and I didn’t receive the email I usually get when a new chapter is out.


  2. I reaallly like this one and Violant, glad i encountering this when searching new novel to read~ So… maybe you have any BL novel recommendation that have the same feeling as this one and Violant in syosetsu? Thank you before though ❤


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