2017 · July · Nurturing the Hero to Avoid Death

NHAD Ch 2: I Meet the Future Hero

As I leave the room, I lose my way while descending to the lower floor.

The kitchen should be downstairs. Wandering around, I encounter another maid who leads me. I’m saved.

Even the dinning room is incredibly spacious. The table is as long as those seen on television.

Sitting in the seat of honor is a middle-aged man sipping coffee. He is dressed in all black and sports a fashionable mustache.

Well, this must be Lian’s father.

To his side is a woman with her makeup done perfectly, jewels adorning her chest, fingers, and head. Is this Lian’s mother? She’s gorgeous, but the quirked brow and corners of her eyes make her seem nervous.

Facing opposite of the woman is a young man with green eyes and long silver hair. I guess this is Lian’s elder brother. At the sight of me, his whole face lights up into a beckoning smile. The chair next to him is free. Sitting there should be okay.


This is such a splendid breakfast.

Somehow, it looks like the breakfast of a hotel. Scrambled eggs, ham, and salad are served on large, shiny, and white plates. Heaps of fruit. Fluffy bread. Baked pastries decorated with beauty in mind. And they’re presented buffet style.

That being said, I’ve never eaten breakfast with a fork and knife before.

I’m so nervous.

My hand trembles, dropping the fork from the tension. How embarrassing. Not understanding the etiquette, I look at Lian’s elder brother who’s sitting next to me, his hands in prayer. Then he calls out my name with a smile.

Lian’s elder brother is extremely handsome. Just explode already.

Judging from his looks, this elder brother is probably in high school.

“What is it, my cute Lian? Today you’re acting quite mature.”

“Eh, ah, r-really?”

“That’s right. Are you not feeling well? Will you be taking a break from school today?” As he questions me in the voice of a handsome guy, he strokes my head.

He caresses my cheeks. He goes on to caress my nape with graceful hands.

For some reason, I feel tremors running down my spine, and I have the urge to escape. How scary. It’s an instinctual fear.

“No, I’ll go to school!”

“Is that so? Too bad. I thought I could play with Lian the whole day today…”

He’s still stroking my cheeks, his face drawing near. I want him to release me immediately.

In my heart, I decide not to get too close to Lian’s elder brother.




I leave the mansion.

Standing by the gate are three children. They greet me energetically.

Their names should be Jaiko and Gian…Well, since those are male trousers… Maybe Gian’s a boy? Little G? Then, there is a mini Suneo look-alike from Doraemon.

The three of them line up, turning toward me to smile.

Oh, I remember.

These guys are the three bullies.

Also, they’re Lian’s underlings—I mean, my friends.

Right, currently I am Lian.

That’s why I need to act like him. Don’t let anyone be suspicious of me.

Lian’s personal preferences and traits… How do I imitate these?

Ahh, what were they again? Remember. I have to remember.

Oh yeah, he’s kind of cheeky. Yes, that’s it. That’s right.

He has an audacious attitude and gives off the impression of disgust toward everything, the epitome of a rich young master.

In that case, I ought to act conceited… Probably.

“G-good morning everyone.”

First of all, I turn toward them with a smile. Elegantly and full of grace.

The faces of the trio flush red.


“Ahh Lian is also beautiful today!”

“So beautiful!”

Am I really that beautiful? In my opinion, Lian’s elder brother is what you’ll call true handsomeness. Yet, is Lian also on that level?

Well, since this village is so close to the frontier, the handsome guy standard may be rock-bottom low.

There’s definitely such a possibility.

The trio adores Lian.

As I watch them, their cheeks dye red.

I’m relieved.

For the moment, they aren’t suspecting me. It seems fine for now. Uh huh. Let’s keep acting like this in the future.

However, keeping up an act is pretty exhausting…

I scan the area.

The scenery of the tranquil countryside stretches on.

This is definitely the starting village. Without a doubt.

The game is composed of two parts. The starting village arc and the main story.

Even if you do a speed run of the starting village arc, it takes more than five hours to complete it.

There are various things that take up time, such as long movies, in the beginning. So, players actually start playing the game once the main character is twelve years old.

In other words, by chronological order, I wonder which grade I’m in right now? Currently, how old am I?

I’m talking about school.

The village’s school.

There, primary education continues until the student graduates at twelve years of age.

So, that means I’m about twelve right now.

Students ages thirteen to sixteen attend middle school at a neighboring town. That’s for sure.

At the age of seventeen, Lian will return to his village, memorizing the lord’s tasks with the help of his father. The main character will help out in the church and orphanage and work at the ranch. He will also continue to deliver milk in the morning. What a hard worker. This elder brother seems to have tears flowing out. (T/N: He refers to himself as an elder brother here.)

That means…

I calculate at least six years until he’s eighteen years old.

Uwaaaaah! Seriously?

No way! I have to stay in this world for six years?!

It’s not just a long level.

My thoughts are becoming awfully distant.

This is too cruel, goddess!

I’ll sue you for fraudulent job description!

“L-Lian?! Your face is blue. Are you not feeling well?!”

“T-the color of your face…:

“A-are you okay?!”

“N-no, I’m fine. My consciousness was just floating away—I mean I’m just dizzy. I’m okay. Thank you for your concern.”

For the time being, I’ll just keep smiling. A smile costs zero yen. Feast your eyes on this.

As long as I have to accompany them, I’ll have to build as good of a friendship as possible.

The trio’s cheeks flush once more.

What the heck.

Is Lian’s smile that easy to use?

Perhaps, it is limited to these three, or something.

Currently, I’m still not sure.

For now, let’s aim to do things with elegance, like a refined member of the upper class.

Careful not to show my shameful side.

I can’t relax…

Ahh, so tiring… But I must persevere.

I don’t want to be killed by magical beasts.

“So, everyone. Shall we go to school?”







Though I memorized the map of the village from the game, it’s not very useful. In reality, there are many paths both wide and narrow. There are also more private houses and buildings. Thus, I don’t know the way to school. Because of this, I line up with and follow the trio nonchalantly.

After walking for a while, I can see the church beside the idyllic road, where the houses and shops align in neat rows.

O-over there is…!!

I hold my breath.

It’s a familiar moss-covered and dilapidated church made of stone.

Within the church resides an orphanage under the care of a kind old nun.

The main character is also one of those children.


I witness the figure of a boy trying to enter the church.


That’s the main character, the future Hero!

No, well, that’s only natural but.

Though it’s only natural!


Do I really have to nurture and guide him until he’s eighteen?

I gulp.

Can I do this?

Even if I don’t want to, I must.

I can do it. I can do it.

I can be Lian.

I am Lian. Lian. I can do it. I’m going. To become. Lian!

Anyway, looks like a small handsome guy is still a handsome guy after all. He’s a miniature hottie.

Shiny blond hair.

Clear blue eyes.

A healthy skin tone.

Too bad his face has no expression… Somehow, he gives off a cold aura.

When he grows up, he’ll surely become popular with the ladies.

I’m not jealous of him. I’m really not.

He’s the main character so he’ll be the future Hero.

However, as a child he’s still shorter than me by one head.

On his shoulder hangs a light brown bag.

I wonder if he’ll be back home in time for his part-time job in the morning.

The church takes care of around ten children, so its economic situation should be quite dire.

To help out, even the children have part-time jobs in the morning and evening.

In this world, there are no laws regarding working standards.

Thinking about it again, it’s a dreadful world. I tremble.

It doesn’t matter the age; as long as one can move, one can work. As long he has a job, it doesn’t matter.

Whether that’s good or bad depends on the time and situation.

According to the game’s plot, the main character should be working as a milk delivery  boy in the morning.

He’s a working boy. How hardworking.

Do your best. I’ll cheer for you within my heart!

Survive the starting village arc somehow, and become a splendid Hero. I am requesting this of you. Everything rests on your shoulders.

I’m begging you.

Oh but, I’ll do as much as I can as backup. Since I can’t act publicly, I will in the shadows. As an adult, I can’t possibly entrust everything to the children and let them be.

Now, I should look forward to talking to him soon.

What was the main character’s name again?

I remember.

Ahhhh?! I remember now!

This is the starting scene of the game!

It’s where the player can finally control the main character with his own hands!

I played this game four times, so I remember most of Lian’s lines.

Alright. Is it acting time?

I am Lian. Lian.

Say something impertinent. I will become him.

Should I cross my hands, tilt my head up a bit, and look diagonally? I wonder. Do I seem cocky?

Alright. L-let’s go. For now, I should take a look and enter.

I take a deep breath. The main character’s name is Alfred.

“G-good morning, Alfred. Are you working in the morning today too? Poor people are strange.”

Clear sky-blue eyes look over this way.


The giant Jaiko, the medium-sized Gian, and the mini Suneo stampede in front of the future Hero Alfred, blocking his way.

“Hehehe. Poor people are pitiful!”


“Poor thing!”

Ah, what brats.

Jade shoves Alfred’s chest.

Alfred, whose body is thinner and shorter than mine, went down like a piece of cake.

Such nastiness.

Ah but, I must not help the main character.

I’m Lian. Lian.

Uuu. My stomach hurts already.

I stand near Alfred’s head, folding my arms and looking down.

“Y-you’re weak.  Short and emaciated, you withered branch. Isn’t it better to eat more?”

Yes, you should eat more.

Those three disagreeable brats recycle my lines. Brats.

“Just a slight push from Gian and he’s already down. Even though he’s a guy, he’s pitiable. So slender. Looks just like a girl!”

Looks just like a girl! Those three repeat these words. It’s said in beautiful harmony.

You guys are known to appear as a set unit, right?

The color of Alfred’s pupils changes.

The clear, blue pigment sinks into an indigo hue reminiscent of the night sky, golden star-like grains of sand blending with and scattering through the irises.

His gaze becomes sharp.

He looks pissed.

That’s right, mad.

Super mad.

His anger is becoming strength.

“Huh. If you’re upset, then get stronger. Get strong enough so that even if you’re shoved to ground, getting up is not a problem, withered branch boy.”

I smile as I look down at him. I’m an unpleasant guy, if I do say so myself.

The gold blends with the indigo, his eyes narrowing and sharpening. He glares at me.

Uwaaahh. Scaaarryyyy.

H-he’s just a child but he already has such a strong glare! But I mustn’t back down here.

While experiencing a cold sweat in my heart, I narrow my eyes and laugh.

Surely, this should be fine. This is fine, right? Right?

“Well, we’re going ahead. You shouldn’t be late either. Now, let’s go everyone.”




I turn from Alfred and begin walking. The three bullies chase after my shadow.

Woww… I’m exhausted!!

But the first contact with the main character is cleared!

Somehow, it went successfully. I think. Yeah.

The first story should follow the game’s to a T.

There’s no mistaking it. It should be pretty much the same… Probably.

Since I can’t ask anyone, I’ll have to make a judgement by myself.

Some way or another I didn’t expose my shameful side and wipe away the cold sweat, my heart steadying a little.


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Ending notes: Holy… how do you read this name ジャイ○ン. Jane?? Jay?? What’s with the circle? Although this chapter started off fairly easy to read through, the names really messed me up. Pretty sure I butchered them… Last but not least…枯れ枝君. “Withered branch-kun” is the literal translation I came up with. I don’t know how else to name it?

HUGE thanks as always to Nome for checking the lines!

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43 thoughts on “NHAD Ch 2: I Meet the Future Hero

  1. Thank you for the update~
    oh lol,, he ruined his act already by stuttering so many times.. XD

    ・爆発しろ –> it’s the “riajuu go explode!” thing,, XD しろ is when someone’s ordering the other to do something, so it’s like “just go explode already”, “just go die!” kind of thing in joking manner
    ・ミニス○夫 –> it’s “mini-suneo”, due to ‘copyright’ issue, it became “mini-sun*o” from doraemon, the circle is a censor XD
    ・まごうことなき, undoubtedly, unmistakably, so it’s not wrong
    ・長いムービーやら色々あって、プレイヤーがちゃんとゲームとして動かせる様になるのは、12歳からだった, (in the beginning) there are various things like long movies and other things, so the player can only start playing /moving (the game character) it as a game, only from when the character hit 12 years old
    ・ボロを出さないように気をつけなければ, he’s probably referring to his original character, it’s like I have to be careful not to show my shameful side, he’s originally not a noble, so.. he has to watch out not to let his ‘civilian’ attitude out.
    ・働き口さえあれば –> it’s as long as he has a work/job/someone to employ him, it doesn’t matter
    ・子供に全て任せたまま放っておくなんて、大人としてどうかと思うしな –> as an adult, I can’t possibly entrust everything to the children and let them be,, or for direct translation : entrusting everything to children and just let them be, would make me a questionable adult, too
    ・なりきるんだ –> I had to be! I will become Lian! kinds of meaning, ~きる is when someone determined to do something, and see it to the end
    ・ジャイ○ンことジャイドと、ミニジャイア○のジャーノと、ミニス○夫ことスネイが未来の英雄──アルフレド少年の前に駆け込んで、立ちふさがった –> jade the giant, jane the mini giant and snay (?) the mini suneo stampede in front of the future Hero Alfred, blocking his way.
    ・枯れ枝君 –> maybe you can use “you, dead-twig”?
    ・Koeeeee –> it’s “kowai” in expressive way, so it means “scary”, free translation might become “soo scawrryyy~~”? kinds of
    ・ボロを出さなかった事に –> he’s relieved cause he thought he managed to pull his act, without showing his ‘shameful’ side.

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    1. Thank you SO MUCH as usual! I hope you can understand how much I appreciate your help. I’ve edited those parts and credited you like usual in the start of the chapter!

      And about “you dead branch,” I’m kind of digging it. I’ll see what the other readers come up with hehe


      1. You’re welcome, I’m glad if I can be of help,,
        it seems you hit another jackpot to translate this novel, this seems very interesting~


        1. I just checked the raws.. and surprised at how consistently long each chapter is.. to not burden you too much, maybe you can consider to separate it into parts, but you should do what you’re comfortable with


          1. Yeah the chapters just get longer from here on…part of the reason why I’ve released more Violant of the Silver chapters than NHAD chapters, even though I started NHAD first. I most likely will separate the chapters into parts because rn it’s kinda painful xd ( not as painful as Villan Days though…)


          2. Yeah, the time spent for reading 1 chapters felt like i spent time for reading 3 chapters of other novels -_-‘ needs 2 days 1 night of non stop binge reading only to read 30 chapters,,, usually i would have been at 100s at this speed 😓

            Lol i bet for villain days you’re tripped in how often they used slang words, it’s about daily modern life school after all,,
            Anyway goodluck, you’re awesome! I never thought about translating novels when I just started learning japanese, i bet your progress will be quick~


        2. Replying here because the comment thread got too long XD

          Yeah Villain Days is full of slang…I picked it first cause it seemed interesting in the first few chapters and the chapers were pretty short…I was fooled!! I actually have the easiest time with Violant, though obviously I can’t say it’s a 100% accurate translation hehe. Thanks for the support ^^


          1. No worries.. this is your translation site after all. Sure it is best to have a 100% correct translation, but you’re still learning, and we readers understand and won’t mind it. We are thankful just being able to read a translation of awesome novels. So you can prioritize having fun in translating the chapters~ 😆


          2. That’s right, I vote for ‘cheddar’ for the hero’s employer name, since he owns a farm, cows, sells fresh milk… so yes, i think it might be an intended pun from the author 😂


  2. Maybe “Weak twig” or “Puny sprout” would work better than “Withered branch-kun”. It just needs to be a plant related insult, right?


    1. Thanks for the nicknames! I’m going to decide on them after I finish the third chapter 😀 (Sorry, wordpress decided to mark your comment as spam, so I didn’t see it until today)


  3. Thanks for the update!
    Wow, brocon for a brother? Incest flag already?! 😱
    He’s really not suited to be a villains, poor Liam, I can see more stressful demand on him in his future..


  4. Oh my goodness thank you so much for updating! Liam is so pitiful, I hope his brother is just weird and there will be no incest. Is this a harem? Cause I’m hoping he gets together with the hero….

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    1. Yeah, I’ll try to do 1-4 chapters a week. I’d do more but the chapters are pretty long and I have two other projects haha
      I haven’t read too far ahead but from where I’ve left off no. This isn’t a harem.


      1. I don’t mind how long I have to wait for, It’s enough that you’re translating this. Thank you so much for responding! 😁


  5. ….i can’t wait for the day alfred figures out lian’s true personality xD
    poor alfred, but poor lian too… work hard and persevere, both of you

    thanks for translating! this work is pretty interesting


  6. Wow he does a lot of internal monologue… Much much more than an average character of a Japanese novel. Are we sure that he was a grown up person in his previous life ? Shuttering while talking with a 12 year old boy ? ! I’m an introvert too and yet I talk better than him IRL !


    1. Yeah, the inner monologue is nice sometimes, because each sentence/thought gets its own line. Lot’s of empty space XD

      But it gets a bit tricky since his thoughts are often sentence fragments.For example: “And I’m certain. Perhaps. Even if I’m going to do something hard. Persevere.” Something like that.

      He hasn’t grown on me yet *shrugs*


  7. You know? It really, really sounds like Liam is telling the protagonist to eat more and grow stronger in a very Tsundere way. None of his words can be taken as in insult (excepting withered branch, but that sounds more like a nickname). The only ones being insulting are the lackeys and, from the outside, they are seen as more of being jealous that Liam paid more attention to the protagonist than he did them!

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      1. It’s just a spelling change. The pronunciation should still be the same. Though if you think about it, Japanese have a weird way of saying foreign names. For example Angelene. We pronounce it an-je-leen but they pronounce it an-je-le-ne.

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          1. Ohh! I see! The names sound awesome. I don’t follow Doraemon, no wonder. So it was from there… Makes sense now *laughs*


  8. Hahaha. It’s the first time I saw Suneo being referenced as an underling. It’s refreshing and nostalgic~ I missed Doraemon.


  9. Lol, all his lackeys are Doraemon references.😂
    You might want to change “Jade” to “Gian” and “Jane” to “Jaiko” or “Little G”.

    The yaoi is strong in oniichan!!🌋♨️💪🤒🌶🍳 Come back Lian~ your pedo🐻 niichan wants to do yandere things to you~🖤

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