2017 · August · Nurturing the Hero to Avoid Death

NHAD Ch 3: I Write Things Down

“S-so tired…”

I return to my room, toss my bag away, and crash down into my bed face down.

Somehow, the first day ended without incident.

Tired. I’m so exhausted. Eh, are there still six more years after this? Is that really the truth?

I mean, I’ll be sent back all dandy, right?

For some reason a touch of anxiety passes through me… That half-assed goddess… No, I have to believe it. I’ll be saved by the things I believe in.

Back then, she said I would stay only until the starting village arc. After six years, she should return me to my original world. Yeah. That’s definitely it.

Nevertheless goddess, you’re too cruel.

I told you properly at the start, didn’t I? That I’d help you with simple tasks. This is absolutely not simple at all, is it?

Furthermore, do I really have to stay in this world for another six years? I’m itching to know the results of my remaining job interviews. Please, let me pass. Even one will be enough. I’ll cry if my efforts were useless.

I heave a large sigh, lifting up my heavy body. Stepping down from the bed sluggishly, I stumble toward the desk.

Currently, I am twelve years old. Next year, I will graduate from the village’s primary school. Then I’ll commute to the neighboring town’s established school to continue my education.

And in six years, the main character will become eighteen years old.

That means this village and my 〈Lian’s〉 lifespan will last another six years.

Meanwhile, I must not give myself the highest priority.

What are the most important in the six-year period are as follow: to raise the future Hero splendidly and to come up with a plan to survive that tragic night.

Yet, I’m not sure how far I can carry this out. I just have to persevere for as long as I can.

I don’t want to witness the deaths of myself or anyone else.

Sitting down on a chair, I fetch a thick diary. From now on, I will record and deliberate over the events that I have handled and those that will occur. I’ll confirm their progress so that I won’t forget.

I pick up a pen.

Ah, I hope this won’t become a last will and testament.

I beg this of you, goddess. I mean, how can I put this; I haven’t caught a glimpse of the goddess thus far.

As I’ve thought, is she going to abandon ship and leave the rest to me again?

That’s not good. That’s a useless trait for a boss. Please stop. I’ll complain. I wonder where can I file a complaint? A Shinto shrine? Somewhere else? A church from this world? Let’s go to the church and complain when the main character isn’t there.

I open my eyes to the first white page.

Whether or not it’s common for there to be an instantaneous transfer of information, I can understand and speak the words of this world without lifting a finger. Also, I seem to be able to write this world’s letters.

Despite this, I’ll only write in Japanese in this diary. It will be unfavorable if someone reads it.

Anyway, I decide to write down as much as I could remember starting from the beginning, by recalling the story’s future events.

As I’m doing this, Lian’s elder brother invites me to the bath.

This is very helpful.

That’s because I don’t know how to enter a western-style bath¹ for the rich. I’m not familiar with what’s inside all those bottles lining the edge of the tub. I’m afraid of how much money I will need to reimburse if I damage anything.


As Lian’s elder brother offers to wash my body, I feel quite a bit— no, very unpleasant.

When I decline politely and clearly, his face drips with disappoint.

The large ceramic bath smells pleasant. Although it feels really comfortable, my elder brother snuggles up near me.

Why is he sticking so close?! I’m scared!

I try to shift as far as I could from him, backing away and moving around in the bath. It’s unusually tiring.

From now on, I swear in my heart to never take a bath with Lian’s elder brother.

Is a guy like this is a severely bad sign, or is it all in my mind?

Currently the situation is like so, but I hope that he will stop doting on his younger brother. In other words, please stop it. I beg you. Please. Incest flags are overwhelmingly unpleasant. Please stop it. I’m about to cry. Was this game for every age group? No, it should be around R-15. Because that rating has violence and cruel depictions, I’m concerned.

“Arcadia” has nothing to do with erotic relationships. It should be a classic and stoic royal road fantasy.

That’s why, let’s advance stoically please.

I’ll request this of you!

Spare me from the erotic route! Don’t raise an incest flag, among other things!! Furthermore, to talk about things like BL— no thanks! None of that please!



After the bath, I apply strain through the pages of my diary, wrinkling them. I smooth out the crinkles with care.

Oh yeah, I should write town today’s events before I forget.

Aside from that, I have to record future events that better not to be forgotten.

So, let’s see. The village’s school has considerably good teachers.

The magician teacher is fed up with the capital’s brutality and retired to this backwater place. His lesson are decent. Additionally, the physical education teacher is a former knight too.

This former knight disliked the ways of the country Valmcardo (ヴァルムカルド), the country that will summon the demon king behind the scenes. That’s because the country prioritized increasing its armaments rather than improving the peoples’ livelihood.

He’s fairly experienced and teaches how to handle weapons. Well, there’s no need for children to learn full-fledged weapon handling in a peaceful village, so they’re taught degrees of self defense through fencing and body skills; these include tempering the body using stretching techniques, and other things of similar taste.

Today’s lesson was on wooden swords. Somehow, I managed to win against Alfred. Alfred is weak and has little strength. Thus, I was saved.

I was neither born knowing how to fence nor had I ever done anything like that before. My swordsmanship is nonsensical yet I still won. For now, it looks like I can continue pushing through.

But from now on, Alfred’s growth will proceed, and winning with this nonsensical swordsmanship will definitely prove hard.

In the future I must practice properly as well.

How troublesome. I’m the indoor type. However, I have to continue beating the main character. It’s impossible to do.

Lian, Alfredo’s rival-like existence, has to be defeated. As such, it’ll be for the best if the future Hero is determined to beat him.

The lesson on curses in the afternoon was fairly interesting. Because I’m the indoor type, I’m more suited for desk work than manual labor.

Writing spells and patterns on paper like a talisman, giving them power, and engraving them into stone—that’s how to produce a curse.

Today, I was taught how to make a simple protective charm.

Because I have to expose it to the sun’s rays for one day, the charm will take three days to complete. Seems so. The subject of the next lesson is how to create an amulet.

An amulet?

Something that wards off magical beasts.

Well. Let’s study hard. I’ll find it useful in the future most likely. My intuition tells me so.

Even though magic exists in this world, one’s ability depends on the individual.

There are those who can’t use it at all.

If you don’t have it in your genes, then tough luck.

Unfortunately, Lian has poor magic capability. As such, I think that if I can extend the spells and magic square system as much as possible, it wouldn’t matter that my magic power is low.

That’s right! I’ve landed on a good idea! How about sticking amulets all over the village?!

I feel so good that I could cry. Alright. Let’s contemplate over this.

Ahh, at any rate I’m exhausted.

Let’s get some shut-eye.

I put away the pen and crawl into bed.


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Ending notes: Huge hearts to Nome for checking over the lines!

Does anyone find it funny that Lian was so against BL in the tub XD

Anyway, starting from chapter 4, I may or may not have to start splitting up chapters into two parts. We’ll see how long they take. I’ve decided to change”withered branch-kun” to “(you) dead branch” as well. Plus, I have decided on Jaiko, Gian, and Suneo for the three stooges—I mean bullies haha. They’re based on the characters from Doraemon, I think.

I need you guys’ opinions on a name again. Valmcaldo (ヴァルムカルド) or Valmcardo? Maybe something else?

  1. bath¹: I think it says “a rich man’s western-style rich bath.” The second “rich” is written in katakana, with the “rich” as an adjective, probably. Pretty stumped here. (西洋式のお金持ちのリッチな風呂の入り方なんて知らないからな)
  2. Later, I remember the way to plan in advance stuff like good things and memos²”: This sentence almost made me want to kms. I couldn’t figure out which おいた was being used. I went with “to plan in advance,” since it followed a verb that ended in “-te form.” In class, I learned that 方 means ~how to/ the way when conjoined with a verb. Google translate said the sentence should be “also, I had better memorize things like good things or notes.” Tbh Google’s translation makes more sense than mine, but it definitely is missing stuff.

As always, if you enjoyed this chapter, please leave a like or a comment below, and rate/review this novel on NU if you can!

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19 thoughts on “NHAD Ch 3: I Write Things Down

  1. Thanks for the chapter! Seems like the chapters are getting longer and longer? Haha, good luck.

    I’m really enjoying the story so far. I can’t wait until the MC and ML get closer later on, they’re such a cute couple uwu


  2. the MC is rly cute and hardworking lol
    i wonder what the ML will think when he realises lian’s true character.

    as for the name, I think Valmcard/Valmkard would be good for ヴァルムカルド

    thank you for translating!


  3. Thank you chaser!!
    If possible, please don’t split the chapter, I’d rather wait a bit longer for an entire chapter than waiting for spit chapter.. Please~ *puppy eyes*
    So, Japanese is not my forte, but I definitely can use translation engine,, XD what I learned is:
    魔除け (Mayoke) is a charm against evil spirits
    お守り (Omamori) is a protective/prayer charm (like safe delivery for mother, or safe journey for driver, etc)
    札 (Fuda) I think it should be Ofuda, but I might be wrong, it’s something that looks a lot like the tag on chinese vampire forehead.. It’s also a ward against evil in Japan, like sealing a pot of evil spirit with this tag.
    呪物 (Jubutsu) according to http://www.tanoshiijapanese.com/, it’s a Hoodoo a charm superstitiously believed to embody magical powers.
    Hope that’s help,, ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading! Hmm, then it will take longer to release chapters. I’ve added a countdown to the next chapters for each novel I’m working on to the side bar. I’ll try my best to meet those! And thanks for braving a machine to help me!


  4. Thank you for the update~
    I vote for Valmcardo~

    – ほんわか, this “warm” here means ‘half-as*ed’, ‘luke warm’, means she didn’t leave much positive image on him, he has image of her as a ‘loose’ goddess, as in meaning, kinda careless
    – also about bath section, the brother wasn’t actually able to wash Lian, 洗いたがる is a 3rd person perspective’s 洗いたい, so the brother wanted/offered to wash Lian, but then ちょっと、いや – かなり – 引いた, “Lian was a bit, no – taken aback – a lot/very much”, so Lian declined his offer strongly, then the brother was super-dejected. :p
    – 残酷な表現有り、ってついてたから, “it did have a ‘there is violence/cruelty/gore depiction’ on it” –> he was trying to ease himself by saying that the game was for ‘all ages’, means there should be no restricted ‘contents’ within the game, which means, he can be assured that the brother couldn’t possibly meant ‘that’ way. but then he remembered that the game has ‘cruelty depiction’ tag on it, so it was actually an R15 game, which then he could not be so sure anymore.. hence he hoped for a stoic development all the way to the end,, lol~
    – あと、憶えておいた方が良い事とか、メモしとかねば, “aside from that, I have to write down things I have to remember/things better not to be forgotten” ~ておく is a form which kinda has a meaning but usually cannot be translated properly
    – 王都 is capital city, where usually king resides. If I may offer correction, 殺伐とした王都に疲れて、田舎に越してきた魔道士の先生の授業は、教える内容はきちんとしていたし、体育の先生は元騎士だ –> the lesson held by the magician teacher who fed up with the capital city’s brutality and retired to this backwater place, was decent, aside from that the P.E teacher is a former knight too.
    – and last, this is my interpretation from the kanji they used : 呪物 – curse, vodoo, 札- talisman, お守り – protective charms, 魔除け – protector too, but the difference, is お守り is usually in a shape of a tiny bag, inside it could be a paper with something written on it, or some senpai’s gakuran button, or sometimes a lump of hair, but 魔除け usually has a shape, like beads bracelet, pendants, etc. maybe you can use ‘amulet’ for 魔除け

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, forgot about your footnote : 西洋式のお金持ちのリッチな風呂の入り方なんて知らないからな–> he insert ‘rich’ twice here is a hyperbole expression.since he only has experience in using a ‘humble’ commoner bath, he doesn’t have any idea how to enter a Rich person’s luxurious European style bath

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thank you soooo much for spending your time checking over the lines! Ughh, I’m kind of tilted because more than half the time when I translate a Japanese sentence into English, it becomes passive af! What’s with the passive voice? I always need to change it to an active voice since that’s how it works in English ;_;


      1. Well it often happens, when translating, this kinds of questions never had a fixed answer. Sometimes i even worried if changing the passive to active would break the nuance or the air the writer wanted to convey.. (¯―¯٥)


  5. Missed something~

    Additionally, the physical education teacher is a former night too.

    “night” to “knight”

    I also vote for Valmcardo~~ How about making a poll out of it? *laughs*


  6. Thank you for the chapter, this story looks good. Lian should follow his instincts about his brother I bet, though I wonder if he’ll have to stealthily learn his brother’s name…


  7. Definitely found it hypocritical with Lian being so against BL after talking so much about how handsome his brother and the hero are (those musing definitely made me think he was gay).


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