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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 29: High School – Eleventh Part

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Hello hello ^^

We’ve finally hit the halfway point of this story! Yay!!

As always, asterisks (**) denote iffy translations.

Not much to say here except enjoy the chapter (:

Oh, other than Yuu faints/falls over A LOT XD

EDIT 6/1/2017: Changed “beautiful woman” to “beautiful man” XD (I GOT THE SEX WRONG LOL)

EDIT: 6/8/2017 Changed Renmyouji to Hasumyouji.


Chapter 29:

High School – Eleventh Part

Suzaku: “Amano!”

Yuu: “Suzaku-kun!”

We hug each other as a greeting.

“Let’s work hard today!”

The both of us have to take supplementary courses as we didn’t accumulate enough points in last term’s final exams. Basically, we failed.

Yuu: “Damn it, summer vacation’s already half over. They can’t be serious~.”

Suzaku: “Well, let’s do our best…are you alright, Yuu? Something the matter?”

Yuu: “Ahhhhhh! Please teach me Byakko!”

Teruki: “You…I want to say do it yourself, but fine. Let’s look at the problems together.”

Yuu: ” Wooo! Byakko-sama hooray ♪ ♪!”

Teruki: “You really are a cheerful guy.”

Yuu: “Hehehe. Well then, please help me…Byakko-sama?”

Teruki: “Hahaha~.”

Yuu: “…You’re too bright…my eyes, my eyes!”

Feeling a bit embarrassed, I shift my line of sight. Rubbing my cheek,  I catch Sasaki and Tanabe shouting about something over at the side.

A few days later, when it was my turn for class duties, my teacher entrusts me with a task. It is to deliver documents that needed to be submitted to the Student Council office.

Teruki has just left his seat, so I call over Suzaku-kun instead.

Yuu: “Please~! Come along with me~.”

Suzaku: “…Ehh no way…the atmosphere there is too much.”**

If it’s difficult for Suzaku-kun to go to the Student Council office, then it should be impossible for me alone!

I manage to convince him to at least walk me to my destination.

Suzaku: “Hurry up so we can return ~sigh~.”

Yuu: “…Waah, I’m nervous.”

Heart beating fast, I knock on the door.

The department where all the elite members of the school work.

Do you get it now?

(Wow. The atmosphere here is totally serious~.)

I am overwhelmed by the pressure. A student close by the entrance walks over to talk to us, and I gather myself for the interaction.

Student: “You…what are you guys here for?”

I steel myself some more.

This person is incredibly beautiful. If I were to compare them to a flower, it’d be Casablancas, Phalaenpsis orchids. All in all, premium flowers. It smells really nice when they are close!

Yuu: Sighs and sniffs

Student: “…You…!”

Other student: “Oh…a first year? Must have been stunned by  Hasumyouji’s beauty~.”

A relatively friendly Student Council member, with the aura of an older brother, speaks to me.

Since I’m speechless, Suzaku talks for me.

Suzaku: “I’m sorry, he seems to be a bit nervous. I brought the class submissions. Thank you for the confirmation.”

Other Student: “Oh, if it isn’t Suzaku-kun? Are you doing well?”

I look at Suzaku with admiration and respect at how tactful his words are. Right, you’ve always had that honor student character! Amazing. That’s so amazing.

Sorry for thinking you were reckless!

As I’m waiting for Suzaku to finish his anecdote, the gorgeous person from before strikes up a conversation with me.

Beautiful  student: “…Sorry about that. My seniors might be talking for a while…may you please wait a while longer?”

Yuu: “…Yes, that’s fine!”

But their conversation seems to drag on forever…when will it finally end?

Still waiting for Suzaku to wrap up their dialogue, I hear the entrance of the Student Council office buzzing up.

Hiroto walks in.

Hiroto: “…How is the case going…?”**

Beautiful student: “…Hiroto-senpai, thank you for the hard work!”

Ohh. The beautiful student smiles an even more dazzling smile, looking like a flower in full bloom.

Hiroto: “Oh. Tired, Satsuki….Yuu…”

Yuu: “Excuse me! I just came to hand in some papers, but I stayed too long. I guess it will be rude if I stayed any longer, so please excuse me.”

If I talk to Hiroto here, I feel like my inconspicuous peaceful life will be disturbed.

I hastily told them when I’ll be free to deliver the submissions, and try to pull Suzaku by the hand out of the room.

However, Suzaku doesn’t move. So as I start to feel dizzy and collapse, Hiroto is the one who breaks my fall, holding on to me tightly.

Hiroto: “…Are you alright?”

Yuu: “…Wah! Excuse me!”

As he whispers into my ear, my face flushes bright red.

Hiroto: “Hehe. I’m glad that you are safe.”

Hiroto smiles sweetly at me. And my head goes white.

Yuu: “…uuu…”

I’m so embarrassed.

Yuu: “I…excuse me!”

And I run away from the Student Council office.

But I wonder how long I can keep this up.**



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