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Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 40: High School – Twenty-first Part

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I…may have read ahead. I don’t want to give out too much of a spoiler but…damn. Now I’m in the mood to pump out chapters XD

As a note, I’ve started referring to Genbu as Airu. There are many reasons for this. One is because it’ll get confusing with his dad in the chapter. Another reason, and the most important one, will be revealed later here.

Thanks readers Alvory and Mai-Mai for your help in some of these lines!

EDIT: Forgot to put this here: this chapter is R-15 for a bit of making out.

Asterisks (**) = not really sure what this part says.

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Chapter 40:

High School – Twenty-first Part


That night, when Genbu-senpai’s father came home, we eat dinner prepared by the housekeeper. After taking a bath, we discuss studying for tomorrow’s supplementary lessons.

Since I had been hospitalized and couldn’t participate in those lessons, Genbu-senpai collaborated with the teachers. He doubles as home tutor for me and takes responsibility for my studies.

Sorry for troubling you. As I’m reviewing the test materials, senpai flashes me a smile.

Genbu’s father: “I’m home Airu-kun, Amano-kun. Oh? Airu-kun…! As expected, today you didn’t go off anywhere. Well done, well done!”

Airu: “Daddy, you’re annoying.”

Genbu’s father: “How terrible. I love Airu-kun so much…Oh, I’ll take a bath~.”

Genbu-senpai’s father waltzes into the bathroom with a grin. By accident, I catch a glimpse of senpai. By the way, the nurse said that whenever she had saw him in town, he had seemed totally different from the child long ago. Perhaps, because I’m here, he can’t go out to play today. That’s inexcusable. Senpai has his own life.

Yuu: “…Umm, senpai”

Airu: “…Hm? What’s the matter?”

Yuu: “I can take care of the house properly. If you want to go out and play, please don’t hold yourself back.”

Senpai’s smile twitches silently before freezing in place.”…Ehhh…?”

Yuu: “Senpai’s life belongs to senpai, so please give yourself priority…Oh, I’m already happy that you’re helping me study for the supplementary lessons…” If he abandons me here, I might end up repeating a year!

He sits on the sofa, one hand propping up his head. He is motionless as he watches me, lost in thought.

Airu: “…Wow…Your upturned eyes…are you giving me one of those looks? Are you a little devil-chan, Amano-kun? …What to do? I wonder if I can go to the room as it is. There are things that can make us feel good together.” (T/N: Super thanks to Mai-Mai for the help in this line!)

Yuu: “…Um…”

As I’m worrying about how to answer him,  his father returns to the living room. In his hand is an evening drink set…beer and takoyaki on a tray.

Airu: “…Daddy, I want to drink…”

Genbu’s father: “You can’t, Airu-kun. Will you be able to keep reasoning after drinking alcohol?** You can have Kaori’s plum juice, though.”

Airu: “…Reasoning huh…impossible…” His father and I send him off trudging as we have a conversation about many things. I talk about my daily school life, what I do at home in my leisure time, and so on.

Genbu’s father: “…Oh, by the way, do you remember anything before fainting from your fever?”

Yuu: “Um, Genbu-senpai and Soma-senpai came to the school infirmary somehow…but my memory’s kind of hazy…I feel like I was thinking about something but…”

Genbu’s father: “I see. This is an acute psychological phenomenon…If the root is deep, it’ll be a bit troublesome…”

Yuu: “…?”

His father seems to ponder for a while, but during the process, Genbu-senpai returns to the room.

Airu: “…Bunny-chan, can you drink plum juice? …Here!”

Yuu: “Thank you very much…Oh, this juice is refreshing and delicious.”

Genbu’s father: “I see, I see! My beloved Kaori-san returns to the country only for a short period every year and makes it!”

Yuu: “Wow, a beloved person huh?”

Senpai’s father’s eyes sparkle and shine. “Yes, that’s right. Kaori-san is my precious wife and goddess!”

Airu: “Daddy, be quiet. Enough boasting about Kaori…”

Genbu’s father: “Listen to me, Amano-kun! My father and grandfather…When a man of the Genbu family finds his fated person, he will always devote his whole life to that person. Even if that person has no connections to him, and has no interest in him…nevertheless, we just love to love others! (T/N: Raws say “ただ相手を愛することが大好きだからね” [Tada aite o aisuru koto ga daisukidakara ne]. Not sure what that means). In my case, it was Kaori-san…Oh, Kaori-san! When Airu-kun started middle school, Kaori-san was sent to work abroad…I can only see her a few times a year. But, it’s okay! I love her…Then Airu-kun became lonely, accompanying anyone who would call for him and started playing outside at night…I was unable to return home often due to work. For that, I am sorry…but it’s okay! Airu-kun will meet his fated person…perhaps I can meet that person as well. Kaori-san too!”

I’m overwhelmed by his passionate story. (T/N: Thank you reader Alvory for your help in this line!)

However, if the person I like is not interested in me and likes someone else… would I be okay with this or would I resort to being a stalker?** Senpai’s father’s words are torrents, flowing like a waterfall. The tale that seemed to stretch on forever is cut short by Genbu-senpai’s abrupt rising movement. Just a moment ago he was fiddling with his computer.

Airu: “Daddy~. There’s mail from Kaori~.”

Genbu’s father: “…What? Really? Oh, Kaori-san! Well, I’m going to my room to read the mail by myself. Good night you two.” He rushes out the room quickly.

Somehow, I’m speechless after his story, drinking the plum juice with not much of an impression.

Airu: “…Ah, daddy finished all the beer…” After confirming that not a drop remained, senpai rises to look at me. “Sorry. Daddy’s story was long.”

Yuu: “I’m fine. He must really love his wife…”

Airu: “…Well…I wonder if I can also find a partner like that…” He turns his head to shoot me a glance. I imagine a senpai all tensed up, who wanted to see his father.**

Yuu: “…How so?”

Airu: “Well, one day…Are you ready for bed? …Work hard on your studies tomorrow.”

Yuu: “Yes. That’s right…Please treat me well.”

There will be a test on the supplementary lessons in two weeks. If I’m unable to pass, I won’t receive credits. Right now I am truthfully at the edge of a cliff.

While I’m trying to pump myself up with enthusiastic thoughts, I’m pushed down on the bed by senpai before I know it.

Yuu: “…Senpai?”

Airu: “…I know. We won’t have sex. I can wait because I am a good child.”

Yuu: “…Nn.”

His lips peck mine lightly. Eventually, the movements intensify as if he is indulging himself. He licks my lips and mutters in a soft voice. “Maybe alcohol doesn’t impair reasoning**…Hey, Bunny-chan.”

Yuu: “…? What is it?” I must have gotten used to getting kissed by him…It seems like the growing cat is acting like a spoiled child.

Airu “What do you remember about the fever?”

Yuu: “Before, your father also asked me this question…I remember the upperclassmen picking me up…but after that my memories are fuzzy…Did I say something?”

What am I doing? I’m a bit uneasy.

Airu: “…Hm? Nothing really~. You collapsed all of a sudden…What do you mean?**” He lies down with me effortlessly, hugging me to his body. Petting my head. As he rubs it softly, I return the favor.

AIru: “…Uu…As I thought, it feels a bit better like this…Would you grant me one? …Would a kiss be okay?”

Yuu: “…What a sly way to ask…”

Airu: “…That’s because I don’t want to be disliked by you…Is kissing me unpleasant?” Senpai smiles mischievously.

That’s right…I’m not bothered by it at all. Pouting, I direct my gaze at him. For some reason I feel regrettable. I kiss him softly again and again.


In a flash, senpai’s cheeks flush red. Meanwhile, I’m stroking them softly. Those violet pupils travel somewhere mysterious, zooming into me, an exceedingly marvelous air to them.

I return his gaze without much thought.

Speaking of which, in the novel he was Amano Yuu’s accomplice, a cynical expression glued to his face. I think he opposed the Student Council and Hiroto several times and cooperated with Amano Yuu, serving as a countermeasure to Hiroto.

Preoccupied with chasing after the novel’s memories, I’m unaware of his beautiful face drawing near. His face, which is about to sigh, appears a little unhappy.

Airu: “…Hey you. Who are you looking at?”

Yuu: “…Eh?”

Airu: “I’ve been watching you for a while, but do you even see me? Right now, I’m the one in front of you, aren’t I? …From now on…I’m going to kiss you.”

Yuu: “…Sen…pai…”

To senpai’s expression and kiss, my head is melting away…my body has lost its strength. He licks my lips slightly and laughs.

Airu: “…This is my kiss..Don’t forget it, okay?”

Yuu: “…”

Airu: “By the way, I’ll keep saying it until you remember…I want you. As long as you are you, I will want you. Maybe I’ve told you before that I can’t stop.”**

Yuu: “…Senpai…”

Airu: “…Call me Airu….I’ll also call you Yuu…Is that okay? Let’s go to sleep now…holding hands.”

He grabs my hand in a tight grasp, lying down on the bed. Now that the two of us are supine, my eyelids descend slowly.

Airu: “…Hm? Already asleep? …Hehe…Good night…Yuu…Should I hug him..? …Eh…Ehehe…I’m happy…I guess this is my fated person…Perhaps I’m also a man of the Genbu clan?” (T/N: Thank you so much Mai-Mai for the help in this sentence!.)



Ending Notes: THE SHIP HAS SAILED!! Holy fck did not see that coming.

Right now, I feel light and happy. They are so cute together; is it too early to plan a wedding?

What are your thoughts, guys?


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35 thoughts on “Villain Days (悪役 Days) Ch 40: High School – Twenty-first Part

  1. OOOOH ANOTHER CHAPPY ! thank you very much !
    I just marathoned this novel. I was pleasently surprised to find it on NU. I also rated it 5 stars :3
    At the beggining i was shipping Yuu with Teruki, but to be honest i’m shipping him more with Airu now ! They are just so cute i’m melting~
    Please keep up the good work translator-sama !

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    1. Woooo binging is the best XD
      Awww thanks for reading, commenting, AND rating this on NU!
      I really liked Teruki too, but too bad he put himself in the best friend position willingly…Well, everyone needs a best friend XD

      I am SO shipping Airu x Yuu

      Liked by 3 people

  2. Thank you for the chapter!!! Now I really wanna ask for spoiler >.<
    Airu, I demand you to take Yuu from Hiroto!!! DO IT NOW!!!

    (On the other hand, how old Airu again? Because I am sure it's illegal for him to drink beer)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hehe spoilers ;_; trust me it’s worth not spoiling…(if you REALLY want to know in advance, check out chapter 56/57 in the raws. It’s one of those.)

      I THINK Airu is a third year like Hiroto and Ken. So, probably 17/18? Definitely still underaged though XD

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Well I’ve only skimmed it but !!!SPOILER!!!

          let’s just say it’s like this chapter except more steamy. If you remember his and Yuu’s conversation a while back, you’ll understand why it’s so significant.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading 😀
      My favorites are Teruki and Airu, but after this chapter I’m leaning towards Airu. Practically falling into him and crushing him with my weight…oops.


  3. So far I love this relationship the best
    He asks and doesn’t just take and expect yuu to say yes
    And even in the novel he apparently could see yuu for who he was.
    He’s not blind like the rest of the children in the harem. =.=

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree. Airu listens.

      He’s never slept with him since Yuu told him way back that that should be reserved for people who love one another. He also gave Yuu more than one very honest confession, one that occurred many chapters back. Though to be fair, I doubt he knew it was a confession himself.

      I think deep down inside, Yuu has special feelings for Airu. Several chapters ago, when Hiroto was trying to do the nasty with him, Yuu suddenly recalled “purple eyes.” There’s only one person in this novel whose eyes are purple.

      Also, he’s the only one from the harem that both actively tries to protect Yuu AND has the power to do so. I believe he’s the right person for Yuu.


  4. oohh,,
    My respect for Airu just keep rising~
    If it’s Hiroto right there, I’m sure he won’t hold back on Yuu..
    Thank you for this chapter Chaser~

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  5. I just binge read the entire thing. Thank you for translating! I think this is the first time I ship everyone except the romantic lead. Sure, he’s repenting, but he’s just not appealing enough to make up for all the misery.


    1. Binge-reading is best reading XD
      Same here haha. Ever since all the loved interests were revealed, I keep getting comments about how people preferred XYZ over Hiroto. Rip the main lead ahaha, I mean, who told you to be such a dummy ahaha
      Thanks for reading!


  6. Oh! I wasn’t expecting new chapters so soon! Yay and thank you so much for sharing all this!

    Okay, I’m sorry, but I’m going to get a little technical here. Shichau is a version of the verb ‘to do’ (I think it’s future conditional) often used by kids or young people when emphasizing mischief or teasing. So when Airu is talking about Yuu’s upturned eyes, it’s more likely that he asking if Yuu is trying to do something like flirting or seducing him with his look. Like ‘are you flirting’ or ‘are you giving me one of *those* looks’

    ‘Gyu’ is a sound effect used to signify hugging or squeezing something tightly. When added to the ‘shichaou’ and the conditional question marker ‘ka na’, it can be read as ‘should I hug/squeeze/hold’. Whether he’s talking about Yuu’s hand or his whole body is not clear, but I vote for full body pillow hugs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Are you kidding?? You don’t have to be sorry at all! You are such a great help! I’m so happy that you took some time out of your day to check the translation of some of these lines. Like, seriously.

      I’ve edited those parts and credited you at the start of the chapter ^^


      1. It is such a pleasure to help you out. I could never do a full translation like you are doing. It would take me months just for one chapter. Please keep going!

        ただ相手を愛することが大好きだからね – I was thinking for a while on this one. It does translate to “we just love to love others”, however in the context of the paragraph because you use a singular “him”, it might make more sense to say something like “he will just love loving them”, in a sense, he’s saying that it doesn’t matter how the other person feels about him, he is in love with loving that person, or that he will continue to love wholeheartedly.

        Although, with Airu’s reputation of sleeping with everyone who asks, maybe it was “just love to love others”. But not anymore–now he has Yuu!


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