2017 · July · Violant of the Silver

Violant of the Silver Prologue

A drop of red drips onto the snow.

“Erik, why?”

With a hoarse voice, a boy stares at the man before him. Left ignored is a pool of blood at his feet. Perhaps his legs quiver due to injury; perhaps they quake from the cold. No, the boy knows the reason. It’s because of his trembling heart.


He could not believe it.

In front of his eyes, the man grasps a sword wet with blood, staring down at him. The wounds on the boy’s belly burn hot like fire. Even so, he still does not want to accept the situation.

The man is a knight who had sworn fealty to him.

Today should have been just like any other—full of eating snacks, taking walks, and falling over while laughing. Without a doubt, he believed that tomorrow would follow suit…until a few minutes ago.


The man smiles.

Such an expression is unfeeling, brimming with ridicule, which the youth has yet to experience until now. It’s a smile full of loathing towards him.

All of a sudden, the man strikes the motionless boy.

“Because you’re a member of the Lesserhain family. That’s why.”

With a shallow breath, he pushes down on his knees finally, whispering goodbye into the boy’s ears.

“It’s all your fault. Farewell. Thank you for taking care of me until now…’incompetent younger brother.'”

The nickname causes disgust to boil within the youth’s heart; the man shoves him by the shoulder.

With no power left to support himself, he falls face up onto the snow. Tears overflow, running down his cheeks.

He extends his right hand toward the man’s footsteps, as if still clinging on.

“It’s a lie.”


It is hard to endure. He had been the only one the boy had ever trusted.

Yet, the man’s silhouette shrinks into the distance.

Snow flutters down from a dull and iron-blue sky. In the end, the boy closes his eyes at the hazy white landscape.



On that same day, Mikumo Yamato stifles a yawn, thrusting a hand into his blazer pocket while waiting for the bus. In his left pocket hides a music player, his favorite tunes streaming through earphones.

(…More upbeat songs…)

He’s too sleepy. Last night he stayed up late reading manga. Although he had just started the series, the urge to binge through twenty volumes was too tempting. Before he realized it, the sun had already risen.

He operates the player with his left hand. He remembers where each track is placed in accordance to each other. That’s to be expected; Yamato listens to the music player everyday. After finding the song he wants, he plays it.

A song with a chipper rhythm flows through the earphones.

Yamato casts a fleeting glance at the main street.

He doesn’t catch the figure of the bus yet. In retrospect, the line for the bus has accumulated over ten people.

Commuters often use the same route. Therefore, the people here are familiar with each other. His eyes meet with those of a suited man. Feeling awkward, he nods in a greeting and diverts his gaze. He dislikes making eye contact with others. Distracted by the music, he’s both relieved and regretful that he didn’t look back.

After a moment immersed in music, the sound of glass scratching breaks out.

It is the shriek of tires slipping. A large motorcycle jolts sideways, crashing toward Yamato. Following a dull and heavy impact, his consciousness flutters into the sky.

Awakening, Yamato is graced with a red ceiling.

(Why isn’t it white?)

In dramas, the first sight upon waking up is often the hospital’s white ceiling. Yamato blinks several times while pondering such things idly. Through his blurred vision, he realizes that he’s under a canopy.

The bed he is sleeping in is fluffy. What a strange hospital.

(Was I hit by a motorcycle?)

He recalls the scene before he fainted. It’s probably correct to call it an accident. His body feels as heavy as lead. Whenever he shifts a bit, an intense pain zips through his abdomen. A groan escapes from his mouth.

(Let’s keep quiet until the nurse arrives.)

Just as he’s about to shut his eyes, the canopy’s curtains burst open.

“Lord Vio! Thank goodness you are awake!” A girl with moistened red eyes and tawny hair exclaims. She is clad in maid attire, a white apron hanging above a black dress. A pair of white bunny ears sit atop her head.

Yamato realizes he is quite ill.

(No way…I’m seeing bunny ears. Did I have such a kink?)

What kind of dream is this? Yamato closes his eyes once more, opening them to the sight of the girl.

(…It’s useless. No matter how many times I look, those are bunny ears.)

Perhaps he hit his head too hard. Yamato makes excuses, vehemently denying that he’s a pervert.

“I will call for a doctor!”

While the girl turns heel immediately, Yamato calls out to her to stop. “Wait a second…”

He’s thirsty, craving water. However, the girl has already left the room. He forces himself up, his attention snatched away by the reflection in the mirror.


There’s a beautiful silver-haired boy staring back.

Yamato backs away from the other, realizing his discomfort. The person in the mirror imitates his actions. He raises his right hand timidly. The boy in the mirror does the same. He lifts his left hand, making a cross mark. The silver-haired youth still echoes his actions.

“Why? Who is this? Why is this happening…?”

The boy in the mirror trembles, his face growing pale.

In that hairbreadth of a second, his head throbs, images running through the deepest nooks of his mind.

Scarlet blood. Snow. Erik. Lesserhain. Father, mother, elder brother, and younger sister. The memories of the boy, Violant Lesserhain, cause Yamato an excruciating headache.

Before he knows it, he screams. The doctor and nurse both rush in.

For three days and three nights, he had been in a fever dream. “Yamato” died on earth at the same time that “Violant” passed away in the world called Edelbaran. Somehow, his consciousness arrived in this body.

Perhaps, the world did not wish for Violant to die.*

Though unfamiliar with his surroundings, Yamato understands and takes over the other’s memories immediately. This world resembles the one from “Princess Dances with the Night,” the comic Yamato binge read on earth.

In the story, Violant is an indispensable villain.


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Ending Notes:

I’M A MASOCHIST. I said I wouldn’t do two new projects, but here I am. I just couldn’t help myself after reading the prologue and the rest is history. Good thing is, chapters are doable in length. NHAD only has thirty chapters anyway…

This story is written beautifully. Even I can tell, and I don’t even read Japanese fluently! I hope that I am able to bring out the heart of this novel. According to someone who has read more than two hundred chapters, the romance is slow-paced and sweet. There is also some politics involved and, dare I say, child abuse. I’m not sure if it is only mentally and emotionally.

Since the romance is slow, R-18 scenes don’t occur until later on. I think it was past the one-hundred chapter mark… Strangely enough. the protagonist here also becomes the villain of a novel/manga.

Big hearts to Nome and kazeyuki for the help in one of the lines!


28 thoughts on “Violant of the Silver Prologue

  1. Thanks for the translation!
    I can’t wait to read more 🙂

    By the way お前だけは信じていたのに
    Means something like:
    “Even though you were the only person I trusted.”

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Thank you~~ finally got to read this in English~ *fangirling* XD
    it’s sad to see the betrayal scene again, tho,,
    can’t wait~ can’t wait for more~ ❤

    あんまりだ、お前だけは信じていたのに,, this is too much, even though you're the only one I trusted

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Seems pretty cool, so this is happening because the boy got killed by the knight? And he’s reviving as the boy after that incident?


    1. Yes, the original Vio was killed at the same time that Yamato got slammed by a motocycle. I’m pretty sure Yamato is dead on earth. His soul transmigrated into Vio’s corpse.


  4. Thank you for translating this chaser,,
    This seems very interesting, and I feel bad for the villain, being betrayed is hard, maybe that’s why his soul is leaving, he’s giving up..

    Liked by 1 person

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