2017 · April

Welcome and FAQ

Hey guys! Sleepchaser here. This is a welcome and informative post to future lurkers.

 I use a machine to help me translate!


Q. Do you speak Japanese?

A. I don’t claim to know Japanese fluently. I can read hiragana, katakana, and simple kanji, and only know how to conjugate verbs in the “masu” form…XD

Q. How do you translate?

A. I run each line through google translate, using the text-to-speech feature and reading the romaji that are displayed. I search each individual “word” I don’t know in a Japanese dictionary. Then, I compare what I typed, using context clues and my beginner’s Japanese, to what comes out of google translate. Finally, I edit it to improve flow.

Q. Can my team pick one of your novels up/ translate one of your novels in a different language?

A. Most likely yes. Shoot me an email first, though.

Q. How often are chapters released?

A. Chapters are released once a week alternating per project.  But lately, I’ve been really busy—sorry guys!

Q. Are you recruiting? Who else is on your team?

A. I don’t have an active recruitment, though I appreciate translation checkers. And, it’s only me baby.

Q. Can you take on (insert novel here)?

A. I will not be taking on another project until the current projects are finished. However, I do welcome recommendations.


Listed below are this blog’s current project(s).

If you have high tolerance and high energy, you’re welcome to continue reading. If not, then thanks for checking this out and have a nice day!





Villain Days (悪役 Days) by Nakata Mitsuru

Raws: http://novel18.syosetu.com/n0741di/

Start reading               Table of Contents

49/58 °º•º

Author’s summary:

It’s a common villain substitution. When I woke up in a hospital I became the villain of a BL novel.

Doted on by the main character, and the side characters as well …? I just want to spend my days in peace …!

My summary:

After transmigrating into the body of Amano Yuu, the villain of the boys’ love novel Shinjin Gakuen – Beloved by Maou,  the new Yuu attempts to live peacefully in hopes of not triggering any death flags. This is difficult, since the Hero’s main love interest, along with all the handsome side characters, just won’t leave Yuu alone! Bit by bit, Yuu unravels the secrets of his predecessor’s past…and things aren’t as simple as they seem.


Nurturing the Hero to Avoid Death by Yomogino

Raws: http://novel18.syosetu.com/n3520du/

Start Reading                  Table of Contents


“Please, I implore you to save the world.” This is what a goddess in white says to me in a pure-white space. Such is the standard line that suggests the game is about to begin. Please say this stirring line to boys and girls with sparkling eyes! It’s wrong to direct it to someone like me, who’s exhausted from job hunting! When I declined her politely, she flew into a fit of tears; when I agreed to assist her on small tasks out of reflex, she proclaimed: “it’ll be fine if you just help in the starting-village arc. Please guide the Hero!” Then she tossed me into another world. No, this is a world modeled after a game that this gamer goddess likes…


Violant of the Silver by Yoruno Sutera

Raws: http://novel18.syosetu.com/n8352ct/

Start Reading                 Table of Contents

2/36+ °º•º

Violant-Lesserhain. That’s the name of the villain who appears in the comic “Princess Dances with the Night.” After the protagonist’s accidental death, for some reason he wakes up as Vio, and decides to walk in his shoes. Then it strikes him: before the “Hero” slays him, he must not walk a villain’s path…


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